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Teenage dream

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Robert hated feeling out of place. He hates not knowing or understanding someone. He hates when he got pushed to choose what he was. The thing Robert hates most is putting a label on someone. You should get to be who you want to be.  There should be no right and no wrong. If you don't like someone, you keep it to yourself.  You can't try to change people because you want them to. You have to understand that everyone has their own worries and they don't need anyone else to make it harder.

If someone likes other things than you, you accept it, and agree that it's good to all be different. That it's good to be unique. Don't follow the crowd, stand out, say what you want to say, but, sometines speaking your mind isn't always the best idea. People break. They crack and they get hurt. A bruise will heal in time, but your heart will take longer in order to grow fonder

Robert will soon learn his differences..









Victoria had been planning this birthday for months. It all had to be perfect. She gave strict instructions to everyone. Nobody could step out of line or do something wrong. She'd walk around with her clipboard, ticking off things as she saw then completed. It was just her being organised.

One morning, Robert was sat at the breakfast table, fixing up his tie when Victoria walked in, tears pouring down her face. Robert wasn't good in these situations. 

"Err, you alright?" He asked.

"No!" She wailed, wiping her eyes weakly with her  sleeve.

"What's up Vic?"

"This party. It's all been planned!"

"I know, you haven't stopped going on about it."

"I know.."

"So, what about it?"

Victoria sat there in silence for a moment before she cried out, "Adam says something may be going on with Aaron tonight and he mightn't be there!"

"Aaron's his best mate, yeah?"


"Okay.. I've never met this Aaron, but he must be pretty special if Adams gonna miss your 16th for it!"

"Aaron's a nice lad, but he's Adams best mate! I don't wanna come between them because Adam and Aaron are like brothers!"

Robert never liked Adam. When Victoria first brought him back for lunch, Robert laughed and said "Muppet!"

"Ah, well, you know Adam loves you very much though.."

Robert couldn't believe he was fighting Adams corner right know.

"YOU DONT GET IT ROB! YOU NEVER DO!" She roared, stomping up the stairs. 

Robert really did want the day to be special for her.  You only get the day once, so spend it the best you can. Then Robert knew what he had to do. He sighed.  He had to get the party back on track. He had to. Even if that meant digging intu Adam and Aaron's problems to ensure he'd be at that party. Would he regret digging up something so deep and dark that he could t bury it again? Only time would tell..

He ran to Victoria's room and snatched her clipboard.





1.  Collect my beautiful dress from the Hotten cleaners 

2.  Buy banners and balloons

3.  Pick up the cake from Hotten Bakery

4.  Go to Laura's house to borrow her disco ball.

5.  Have the best birthday ever :)



"This is gonna be fun..!" He whispered to himself.

He jumped into the car and spun off into Hotten to pick up the dress. When he did he carried out to the car but gulped when he dropped it. Luckily it was okay. 

He raced to the shops to buy the balloons and banners.

He strolled into the bakery to pick up the cake. Victoria loved cooking but was too busy to make it. 

He drove just outside Hotten to lock up the disco ball from a mate of Victoria's.

He ticked off everything on the list, except for the last one, that was yet to be discovered..


When Robert got home, he quickly darted upstairs and put the dress hanging on her door. He put all the snacks in bowls and put them out around the place. He placed the beer bottles in a cooler. Then, He ran around putting up decorations and hung the disco ball from the ceiling. Then, he went to the car and got the cake and carefully placed it in the fridge. All he wanted now, was for Victoria to get ready and people arrive.

He was deafened by a squeal of joy.

"OH MY GOD ROB, YOU DIDNT!?" She yelled, looking around at the decorated room. The Fairy lights hanging low, the balloons floating about, the banners from wall to wall and the disco ball in the centre of the roof, lighting up the place.

"Best go get ready." Robert muttered, pushing past her, smiling, leaving an amazed Victoria staring around the room.




Meanwhile, Adam was banging on Gordon's door.

"AARON?" He shouted. Suddenly the door swung open and Aaron was pushed out. Adam became face-to-face with Aaron and his bloody nose.

"What happened?" Adam asked, digging into his pockets for tissues, which he handed to Aaron.

"Nothing.." Aaron mumbled

it was clear he didn't want to talk so Adam nodded.

"I've been ringing!" Adam added.

"Sorry. Gordon took my phone, didn't he." Aaron said, rolling his eyes. 

"At least your here now to go to the party." Adam muttered. Aaron smiled. He wasn't looking forward to it much..

Aaron was shocked when he and Adam walked through the door and saw the group in a circle. Aaron didn't like these sort of  games that much.

He noticed a tall blond straight away. 

"Adam, who's that?" He questioned. Adam laughed, "Robert."

Robert. Aaron liked Robert instantly. He seemed dark and suspicious. Aaron wanted more but soon he'd bite off more than he can chew..