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Brendan 3 & Knuckles

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(Intro) [Bomb burst!]

Hah! Hah! The bombs are bursting! [Brendan is stood in a T-Pose]
Fire! Fire! In English, it's fire!! [Teresa is stood like a ninja]
Let's make more bombs! [Timothy is stood with his arms crossed]
Hey! Hey! Let's make fires of peace!! [Martin is stood looking away angry while Cynthia is looking at Martin confused.]

Somehow, we're always involved. [Brendan is running off while Seagull Bomber waves to him, then changes to a lens flare]
We're always in a cold sweat. [Brendan is running with his belongings]
Be prepared already! [Teresa is holding a bowl of ramen in her hands, she flips her hair and does a Tsundere pose.]
I'm at the edge of a cliff. (Hah ha~) [Teresa is chasing Brendan on a motorbike then to Brendan jumping heroically]

If I have to, I'll do it, regardless of how many times. [Timothy is shown kicking HigeHige Bandit butt, Cynthia shows all her tools to the viewer before Martin pusher her away to do a sumo stomp.]
Raise the power! (Yes!!) [Brisby is in full view before getting pushed out by Justin.]
If I don't do it, who else will? [Brendan and Teresa are stood in front of a view of The Death Egg as we see our villains, Knuckles, who’s arm is stretched out evilly, Max, who is creeping evilly, and Mechadoc, who’s hands are shown in a way that represent his desire for world domination are shown in the background.]
I'll live up to your expectations! [Brendan defends Teresa, who is crying by showing his sword.]

Three. Two. One. I won't forget this, even when I become an adult. [The amulet is shown, then we see Jonathan Brisby from the side stood in a pile of junk with blue lasers in the background.]
Three. Two. One. As long as you have a passionate heart, you'll be invincible. [The screen cuts to red fire then we see Jenner in front view emotionless.]
I am and will be at the edge of a cliff [The screen cuts to a laser getting shot, Brendan is stood on a rock. The screen fades out]
Today and tomorrow.

Bab! Bab! badibube bombs. [Shows pictures of Brendan running, then Brendan is running alone]
Beauty! Beauty! Beautiful, male fire!! [Shows Brendan as a pirate, Teresa and Timothy are added to the running]
Pup! Pup! What about fractions? [Shows Brendan sobbing goofily, Martin, Cynthia, Seagull Bomber, and Justin are added to the running]
Be! Be! I'm learning about fire!! [Shows Brendan standing triumphantly, six HigeHige bandits, Mechadoc, Knuckles, Max and Jenner are added to the running before the camera zooms into Brendan, the gang run over Angel Island before Brendan does a peace sign while jumping]