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Little Wonders

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It was the 16 of the month and Jared woke up with the wet hot feeling in his lower body, he felt restless, he knew what was that, he turned looking for his mate but Jensen was gone. Sitting on the night stand were a blister of pills, the name on them Tamperex (TM)*heat inhibitors* a box of new bad dragon products and a glass of water with a note:

See you in a couple days,

Love you

Jared fell on the pillow sighing angry and horny as hell, already half hard and feeling empty and desperate, he was tired of this, tired of the fact that Jensen was always afraid of getting him pregnant “I’d make a terrible parent… I swear… there’s nothing I could ever teach a kid, besides, what kind of insane God would give ME a child to look after?” he remember that conversation because it was the only one they had that almost ended their relationship. As the only werecat couple in the whole borough, they were always limited, they’d have to move back to Winchester’s pride land if they had kids, and Jensen was so attached to these lands, they had to move, otherwise… how could you explain a pregnant veterinarian? Or babies that could shift into giant mountain lions at will? Jensen wanted to live among regular people so bad, he wanted to feel like a normal person, that’s why he was a ranger, and children were a complication for him. Jared gasped, he didn’t even noticed when his hand moved into his pants, or when he opened the bag and got hold of the toys, the giant one, extra large swamp wyrm on one hand and on the way to his back side, the blunt head of the giant dildo got to his entrance and he felt how his body swallowed the whole silicone organ to the knot. It took the edge of it, but was never like having Jensen with him.

Jared got his dick on his other hand, he started pulling and tugging, thinking about his mate, thinking about how perfect the other were creature was, broad shoulders and muscular back, flat stomach, perfect face, how his eyes glowed bright with lust and desire, how he growled at the touch of Jared’s hole, how his teeth were just a little bit too big and sharper than people’s, just enough to get a hold of Jared’s nape while mating, hmmm… having Jensen in him, barbed dick breaching him, causing delicious pleasure. A glob of slick leaked from his hole, even with the giant fake dick he felt empty, still; Jared came over his hand, as the fertile one he felt frustrated, from the moment he mated Jensen his body was ready for pregnancy, and he was frustrated and feeling like a failure.

He called to his secretary and told her he got the flu, and stayed in bed, he planned on spend all day masturbating, he had this amazing fantasy where Jensen couldn’t control himself and they end up having a sex marathon for the three days of his heat, and then again and again every night, while Jensen praise him on how big and how full he is, how his body changes accommodating imaginary cubs. He could hear in his mind the voice from his lover “so pretty, so perfect” Jensen always called him that “still wanting more while you’re already full of my cubs” he started gasping and moaning, he was hard again and desperate, this time not even the biggest, most obscene dildo could tamper his lust.

Suddenly he heard the door and the smell of mate filled his senses, he wasn’t all conscious, not even sure of what happened, to him it was like floating downstairs to the family room where Jensen was picking up few papers “sorry Jared, I’m just taking a couple reports… remember the murder from last year at the park…” Jensen couldn’t say anything else, Jared was on him kissing him and draped all over him, the heavy scent of heat and come radiating from him “please… Jared, this is not fair… we could really mess things up if you can’t control yourself…” and holding his lover’s hand pushed him away. “Thanks God we don’t have neighbors”

Jared sighed, too horny to care “how could we mess anything? We’re mates, we have enough to have a litter, it could be just one… we don’t really know…”

Jensen sighed serious and shaking his head to clear his thoughts of the instinct that pulled him to Jared, his body urged him to throw Jared against the closest surface and fuck him senseless, but he was more than his biology “we have jobs, we have a life, we don’t need cubs right now, could you stay home every fucking day now on? Could you be okay with having tits?”

Jared groaned and moved closer once more “yes… and once you see them you’ll be okay with them too…” and moaned wantonly
Jensen was reaching the end of his rope “Oh.. Man get a grip” and pushed Jared away breathing hard, he needed space or else he’ll just do what nature commanded with more strength than ever.
“What’s wrong with you?” shouted Jared “Are you really this selfish? Would you rather have your loved normal, human boring life than a baby with me?” and raising his arms “it’s been six years Jensen, and I don’t have forever, you know? I’m a male, if you haven’t noticed and male fertiles only have five, maybe eight years to have babies before it’s too risky…”
Jensen sighed “we’ve discussed this already… and is not an option… I don’t care about how many kids you baby sat for other couples in your pride, here, there’s none, do you really want to live this place? We have a good life here…”
Jared was losing patience and objectivity “is it me? Am I not good enough? Am I just a game or something?” and turning “I bet you’re planning on going back to Danneel when the time comes for you, when you really want babies”
Jensen laughed, HUGE mistake “you’re always so dramatic! This has nothing to do with you being a male, I just don’t want to waste the best years of my life changing diapers and cleaning vomit, is that so hard to understand? Your kind is always so desperate to tie guys around with a string of babies…” Jensen couldn’t even finish his sentence; Jared left the house and ran to the woods. The house they lived in was at the very edge of the city, they had privacy so in certain nights, when their nature called they could ran into the wild, hunt and share their animal form, the only thing they had to worry about was the border, there was so close, the Khari border, a different pride lived there and they were not as friendly with regular humans than the Winchester’s.
Jared knew the border like the palm of his hand so once he got into the back yard and shifted he ran to the forest, not caring he was a fertile in heat running in the wild where any fit alpha could mate him by force.

Jared was so pissed he spent the night on a tree, rubbing his body against the hard bark, and mewling desperate for anything that could fill him. The second day he wanted to shift and go back home but the smell of another shifter, virile and full of testosterone had him almost crazy he had to pretty much claw the tree he was in to the pulp to stay where he was, he was considering calling for Jensen, realizing what a bad idea was all this.

The second night he finally had a moment of clarity and could shift into human form to eat some berries, he was starving, Jared felt stupid sulking on a forest away from home, not sure if on his side of the border and naked, in heat and alone.
He was taken out of his musings by the sound of steps, a couple guys were walking under him, carrying Marley .30 .30 rifles, one of them was chatting nonstop “… Jay said the last of the freaks were sold for like 25k, I bet we could get even more if we sell a whole set of them…” the other made a sound, at Jared’s right he heard the sound of leaves being crushed and steps and the hunters ran, Jared shifted again, his heat was passing apparently, and he only wanted to go home without having to face the hunters.

It was deer season and even if it were weird to have them so close to the houses it was not uncommon, suddenly from the right he heard something a click and turned just in time to see a guy, dark eyes, and square face pointing his rifle to him and shooting, Jared jolted to his right and avoided the shot, rand started running in zigzag to make it more difficult to the men to catch him.

At one point when he thought he was already safe, when he could see his own fence and was already going home he heard another shot and saw another mountain lion falling, and his heart stopped “JENSEN!!!” he let out desperate before running to the cat few feet behind him.

Jensen saw Jared leave, he really had to go back to the office, it was a real emergency, one year prior someone found a body, a male body on the woods, and the DNA test was tainted, he never mentioned it to Jared but apparently the sample was tainted with some kind of big cat blood, it could’ve been a werecat too.
That night he went home sure that Jared had calmed down now and the pills had kicked in and he could at least kiss him good night before leaving for the next two days.
But Jared wasn’t at home, and he roamed the woods with a flashlight looking for him.

As worried as he was he knew Jared was a great hunter and a smart man and he’ll be just fine, but he had reports of hunters and that made him nervous. He slept in the woods, trying to catch Jared’s smell, after hours romancing the border.

The next day he smelled something, but was not Jared, maybe were the hunters he saw, but it was different from human sweat and gunpowder, it was sweet, and flowery, it smelled like jasmine and milk and something else, like sweet bread and cinnamon, it was obviously a female or a fertile female to be more precise.

So he turned into his animal form and ran on the forest looking for both Jared and the female who smelled tired and afraid. He felt the fear before he smelled Jared, he felt the fast heartbeat and something else, the heat was passing, once more Jared would be his rational perfect mate. The he heard the shot and he froze, he saw a form among the trees, and heard the heavy thump of it hitting the ground, a voice then “there are two of them!!” someone shouted amused and surprised and Jensen roared and showing fangs and unsheathing claws he attacked, defending his mate.

After only a couple minutes and the soft snap of human fragile bones Jensen was looking down to a werecat, still too far to recognize anything else but the fur coat, caramel colored and already separated in tufts, the sign of life leaving from the body in the first hours, he saw hot Jared got closer and nosed the body to find it wasn’t dead, Jared could see the poor creature would die and sobbed, turned and saw Jensen, gasped surprised it was not his mate and caressed his snout with his own, they shifted
Jensen got close to the other mountain lion “Hey… hey sweetie… we’re gonna help you-…”
The poor thing shifted with the last of her strength showing them a distended belly “I’m dying, I know… please help my babies…” Jared tried to say no “please… we were traveling to my pride, so they could be born in the Khari tradition, and be warriors, but they killed my mate and…”
“What’s your name” Asked Jensen who conjured a blanket and some clothes from somewhere
“I’m Rachel… please… you two, when my body… when it happens” Jensen shushed her and pressed one of the wounds to tamper the flow of blood “when it comes, don’t let my babies die, they’re important, they’re the last of the Khari, you must protect them” and she groaned and yelled in pain.

Jensen was there being the professional ranger he was “calm down sweetie, you’ll be fine, Rachel? Rachel?” once dark eyes fixed on his “where’s your mate?”
Rachel didn’t answer she just let herself fall While Jensen covered her body and checked her wounds “you’ll be okay… you’ll be fine Rachel…” but when his eyes met Jared’s his mate knew he was lying, that Rachel would die.
Jared moved out of instinct and grabbed her carrying her away “let’s take her home, we can’t have her here, or the babies…” and Rachel murmured a thank you, both men were able to carry her in turns the almost 12 miles to their place.

There was no were-healing house around, not until the Khari territory and it’ll be too late, and Jensen did what he promised he wouldn’t do ever again when he mated Jared and called the pride.
“Jared, sweetheart, stay with her, I’ll call Jeff…” Jared gasped, hazel eyes turned to his mate “I have to… she needs help” and moved to the phone.

He knew the number by heart and felt his fingers were numb while he dialed one after the other, he had almost no time, so he decided things on the run and sighing brought the receiver to his ear and waited, one… two rings and nothing, maybe it was a sign.. Maybe they had to deal with this without any help.
“Hello…” the gruff voice on his ear left him speechless “Hello?” and Jensen sighed “it’s you, right? I know it’s you Jensen… I’m gonna hang up”
And he finally found his voice “no please…! Jeff, it’s me, but… please… we found a girl, near the border… she’s hurt, some hunters attacked her and she’s pregnant…”
“Hold on…” the voice on the line let out a sigh “what are you talking about? What border?”
Jensen rubbed his face and turned desperate when Rachel let out a cry “Khari border… I’m that far north…”
Jeff chuckled darkly “you mean YOU TWO are that far north… right? because I’ll kill you if you just let that poor down…”

Jensen felt his wild side rise “leave my mate out of this…” growled just to hear another chuckle “Jared has nothing to do with this… Jeff, this is serious… what are we gonna do, we have not only hunters in our territory, one of them killed a Khari fertile in here…”

“Take her to the healing center I’ll check…”
“There’s not healing center you moron, why you think I called?” a concerned sigh this time, Jeff knew him, knew Jared’s parents too, and Jensen could recognize in one inflection of his voice his mood “I’m afraid… not for me, but for the risk this means for Jared…”

After a couple second the voice came back in a business like mode “okay, let me know what happen with the girl, send me pics and I’ll guide you through this, okay?”

Jensen sighed in gratitude and thanked him before running to check on Jared and Rachel; he had no idea of what to think when he found her in her animal form and a pool of water next to the couch and his mate reaching between Rachel’s paws.
“Jared?” he said doubting
Hazel eyes turned at him with fear and something else



Jared turned to Rachel, and cleaned her head with a towel he found on the laundry basket left forgotten next to the couch. “my mate will have someone here in a moment I promise…”
Rachel gritted her teeth and held her tummy for almost a minute before starting panting again “he will… he’s… he’s… he always look after me” offered trying to change subjects
Rachel groaned and finally spoke “We know about you two… male fertile and Alpha… all alone here… ” and another groan “… I don’t care, I don’t… I just…” another groan “I know you’ll care for my babies… because you’re a fertile… did you heard? You know what to….ghhnnnnhah…” let out a scream “you know what to do when they’re here?” Jared nodded and turned to Jensen who was at the phone.
“I want you to name them Anna and Adam, okay? If they’re boy and girl…and if there’s more… call them…” and sighed cleaning her brow before holding the couch desperate and feeling water running down her legs, she shifted once more, becoming the amazing lioness she was, becoming something that could deal with the strain of labor better.

Jared gasped and moved between her hind legs seeing something furry and small between her legs “are they…?”

Rachel chuckled “they come in their true form… so it’s easier for me to look after them…” and sighed; her entire body sagged on the couch “my mate… Misha… he’s still out there… still out there with the rest of the hunters… Misha…” and her eyes closed, her body was getting colder and colder.

Jared turned at his mate, stunned, not knowing what was happening. “Jensen…” a soft mewling made him turn again, he had a baby cat in his hands, wet and blind and so fragile, Jensen moved faster and with a shirt from the same laundry basket held the kitten from Jared’s hands while the younger one moved once more between Rachel legs, something else was coming, another kitten, Jensen had the first inside the basket and the second was right there next to him/her/it very soon, a third one came out, and Jared laughed “hey… hey Rachel there’s a third, we’ll call this one Rachel if it’s a girl… okay?” but then with a low grunt the body got still and she stopped breathing.
Rachel was dead.

Jensen sighed, he knew, and Jared sure was used to this kind of things, but instead, the veterinarian was crying like an orphan “Jare…” Jensen frustrated
Jared snapped his head to him “leave me alone… she’s gone… and this three…” turned to the babies and started crying again, Jensen moved to the nearest wall, there was a AC control in it and turned the heat up. He had things to do and stuff to take care of.

“We’ll need to take care of the body, a Khari werecat is not gonna be sent back to the Gods in just any grave…” Jensen checked Rachel, arranged her limbs and carried her body to the guest room near the door, and coming back he faced the babies in Jared’s charge “they… they... I don’t…” outside their house they heard something, another shot.
Jared rose to his full height and moved towards the door “Misha…” Jensen followed him asking what he was talking about “Rachel’s mate, Misha, he’s out there with the rest of the hunters…” Jensen could see how honestly angry his mate was, glowing eyes and sharp teeth. Another shot was heard and Jared gasped

“Stay here…” Jensen moved to the safe box near the door, where he always put his gun “I’ll go see what I can do, and if the guy… Misha; is there, I’ll bring him here…” the last second turned to the phone and then to Jared “if the phone rings, it’s probable Jeff calling back…”
Jared lost the ferocity in a blink “I won’t answer…”
“You have to, I just sent pictures of Rachel, he’d help us, lock the door, don’t shift, keep the babies warm.” And Jensen left the house.

Jared turned to find the babies moving blindly and whimpering softly looking for something “calm down babies, calm down, I have no formula here…” and held one of the babies, the first one, bigger and with longish hair on the top of its head, Jared turned him belly up and checked, it was a boy “awesome you’re Adam then…” and caressed the fur, he was warm and dry already but he might be hungry , changed baby and held the one with brownish fur, he turned her belly up and found it was a girl, “okay you’re Ana…” this specific baby had her fur still damp and was the one moving the less, so he spent a couple minutes rubbing some heat into her. He felt kinda stupid doing that, checking babies’ bits, it was his job now and then when some foal or some pet had complicated deliveries and needed help. But this was different in a couple weeks this babies will have eyes and they’ll be able to shift into human babies and they’ll need someone looking after them

Jared didn’t know what to think, okay, he wanted kids, but not like this, he wanted the five months of preparations before they were home, at 24 Jared did felt ready to have a family, if only Jensen being four years older felt the same.

He changed cub once more for the last and the smallest one, but the loudest, her reddish hair, just like Rachel’s was the softest, another girl, this one kicked the hardest even leaving red marks on Jared’s palm with almost inexistent claws “you’re a fighter…” whispered Jared, holding her closer “you’ll be Rachel…” and without thinking he brought the baby to his face to kiss the furry little head. The other two kittens were mewling too and he couldn’t keep them all in his arms, finally he put them all on the carpet and pilled a couple blankets before shifting so he could keep all babies warm at the same time.

He had to wait for Jensen so he could have someone sending him some cat formula, without even trying he started purring and liking the babies, after just a couple minutes he was asleep.

He didn’t felt when Jensen came back or when the babies started suckling on his empty teats.