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The Locomotive Extension

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Once the excitement of the train and of kissing Amy started to fade away, Sheldon was worried about what he had done. He lie alone in his room at the bed and breakfast. He knew that Amy lie alone in the room next door. He had never in his life even thought about kissing anyone. Amy had stolen kisses in the years that they knew each other, and he had never been particularly bothered by them. Yet, here he was; it was approaching midnight, and he couldn’t find sleep. Just because of one little kiss. Maybe it was a fluke, Sheldon thought. Yes. That was it. It was fluke and he would try it again, see that it wasn’t a big deal, and they would be done with this kissing nonsense. That thought calmed Sheldon and he went to sleep.

The next day, he met Amy, Howard, and Bernadette at the table for breakfast before they were to head home again. He nodded at them all, and wondered if he should kiss Amy again. Maybe it was better to get this all settled and make them both realize that kissing was overrated and not at all as nice as it had been the night before. Then again, Howard and Bernadette would see. He decided that he should wait until later to kiss Amy again.

“You’re being awfully quiet this morning, Sheldon,” Bernadette said.

“Shh. It’s nice. Don’t jinx it,” Howard warned his wife.

“I just thought he might be lovestruck,” Bernadette said to Howard. “We heard about your kiss last night,” Bernadette added to Sheldon.

“You told them?” Sheldon asked Amy.

“Your buddy, Eric did,” Howard said. “He found us after you guys ditched him and told us all about it.”

Sheldon nodded. He and Amy had gotten rid of Eric after they were done in the Engine Room. They hadn’t kissed again. They just walked around with Amy’s hand firmly gripped in Sheldon’s while he told her about various details of the train. That had been nice, but he was annoyed that Eric had told on him.

“I’ll be talking to him,” Sheldon said.

“It’s okay if they know. It’s just kissing,” Amy said a little dreamily. She was clearly still hung up on that kiss. Sheldon knew he needed to do something about it soon. Still, Sheldon wanted to enjoy the rest of his day with Amy. They did couple things with Howard and Bernadette before those two went off for some alone time.

“Amy, I’d like to kiss you again,” Sheldon said when they were alone in Amy’s room. She had gone in there to change her shoes so that they could go for a walk. Sheldon followed her in and closed the door before dropping that bomb on her.

“Sure,” Amy said happily.

“I want to show you that it was a fluke and that it isn’t fun or enjoyable,” Sheldon said, but he almost wanted to take it back when he saw a flash of hurt across Amy’s face. “Well, I want to test to make sure it was enjoyable,” he corrected. It would be fine when he showed her that it wasn’t that great. She would understand and never want to kiss him again.

“Oh, okay,” Amy said a little sadly. She still turned her face up to Sheldon and let him kiss her. She felt the same electricity that she had the night before. Especially when Sheldon grabbed her and pulled her closer to him again. Like before, it nearly froze her with it’s intensity, and was over too soon.

“Uh oh,” Sheldon said when he stepped back.

“You didn’t like it?” Amy asked.

“I did. I was hoping last night was a fluke, but this one was pretty good, too. I guess we kiss now. We’ll need to adjust the Relationship Agreement before this can continue though,” Sheldon said. Then he walked out of the room.

“What about our walk?” Amy asked his retreating figure.

“Rain check. I need to adjust the Agreement,” Sheldon said.

Amy didn’t see Sheldon again until it was time to go home. She wondered if he had whatever adjustments figured out for the Agreement, but he wouldn’t answer her when they got in the car. He just muttered something about how he was working on it. Amy decided to let it go. She knew for a fact that Sheldon liked kissing her. That had to be hard for him to come to terms with.

It wasn’t until a week after that Valentine’s Day kiss that Amy heard anything from Sheldon about kissing again. Even then, it was just a text message.

I have finalized the kissing section. I’m coming over so that we can discuss it. - S

Okay. See you soon. - A

Less than a minute later, Sheldon was knocking on her door. “Thanks for the heads up, Sheldon,” Amy muttered to herself.

“You’re welcome,” Sheldon said from the other side of the door as she opened it.

“Are we going to kiss?” Amy asked.

“Not right now,” Sheldon said as he walked into the apartment. “You’ll see what the plan is when we go over the rules for kissing.”

“Okay. Do you want something to drink?” Amy asked.

“Yes, please,” Sheldon said as he sat down on her couch and started pulling out his iPad. He was scrolling through page after page and listing off the sections they were going to go over.

“That’s a lot just for kissing,” Amy said as she put the kettle on.

“Don’t you understand? Us kissing changes everything. We have to go over the entire agreement again,” Sheldon explained.

“Really? Like what?” Amy asked.

“Well, the standard schedule for kissing is at the end of date nights, but we may kiss at the end of unofficial gatherings if both parties agree. If we get in a fight, we can kiss and make up, but only if we both want to. That’s just the start of it. This is going to take a while,” Sheldon said.

Amy brought over some tea for the both of them to drink while they trudged through the new document that Sheldon had been working on. Amy agreed to most of it.

“No, I won’t sign off that all kisses must be closed-mouthed,” Amy said, putting her foot down.

Sheldon glared at her. “Fine. How about all kisses for the first three months must be closed-mouthed, and we revisit the issue then?” Sheldon offered.

“That’s better,” Amy said with a yawn. It was later than Sheldon usually stayed over. “I think I better take you home now. It’s almost eleven. Leonard is probably wondering where you are.”

“I told him that I would probably be here late. He called me a dog and gave me a condom,” Sheldon said with a shake of the head.

Amy smiled at that. Leonard had a lot more faith in Sheldon’s ability to move forward than she did. “Still, I better get you home. All of this looks good, so I’ll go ahead and sign,” Amy said.

“Okay.” He handed over the iPad. Amy signed with her finger then she stood up and pulled on her jacket.

“This is an unofficial gathering. Do you think we could kiss?” Amy asked as she rocked forward on her toes expectantly.

“I suppose so, but this will not be a habit. The unofficial gathering clause was meant to be if we were feeling particularly amorous, not if we just saw each other,” Sheldon said. He walked over to Amy and quickly pressed his lips to hers. It was only the third time he had initiated a kiss with Amy, but he found himself enjoying it and feeling more comfortable.

“Okay. Let’s get you home,” Amy said when he pulled away. She was still stunned by the feeling of kissing Sheldon. It felt so different than any other person she had kissed. One day, she hoped to be able to think coherently in the first thirty seconds after it was over.