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Never Fall For a Punk

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Eren had never felt that a test in his physics class could be this stressful. It was the block before, and luckily a free block, so he was able to try and cram one of the hardest (by hard, he means that he seemed to be the only one in the entire classroom that didn't fucking understand the chapter) chapters in the entire several months of being in that class. It was only early October, but he still had felt that he was falling apart in that class. He had done well in high school, so he decided after his freshman year at Trost University, he would take physics that next year. 

What good was this doing? Nothing, aside from stressing him the hell out. 

Armin, bless his heart, was trying his best to refresh him on slope, but Eren had never been overly good at math. The only thing in math that he had succeeded in, was trigonometry. And that wasn't going to help him here. 

"Eren... why are you putting the x-coordinates there?" 

"I thought that's where you said they went??" 

"No, that's where the y-coordinates go. The x ones go over here." 

Eren groans, smacking his head against the notebook he had been trying to solve problems Armin had written out for him on. Armin purses his lips, hand slowly reaching up to awkwardly pat his head in comfort. It didn't do any good. 

"Eren," Hanji whispers, leaning over to whisper in his ear. "You do know what the slope equation is, right?" Eren lifts his head from the book slightly, groggily looking at his friend. "Y= mx+b, right?" Hanji smiles, nodding. He sits up a little more. 

"And you know what the formula for velocity is, right?" 

"Isn't that distance over time?" Hanji claps, grinning at him with white teeth. "You're not completely hopeless after all!" Armin gives him a weak smile, putting a hand on his shoulder. "And you didn't do half bad on the last test, now did you?" Eren rolls his eyes. "I got a B- on that test, Ar," he says.  Armin nods. "And you were always really good at physics, so don't let this one stress you out. You're just a little rusty, okay?" He shrugs, staring blankly at the scribbles on his notebook paper. Hanji then looks at her watch, squeaking a little before standing abruptly. 

"We have class in 6 minutes! We're on the other side of campus, you guys!" The two boys rush, Armin nearly looking as though he was about to get murdered. Eren rushes, but makes sure to grab his things with care. He wasn't thrilled to get to class, so he didn't exactly care how late he was. He just so happened to be friends and share said class with two over-achievers who were always top of the class and took about three different science classes at once. Well, Hanji was taking three science classes at once, while Armin was taking several English classes. 

How did they even manage? Yeah, Hanji was a Biochemistry major and Armin was studying literature, but Eren was an art major. He didn't have a care for any core classes, just mainly things that allowed him to be creative. He was overly grateful that he at least had his panting class after physics. 

Eren is dragged through the campus by his two friends, them both ahead of him and pulling him by each hand. It was a daily occurrence, having to rush to physics, even if they weren't late. Why did it have to be him that shared this class with them? Why couldn't it be Jean? Okay, Jean wasn't going to take physics, due to being a zoology major. Still, he hated being dragged every single day. It was embarrassing, not a fucking shoujo anime where you're being dragged by your crush through a sea of cherry blossoms. Sadly, this was real life. 



"I can't believe I was the last person to finish my test in there," Eren says, a defeated expression on his face as they walked outside. It was rather warm that day, around 79 degrees when Eren had checked. "Well, you were taking your time, it makes sense. I'm just glad you got it finished," Armin says. Eren shrugs. "Yeah, I got it finished. Doesn't mean I did good." 

"At least you tried! I doubt you did bad!" Hanji yells, a smile on her face as she pushes her glasses up her nose. He offers her a smile. Armin turns to them, smiling lightly and breaking away from them. "I'll see you guys later! I have a class right now," he says giving a shy wave before walking off. The two wave and say their goodbyes as they continue walking. He still had nearly 20 minutes until his art class, so he was planning on hanging out with Hanji before she had to run to get to her chemistry class. That... That is the class she had, isn't it? It doesn't matter, she still had a class. 


Eren jumps out of his thoughts, head turning to look at Hanji with wide eyes. She was searching through her bag frantically. When had she started looking through it..? "What is it?" Eren questions. She groans, stopping at a bench and rummaging through her bag some more before smacking her forehead. "I can't believe this," she whispers. Eren tilts his head at her. "What's wrong?" 

"I forgot my fucking chem notes. We need them today for the lab so I don't catch my hair on fire." 

Eren's eyes widen and Hanji chuckles, waving him off. "I'm just kidding. I won't catch my hair on fire but I might catch something else on fire." 

"You don't have time to run back and grab it, do you?" Eren asks. She shakes her head. "I parked further away today than I usually do. And I have class in 15 minutes." Eren shrugs a little. "You could always be late." She gives him a look. "And that's coming from you Eren Jaeger." He smirks a little. What can he say? He's always took pride in being fashionably late. "Is there any way you can get them? Or borrow someone else's?" 

She ponders for a moment before smiling and going back to her bag. She eventually fishes out her phone, unlocking it and pressing a random button to call. She waits patiently, her fingers tapping on her other forearm. Finally, apparently, someone picks up. 

"Oh my GOOOOOD you take forever to pick up!!" 

She smirks, listening for a moment. "Are you still at my and Erwin's place?" Eren listens awkwardly, remembering her mention and Erwin before, if only slightly. He didn't know much about her personal life outside of school, because he had only known her for about two months or less. Hanji wasn't one to necessarily talk about herself unless it involved her experiments, or even her science classes. He never knew why. 

"Could you grab my chemistry notes? They should be on my bed.... I know! I'll clean it soon, okay? Yeah, have Erwin get them then. Are you guys going to just go on his bike?" She makes a face, obviously listening to the other side. "I know.. Could you bring them to me in about 10 minutes? I have a class in 15 and I reeeaaalllyy need them. Levi you're so mean, Erwin wouldn't tell me no." Eren chuckles a little. Then her face lights up, her beginning to jump around. 

"Thank you soooooo muuuuuuchhhhh! I'll see you two in a few then!" Hanji takes the phone away from her ear, pressing the end call and smiling at Eren. She moves her bag, taking a seat on the bench. Eren reluctantly joins her in silence. 

"Who was that?" 

"Oh? On the phone?" Eren nods. "Ah, that was my best friend Levi. Him and my other friend Erwin were going to run by the motor shop to see if they could get a part in order to fix Levi's bike. They were luckily still at the house so they grabbed my notes and are going to drop them off on their way to the shop." Eren raises a brow. "You've never mentioned a Levi before." Hanji taps her chin. 

"Have I not? Oh well, he's not worth mentioning. He's kind of the biggest douche in history, bit of a clean freak too." Eren laughs. "And he's your best friend?" Hanji chuckles. "Yeah, him, Erwin and Mike are all my guys. We're all in the same gang." Eren jumps a little, eyes widening. "Y-you're in a gang??" Hanji releases a laugh, smacking her leg with her hand. 

"Not that kind of gang, silly. A motorcycle gang." Eren's eyes remain wide in shock. "You're in a motorcycle gang?? Hanji, I didn't even know you owned a motorcycle." Hanji smiles, nodding. "Oh yeah, I own a motorcycle. I can't believe you didn't know that." Eren gives her a look. "You never ride it to school." Hanji shrugs, nodding. "You're right. I should sometime, but I'm always scared that my bag is too big to fit on the back. I'm scared I'll loose it." Eren nods. "Makes sense, I guess." 

Hanji giggles, elbowing him a little. "You'll get to meet my boys! Erwin is a real gentleman and will give you a ton of respect, but Levi is harder to crack." 

"You said they were travelling here on the same bike?" 

Hanji hums, nodding. "Levi hates riding passenger on any of our bikes, but Erwin apparently wanted to ride and ended up convincing him. Levi usually rides solo. I mean, I do too if I'm not riding with Erwin." Eren smiles a little. "Sounds like fun." She nods excitedly. "It is! It really is a thrill. The sound of a distinct motorcycle catches Hanji off guard, who looks over to the street and begins smiling. 

"Wow, that took less time than I was expecting. There probably wasn't any traffic," Hanji says, grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. Eren awkwardly looks over to the motorcycle, that had pulled up on the curb of the street about 15 meters away. Then he's yanked up onto his feet and drug along across the green space. Eren's anxiety shoots through his skin. 

"C'mon Eren! You've gotta meet them!"