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"You're like a gamble, I pay the price

Thought I could handle, Something undefined

Give me a reason To raise the stakes

Cause I can't walk away"




-Mickey Valen


"Good evening, detective Katsuki. Been a while." The man greeted, brushing a platinum blonde lock out of his eyes, as he adjusted his crossed legs to lean on a nondescript black box on the ground in front of him.

"Care to uh...step away from the bomb?" The raven haired policeman asked, keeping his handgun trained on the man, finger trembling against the trigger.

"U..uh, oh, yeah." The Russian muttered, taking a step away from the bomb, hands held in the air.

"Didn't think you were into blowing things up, Nikiforov." Yuuri grimaced, clenching his fingers around his gun.

"Ah...neither." Viktor murmured, his eyebrows furrowing for a moment before relaxing back into his usual (annoyingly) charming smile.

Yuuri raised a brow at the last comment.

"Arrest him, boys." Yuuri barked, gesturing with his free hands towards the black armour clad men behind him.

Damn Viktor Nikiforov and his three-piece suit.





"Phichit. Seriously. It does not make any sense." 

"Can't you live a little Yuuri? Like, enjoy the feeling of victory for a second???" The smaller Thai man sighed, punching Yuuri's shoulder lightly.

"I never thought that he would just..." Yuuri started, pausing to stare through the one-sided glass at the Russian waiting patiently on the other side,

"Fall into our hands?"

"Yeah," Yuuri replied, biting his nails absently.

"I know. It's hella suspicious. We've already tried asking why we found him sitting on his own bomb in the middle of an airport." 

"And? Fruitless?"

"You know your muse way too well Yuuri." Phichit chirped back, winking at him.

Yuuri pursed his lips, well, he probably wouldn't say anything if he were in Nikiforov's position either.

"Ooh ooh, Takeshi's here." Phichit squealed rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

"Really? Takeshi?" Yuuri muttered, biting down on his nail even harder.

"Oh hush Katsuki." A voice grumbled from behind them.

Yuuri flinched. "Ah captain Celestino, sorry. I..."

"Listen now. I'll have words with you later." 

"Oh my god you're gonna get whipped," Phichit whispered, patting Yuuri on the shoulder as he promptly shrugged Phichit off.

"Pich..." Yuuri hissed.


On the other side of the glass, Takeshi yanked out his chair opposite to the seemingly calm Russian man. 

"So, Viktor, mind if I call you that?" Takeshi started, removing a few sheets of paper from the plain manila folder he'd brought in with him.

"Takeshi Nishigori. Sergeant. Twenty-four years old." Viktor murmured bringing his fingers up to eye levels to fiddle with his nails.

"How the hell did you..." Takeshi hissed, hands clenched on the table.

"Married to-"

"Shut the hell up. I don't think you quite understand what position you're in." Takeshi growled, finally spitting out "Mr Nikiforov."


Yuuri let out a long sigh from the other side of the glass, not even bothering to spare Celestino a glance.

"He sure bit that bait." Phichit sighed, bringing his hand to cover his face. "Really bad."

"Give it a moment, he might just be doing it on purpose." Celestino reasoned, waving his hands as if to dispel the displeasure of his subordinates.


"I'm sitting in a chair. In a police precinct." Viktor replied, a small smile playing on his lips.

After a tense silence, Takeshi opened his mouth. "What were you planning to do with the bomb?"

"Beats me."

"Alright," Takeshi grumbled, scribbling a few notes on his lecture pad.

"What's there to write."

"That you're obviously not complying." Takeshi grinned.

Viktor started with a laugh. "I don't know what you expect me to tell you."

"Names? Numbers? Dates?" Takeshi sighed, sifting through papers.

"October 24th 2010," Viktor muttered with a smile. "Triplets. Congratulations by the way."

After another long silence, even the spectators on the other side of the mirror holding their breath.

"You son of a-"

"Takeshi. That'll be enough." A voice boomed through the speakers in the interrogation room shaking both men.

"Captain!" Yuuri squeaked immediately regretting opening his mouth as the mouth of the Russian on the other side of the glass slowly curled into a smile.

"How kind of you to join us. Detective Katsuki." Viktor cooed, waving at his reflection in the glass.


Yuuri paled, glancing between Celestino, whose finger hovered over the microphone button, and the all too jovial Russian. WHO'S STILL FREAKING WAVING LIKE A FIVE-YEAR-OLD!?


Takeshi jolted upright out of his seat, nearly causing it to fall over, gathering his papers hurriedly as he walked out. 

"It was nice meeting you," Viktor said, smiling.

Outside Takeshi collapsed backwards against the door, letting out a long sigh as he covered his face with his arms.

"Takeshi are you alr-" Yuuri asked, reaching out tentatively.

"What a fucking freak." He hissed, moving a few fingers to look down at the younger man.

"You okay man?" Phichit asked, leaning in from behind Yuuri.

"I knew he could be quite the piece of work, but, how did he know all those things?" Takeshi asked, lips quivering.

"He knows a lot of things..." Yuuri murmured, watching Celestino address a few of the senior officers further down the hall.

"Celestino shouldn't have put me up to that. That Nikiforov is nothing like a common thug." Takeshi grumbled, "Shouldn't this be right up your alley Katsuki? I thought Nikiforov was your catch."

"Y..yes but you know me. I...I'm-" Yuuri stuttered.

"A little too inexperienced, as much as you have been chasing him." Celestino interrupted, causing the three men to jump.

 "Captain." They all greeted in unison.

"Gentlemen." He nodded. "Katsuki, a word." 

"I'll talk to you guys later." Yuuri sighed, throwing Phichit a glance and patting Takeshi on the shoulder.





"You want me to talk to Nikiforov!?" Yuuri hissed in the relative safety of Celestino's office.


He opened his mouth, ready to make some self-deprecating statement about his anxiety.

"Why me?" He opted for instead.

"Nikiforov likes you." Celestino sighed, collapsing back into his chair grabbing his lighter and yanking out an unopened pack of cigarettes.

"You really shouldn't..." Yuuri started, eyebrows furrowed.

"Oh at least give me this Yuuri. After everything that's been happening in the precinct today."

"Captain..." Yuuri sighed, flinching as Celestino chucks the pack and lighter back into a draw before slamming it shut, shooting a glare in his direction. 

"He's interested in you. Besides you've been playing cat and mouse with the man for more than a year now."

"And who exactly has been the mouse?" Yuuri asked, plopping himself down into the chair in front of the desk.

"Oh don't remind me, we've got him now!" 

"Got him exactly where he wants to be?" Yuuri muttered, fidgeting with the cuff of his sleeve.

"Probably. It'll be alright, he can't really do anything sitting in an interrogation room."

"Maybe that's the point." 

"Ugh. You may be a genius of sorts but sometimes you need to work with what we have. We'll keep a good eye on him. Once we get a few answers out of him we'll put him in the highest security facility we can get."


"Stop. Before you even say it."


A knock reverberated through the room, cutting through the hum of background noise.

"Come in."

"S..sorry if I'm interrupting, captain." A red-highlighted tuft of blonde stuck its head into the room. "Ah, hello Katsuki. C..congrats on catching Nikiforov, it was really amazing, all your work over the past few years. FINALLY, I mean you nearly caught him a few times but-"

Celestino coughed, "What did you need to tell us, Minami?" 

"R...right. Results on the bomb came back from the lab. Not quite sure whether to call it good news or bad news. But I guess it's good news since it's not bad but-" 

"Out with it." 

"The black box with flashing lights on it's just that. A black box with flashing lights on it."

"Wait. What?!" Yuuri scoffed.

"The lights, the timer. It's just for show. In other words: it's a hoax."

"What. The. Hell." Celestino hissed.

"What the actual-" Yuuri started.

"Fuck." Celestino finished.

"We're having a word with Mr Nikiforov, right now. Yuuri."

"Yes, captain."

"Get your shit together."

"Good luck Katsuki-senpai!" Minami chirped before ducking back out of the room.

"Excitable as always isn't he?" Yuuri murmured to himself as he pulled himself up out of his chair, wiping his already sweating hands on his trousers.





"You're gonna do fine Yuuri. Just ask a few questions. Just a few questions, that's all."

"Pich I do not need a pep talk," Yuuri grumbled slicking his hair back.

"God, you do look the badass part now, if I might say so myself." Phichit cooed, winking whilst tightening his tie.

"Why was this necessary, exactly?" Yuuri asks, squinting at his blurry figure in the mirror.

"Trust me. You look badass as hell." 

"Pich that wasn't my question."

"Here, put your contacts in. I'm not that one you're going to be interrogating, Detective Katsuki~" Phichit laughed, drawing out his name.

As he puts his contacts in he glances at himself. A jet black three-piece suit clings to the curves of his body, hair slicked back. He looked...different.

"Get out my way and let me do my job." Yuuri snapped back playfully, just going along with his best friend's antics. 

"WHOO, that's the way baby." Phichit whistled, pretending to faint against the wall of the bathroom as Yuuri walked past him.

Yuuri stepped into the corridor, every hair on his body standing straight as he yanked on his tie, feeling the eyes of every single person on him.

"Y..Yuuri?" Yuuko stuttered, a hand muffling her words.

"Jesus what the fu- OW" Takeshi hissed as Yuuko smacked a hand over the back of his head.

"You look...great Yuuri," Yuuko muttered as Yuuri passed by her, her eyes running up and down his figure.

"Thanks, Yuuko," Yuuri replied, shooting her a smile as he continued down the corridor.

"What happened to our innocent little Yuuri?"


Yuuri cringed, pretending like he hadn't heard that comment. He had to admit, he looked different, felt different even. He let out a sigh before knocking on the spectator's room. 

"Come in." Celestino's muffled voice replied.

Yuuri poked his head into the room, squinting as his eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness.


"You ready Katsuki?"

"Yep." He replied, biting his lip.

"Go get 'em, tiger!" Phichit drawled from his seat on the other side of the room.

Yuuri rolled his eyes before backing back out of the room and closing the door quietly and turning to the next door a metre and a half further.

"You are Yuuri fucking Katsuki." He chanted to himself as he braced his fingers against the door knob. 

"Ugh." He muttered under his breath as he turned the handle, stepping into the interrogation room.


There's only enough room for Detective Katsuki in this room. Not Yuuri anxious like a deer in front of fucking headlights Katsuki.





The immediate sight he was confronted with made him want to laugh really, however, his face muscles didn't seem to be responding properly so only produced a smirk.


Nikiforov had been leaning back in his chair enjoying a cup of coffee. When the other man entered the room not only had he lost his balance but he'd also choked on the coffee he had been enjoying. Really it was of surprisingly high quality for the police. He coughed and spluttered as the cop came to stand on the opposite side of the table.


From the other side of the glass, Phichit snickered. "Look at him. The look plastered on Nikiforov's face. Priceless. Bastard never saw it coming. Look at our Yuuri growing up. LOOK CELESTINO HE'S SMIRKING." 


"What a wonderful greeting." Yuuri chuckled, a crooked grin on his face.

"Been a while *cough* Detective." 

"You alright there? Wouldn't want you dying before I could ask you a few questions." He mused teasingly.

Nikiforov simply stared at him in open horror until another coughing fit broke their staring contest. 

"Not such a bad place to die though," Viktor said, grimacing as another cough surfaced. He was making a fool of himself.

"Would you have preferred to die back at the airport?" Yuuri asked as he yanked out the chair and collapsed into it, crossing his arms as he slammed his papers down on the table.

"Well it's a bit late for that now isn't it," Viktor replied, a smile on his face.

"Well, you wouldn't have died anyway. It was a dud. We're not that stupid Nikiforov." Yuuri grumbled, pulling the lid off his pen. 

Had he looked away for a moment longer he would not have noticed the momentary look of confusion and a flash of anger that crossed through the other man's icy blue eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Yuuri asked, scribbling across the pad to get the pen working.

It looks cool Phichit said. It fits your look Phichit said. He also forgot to mention it doesn't work. Yuuri sighed and rolled his eyes, putting the pen back down on the page and glaring into the reflective glass.

"The bomb was a dud?" Viktor asked leaning onto the table.

"Yes. Why are you asking me it was your plan after all..." Yuuri started, eyes trained.

"HA. That's great. Just great." Viktor wheezed, breaking into fits of laughter.

"What's great?"

"Every-fucking-thing is great Detective. I'm just getting old." Viktor replied, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

Yuuri raised an eye at this, "the bomb wasn't yours?"

"Would you believe me if I said it wasn't?" He taunted back, cerulean eyes drilling into the detective's.

"Yes." He replied, sounding a lot surer than he really was.

Viktor watched passively for a moment, lips partially open. 

"I did not plant that bomb."

"You never personally carry out any of your brainchildren." Yuuri retorted nonchalantly.

"You know what I'm saying."

"Maybe I don't." Yuuri jeered, absently running the dead pen over paper as if he were writing.

"None of my people were involved in the planting of that bomb. So before you go chasing after the Bratva, drop it." Viktor affirmed, his usually cheery facade replaced with a sober grimace.

"Care to tell me why we found you sitting on it then?" Yuuri smirked.




"Sorry detective. I can't say." He huffed, leaning his head back till he was staring at the ceiling.

"So it was another gang." Yuuri pushed, watching as Viktor tensed.

"Maybe, maybe not." Viktor goaded in a sing-song fashion.

"You can't bullshit me Nikiforov." Yuuri quipped, staring the Russian man down as their eyes met.

His usually bright blue eyes turned a much darker grey reminiscent of the depths of a stormy sea.

"I'm done here." He replied in a near whisper as he shifted his gaze to the wall behind the policeman.


Yuuri blinked. He wasn't quite sure what to make of any of this. He gathered his papers calmly, tucking the notepad where Nikiforov wouldn't be able to see it. He stood, cringing at the sound of metal scraping against the linoleum floor as he pushed the chair back in. He strolled over to the door as casually as his shaking legs would allow pausing when he heard the man behind him shift.


"Yes?" Yuuri turned to look at him.

"Could you apologise to that Nishigori fellow for me? No one is going to target his family if that's any reassurance." He sighed before shooting Yuuri an apologetic smile.

"Didn't know you had a kind streak in you," Yuuri remarked, watching the Russian shift uncomfortably under his intense stare.

"Just, promise me you'll tell him I made an apology of sorts."

"A..alright. I'll tell him."

"Thank you," Viktor replied, staring down at his hands bashfully.

"You're welcome, I guess." Yuuri turned the door handle, sucking in the fresh air.

"There's a lot of things you don't know, Yuuri." Viktor murmured as he left.


As the door slammed behind him he felt his knees lock as he leant back against the door.

"Yuuri? Are you okay?" A worried voice called, sounding like it was coming from much too far away.

"That was the second time he called me by name..." A blush slowly creeping onto his cheek.