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It was a pleasant morning on a normal Thursday during summer. Levi let out a yawn, walking to the bus stop where he waited for the transport that would take him to another city. The bus then would bring him to the subway station, where he could step into the underground metro which carried him closer to his job. This is how every morning went as Levi’s life was pretty much a routinized one. His lifestyle was like a fact and today was supposed to be like any other work day, except.. It wasn’t.

Levi knew that the bus was more crowded than usual, now summer break for the little kids have ended (lucky bastards with their vacations), but he was determined to steal a seat before he was forced to end up standing during the whole trip, something he hated. He left his hands in the pockets of his thin jacket, waiting patiently for his ride and yawned once again, still feeling sluggish from the early morning. Everything was perfectly normal until the very next moment.

An unfamiliar face popped up at the same bus stop as Levi, greeting everyone around him like any other social person would do (unlike Levi), including the raven-haired himself. The taller male smiled at Levi, revealing the braces on his teeth, suggesting that he was far younger than the older man. The brunet lingered his eyes on Levi for a moment before saying ‘good morning’ to the next person, while Levi kept staring at him.

The boy had dark-brown hair and it was around the same length as Levi himself. His eyebrows were that of a caterpillar, much to the raven-haired’s amusement. His eyes were either blue or green, or something in between. He was a few inches taller than the older man himself. His childish features were clearly visible as his shoulders weren’t as broad as Levi’s and he didn’t seem to have that much of muscle. His clothing was nothing special, just something that most teenage boys would wear. What Levi did could point out was that his voice was rather low, meaning that his voice had already broke.

And boy, was Levi glad that the bus was arriving at the right time because he wasn’t sure why his heart slightly jumped seconds ago. Was he nervous because of some kid? Levi began to scratch his chest at the place where his heart is and tries to ignore the strange ache. He took out his public transport card from his purse and checked in as he entered the bus. He grabbed his favorite daily newspaper from the basket and took a two-person seat in the front part of the bus.

Reading the newspaper on his way to work was something Levi always liked to do. It was not that he always liked the news (because the real world sucks), but it gave him something to do. Staring out of the window was something he did in the very beginning, but the repeating scene became quickly boring as it barely changed and literally nothing happened.

While reading his precious paper, Levi noticed something else in his surroundings. The fact that some young kid was sitting in the front part of the bus slightly disturbed the gray-eyed. Obnoxious youngsters and teens were supposed to be sitting in the back part of the bus, not the front. It’s how society worked, it was a policy, so why the hell was this brunet casually sitting close to adults? It shouldn’t have bothered him, but it did. Levi wanted to say something and kick him to the rear but the rational part of his brain kept him from doing so.

Levi sighed, flipping a page of the newspaper to continue reading about how this world was becoming worse by the day.

After twenty minutes, the bus-ride ended and he stepped out of the vehicle while checking out. Looking at his watch on his left wrist, Levi noticed how early he was despite the traffic jam that existed every workday between seven until nine o’clock. He walked with an average pace to the subway station, climbing down the stairs as the metro was underground. It wasn’t pitch dark, but not light enough to read his lovely newspaper and it made Levi swear.

Fifteen minutes later he unlocked the door of the bakery and walked to the dressing-room to put on his male apron. The shop wouldn’t be opening for another thirty minutes so Levi decided to enter the backroom, where the two owners were still baking the dough. Levi liked it how the shop reeked of bread every morning and inhaled an amount of air.

“Mornin’,” Levi greeted casually in his usual tone. Both of them turned around and welcomed the raven-haired. Levi often talked rude to his owners, but that’s only because he was comfortable with the weirdo pair. One of the owners was a female brunette that wore her hair in a ponytail and a pair of rounded glasses on her face. She was smart, always cheerful (sometimes a bit too cheerful) and could talk hours about her strangest findings she discovered on the internet. Her name was Hanji Zacharius.

Her husband was Mike Zacharius, another strange person who often sniffed their clients (even Levi), something that often disturbed Levi. He had a small beard and mustache. His eyes were rather small but his build was taller than the average man. Despite his strange habits, Levi respected him as his boss.

Even though the raven-haired didn’t believe in true love, his opinions differed for Hanji and Mike. Levi blessed their relationship and believed that they deserved each other more than anyone else. They were open towards all their customers and accepted Levi for whom he was despite his boring, uninterested attitude. They were truly the kindest humans he had ever met and was glad to work here.

Usually Mike only sniffed people he meets for the first time, but today he crawled towards Levi and breathed in the surrounding air. The raven-haired cocked his eyebrow as respond. He didn’t like it when people invaded his personal space for no legal reason. Levi crossed his arms and scowled at the taller man, demanding some answers.

“You smell a bit different today,” he explained the shorter male. “Just a tiny bit,” the man finished and let out his usual snort. It was a gesture that meant that he liked the way Levi smelled and it caused the shorter male to curse.

If glares could kill, Mike would already have gone to heaven on the second Levi placed his eyes on him.