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Humans are creatures driven by instincts. Especially the most basic ones like hunger, thirst, comfort and the likes. But the most basics of instincts were the strongest. Dominance and reproduction being the ones at the very forefront of all human instincts. At times, they were so overpowering, it was impossible to control. The two dynamics that suffered mostly from those overpowering instincts were Alphas and Omegas.

Alphas, the top of the social rung, were the very embodiment of dominance. Everything about them screamed power and control. Their alphan pheromones, heavy and thick, their scent created to attract the mate that would suit him best. Their voices, dropping to dominating levels at the drop of a hat. Their emotions and thoughts calm and collected to the point it could be considered scary and cold.

Omegas on the other hand, were the lowest rung. Their evolution had gone through many changes. They had started out very strong and powerful, at the same level as Alphas but without the need to state their dominance. They had been called lone wolves, something that most of society had forgotten about since the omegas had joined packs a very long time ago. In those packs, since they were the odd ones out, they were treated differently, as if they were weak and submissive.

With pups seeing their parents treated like this, they began to believe that this was the nature of things. In current times, there were only a hand-full of omegas who knew what it was like to be true omegas. Who knew what it was like to decide when to be submissive and when to resist whatever dominance was dictated over them. But since there were only a hand-full of those, society viewed the meek, submissive omegas as the true ones.

However, no matter if they were Alpha or Omega, their instincts were the same. Over time, they had evolved, capable of controlling those instincts. But never completely. Once a month, their instincts would take over. These times were called rut for alphas, and heats for omegas. One thing drew the other out, but only if there was a connection between Alpha and Omega.

Most connections were a bond, proven by a possession bite in the nape of the omega. Between a bonded pair, scents would be mixed to show others that they were bonded. Alphan pheromones would have barely any effect on bonded Omegas and omegan pheromones would be practically repulsive to Alpha’s. But there was also another connection, much rarer than a bonded couple.

Soul-pairs was what they were called. Because of the deep-routed connection that existed between soul-pairs, they could not be without the other. Their connection was much stronger, and unlike a regular bond, bonds between soul-pairs could not be broken, no matter the circumstances. Only a rough two-hundred-twenty of these pairs were known across the globe in the past recorded five hundred years.

For that reason, soul-pairs were considered a national treasure and the ones that existed, were treated like celebrities. Because of the little amount of soul-pairs, not much was known about them. But it was said that when soul-pairs found each other, they would know.

To Hinata, it sounded like a boat-load of bull-crap. Especially now. Soul-pairs were a fairy tale, told to young omegas to mislead them. To pull wool over their eyes until their first heat hit. Then they would realize that heats were actually god-damned annoying and painful instead of something dreamy that could be spend with their bonded alpha or even their soul-pair. As a sixteen-year-old omega, Hinata had his first heat.

In the perfect circumstances, he would be in a safe place, nesting and either spending it with an alpha he trusted or alone, maybe with some toys. But no, that was not the case for the ginger-haired omega. Hinata was stumbling through the streets, his hip-joints hurting and his knees buckling. His bare feet were more than a little scratched up and his hair was matted to his head with sweat that rolled down his back and temples in rivulets.

For the nth time, the young omega stumbled, falling to his knees and scraping them on the pavements. He panted heavily, as if he was unable to get enough air into his lungs. His vision was blurry, his legs and arms shaking as if he had been spiking and running around the court for hours on end without pause. He was hot, too damned hot.

It might be his imagination, but he could even be steaming with the heat rising from his skin. He knew his face was flushed, and not only because of the heat. He was slightly mortified by the clear liquid running down his thighs, a bit thicker than water. It felt as if he would lose his mind and maybe, in this situation, that would be for the best. Being aware of the way his body was constantly yearning to be filled, was embarrassing as hell and a blow to his pride.

However, his inner omega couldn’t seem to care as it could only think of wanting to be held, his feet having kept moving mindlessly in an attempt to get away from his house. It was only when a familiar voice called out to him, that he had somewhat an idea of where he was, adding another rock onto the pile of shame.

“Hinata? Oi, dumbass, can you hear me?” Kageyama’s voice came before he made a chocking sound when he was close enough to smell the pheromones coming from the small omega. He was barely within hearing distance, yet he already needed to slap a hand in front of his nose and mouth. Hinata looked up at the young alpha with watery eyes, meeting dark blue orbs that were locked onto him.

“Kageyama” he said, hating how whiney his best friend’s name sounded as it fell from his lips.

“Fuck” Kageyama cursed, clenching his jaw before firmly taking a step forward.

“We need to get you inside. My parents aren’t home, so you’ll be okay there” the setter said through his clenched jaw as he crouched next to Hinata to grab his arm. The ginger got a good sample of Kageyama’s scent that had unconsciously risen in a reply to Hinata’s scent.

Where Hinata knew his scent was like sunflowers and applepie, Kageyama’s was harsher, but fresher. It was a scent that reminded Hinata of freshly fallen snow on a winter morning, paired with burning wood.

“Fuck” Kageyama let another curse slip past his lips as he hoisted Hinata to his feet. The ginger’s breath hitched when the raven’s arms slipped around his waist to keep him up, his body-heat burning through the thin shirt Hinata wore.

“Come on, hold on. We’re almost there” Kageyame mumbled and Hinata wasn’t sure the setter was talking to him. He bit on his lip and released a small whimper as a new wave of heat made his knees buckle, a fresh load of slick slowly dripping down his legs and soaking his shorts.

With every heartbeat, Kageyama’s scent got thicker in his nose, something he couldn’t help but greedily inhale. While his body took comfort from it, it also heated up more, the alphan musk that was mixed into it a tell-tale sign that the setter was extremely close to starting his rut. That extremely close was the distance between where Hinata collapsed and Kageyama’s front door.

As soon as that door closed behind them, Hinata found himself pinned against the wall. His wrists were locked in a vice-like grip at his side, lips pressed harshly against his own. A sound between pain and appreciation got stuck in Hinata’s throat as Kageyama’s lips moved against his own. Clumsily and sloppily, but with the same desperation Hinata’s inner omega felt.

Their tongues brushed together hungrily, but the lack of experience caused saliva to drip down their chins from the corners of their mouth. In a burst of impressive self-restrained, Kageyama pulled back almost forcibly, stumbling a few steps back until he hit the wall opposite from the Omega.

“Fuck! Shit, I’m sorry!” Kageyama apologize, his breathing harsh and uneven as he clenched his fists against the wall, his eyes still locked on Hinata’s lips.

“N-no, it’s okay” the ginger panted, trying not to sink through his knees. His body was hot all over, but his wrist felt like they were on fire, his lips tingling and his groin throbbing. God, that had felt good, so damned good. He looked up as Kageyama stood right in front of him once more, his hands cupping the ginger’s cheeks as he leaned down.

“I’m sorry” he said, apologizing even as he connected their lips again. Hinata hadn’t even know the plea for more had been heard in his voice, but Kageyama had caught it none the less. Hinata moaned soft as he allowed Kageyama to dominate his cavern, sliding their tongues together in a passionate but clumsy dance.

This was bad. He was kissing his best friend, clutching onto his biceps like a life-line as small appreciating sound revibrated in his throat. He shouldn’t be doing this, not with Kageyama. But it felt too good to stop, Kageyama being the only one Hinata wouldn’t mind doing it with. Maybe that was the heat talking, or maybe not. But at this point, Hinata couldn’t care less.

He wrapped his arms around the setter’s broad shoulders, one hand fisting into the fabric of the raven’s sweatshirt and the other in his black hair. He hiked his leg up against Kageyama’s thigh as it forced its way between the ginger’s legs, large hands landing on slim hips with a firm grip.

Hinata gasped silently as Kageyama pushed his thigh upwards, grinding into the middle blocker’s erection. With open mouths and their tongues connected by a thin string of saliva, the duo looked at each other through hazy eyes, their lips barely brushing.

In the silence of their gazes, they were asking permission. Hinata permission to lose himself in the feelings Kageyama brought up within him and Kageyama for taking it further, wanting to bring Hinata pleasure. The omega was the one giving the answer, connecting their tongues again before siding them both into Kageyama’s mouth, bringing his head lower with the grip he had on onyx locks between his fingers.

Kageyama went easily, his hands sliding under the flimsy shirt Hinata wore to touch bare skin. The ginger’s stomach hollowed out at the sudden touch before he arched his back into those calloused hands that were searing his skin, simultaneously rolling his pelvis down onto Kageyama’s thigh.

A wet spot had formed onto the raven’s sweatpants, but neither could bebothered by it as Kageyama slid his hands upwards to Hinata’s nipples, teasing the nubs by brushing his fingers over them. A small gasp left the ginger as he rutted his hips back and forth, desperate for friction.

Hinata wasn’t very vocal besides the soft noises he made, but the harp tug on both his erect buds did earn a gasp that caused him to break away from the kiss. Kageyama crooned in the back of his throat as he leaned down, brushing his lips against the skin underneath Hinata’s ear.

As his lips lowered to the ginger’s scent glands, Hinata couldn’t stop his hips from rocking back and forward on the alpha’s thick thigh, his body shuddering softly at the triple stimulation of his groin, his nipples and his neck.

Kageyama mouthed the taut muscles under his lips, his teeth gently scraping the spot above the ginger’s scent-gland, causing Hinata’s scent to become strong enough to make his eyes roll back slightly so close to the source. Hinata cursed the fact that he could already feel the knot in his lower abdomen.

“K-kageyama” he tried to warn, his voice breathy as he tightened his grip he had on the raven.

“’M close” he managed to pant and Kageyama lifted his head, grinding his thigh upwards to meet the roll of the ginger’s hips.

“Come” he said and Hinata shuddered. Merely the husky tone of the setter’s voice was enough to send him tumbling over the edge, unable to look at the eyes burning into him, taking in every second of his orgasm as his body spasmed against the setter’s bigger frame. Kageyama held the ginger up with one arm around the smaller waist, looking down on Hinata panting into his chest.

“Is it going down?” Kageyama asked and Hinata swallowed thickly. How could his mouth be so dry with the amount of saliva that had been exchanged? Probably because most of it ended up spilling from their lips. Disappointed, Hinata shook his head without looking up.

“Kageyama, I… Don’t go” Hinata said, pleaded almost, as he looked up at the raven.

“Don’t go” he repeated and Kageyama cursed before diving down, lifting the ginger’s face up by cupping his cheek. Despite the fact that Hinata weighed surprisingly a lot for his height, Kageyama had no trouble at all hoisting the ginger up by his thighs. Hinata locked his ankles behind the raven’s lower back, his still throbbing erection pressed against Kageyama’s larger one.

When the setter started walking into the house, the motion brought some interesting friction in their pelvis area that caused both of them to release a little grunt. Though kissing was hard while moving, Kageyama wasn’t giving up, not willing to separate from the ginger’s intoxicating lips. Goosebumps broke out across Hinata’s skin where Kageyama’s large hands slid up and down his back, his fingers spread as if trying to map out the muscles in the middle blocker’s back.

Hinata’s back collided with a wall that was revealed to be a door as it swung open, letting them into what was likely Kageyama’s bedroom. The setter kicked the door closed behind him before walking over to the bed. Unceremoniously, he dropped the ginger onto his back, watching the omega bounce in on top of his blankets.

“W-wait! T-they’ll get dirty” Hinata said and Kageyama crawled over him, holding himself up on his knees and hands on each side of the omega’s body.

“I got a laundry machine” Kageyama said and leaned down to brush his nose against the ginger’s in a rare display of affection neither of them were used to. Yet, in this moment, it wasn’t misplaced.

“You sure you want to continue with this? I won’t be able to stop once I start” Kageyama warned and Hinata commended the raven for his self-restrained up until now.

“I’m sure” Hinata said and wound his arms around the setter’s shoulders.

“Even if it hurts, I trust you, more than anyone else” he said honestly, feeling as if it had to be said. Despite the fact that their instincts were threatening to drown them, they realized that consent and trust was needed between them. They were young and clumsy, inexperienced. Trust between them was crucial, just as much as in a volleyball game.

But unlike in a volleyball game, this was completely new to them. As soon as Hinata had given the go-ahead, Kageyama leaned back on his heels, reaching over his head for the collar off his sweatshirt to pull it off. Hinata had a feeling Kageyama had no idea how provocative his action was, yet it made Hinata’s mouth water as he moved to take off his own shirt.

Both clothing pieces were dropped to the ground carelessly, eyes taking in the skin that was put on display. It wasn’t as if they had never checked each other out, but not this openly, drinking in the lines of muscles that were cultivated by hard work.

“So beautiful” Kageyama whispered in appreciation, the compliment slipping past his lips mindlessly. However, Hinata had heard it, feeling a blush land on his collarbones as he attempted to cover up. Attempted being the keyword, as Kageyama grabbed his wrist.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. I can’t be gentle” the setter said as he all but flipped the ginger over onto all fours. The primal position caused a shudder to run down Hinata’s spine, his hole clenching in anticipation before releasing a new wave of slick. Kageyama stripped down the ginger’s black shorts, his eyes trained on the mess that had been created inside the fabric’s confines.

Hinata wiggled his hips in embarrassment, turning his head into the blankets to hide his face as Kageyama ran his fingers through the slick on pale thighs. The slight interval between his waves of heat Hinata had experienced after climaxing was starting to wane. Kageyama probing at his hole didn’t help in the slightest.

Hinata gave a soft hum into the sheets as Kageyama’s middle finger breached the rim of muscles. The intrusion felt almost like nothing to Hinata, who greedily wanted more as he pushed his hips back onto the finger until it was buried inside of him to the final knuckle.

The mortified part of his mind screaming about how shameless he was being, was shut up when Kageyama started pumping his finger in and out of the tunnel. Hinata’s scent rose again, informing Kageyama that Hinata’s next wave of heat had set in.

In classes, they had learned that the intervals between two waves lasted longer, but that was only when a knotting had happened. A climax was enough to stave it off for a short while, but for a decent interval, a knot was needed. Something Kageyama gladly wanted to give Hinata, but he also didn’t want to hurt the ginger. A second digit was added and Hinata closed his eyes to relish in the feeling of the pliant rim of muscle opening up.

“Is it good?” Kageyama asked, his voice thick and low, his jaw clenched as he held back with impressive self-restraint.

“Fuck, yeah” Hinata admitted and felt the shift in Kageyama’s demeanour as his restraint finally snapped.

“Sorry” the setter apologized as he retracted his fingers to sit up on his knees. Hinata didn’t even have the time to think of supressing the disappointed whine of the loss of stimulation as he caught sight of Kageyama’s manhood, instead releasing a needy hum.

With his sweatpants pushed down to his knees, Kageyama positioned himself above the middle blocker. Hinata bit on his lip as he felt the hot stiff rod rub against the cleft of his ass, lubricating the shaft with his omegan slick.

“Sorry” Kageyama apologized again before he manipulated his manhood with his hand so the blunt tip rested against the rim of the hole.

“Oh for fuck’s sake” Hinata groaned in annoyance as he pushed his hips back, relaxing his lower half enough to make the hole stretch over the head of Kageyama’s girt.

“Stop apologizing. You’re making me go limp” Hinata lied, there was no way he was going limp during his heat.

“I need this just as much as you do” he admitted and those words were all Kageyama needed to give into his alpha side completely. Hinata bit on his lip and keened as he felt his hole being stretched open wider than he had expected.

The tip had been okay, he had been able to do that himself. But he had not prepared himself for the rest. He struggled, to get air in his lungs and to adjust to the hot rod sliding inside of him faster than he could keep up with. There was pain, yes. The stretch burned and stung, but it made him shudder in pleasure, making him wonder if he was a masochist.

Well, he would have wondered about it if that same stretch hadn’t taken away his ability to think about trivial stuff like that. Instead, the only thing he could focus on was the cock stuffed inside of him to the base, spreading him open in a way that blanked his mind.

The way Kageyama hovered over him, caging him in with his hands on each side of the ginger’s head. Hinata did have the mind to place his hand over the nape of his neck. Just because his body was ready to mate, didn’t mean that he was ready to bond. But that thought flew out of his mind as Kageyama retracted his hips even before Hinata had fully adjusted to his size.

“Ah, wai-” he started but was cut off by a small keen when Kageyama pushed back in with a snap of his hips, a few drops of sweat falling from the raven’s nose and landing onto the arch of the omega’s spine. Hinata could feel his rationality slip away with every push of Kageyama’s hips until he was continuously panting, his head turned to the side to allow him to attempt to breath.

Kageyama’s hips continued to pull back before rolling forward again. The slick slide of the manhood inside of Hinata was a weird sensation, but one the ginger couldn’t get enough of. The wet slap of skin meeting skin was loud in the room, accompanied by pants, keens and grunts that rose in volume as the pace picked up. Kageyama leaned down next to the ginger’s ear, taking in the heady smell of sex combined with the sweet undertones in the ginger’s natural scent.

“Can’t get enough” the alpha said roughly, earning a harsh open-mouthed breath from the ginger as he lowered his mouth to Hinata’s nape, biting down on the middle blocker’s fingers. Hinata hissed as sharp teeth broke skin, but he didn’t remove his hand.

“K-kageyama” the middle blocker panted, practically moaning the raven’s name. Catching himself on a bad habit all alphas had, Kageyama pulled back roughly, sitting up on his knees to avoid all temptation of biting Hinata’s nape, instead directing his need to bite to his forearm.

“Good?” Kageyama asked, his voice rough as his lips were smeared with a small amount of blood.

“Harder” Hinata requested, though that was not really what Kageyama had asked for. But he did deliver none the less, placing his hand on right above Hinata’s bum before snapping his hips forward, watching himself get buried into the thigh heat sucking him inside.

With the new, rougher pace, Hinata had a hard time to stay quiet, his voice rising louder into Kageyama’s ears, spurring him on. He could feel his knot swell on the base of his cock as his climax stirred in his lower abdomen.

“Ka-kageyama! A-again! I’m going!” Hinata warned and Kageyama raised his arm back to his mouth to bite down hard as he pushed his hips forward, grunting into the flesh between his jaw. The wet slap of skin against skin was pornographic, yet it didn’t even compare to the garbled, moaned version of Kageyama’s name that feel from Hinata’s lips right before he spilled his second release all over the raven’s covers.

His body spasmed as his wall clamped down onto the rod inside of him, the knot catching onto the rim. Kageyama groaned in surprise, not having expected his knot to catch so soon, but he immediately stilled his hips against the globes of Hinata’s ass, grinding his pelvis as the tunnel milked him out with fluttering and tightening walls.

Hinata’s body trembled uncontrollable, his eyes clouded at the feel of being knotted and filled by spurts of sperm painting his inner walls white. Both teens were panting as their hips rocked together languidly, wanting to draw out every last millisecond of their orgasm.

Carefully, Kageyama wrapped his arm around Hinata’s waist before slowly rolling them onto their sides. Both teens hissed in discomfort as the shift caused a pull on the knot. They immediately moved into a position that would take the strain off their connection.

Hinata’s body trembled uncontrollably from his intense release as Kageyama wrapped his arms around the smaller male to keep him warm. He couldn’t exactly move to put the covers over them, so this would have to do until the knot released.

“How long?” Hinata asked, somewhat having guessed what Kageyama was thinking.

“I don’t know. Somewhere between half an hour to an hour” the raven said and Hinata gave a hum, a little shuddery as Kageyama’s erection gave a rough throb as it released a smaller wave of seed. Now that they were both in an interval, awkwardness settled in the air between them, feeling even worse as it joined the heady scent of sex and pheromones.

“How long do you think before the next round?” Hinata asked, wanting the awkwardness to disappear.

“A little longer than it takes for my knot to deflate, I think” Kageyama said and Hinata closed his eyes before shifting back into the raven’s chest.

“Let me sleep for a while, I barely had any” he said and Kageyama gave a hum. They would wake up in a while when the knot released anyway. And when it did, they barely had the time for Kageyama to retrieve a large bottle of water and for Hinata to push the covers against the wall so for when the second round ended, they could at least cover themselves. He also put his phone within hand’s reach so he could check their questions on the internet while they waited for the knot to go down.

The second round was awkward, even with their minds taken over by their instincts. It was overpowering and intense, but was it supposed to feel this good, even when they were inexperienced? Was joining together supposed to feel as if they were so close to becoming complete? Was it supposed to feel as if they were incomplete, even when they were knotted together?

The internet had no answer for Hinata as he buried the phone under Kageyama’s pillow when they were locked together for the second time, both their skins slick with sweat and other substances.

But even with the confusion within him, Hinata couldn’t help but seek comfort and warmth in Kageyama’s arms, the setter tightening his grip on the ginger’s waist even when he was asleep, his nose nuzzling into damp orange curls as if they weren’t gross and smelly with sweat.