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Mask of the sea

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Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter, or One Piece. Nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter one

An eight-year-old Harry was in his cupboard crying his heart out, in heart wrenching sobs, as he thought of what had just occurred only minutes before. And as he thought back on this, Harry couldn't help but bitterly wonder to himself, just how things could go from so good to so bad, so quickly. Not that they had honestly really been that good for him to begin with anyway. But still, how had it turned out from the bad he was used to, to the nightmarish he had to face now?


Harry was sitting in his cupboard smiling to himself as he held a small drawing, of a rather well drawn detailed mask. A drawing that he had done earlier in his class; and felt rather proud of. Seeing as today had been completely amazing and even though he had been thrown in his cupboard the very minute he had gotten home Harry still felt like he was floating on air.

Harry was feeling like this, because today had been a day the teachers had decided to something the called I.Q testing. A test Harry found challenge in a good way, and a test he found himself giving it his all; because of said challenge.

Because of this, Harry found himself scoring really high, the highest of all of the third years in the school. This little fact gained Harry lots of praise and a couple of special privileges that he had never had before; much to his enjoyment. This was one of the reasons Harry felt like he was floating.

Another reason Harry was feeling so high was because today was one of the first days in a long while that he was actually able to eat his lunch, without his cousin stealing any of it; or all of it like he usually did. Meaning for the first time in at least a month his stomach wasn't rumbling, and he was actually feeling full; something that he hadn't felt in a long time.

Then finally, the last reason Harry was feeling so good today was because today he had had art class; something that he rarely got to enjoy as it was usually cancelled or replaced with something else.

An art class where he had been able to draw whatever he had wanted and best of all he had been able to keep his drawing; both from the school and in his cupboard. Because of all this Harry was sure nothing could bring him down.

Unfortunately, Harry should have known not to think something even remotely similar that; should have really known better than to tempt fate like that. Because as soon as said thought entered his head Harry's uncle, as if he had somehow been waiting for Harry to think even something akin to what he just had, slammed open Harry cupboard door.

Face purple in rage and an ugly snarl clearly seen on said purple face. Said uncle reached out and he grabbed Harry by his hair, lifting him up off his feet, and having said feet dangling uselessly in the air as he did so. Before pulling Harry out of said cupboard, all the while bellowing angrily at the now slightly whimpering child in his hold.

"Boy, what the Hell do you think you were doing you useless freak!? How Dare you show up my son like that?! What were you trying to show him up and make yourself look better than him! That is not happening now, nor will it ever! You hear me, you useless freak! You’ll never be better than my son! In fact, you used that freakishness of yours didn’t you! That’s the only way you could ever do better than my boy! Well, I’ll show you what happens to freaks in this house when they don’t know their place and want to act like they’re some kind of smarty-pants big hot shot when their clearly not!” As he said this Vernon dropped Harry on the ground in front of him before he started to rain down punches and kicks on child in front of him.

A child who was doing the only thing he could at the moment to deal with what was happening to him, by curling in a ball to protect himself the best he could. Knowing from experiences which places could take blows better and what healed quicker after being hit. As well as knowing just where he didn't want to be hit that is if he wanted to be able to even move later on that is. 

Which made him know just what was the best ways to protect said places to being with. And Harry had to do this through the entire time his so-called uncle continued hitting him, not stopping until said uncle literally as too exhausted to do so anymore. Something that took a lot longer than you would expect from a man as large as Harry’s uncle currently was. Though considering just how much practice said uncle usually got when it came to hitting Harry maybe it really wasn’t that surprising.

Uncurling from the ball he had curled in to, which in the end had  failed to give him the protection he wanted; due mainly to the amount of hits his uncle had just given him. Harry licked his bloody lip and coughed a bit before looking up at his uncle through a nearly swollen shut eye. Not to mention with a pounding headache from a hard kick to the head he hadn't been able to protect himself from.

"W-what I do?" This was said in a clearly terrified and bewildered tone but despite the fact the tone was filled with innocents, and that the question was actually a good one, all it did was fill Vernon with more rage; making him lose the little rationality he still had. Not to mention the rage seemed to give him an all new burst of energy, curing him from the exhaustion he had been feeling. As he believed he was being mocked by what he deemed a freak of nature, and a cheating one at that.

Because of this the uncle, Vernon, picked up Harry once more by his hair before harshly slamming him into the nearby wall as hard as he could; relishing in the cries of agony said action caused.

Before watching with a sickening smile as Harry slowly sunk to the ground, clearly in pain and leaving a blood smear on the wall as he did so. Once Harry was on the ground and trying to catch his breath from being slammed so hard into the wall, Vernon started repeatedly kick him as hard as could; while grounding out in-between the kicks.

"Boy Don’t – kick- Play with–kick-Me!-kick-You Know Just-kick-What You’ve-kick-Done!-Kick- And Playing Stupid-kick- Isn’t Going-kick- To Help You In –kick-The Least Bit!-kick- Hiw Dare You –kick-Do So-kick- Much Better Then-kick My Boy-kick- On the IQ test!-kick- What did you-kick- Do? Use your freakish -kick- stuff and -kick-switch your paper-kick- with my son’s-kick- So that-kick- you could soak-kick- up all-kick- his glory!-kick- And then you dare-kick- Come in here-kick- acting all innocent-kick- when I come-kick- In here-kick- To give you-kick- Your rightfully deserved-kick- Punishment!-kick- I will not-kick- have it-kick- No I won’t!-kick- Either you-kick- will learn your rightful kick- place -kick- Or I will-kick- Beat it in-kick- to you!-kick- After all you-kick- should be grateful-kick- for everything we-kick- Have done-kick- for you!-kick- We took-kick- You in!-kick- We fed your-kick- Worthless ass-kick- We put a-kick- roof over your –kick-Twice damned head!-kick- When you own- kick- Damn father-kick- Didn’t even -kick- seem to want -kick- to do that!-kick- So you should be –kick-Thanking me on-kick-Hand and knees!-kick- You hear-kick- Me you freak!-kick-"

Coughing up blood this time, and trying he best not to pass out, even though he could tell he was losing that battle, Harry managed to wheeze out one last question; hoping to get the answer before he passed out. Even as at the same time, he got a feeling of dread about the answer to the question he asked; like he knew he wouldn't like the answer he got in the least bit.

"What do you mean about my father not wanting to do that?" Sadly, Harry was able to get his answer and the answer horrified him more than anything else; which is perhaps why his uncle had decided to answer it in the first place.

"Your freak of a father is still alive. It was just you whore of a mother who died. Your pathetic father came to us, asked us to take you worthless hide in, paid us to even. Told us he couldn't stand to even look at you! That looking at you reminded him of all the bad things that had happened! So, how does it feel freak to know you aren't even wanted by your own father? That he got rid of you and started a whole new family without you in it. That he made sure…" whatever else his uncle may have said was lost on Harry as he gave in to unconsciousness; no longer having the will to stay awake to hear anything else.


Once he woke up Harry immediately remembered everything his uncle had said, which was what had led to him crying his heart out and wondering just what had caused such a good day to go so bad. As he did this, and as his uncle's last words keep repeating in his head, Harry could help but to begin to feverishly wish with all his might; pushing everything but his want for this wish to come true away as he did so.

'I wish I was somewhere else, anywhere else. Somewhere that my uncle can never get me…no somewhere where I would never have to meet my father ever again. I mean if he doesn't want me then I don't even what to see him; ever! I just want to be somewhere where I can be myself and have someone who loves me for that. I just really want to be somewhere that I would be accepted at as I am not made to be someone else. That's what I wish! That's the only thing I want!'

 Unknown to Harry while he was doing this, he was unknowingly calling on his magic, magic that until recently had been nearly completely blocked off for some reason, and magic that really wanted to be used now that it was finally free. Not only that but the magic of his mother’s magic, that had been left behind as a form of protection, was finally able to act as well; joining in with Harry’s magic.

 Because of this, and because of the fact he has so much magic built up from being unused for several years, Harry magic began to grant Harry wish. Transporting him somewhere where his wish could become a reality; while all the while changing him so that he could best suit his new environment.

Though again Harry was unaware of all of this. Though now it was not because he didn't know, but because of a blinding light that had completely covered him, and the untold amount of pain he was feeling; more pain then he could ever recall feeling coursing through him.

Then just as Harry felt he could take no more of either the light or the pain both of them began to ebb away; leaving Harry feeling like he was floating on a cloud once more. As he drifted in this feeling and as he felt a sense of peace he had never felt before, Harry found himself once more slipping into the sweet arms of oblivious; as he did this however Harry swore, he heard the sound of voice and splashing.


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Mask of the sea Chapter two

Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Chapter two

Wincing slightly from the pain that he could still feel pulsing though out his body, Harry slowly felt himself being pulled back into the realm of consciousness. Much to his displeasure seeing as he was once again able to fully feel the constant ache of his injuries he had; something he would much rather do without.

Because up until then, there had only been a really dull ache that he could ignore if he felt like it; as he wasn’t really connected to his body; at least not in a way he could feel the pain it was in. But now that he was conscious the injuries, he had were letting him know that they were there and that they were bad. Feeling all of this pain and knowing from experience that he would be feeling it for a while yet, Harry groaned aloud to himself.

A groan which seemed to alert someone to the fact that he was now awake; if the hand that was placed just gently placed on his head meant anything. Feeling this hand Harry was unable to stop himself reflexively flinched back, expecting a blow of some sort; not used to any type of friendly contact after all.

After all every single touch he had gotten from his so-called family, hell ever touch he could ever remember getting for that matter, was anything but friendly. In fact, the last time he had even dared made a sound to voice his discomfort or made a sound of some sort that even remotely sounded like it, he had gotten punished even worse; for supposedly speaking out of turn.

The hand, feeling Harry flinch backwards from its touch jerked back, as if burned, and a soft caring voice began to speak; in an almost heartbroken tone. Seemingly unaware that Harry was actually already awake and could hear everything that was being said as she did so; as Harry even with his eyes closed could clearly tell that the speaker, and owner of the hand in question, was female.

"Poor little guy. I mean what has him flinching at the littlest touch; not matter how kind? And for that matter how the hell did he get all those injures to begin with? It looked like he had been attacked by some bandits or something like that….but who would do that to a child? Especially, one as small and as cute looking as this one? I mean he looks so harmless."

Harry didn't know if she expected him to respond to her, so he decided to just stay silent. Which turned out to be a good thing because apparently, she didn't expect him to answer her and was actually speaking to someone else; if the rougher, most defiantly male, voice that answered her meant anything.

"It's not actually that hard to believe; as horrible as it may sound. I sure that what you said actually what happened to him, or at least something very similar to it; there are some pretty sick people in this world after all. I mean I have seen similar cases like this, out in the world…except in those cases the kids didn't always make it. Though we should be glad this kid did make it out and do our best to ensure that it doesn't happen again."

After this was said Harry heard a sigh before the female began to speak again; all the while running her fingers through Harry's hair; which was something Harry wasn't sure how to feel about. But at the same time was fighting not to pull back so he wouldn't alert her to the fact he was actually awake right now. As he felt the more, he listened into what was going on the more answers he would be able to get about just what was happening.

"I suppose you right, but we really can't do anything about any of that now. I mean we wouldn't be able to until we find more information out about him; or even a name for that matter. which we don't have. At least not until the kid wakes up…"

Here the woman trailed off; as if not sure what to say after that. Harry hearing this and get a feeling in his gut that he wouldn't be getting any more information, at least none that could really help him at the moment, Harry groaned and began to stretch; acting as if he was just waking up.

This got a reaction from the two talking above Harry, an immediately reaction at that, as the both instantly stood up and began talking at once to Harry; both asking Harry if he was alright in their own words.

Harry hearing this and hearing the unspoken question about what happened to him, bit his lip in indecision. Wondering if he should tell them anything or act like he didn't' remember at all what had happened to. as he felt that whatever choice he made would have a big impact of how things played out from here on out.

Harry was going to go with the idea of pretending not to know what had happened to him, as that would mean he wouldn’t have to answer to many questions that he wouldn’t want to. That is, he was going to do that, before he looked up at the two people in front of him and past them to the area around all of them. Doing this caused him to lose thoughts one what he was going to say and instead focus on what he saw.

As what he saw once he did this was a tall but, beautiful woman with kind brown eyes and what looked to be dark green hair. Who was standing next to an old looking man with white hair that was both on his head and under his chin; along with a similar colored pair of glasses perched on his nose.

But as interesting as these people looked it wasn't them that caught his attention. No, it was their surroundings that did that. Surrounding that happened to look like a beach with large, though very nice looking, bar on it.

Seeing this and having never even been remotely close to a beach before in his entire life Harry couldn't help but cry out in shock. Temporarily forgetting what he had wanted to do when he had first opened his eyes as he did so and forgetting his plan as he blurted out.

"Who are you two and just where am I? How did I even get here to begin with?!" Hearing these questions, which were said in a rather panicked tone, the two adults in front of Harry blinked. Before the female, who was still running her fingers through his hair, decided to answer him; in the calmest tone she could muster.

"Shh calm down it's alright. My name is Makino and the man beside me is called Woop Slap. We are all currently in Foosha Village. It's a village on Dawn Island; which in itself is part of Goa Kingdom. We are right outside my bar. It's called Party's bar. As for how you got here, we were actually hoping that you would know. Because all we know is that you appeared in front of us broken, bruised and bloody in a flash of bright neon green light…" Here Makino trailed off and looked at Harry, hoping that he would be able to fill in the blanks.

Unfortunately, this didn't seem to happen. Mainly, because Harry unable to answering as he was staring off into space; a look of slight horror on his face as he did so. Something he had been doing since he heard Makino say just where they were.

Because as far as he knew, and Harry had pretty much memorized the globe in the classroom, there was no place called Foosha village or even Dawn Island on the globe. Not to mention Harry had never heard of something called the Goa kingdom and Harry knew he would remember a name like that if he had ever heard it. After all, because of his so-called family Harry had pretty much lived in the Library looking up on Geography daydreaming of the day he could explore it all and be free of those he was forced to call his Aunt and Uncle.

As he was thinking this a random thought popped in his head and that was: If he hadn't heard of it or didn't know about it than his so-called family most likely wouldn't have either. So that meant that there was a good chance that they would never find him; if they ever wanted to that is.

If this was true, then that would mean he was finally safe from them for once and for all. Thinking on this for a bit this Harry smiled slightly and looked up at both Makino and Woop before decided to speak; his tone showing just how delighted he was as he did so.

"It doesn't matter where I came from; I'm not going back anyway….I can't go back! I'm here now…" this time it was Harry who trailed off and looked at Makino; as if asking that was okay with her.

Makino seeing this, and feeling sad yet strangely happy for some reason when she heard how content the boy in front of her was about never having to go back to where ever his home had been, she quickly gathered the small boy up into a hug; giving Harry the first gentle touch he had had since he was one year old. Then in the most loving and mothering tone that Harry could ever remember hearing directed at him told Harry.

"That's right you don't have to go back. You can stay right here with me and I'll take care of you. I'll make sure you're never hurt like that again... Now why don't you tell me you name, while I get you some clothes and clean up your remaining injuries. Then I can introduce you to a kid your age. His name is Luffy. He comes in here all the time, and given how friendly he is, and how nice you seem, I'm sure you two will get along just fine."

As she said this Harry felt a shiver of excitement go down his spine and noticed that the man, Woop, seemed to have felt a shiver go down his spine as well; though his didn't really seem to be of excitement if his suddenly pale face meant anything.

Seeing this look on the old man's face Harry got the sudden urge to grin madly, for reasons unknown to him, but that's when he remembered everything Makino just said; or to be more precise he remembered her asking for his name. Blushing at this, and the fact that he didn't answer her immediately even though he could tell she was waiting for his reply, Harry spoke in a soft voice. Not sure if he was actually allowed to speak louder than that; seeing as he hadn't been allowed to speak at all at his so-called family's house.

"My names Harry, just Harry, I don't have a last name that I really want to use, and I'd really like to meet this Luffy guy…. I wasn't allowed to have friends before." Makino hearing this clenched her hands in to tight fists, wishing she could meet Harry's guardians for just a minute or so, so that she could give them a piece, a rather painful piece, of her mind.

But then before she completely lost her temper or lost herself in her thoughts of making Harry's so-called guardians pay, Makino looked at Harry's slightly fearful face and immediately calmed down. Knowing that it was most likely her anger, or the expression on her face, that was making Harry look so fearful. Not wanting him to be afraid of her or think that she was mad at him for any reason, Makino reached down for Harry and hugged him to her once again; while soothingly telling him.

"I'm not mad at you Harry, I am mad at your so-called guardians. You should have been allowed to have friends; everyone needs a good friend by their side. You shouldn't feel the instinctual need to filch back at the simplest touch of another human; no matter how kind said touch is. And you shouldn't feel like you have to keep your voice down, or not voice you questions at all. In fact, I want you to be as loud as you want. I want you to make as many friends as you want. I want you to ask me or anyone any questions you want…as long as there not too invasive or personal. And most importantly I want you to be a kid. To be happy being yourself and to not let anyone else tell you to be different, that is what I want!"

Harry hearing this felt tears well up in his eyes and had to swallow heavily to stop himself from crying. Before burying himself deeper into Makino's hug; enjoying the love and warmth from something he never remembered receiving before. Makino both see and feeling this simply hugged Harry tighter to herself; humming slightly to him as she did so.

Harry let himself be hugged like this for around ten minutes; just soaking in the warmed and love the Makino was freely giving him. Before slowly pulling himself out of her hold. Once he did this Harry looked up at Makino and bit his lip slightly before asking her; with an embarrassed blush clear on his face as he did so.

"Umm can I get some of those clothes you were talking about a little earlier? I would really like to meet this Luffy you told me about…your right maybe we can be friends." Makino and Woop hearing this both laughed slightly, though not in a malicious way, before Makino went to go get the clothes she had been talking about; having some spare cloths that had been for Luffy that he hadn't wanted; stating they felt to uncomfortable on him.

It didn't take Makino long to go get the extra cloths she had, in fact it took her less than a minute or two to get back, and once she did get back she placed the clothes she had gotten Harry into his hands before directing him to the currently unoccupied bathroom; telling him to go change in there.

Giving Makino a thousand-watt smile Harry quickly went to go do as she said, and all but ran into the bathroom. Eager to actual have some cloths that fit for once and didn't have rips or blood stains in them. Not to mention hadn’t been either worn by his much larger, much nastier, cousin or if not that pulled right out of the garbage.

Once he was in the bathroom Harry quickly undid the buddle around the clothes so that he could see just what type of clothes Makino had brought him. Once he got a good look at the clothing all Harry could think was that he really liked the colors and that all of the clothing was a lot smaller than the clothes he was used to.

But given the fact he was mostly given his really large cousins, Dudley's, clothes Harry figured that the last bit was a given. Grinning at this and wanting to see just what these new clothes would look like on him Harry quickly ran over to the full body length mirror that was off on the side; clutching the buddle of clothes to his chest tightly the whole time.

As soon as he got to the mirror and got a good look at himself in said mirror Harry had to bite his tongue to stop himself from screaming. Because what he saw in the mirror now, wasn't what he was used to see in the mirror; when he actually got the rare chance to look at mirror at the Dursley’s house that is.

But as he took a closer look at the mirror Harry could help but feel that the way he looked now was so much better than the way he used to. Mainly because this new look, reminded him of something he loved but couldn't quiet remember.

(Basically, Harry's magic felt the pure loathing and hatred Harry felt for his father along with the unvoiced wish to be nothing like him and changed Harry, so he looks more like his mother with dark black hair(from a grandparent) and more masculine features)

Harry after he was done taking in his new look, looked away from the mirror, and reached down for the clothes that he had unconsciously dropped when he had been first startled by his new appearance.

The moment he had them back in his hands Harry eagerly started taking off the overly large shirt Makino had put on him when she had first taken his baggy, muddy, ripped and blood soaked old rags off of him so that she could patch up his injuries.

As he did this Harry noticed that, Makino must have cleaned up both his body and hair as she had patched up his injuries; because he was no longer covered in his own blood or the other filth that he had previously been covered in due to the lack of baths he had recently been unable to take.

Once he had the large shirt off of him and the clothes Makino had given him on Harry looked at himself in the mirror once more; eager to see himself in clothes that fit him for once. Seeing his reflection in the mirror Harry noticing immediately just how much better the clothes looked on him then his cousins ever had. Harry swore, then and there, that he would do his best to always wear fitting cloths, and if possible, clothes that were black and green in color; like the shirt and pants Makino had gotten him were.

Harry after a minute or so of looking at himself in the mirror, once more caught up in the changes that had occurred, quickly realized that Makino was still waiting for him outside the bathroom.

Paling slight before going bright red as he realized this Harry rushed out the bathroom door. Not wanting to keep the person he was quickly beginning to consider a mother waiting any more than she already had been.

The second Harry ran out the door he literally ran someone over. Both see and feeling this fact Harry became highly uncomfortable. Mainly because of the embarrassment he was feeling, and because of how bad he felt for running someone over in the first place.

Feeling this, and really regretting what he did, Harry froze where he was before hurriedly rushing back to where the boy, he had run over was laying and immediately started apologizing to him; rambling slightly as he did so.

"Oh man I am so sorry! I didn't mean to. I wasn't looking were I was going, and I really should have been. I mean I could have hurt you and then… "As he was saying this Harry became aware of the sound of someone laughing.

This caused Harry to freeze, and it also caused whatever he had been about to say to die on his lips as he looked up, red faced, to see who was laugh. To his great surprise, and slight ire, it was the boy he had knocked over in the first place. Who upon seeing Harry looking at him jumped up with and impossible large smile on his face and practically shouted out.

"It alright! You didn't hurt me in the least bit I should have gotten out of the way anyway. Oh, names Luffy what's yours?" Hearing this, and not really believing what he was hearing, because he had long since learned to take the blame for everything rather it was his fault or not, Harry simply blinked, before raising his hand up and shaking Luffy as he automatically responded.

"That's cool, but I still say I should of have looked where I was going. My name is Harry by the way. It's nice to meet you Luffy; Miss Makino was telling me about you." If possible Luffy's smile got even bigger than it already was as he lent it close to Harry's face before once again all but yelling in Harry's ear as he excitedly exclaimed.

"She's been telling me about you as well. In fact, that's why she brought me here! So that we can be friends or something like that…I think that'd be really cool!" Harry hearing this let a small nervous looking smile grace his face before he responded; just as excited as Luffy sounded but not showing nearly as much.

"I think that would be cool to. I never really had a friend before, and you sound really nice…" Here Harry trailed of and resumed the nervous habit of biting his lip; unsure what else to say to Luffy; never really haven been able to carry an actual conversation with anyone before. Fortunately, Luffy did seem to know what to say; even if what he said did shock Harry quite a bit after he said it.

"Yeah, well I got to make lots of friends, so they can join my crew. Cause I am going to need a real good crew if I am going to be the pirate king!" Harry hearing this felt his eyes pop out slightly as he asked; in a loud voice for once.

"YOU GOING TO BE WHAT?" Luckily this didn't seem to insult Luffy in the slightest; in fact, it seemed to amuse him more than anything. If the largening of his grin he gave Harry before answering him meant anything.

"I'm going to be king of the pirates…what do you want to be?" Harry hearing this looked down unsure of what he was going to answer; he had never really been given a choice like that before. It was doing this that caused Harry to see a crumbled piece of paper on the table beside him.

Having not noticed the paper before and now suddenly curious as to just what it was, having a nagging sense of familiarity from it for some reason, Harry went over and looked at it and to his shock it was the drawing of the mask he had done earlier. Seeing this Harry looked up and Luffy with determination burning brightly in his eyes; he had found his answer.

"I want to be a master of disguise, a man of a thousand masks…I want to be the spy master for the future pirate king…if you'd let me Luffy!" Luffy hearing this laughed loudly before clapping Harry on the back.

"So, you want to be a ninja or something? That be so cool I could really use one on my crew!" Harry hearing gave Luffy a huge grin and promised then and there that he would do his best to help Luffy out through thick and thin. If only because Luffy accepted him as him when everyone else hadn't; except for Makino that is.


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Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Chapter three

A year had passed since Harry had first met Luffy and now Harry was finally about to meet Luffy's hero. The one person who had given Luffy the dream to be the king of the pirates to begin with. After hearing so much about him from Luffy, Harry was finally about to meet Shanks; the pirate.

Apparently, he had been coming and going to the island for about three years now coming usually every half year; the last visit being the one Harry had just missed. This was something Harry was both very excited and nervous about happening; wondering just what Luffy's apparent hero would think of him.

Though at the same time he was nowhere near as excited as Luffy was about the whole thing; who as of yet hadn't stopped jumping around since he found out Shanks was coming. Which was nearly five hours ago, making Harry feel a little dizzy himself as he continued to watch Luffy.

Wondering all the while just where he got all the energy from. As Harry was sure he didn’t nearly have as much energy as Luffy always seemed to have. Something that made Harry swear he was never going to let Luffy near any source of coffee for fear of what would happen if the boy in question got his hands on something like that.

Seeing that Luffy wasn't going to calm down in the least bit, and sick of seeing him jump around like a demented monkey, Harry couldn't help but sigh silently to himself before heading over to where Luffy was. Then, without any hesitation, and knowing from experience that it honestly didn't hurt him badly, punched him in the back of the head; something that seemed to be the only thing that could get through to Luffy at times. After he did this, Harry told Luffy, in an almost bored sounding monotone voice.

"Luffy, calm down. Hopping around like some demented monkey on drugs isn't going to make Shanks come here any faster than he already is. All you'll succeed in doing is really freaking out the rest of the towns folk." Hearing, and feeling the swat across his head, Luffy pouted and rubbed his head before asking in a playfully annoyed tone. Glad that he had finally gotten his friend, now brother, out of his painfully shy shell.

"Oh, why'd you hit me, and what happened to the timid little boy who couldn't hurt a fly and shied away from violence all together?" After this was said Harry snorted and rolled his eyes before responding in a sugary sweet voice. One that had Makino and everyone else around him laughing; both at the tone and his answer he gave.

"He spent time around you and your Grandfather Garp; no one can remain like that and remain sane around you two. For my own sanity sake, I adapted." This answer caused Luffy to start to pout once more; much to the amusement of those watching the two boys. Though Luffy's pout quickly disappeared and Harry anxiety reappeared when someone in the crowd called out.

"Hey, look there's Shanks ship now; it pulling into the docks, now." As soon as this was said Luffy grabbed Harry arm and rushed toward Makino's bar, knowing that is where Shanks would be heading as soon as he got off his ship, like he always did; dragging a nearly flying Harry behind him as he did so. In fact, Harry was sure that Shanks and his crew had literally just reached the door to Makino's bar when Luffy burst through said door with a loud cry of.

"SHANKSSS!" A cry that was responded by a warm friendly voice, that Harry didn't recognize in the least bit, from further down the bar.

"Hey, Luffy haven't seen you in a while. How have you been still playing anchor? And who's the girl you dragged in here with you; got yourself a girlfriend already?" Harry hearing this, especially the last bit, felt his neck heat up in rage and before his old fear of strangers could stop him jumped up and angrily began to start shouting; much to pretty much everyone's amusement.

"I'm not a girl damn it! And even if I was, I wouldn't date Luffy he's like a brother more than anything!" This response got him a whole new round of laughter and caused Harry to get redder in the face than he already was. Especially after he realized who he had just yelled at and noticed just how full Makino's bar was.

Luffy seeing that Harry was embarrassed and wanting to help him a bit, and at the same time wanting to introduce him to his hero, pulled Harry over to where Shanks was sitting and told Harry.

"Harry, this is Shanks, the guy I was telling you about." Hearing this and understanding what Luffy was trying to do Harry looked up at Shanks and began to take in all the details he could about him. Trying to use the training he had been using to become a spy to notice the smaller details that most would miss out on as he did so.

What Harry noticed about Shanks was, well first it was most definitely his red hair, and then it was the three scars a crossed his left eye; along with the short scruffy but fitting shadow of red beard on his chin. After noticing these things Harry quickly started noticing a lot of other small, yet no less important, details about Shanks.

Like the fact Shanks was wearing a long black cloak and a straw hat on his head. Or the fact that he had a large sword on his right side; a Saber if Harry had to guess. A red sash tied around his waist to hold said sword, which was right under a white untucked shirt that was halfway unbuttoned; leaving half his chest exposed. Then under that was a pair of brown trousers that cut off halfway down Shanks's knees. Lastly Harry noticed the pair of simple but well-worn sandals on his feet.

After taking in all these details, and mentally cursing himself for not noticing the weapon first, Harry realized he was staring. The blush that had been disappearing from his face reappeared full force as he realized this, and as he reached out a hand to Shanks before, in a clearly embarrassed tone, said.

"Sorry about staring at you…and for going off on you earlier like I did…Um, as Luffy said my name Harry. It's nice to meet you…. Luffy has told me a lot about you." Once again Harry found himself doing a habit, he had though he had dropped over the last year, and that was biting his lip in nervousness.

Fortunately, this, and everything he had said, only seemed to amuse the pirates in front of him even more than they already where. If the slap on the back from Shanks meant anything. Stumbling slightly from the force of the hit, even if it was friendly, Harry bumped into Luffy; who had somehow appeared in front of him and was now talking to Shanks in an excited tone.

"Come on Shanks me and Harry would be really great pirates why won't you let us join you!" Hearing this Harry couldn't help but blink and before he could think about what he was saying blurted out.

"But Luffy you can't swim." This caused Shanks and his crew to fall down laughing and for Luffy to pout as he spun around and cried out angrily at Harry.

"HHHAAARRRRRRRRRYYYYY don't say that!" while Luffy was doing this. Shanks had gotten up from where he had been laughing from and walked over to where Luffy was and slapped him on the back while happily chortling out.

"And that's why we can't take you Anchor! Dahahahaha" both Luffy and Harry blushed at this. Luffy because he was being teased, even if it was friendly teasing, and Harry because he gave them something to tease Luffy about.

It took them a little while but soon the laughter died down and once it did Shanks turned back towards Harry; a warm smile on his face as he did so.

"It's good to meet you as well Harry but you have to tell me how the hell did you end up with Luffy anyway." This was said in a teasing tone telling both Luffy and Harry that Shanks didn't mean anything bad by what he was saying. Yet, still despite this tone, Harry felt himself stiffen as he thought back to what had caused him to appear in Luffy's hometown to begin with. Shanks seeing Harry stiffen backed up a bit before telling him.

"You know if you don't want…" Only to be interrupted by Harry, who had decided that it was time he talked about what had happened to him; least what happened continued to affect him like it seemed to be doing now.

"No, I need to tell someone what happened, and frankly I have avoided talking about it for a while now. I think if I don't tell someone soon, I'll never talk about it and Makino told be earlier that I need to talk about it so I can get over it. I think she's right about that. Plus, Luffy seems to trust you…" Here Harry trailed off as he sat down on a stool nearby where Makino was standing; taking comfort in her presence while he began his tale.

 "Okay first let me say I don't really know how exactly I did end up here in the first place. But I do know that since I have been here, I have thought about what had happened and have made a guess as to what had happened. If it is wrong, I don't know, the same can be said if it is correct. All I know is that's what I think happened based on what I do know." Again, Harry paused and got a thoughtful look on his face.

"I do know that…or at least I am pretty sure, it will be nearly impossible for me to get back to where I am from; even then I would never be welcomed….I don't know why I feel like this, but I do know it's a gut feeling of sorts; something that has really never lead me wrong before. SO, I guess it really doesn't matter." This time Harry didn't pause or stop himself he was interrupted by Luffy.

"Hey Harry, I know you don't want to talk about it, and that why you keep talking like this. But just get it over with and done with. I know you'll feel better after words." This cause Harry to give Luffy a strained smile. He had been stalling because he really didn't want to talk about what had happen, and yet at the same time he felt that he should.

Which was what lead to him dragging it all out; something Luffy seemed to be determined to not let him do. So, with that in mind, and determined not to stall any longer, Harry began his tale. Taking care not to look at anyone while he was talking, not wanting to see their looks or reactions to what he was saying.

"Okay …um first let me say that I think I am here or that I appeared here like I did because I wished for it to happen. I know it sounds ridicules, but I can't think of any other reason than that. All I know was that I was alone after getting some terrible news….and after getting punished by my uncle and all I wanted was to get somewhere far away from where I was. Somewhere that no one who knew me at that moment could ever find me at. The next thing I knew was that the pain I was feeling got a lot worse and all I could see was a bright light. This caused me to pass out .When I woke, I heard voice and pretended to still be passed out so I could find out more information. This really didn't work so well so I decided to 'wake up' and got the information that way. That's when I first meet Makino and Woop. It's also when I first met Luffy; or more like ran him over…but anyway that was a year ago." The others thinking, he was done, or unable to hold in the anger they were feeling (Makino), burst out with questions.

 "What do you mean your uncle punished you? If he caused you those injuries, I found you with when you appeared, I swear I am going to hunt him down and very slowly teach him why he should never touch a child, like that, ever again!" (Makino)

"What news could you possible of heard that made you want to get so far way; why not sooner!" (Woop)

"You're not done, are you?" (Luffy)

Harry's eye twitching slightly, and once again he back to chewing on his bottom lip, as he listened to the question being fired at him; though he did admit when he heard what Makino had to say he felt warmth in his stomach. Though at the same time he feared her reaction when she found out just what had happened; almost enough to stop his story then and there. But then he looked up and saw Shanks eyes. What he saw in them gave him enough courage to continue on with his tale.

"O-one of the reasons I made that wish, was because I knew my uncle and aunt hated me with every fiber of their being and they had proved that to me time in and time out again…. I just never really wanted to believe it before…and yes Miss. Makino those injuries were because of my uncle's punishment."  

Again, Harry was interrupted, but this time by Makino who cursed aloud; much to the shock of all those around her. Decided to ignore this for the moment, and desperately trying to stop the pleased blush from showing up on his face, Harry continued on with his story; hoping for no more interruptions as he did so.

 "I had also wanted to get away because I was really well…heartbroken about something that my Uncle had delighted in telling me. He had told me that while my mother was dead my father was still very much alive and had started a new family elsewhere. Having wanted nothing to do with me because I reminded him of everything he lost. Now that I think about it, he probably didn't want anything to do with me because I look so much like my mom; his wife. I'm not trying to make excuses for him as I say this, but I think that may have been his reason…though still didn't make it hurt any less when I heard that. Especially the way my uncle told me… Anyway, when I found out about that on top of the injuries, I had all I wanted was to get away like I said earlier. Which is what happened to me. I got away." Harry after saying this last bit decided to look at everyone so that he could judge their reactions.

What he saw only made him feel better about telling everyone what had happened to him. Because not a one of them was looking at him with pity or disgust. Instead they looked to be pissed off at his relatives, and his father. Seeing this Harry felt a deep sense of belong one he was sure he would always remember.

 Apparently, Harry had been silent for too long, or Luffy was trying to cut some of the tension because the next thing Harry knew was that Luffy was hugging him tightly while laughingly telling Harry.

 "It's a good think you're here cause now you can become a pirate and prove them wrong. Make it so they can never hurt you like that again" This caused smile to grace everyone's faces and for Harry to finally fully relax; which was probably what Luffy had been aiming for in the first place.

 Harry a couple of hours after he had told everyone his tell found himself extremely amused as he watched Luffy continuously pester Shanks into letting them join his crew; while Shanks continued to drink and casually shoot Luffy down with hilarious insults. It was seriously wonderful but for some reason Harry couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to be happen real soon. Not today, but sometime close in the nearby future.


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Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Chapter four

It had been several weeks since Harry had first meet Shanks and currently both Luffy and him where heading towards Shanks ship; to greet him for the morning once again. Though Harry would admit he was a little worried about what was going to happen when they got there.

Mainly because Luffy had been smiling since they had left his house that morning, and because Luffy had told Harry that he had something planned for when they got to Shanks's ship; something that would make Shank's want to take them out with his crew. This combined with the growing dread he was still feeling caused Harry to be slightly jumpy. Because he had long since learned that when Luffy was smiling like that, and when his instincts where screaming at him like they were something bad was going to happen; most likely with Luffy doing something most would deem stupid at that.

Once they got to Shanks's ship Harry found out that he was correct to be suspicious of what Luffy was planning; as well as having a reason to be as jumpy as he was becoming because of said feeling. This was because Luffy, with no warning, or at least no warning to Harry, started shouting about proving it all to them before he took a dagger and cut below his eye.

 Harry seeing began to rush over to where Luffy was; worried about the person he was seriously starting to think of as a Brother. And this was while both worrying of his health as well as his mentality; something Harry got the feeling, with a growing sense of dread, that he would be doing a lot of.

Only to stop and sweat drop, as he watched the scene in front of him. As Luffy cried out that it hurt and as Shanks danced around him worried. That is until Luffy stopped saying it hurt and began to laugh. Hearing this laughter Shanks stopped dancing around and started shouting at Luffy; in an obviously concerned, though angry, tone.

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY! YOU SHOULDN'T DO SUCH STUIPED THINGS…" By then Harry started to tune Shanks out because it became obvious to anyone watching that Luffy wasn't listening. Instead Harry decided to watch Luffy to see what he was going to do next, and to see if he could stop him from doing something stupid; yet again. Sadly, he wasn't able to and all Harry could do was watch with twitching eyes as Luffy started shouting again.

"I'm not afraid of a little pain! I'll show you, bring me out on your ship! I'll be a Pirate too!" After this was said Harry felt the twitch in his eye get even worse. Because he knew Luffy had planned this from the beginning.

Which seriously made him want to go over there and strangle his friend or perhaps find some way to beat some sense in to his thick head. But Harry stopped himself from doing so, no matter how satisfying it would be, and instead smiled before telling Luffy in the sweetest tone he could muster at the moment.

"Luufffffy….." Luffy hearing this nervously laughed as he scratched the back of his head before turning back to Shanks and in the utmost serious tone said.

"Oh, and Harry too." Harry as this was said felt his eye twitch evolve into a full body twitch and before he could stop himself, he was up screaming at Luffy; shark’s teeth and all. Much to the amusement of Shanks and his crew, who were now rolling on the sand laughing.

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT LUFFY!" Luffy at this simply blinked and pointed at Harry, completely missing his point, as he cheerful pointed out.

"Hey, did you know you had shark’s teeth just then." This renewed the laughter from Shanks and his crew. While it caused Harry to simply sigh and say to Luffy. Already feeling a migraine, which again was a feeling Harry knew was going to be achingly familiar with in the upcoming years, forming; even as he started speaking.

"Why don't we just go down to Makino's bar so she can fix up your cut?" But apparently Luffy wasn't listening to him. Instead he was back arguing with Shanks; trying to prove to him he was ready to be a pirate.

"I've been training really hard my punch is as strong as a pistol fire now!" Harry felt his migraine get even stronger as he heard this and as he heard Shanks taunt Luffy back. He started rubbing the bridge of his nose; hoping to ease away some of the pain he was feeling.

Sadly, it really didn't work and Harry was left to listen to Luffy and Shanks as they continued their silly little argument all the way down to Makino's bar, and even if there was a small smile on his face, Harry would deny he enjoyed it despite the headache he had; really he would.

Harry's eye no longer twitched and migraine he had gotten because of Luffy was finally starting to disappear as he watched, as well as laughed, as Luffy and Shanks continued with their actions.

Luffy saying he was ready to go out to sea and be a pirate. While Shanks taunting and teasingly told him that he wasn't. Harry found himself laughing even harder than ever as Shanks tricked Luffy in to drinking a glass of juice, before telling him no real pirate would drink it. All and all being around them was completely hilarious.

Thinking on this and after watching Luffy pout for a bit Harry walked over to where Luffy was sitting, before sitting beside him; still laughing. That is when he noticed that Luffy had something in both of his hands.

Seeing this Harry became suspicious, because he knew his brother and his habit of always getting into trouble. Knowing this, and getting a rather strange feeling in his gut, Harry quickly asked Luffy.

"Just what do you have in your hands?" This question earned him a large grin from Luffy as Luffy showed him to two fruits in his hands. Though these fruits where unlike anything Harry had ever seen. The one in Luffy's left hand looked like a bright violet ball, which was larger than an orange but smaller than a melon, with a short thick circular steam on the top; as well as multiple this cursive looking S's all over said fruit.

The one in Luffy's right hand looked like an almost multipoint star that was about the size of an adult fist. The fruit was also pitch black in color all over, except for the very center where there was a bright burst of red; almost flame like in shape. Along with that the fruit also had a vine like steam that halfway up the vine spit into multiple different vines; all of which circled around the fruit that was holding it; as if protecting said fruit. Not to mention Harry as he looked closer to the fruit could see that it had similar s shapes on it that the earlier fruit did but in a color so close to the original color of the fruit that it was actual hard to see them.

Luffy seeing Harry looking at the fruits in his hands, or to be more specifically seeing him looking at the multipoint star shaped fruit in utter fascination. Handed him the fruit in his right hand and told Harry; while still wearing what Harry had quickly come to realize was his signature grin.

"I found these fruits over there and then I realize I was hungry, so I grabbed them. One for me and one for you to cause I'm sure you’re hungry as well. After all, you didn't eat breakfast this morning, same as me." As Luffy said this Harry turned the fruit that was in his hand over before looking at Luffy who looked ready to devour the other fruit.

Seeing this Harry sighed and brought the fruit to his mouth for a bite. After all, Luffy was right he was rather hunger since he hadn't been able to eat breakfast this morning. Mostly because Luffy had been so eager to leave this morning and hadn’t given him a chance to; not that he had thought he would have been able to get anything down with how nervous he had been earlier anyway.

The very second Harry bite into the fruit he instantly regretted it and wanted nothing more than to spit the horrible tasting fruit out. Which, he would have done if an agonizing pain hadn't made itself known in his stomach just after he took a bit of said fruit; forcing him to swallow the putrid fruit and making it so he actually couldn't spit it out.

This Harry found wasn't a good thing in the least bit as it made the pain, he had been feeling even worse than it already had been as soon as he had swallowed. As he fell to the ground clutching his stomach and choking slightly as he tried to get rid of the little bit of fruit that remained in his mouth, the small amount he hadn't been forced to swallow that is. As this happened Harry was dimly aware of two voices; one calling his name the other shouting something to Luffy.

As the pain began to fade down a bit, Harry slowly uncurled himself from the position he had curled himself into when the pain in his stomach had crawled its way through his entire body. Once he did this Harry immediately noticed that he was in Makino's lap, and she was running a hand through his hair in a soothing motion.

 \Blinking at this, Harry looked around to see just what was going on, only to feel his ears pin back when Makino squealed. Harry then blinked and thought on just what happened; his ears had pinned back?

Slowly dreading what he'd find Harry reached his hands up to the top of his head and nearly screamed when he found a pair of pointed furry ears there; those most certainly hadn't been there before.

Jumping up and rushing over to the nearest mirror Harry did make a small sound of protest when he saw what had happened to him; including just why his ears could now suddenly pin themselves back. Because there standing in the mirror, where his reflection was supposed to be, was himself but that self-had dark red fox ears on the top of his head and two of the same colored tails right above his tail bone. Not only that, but his eyes seemed to have gained slits, while his nails looked to be filed to a point.

Seeing this Harry closed his eyes and pinched himself lightly, before opening his eyes back up; hoping what he was seeing in the mirror was wrong. Sadly, after he opened his eyes back up, he found himself still seeing the same thing he had before, Harry knew that it wasn't a dream.

Swallowing heavily because of this fact, Harry paled before spinning around to see if the tails that he saw in his reflection were really there. Seeing once again, and proving without a doubt, that he had tails Harry took a deep breath. Before turning back to face the people who were now watching him and in an oddly calm sounding tone asked.

"What happened to me? Last thing I remember was eating that fruit Luffy gave me then a burning pain going through my body; starting at my stomach." After this was said Luffy rushed forward and gave Harry a big hug, while crying out.

"Oh, I sorry Harry I didn't know that would happen I am so sorry!" This caused Harry's eyes to widen slightly as he looked at Luffy with a 'what the hell look', before turning to the others with a questioning look in his eyes. Shanks seeing this and seeing that Luffy most likely wasn't going to explain it further then he already had decided to tell Harry what had happened himself; feeling a bit guilty at the same time.

"The fruit Luffy gave you was called a devils fruit. These fruits give who ever eats them a special power, what depends on just which fruit is eaten, but in return for these powers the person who eats a devil fruit will never be able to swim again. Their muscles will simple freeze up and they will be unable to move the second they enter the water... well standing water at least. Rain and waves wouldn't really cause you any harm; unless you are in standing water… like say falling in a pool or the ocean. So, showers are good, but not things like hot tubs or baths….Anyway I believe that the fruit you ate was called the Kitsune Kitsune fruit. Which would give you the powers of a kitsune I believe. What exactly this entitles I am not completely sure seeing as there are stories of kitusnes having plenty of different powers depending on just what type of kitsune it is. So, you're going to have to figure a lot of that out on your own…though I am sure you can get help from Luffy on the others in that regard. "Here there was a slight pause as Shanks debated on what to say next, before continuing on.

"While Luffy on the other hand ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi which gave him the powers of a rubber man; meaning his entire body is made completely of rubber." Shanks after saying this waited for Harry's reaction.

Shanks didn't have to wait long because only seconds after he heard what had happened to him Harry calmly walked over to where Luffy was. Which was only a couple of feet away from him, before slapped him one the back of the head; causing the unprepared Luffy to fall flat on his face. Once he did this Harry in an almost completely monotone voice told Luffy; a hint of amusement being heard as he did so.

"I should have known that if I started hanging out with you, your crazy streak of luck would have rubbed of one me…not sure if that is a good or a bad thing yet." There was a minute of silence after this was said before everyone bust out in laughter; relieved that Harry wasn't angry at Luffy in the least bit.

Knowing this Shanks and his crew started joke and drinking again; while Luffy went back to attempting to get Shanks to let him go with them the next time they left. Seeing this Harry rolled his eyes and reach a finger up to trace his new ears; not sure if he liked them or not.

A good hour had passed since Harry had first woken up after eating the Kitsune Kitsune fruit and the numbness from the shock he had been feeling when he first woke up was starting to fade away.

That's when the door to Makino's bar slammed open; letting in a large group of mountain bandits. None of which looked really friendly to Harry's eyes; especially not the one Harry thought was the leader of the gang. Speaking of which, said bandit stepped toward Makino, making Harry growl slightly as he did so, and demanded.

"We are bandits. Where here for ten barrels of sake!" Makino hearing this only shook her head and in an apologetic tone told the bandits in front of her.

"I'm so sorry but we are out of sake." Harry got the feeling that the bandits weren't going to like this or believe it for that matter. This feeling was proven correct when the one that really got Harry hackles up sarcastic said.

 "Oh? That's strange then what are they drinking? Is it water?" While pointing toward Shanks and his crew. Makino seeing this only shook her head again as she once again in an apologetic tone, remaining politer that Harry would have in her shoes, told the bandits

"It's sake, but that's all we have." Shanks having been listening in while all of this was going on looked up at the bandit at the bandit at this point before telling him in a friendly tone.

"I'm sorry, looks like we've finished all the sake that's here." Shanks then held up a bottle of sake that he and his crew had not opened yet.

"Sorry about that. Here, if you don't mind take the last bottle." Hearing this Harry once again got the feeling that the bandit wouldn't like that and once again this feeling was proven a hundred percent true when the leading bandit hit the bottle out of Shanks hand while screaming out.

"One Bottle isn't enough! Do you have any idea who I am?" Harry hearing this couldn't help but snort getting the feeling Shanks didn't care. Yet at the same time wonder why Shanks wasn't doing anything in the first place and if the looks Luffy was giving everyone he seemed to be wondering the same thing.

Seeing this look on Luffy's face and knowing that he is about to blow Harry bit his lip and went back to watching the bandit and Shanks interact; hoping that it didn't get any worse. Or that Shanks would do something soon. Sadly, that didn't happen, and things did get worse when all Shanks did was look at the spilt sake on the floor and say in a good-humored tone.

"Oh no- Now the floor is all wet." This causal statement and the fact he was again being ignored cause the bandit to redden slightly in anger as he looked at Shanks. It was then that the bandit pulled out something out of his front pocket; from what Harry could see it was a bounty paper of some sort.

"See this? My head is worth eight million beli. I'm one of the prime fugitives here. And I've killed 56 people before, you cocky bastard. Now that you know who I am, don't mess with us again. After all, mountain bandits and sea pirates don't mingle very well." Harry hearing this felt his eyebrow raise. Yes, that was bad for a bandit in the east blue, but if the tells Garp had told him and Luffy meant anything it wasn't really much for a pirate; at least the bounty really wasn’t. This was proven to Harry when Shanks continued to ignore the bandit and instead turned toward Makino and asked her.

"Sorry about the mess, Makino do you have a mop?" This caused Makino to jump slightly before blushing lightly and muttering out.

"Ah... It's alright. I'll clean it up!" Finding himself ignored for the third time seemed to be too much for the bandit, because he sure as hell looked beyond pissed to Harry, as he swung his sword against the counter; destroying most of the empty bottles and plates on said counter as he did so.

Though even as he saw this, and saw how angry the bandit was, Harry couldn't help but think what a drama queen; as well as being strongly and unpleasantly reminded of his cousin when he threw a tantrum. Thinking on this for a bit, Harry shook his head and tuned back in on the confrontation going on in front of him. Just in time to see all the Mouton bandits storming out.

The second they were gone Makino, who was next to Shanks, looking him over; checking him over for broken glass. While she was doing this Harry was watching Luffy; who looked ready to blow at any moment. The explosive look on his face only got worse as Shanks and his crew started joking around about what had just happened; acting as if it had all been a joke. This went on for a minute before Harry knew Luffy could take it no longer.

"WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING…" Hearing Luffy begin to explode Harry decided to leave; knowing Luffy would be leave soon as well. He had a pretty good idea why Shanks and his crew had acted the way they did, and he was sure Luffy would be able to figure it out soon as well; if he sat down and thought about it for a bit.

Beside he really wanted to be alone right now so he could think about everything that had just happened; especially about what he had learned about the devil fruit he had eaten. After all he apparently became a new creature, with unknown abilities, as well as lost him ability to swim, something he never really got the chance to actually do, in just one quick moment.


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Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or One Piece, nor do I make any money off of either one of them.


Harry was sitting off in a shadowed area outside the town. A place he found a little after he had arrived in the village. And it was a place that he went to when he wanted to be alone to think for a bit; a place that no one, beside Grap, really knew about. At least to Harry's knowledge, no one else really knew about it; as he had never seen anyone else near or around said place whenever he was going to it.

Harry had been there for a while now, going over every fact he knew about the devil fruits, and mentally going over, as well as getting over, the fact that he had eaten the Kitsune Kitsune fruit in the first place. Something he still was completely sure was a good thing or not, as he still wasn’t so sure he liked it even with the boost it was supposed to be giving him.

 As he knew they had to be more consequence than just being weak in water, or it’d be too good to be true. Like there had to be another weakness, or something like that; Harry knew that to be true deep within his mind. And nothing would let him think otherwise. Which was way Harry still wasn’t too sure about his devil fruit power he did receive, even if he knew that sooner or later he was going to have to accept it as it wasn’t like he could change what had happened anyway.

That is when the ears on top of his head perked up having heard something going off in the distance. Or to be more precise having heard a commotion going on a little bit behind him; just a couple of feet down from his hiding spot; which was pretty high up hidden in the mountain to begin with.

Extremely curious about this and wanting a distraction from the direction his thoughts had recently taken. Harry slowly creped forward to where the commotion was coming from. Making sure to be careful to stay in the shadows around him as he did so; knowing that whatever was going on down there it would be best if he remained unseen, at least at the moment it would be.

Once Harry got to where he heard all the noise coming from, Harry swore he saw red for a brief second as he saw just what was going on. What he saw, that had him so steamed, was the mountain bandit from before. The one that had made Harry hackles raise from the beginning, having his foot on Luffy's head; pinning him to the ground with it. He looked like he was preparing to kill Luffy. He looked like he was going to kill Harry first and only friend; his brother in all but blood.

Seeing this, Harry completely lost it; not noticing the fact Shanks and his crew had appeared as he did so. In fact, Harry didn't notice anything but the fury he was currently feeling, at the fact the bandit dared threaten something, someone, that was his. He didn't even take a bit of notice to the fact his body was shifting into something different all together. All he knew was that he had to get that bandit off Luffy, and he had to get him off NOW.

Unknown to Harry he had shifted into his fully animal Kitsune form, and he was now a dark red, nearing completely black, fox like creature with two tail, a mouth full of large very sharp looking fangs, and glowing blood red eyes; he was also about the size of a Dire wolf.

Which combined with the aura of pure rage he was giving out was actually a pretty terrifying sight to the mountain bandits. Especially since it had come out of nowhere and seemed to be aiming all of its bloodlust at only them; seemingly ignoring everyone else there.

The lead bandit, the one who had Luffy pinned down, seemed to realize just who or what the monstrous creature in front of him was. Or at least he had an idea what was setting him off, because he pulled out his gun and pointed it towards Luffy; before saying to the enrage Kitsune in front of him.

"You seem to be angry about us hurting this boy here. Well, if you don't want me to shoot him right here and now in front of you, you’ll back down, right now!" An ominous growl escaped Harry's lips after this was said, as he banged his tails down hard enough to create a crater in the ground behind him, it almost looked like he was going to refuse. But much to the bandit’s pleasure, who had gotten even paler when they saw just how strong the creature was, Harry seemed to do what was said to him. As he took a step back away from the bandits.

This put a please look on the leader's face. That is until the Kitsune-Harry, in blurring speeds, launched himself at the one pinning Luffy down. Teeth gripping tightly on to the bandit's arm, the one that was holding the gun pointed at Luffy's head, and bit down as hard as he could; breaking through both the skin and the bones of said arm as he did so.

Screaming in pain from this the leader lashed out with his other hand and hit Harry in his side. But by doing this he did exactly what Harry had hoped he would and took his attention off of Luffy. Who immediately used the fact that the Bandit wasn't paying attention to him to his advantage and lashed out at said bandit; knocking him off balance enough to get him off of him.

After this happened, the bandit became in raged and started charging at Harry, who was still growling and spitting at the bandits, believing the fact if he hadn't of come everything would have gone like he had planned.

Luffy seeing this, and somehow knowing that the Kitsune was Harry, charged at the bandit that had been holding him down; showing the same determination that Harry showed about not letting his friend get hurt.

Unfortunately, the Bandit wasn't exactly unskilled and, even with his injured unusable arm, was able to get close enough to Harry, who was still unused to his new from, to put a gun, which he was holding in his uninjured had, at his furry head. Fortunately for Harry, and sadly for the bandit, Harry's tails seemed to have a mind of its own, something Harry knew he would have to work at controlling, because before Harry could even react to his situation one of his tails had grabbed the bandits arm and jerked it up; making the shot the bandit had just fired missed him completely.

But this misfire seemed to be all Shanks and his crew could take because before either Luffy or Harry could blink the pirate where on the bandits taking them all down with incredible ease.

While all Harry and Luffy could do was watch slacked jaw as the pirate easily dispatched the bandits. Making it look as simple as there where breathing as they did so. It took them less than a minute to deal with all of bandits, and Harry got the feeling that they hadn't been trying to be quick about what they were doing either.

 Luffy and Harry, seeing that the battle was over, not to mention that all the bandits where now gone, calmed down. Harry more visible then Luffy. Because his fur went form the jagged, sharp edged battle ready fur it had been. Which oddly enough looked both like a form of amour as well as something that would be razor sharp to the touch.

Back to a more slick and silky looking fur. Which now looked as if it was softer than silk and begged to have had ran through it. Not to mention his eyes had gone from the blood red that radiated blood lusted they had been back to his normal emerald green eyes.

Which all combined with the disappearance of the aura he had been giving off when he had been in  his fighting mode,  made Harry look like a much more inviting, very cute, sight. Seeing as this form wasn’t nearly as threatening as his previous one had been and in fact looked a lot more elegant as well as inviting then the one, he had just moments ago. This was probably one of the main reason Makino recovered as quick as she did as she came over and started petting him; all the while softly talking to him.

"Harry that was really brave of you. But are you like this and how did your form change again like it did? I mean just moments ago you look so terrifying and now…is this because of your devil fruit? I mean I have read somewhere about Kitsunes having more than one form and how those forms can change depending on the circumstances…maybe this is one of your Kitsune forms."

Here she paused and started scratching Harry's ear, which nearly made Harry go boneless from the pleasure it was making him feel; much to everyone around him amusement. Before continuing on, her voice taking a slightly wistful tone as she did so.

"Though I wish this form of yours was a little smaller…" Harry hearing this and thinking only of the pleasure he was currently feeling unthinkingly thought. 'I wish I did too.' Then before he could take this though back, and much to his dismay, Harry felt himself shrinking down in size until he was no larger than a small kitten; a very small, very much fluffy kitten.

Eye wide with both dread and horror Harry looked up and Makino. Only to immediately wish that he hadn't and had instead taken off running the very second he could. Because before he get away Makino had him in her hold and was squealing loudly about how cute he was; causing Luffy to fall on the ground laughing.

Seeing this and feeling completely mortified Harry close his eyes before wishing with everything he had to be back in his human form. Concentrating on nothing else but being in his human form. As he did this, Harry didn't notice that he had shifted once again as he was too absorbed in how good being petted felt; that is until he heard renewed laughing.

Dreading what he'd see, Harry slowly opened his eyes. Only to go completely red in the face when he noted that he had transformed back in his human form; only he was still in Makino arms as he did so.

Embarrassed Harry tried to get down from Makino's arms only to find out that he couldn't. Because Makino in no shape and form was going to let him go; instead she was petting his ears and going on about how cute they were.

Knowing he wasn't going to get away now, and knowing if he tried anything else, he would just get more embarrassed Harry settled down in Makino's hold and let her continue to pet his ears; after all the petting did feel really good.

 Plus, at least he could take a little pride in the fact he still had his clothes when he transformed back; after all transforming back into his human form naked would have been a lot more embarrassing then what just happened….right?


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Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or One Piece nor do I make any profit off of either one of them.

Chapter six

Harry and Luffy were working together to pull a small rowboat into the ocean. Doing so easily due to all the training they had done together; as well as apart. Both of them were finally getting ready to leave so that they could finally begin their pirate adventure.

Though Harry acted more on the side of caution and had gathered a bag filled with different supplies on his back. As he knew that the food and water, they had on the boat already wasn’t enough for the two of them; not with the appetite Harry knew Luffy had.

As they got the boat into the water, Harry turned to Luffy with a grin on his face, before saying. While making sure to point towards Woop, Makino and the majority of the town's folk who were watching them leave; each having a smile on their faces even as they seemingly 'protested' the fact they were leaving to become a pirate.

"How long do you think Woop is going to 'protest 'our leaving to become pirates before he actually says goodbye to us?" This earned a laugh from Luffy. Who suddenly got a mischievous look on his face before jumping up, making the boat they were now in rock wildly back and forth as he did so, and happily shouting out to the still humorously 'protesting' Woop.

"SEE YOU GUYS! I'M OFF TO BE KING OF THE PIRITES!" Hearing this Harry had to shake his head; that was something he really should have seen his brother doing. Before reaching up and pulling a full out laughing Luffy down; all the while trying to keep his own laughter off his face. Especially, as he took in the look on Woop's face after Luffy's announcement.

After Luffy got settled in the boat, and Harry could see that they were going to be there for a while, Harry began to look around at the ocean surrounding him. Excited, as Luffy, about their new adventure, and all the new sights he would be seeing because of it; but not showing it nearly as much as his brother was.

As he was looking around Harry's eyes decided to settle on Luffy's straw hat, and with a halfway there amused smile on his face, he began to recall just who had given Luffy that hat; and why he had gotten it in the first place.


It was a little after the mountain bandits had been dealt with and after Harry had changed back into his human form; as well as escaped from Makino's rather tight hold of him. When Shanks came over to where both Luffy and he were sitting. Before carefully sitting down beside the both of them; a rather seriously look on his normally cheerful face as he did so.

"Makino-san told me everything… you fought those bandits because of us; because they were bad mouthing us. And Harry you saw your friend in trouble and jumped in to help him without even think on what might happen to you; just like a real friend would…I am really proud of both of you." This said Shanks placed his straw hat on Luffy's head and handed Harry a black and red bandanna.

"You both can give those back when Luffy becomes king of the pirates….and till then, Harry you can use that bandanna to hide those fox ears of yours; it'll make getting in and out of place much simpler."


Thinking back on this Harry fingered the bandanna that was on his head; it was the one Shank's had given him. It had come in very handy until Harry had found a way to get rid of the fox ears he had; at least temporarily. Yet, still despite that, like Luffy with his hat, Harry couldn't find it in himself to part with it; it was a gift from what Harry now considered a good friend after all.

Though he didn’t always use it as a bandana as some times it was very useful as a mask so Harry could block off certain smells; as after eating the devil fruit he had Harry found his kitsune senses had sky rocketed; especially the ones concerning his hearing and sense of smell. Which Harry was sure Shank’s wouldn’t mind him using as it was a gift for him to use how he wished.

Thinking on this, as well as thinking on all the new friends they could and would make on this journey, made Harry's smile get a little bit bigger than it already was. At the same time Harry couldn't stop but think back to the day he had found out how to shift his ear back to normal; or at least as normal as they could get anyway. Mainly because he had just been thinking about why he really didn't have to wear his bandana any longer to hide his ears.

Plus thinking back on things did make time go by a little fast so Harry really didn't try to stop from remembering the day that he found out the Kitsune kitsune fruit had really turned him into a complete Kitsune; not just one in looks alone.


A thirteen, almost fourteen, year old Harry was deep in the woods training himself as hard as he could. Making sure to do so far away from Luffy and the others so as to not get distracted or pulled into another one of Luffy's harebrained plans. Mostly because he kept getting the feeling he really was on the verge of discovering something knew about his devil fruit powers and was really looking forward to it; and perhaps pushing himself a littler harder than he should because of that.

 Currently Harry had sweat pouring down the back of his neck, which was starting to soak his slightly longer then shoulder length hair as he continued to push his body more and more. Not bothering to push said hair out of the way as he did so. Even he if was starting to feel a god deal discomfort as said hair got stuck to the side of his face as he moved through yet another fighting stance; blocking of part of his sight as it did so.

 Feeling this, an knowing he really couldn’t ignore it anymore as he was starting to interfere with his training, Harry paused in his training. Before he reached in his pocket for a hair ribbon so that he could tie back his hair; not wanting to use his bandana at the moment. If only to avoid damaging it too bad during his training. But before he could do this, a sharp, sudden and very painful burning sensation from where his tails were located caused him to sink down to his knees.

Clawing at the ground with his sharp nails and literally biting through his bottom lip with his fangs Harry did his best to stay silent as the pain he was feeling tore through him. Knowing that, he had to stay quiet. Least he alerted the predators, such as the larger than life lions that roamed around this area, to where he was while he was in such a weakened condition.

Something anyone of said predators wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of considering the fact both Harry Luffy and the others used said predators to help with their training. Be it either running from them to increase their speed of fighting them to increase their strength.

After what felt like hour of constant burning agony Harry felt something with in him tear, and then Harry, after feeling this, really could no longer hold back the scream of pure torture that escaped his throat.

As bone, muscle, nerves, and fur, pushed its way out of his body and formed yet another tail to go along with his other two; giving him now three tails instead of the two he used to have. The first two have been gained a little over six years ago, when he was nine, and had eaten the Kitsune Kitsune fruit in the first place.

Though at the moment Harry really couldn't take in the new tail he had just gained; a rather blood soaked on at that. Because now, instead of having the pain of a new tail growing in to distract him from everything else around him; however unwanted said pain was. It was the fact, he was now suffering from a headache of untold proportions that was keeping him mind off of anything, and anyone, else.

As the pain lessened Harry slowly began to realize just why he had been feeling the pain in his head in the first place. As knowledge, that he had no idea about before, began to pour through his head at an alarming rate. All the knowledge being about Kitsunes in some way and all of it was immensely helpful to Harry; in several different ways.

Blinking slightly stunned at all the information he had just suddenly gained, out of what seemed like nowhere to him, Harry decide to concentrate on said information and once he did this what he found out once he did this left Harry in shock.

Mainly because what he found out the information, he had just painfully gained, was on a good deal about tails of a kitsune. Or to be more specific the powers each tails represented to a Kitsune; no matter the type. Along with several other bit and pieces of information that really didn't seem as important when it was compared to all the information, he had gained on kitsune's tails. But yet at the same time Harry knew he would be immensely grateful for said information later on; even if it didn’t seem to be that important as of yet.

At least not compared to how helpful the first bits of information he had gained was proving to be. Like how the first tail of a Kitsune is the one that, actually marks it as a kitsune. As a kitsune without a tail isn't consider an actual kitsune; in fact a kitsune without a tail was considered a disgrace. One that must have lost its tails doing something against the gods wishes or something similar to that.

The first tail was also the one that gives the Kitsune a higher physical strength, speed, and reflexes than a normal human would have; about twice as much as a normal human. Along with this the first tail also makes the Kitsunes thoughts more fox like and at times more animalistic then they had been previously; it also made them a bit more mischievous then they already were. Which is one of the reasons kitsunes are, and have been, considered such pranksters.

The Second tail was actually when the Kitsunes first starts receiving any of the powers it may get; at  least powers that pure determination and the right training couldn’t get a normal human to have. Like for example, the ability to shift into a pure fox like form. Which size is based on the power a kitsune has as its disposal when it shifts; as Harry found out.  Because it seemed to more power he had in him the larger, and physically strong, his fox from would be. Though like he had also found out he could adjust said size to something much smaller if he wished.

The other powers, that a Kitsune gets when they earn their second tail, is the power over illusions. Though as the information, informed him, the strength of these illusions depends solely on the strength of the kitsunes, in questions, will power and imagination. So weak willed Kitsunes would have very weak Illusions; the opposite being true for those kitsunes with strong wills.

Though if a strong willed kistune had no imagination they their illusions would still be weak; it also meant that their strength laid elsewhere then with illusions. Though because of their strong will it has been shown even if they aren’t powerful when it comes to using illusions that they wouldn’t be easily fooled by the illusions of others. Something the second tell also seemed to help with.

The third tail, which is the one Harry had just earned, was the one that gave the kitsunes all the knowledge of Kitsunes and their powers. This was the tail that was an informative tail mostly, and one that marked the kitsune as coming of age. A kitsune with his third tail was often considered a young teen and no longer a child among the Kitsunes as a whole. Which was why they were deemed ready for the knowledge about ktisunes in the first place.

Not only that but on top of being mainly an information gaining tail. The third tail also gave the kitsune in question the power to control its shape shifting abilities to a minor degree. This allowed kitsune who had their third tail to withdraw any of its nonhuman characteristics and replace them with human ones; to a degree that is.

 For example, the ears on a kitsunes head would return into their head and give the kitsune more elf like ear in return; keeping the same hearing ability as they did this. While the tails of a kitsune would go back in their body and leave a tattoo like mark of said tails on the users back; the more tails the Kitsune had, the more tattoo like tails the image on the kitsune's back had.

Though as Harry continue to go through the information about this, he found out that even if the kitsune were trying to hide his features, that when a Kitsune become highly emotional the tails and ears will come back out; rather the Kitsune wanted them to or not. Meaning it would take great emotional control for the Kitsune to keep any features or changes it wanted to stay.

He also found out, to his discomfort at the moment, that the third tail also kicks starts the Kitsunes seduction ability. As the natural pheromones that all Kitsunes gives off to attract others come in to play, be it male or female; and is seem age really didn't matter that much to the kitsunes Pheromones at least. And boy did this last bit of information of the third tail, casually thrown in like a last-minute thought, cause Harry to go deadly pale.

When the fourth tail came, along with a large boost in the Kitsunes speed, it also gave the Kitsune its first element. Most commonly a Kitsune gains the element fire, or as it is more often know as, as foxfire. After all there was a reason why fire was often related to Kitsunes in the first place.  

But, as the knowledge he gained had informed Harry, this wasn't always the case and Harry, for some reason, got the strong feeling that fire wouldn't be his first element; nor did he really feel it be his second either. Harry never really had a strong connection to fire before and if anything went out of his way to avoid it; never seeing the attraction a lot of people had to it in the first place.

After that tail, there was the fifth tail which was the tail the Kitsune gained a much larger increase in strength and speed in. Making them easily ten times stronger and faster than a normal human can be; where training would only increase this speed and strength.

It was also the tail that gave the Kitsune it second element; as well as full control over all Shape shifting ability this kitsune has. Making it so the Kitsune can change its form into whatever or whomever it wishes to; as long as it has the energy to do so.

This was also the tail that a kitsune was considered a full-grown adult with and also the tail where most kitsunes start looking for actively looking for a mate with; mainly because it was with this tail that they were allowed to do so with. As before this tail they were considered to young or if not that too weak to need a mate. Harsh as that last bit may be the knowledge informed him that Kistunes instinctively wanted to be stronger before they had a mate or kits, so as to better be able to protect said family.

 Next was the sixth tail, and while it didn't actually give the Kitsune much compared to the other tails, it still was a rather important tail to grow. Because upon gaining the sixth tail a Kitsune would gain an even larger boost in power. And in some cases, a third element, or an even stronger connection to one of the elements the Kitsune already had from its previous tails. It was also the tail that allowed the kitsune to control just how large his kitsune form could grow. Whereas before it was based on power, with the largest form being based on the power they had, or just a basic fox form for how small; with their physical age being more in control of the size of the smaller form.

But why it was so loved, and most Kitsunes worked so hard to get to six tails. Was because that tail was the tail of control. Before the Kitsune would most likely overpower or use to much energy when it used attacks, be they illusions, elemental powers, or transformations; all would use more energy than they would strictly need. With the sixth tail the Kitsune in question gained a fine tune ability of controlling just how much energy is used instead of using too much energy.

Making it so that after the sixth tail is gain the kitsune could, and most do, make the most of the energy/power they have. Though this control can also be gained beforehand through hard work, but with the sixth tail would fine tune any problems of control that there may be. Many kitsunes find the attacks they use, or powers they have much easy to control and use after this tail; they also seem to be able to use said powers or attacks more often or longer than they used to once they gain this tail. Showing how important control over a power could be, when compared to sheer amount of power.

The seventh tail was a much better power boost in comparison to the sixth tail. IT was a power tail instead of a control tail. And by this it means that the seventh tail, once it was gained, allowed the Kitsune in question to use several different elements at once; mainly the ones it gained from the previous tails as well as more minor skills in other elements.

Skills which got strong the more a kitsune trained and practiced the other elements. It also gifted the Kitsune with the ability to possess the weak willed; along with giving the Kitsune some minor abilities in mental gifts.

Though, even as he got all of this information, Harry quickly noted that this tail was one that was rarely gained from a Kitsune; that and sometimes if the kitsune wasn't mentally strong enough gaining this tail could drive them insane.

In fact, Harry after digging deeper in to the information he had just gained, found out that very few kitsune got past the five tailed stage because of the risk of being driven insane because their will, or mind, wasn't strong enough to take the powers that came after the fifth tail. Or at least, that was what the knowledge given to during his third tail informed him of.

Following after the Seventh tail was the eighth tail, which was the Kitsune tail that allowed a Kitsune to use all the known elements. More so then before and not be minor control like the seventh tail allows but full control like the elements gained from the fourth and fifth tail. The eighth tail not only gave the kitsune in question control over all known element, it also gave yet another boost of strength, power and speed.

 Bringing the Kitsunes speed, strength and power beyond anything a normal human can get even with all the training in the world. In fact, most nonhuman, or superhuman, have difficulty matching a Kitsunes speed and strength at this level; if the kitsune has trained and can control said speed and strength that is.

 Then there was the final tail; the ninth tail. Which was the tail that actually made the kitsune immortal, and all but god like in its strength. Very few kitsune see a nine tailed kitsune, let alone become one. In fact, according to all the knowledge Harry had just gained there hadn't been an actual nine tailed kitsune, not even a sighting of one, for over five hundred years. The only known one, having seemingly been driven insane by the power he had gained upon getting his ninth tail.

This was the tail Harry wasn't sure he wanted to ever get, in fact he was sure he didn't want to gain it at all, because who really wants to be immortal in the first place. Plus, it seemed to have a very high rate of driving those who got it completely insane and Harry definitely didn't want that; not in the least bit. As he valued his mind, and the skills he had with it, above most other things; with only those he called family rating above it.

Harry after going through all this information and memorizing it simply looked at his tails, all three of them, for a bit. Before biting his lip and picking back up his weapons; resuming the training he had been doing before he gained his third tail.

Not complete sure as to what else to do as he did so. The only thought in his mind as he continued to push himself hard then he had been before, was that he had a lot more training to get done now; especially if he wanted get a handle on his kitsune abilities before him and Luffy left to become Pirates.


After learning this information Harry had trained himself down to the bone to gain control over his three tails, and because of this Harry had been able to shift his ear to the elf like ears they were now and he had also gotten his tails to go in their tattoo like form. Not only that but he also got a good grip on the shapeshifting ability the Kitsune gain and now was what Luffy called his master of disguise. An ability that was usually gained with the fifth tail but with all the training he had been doing Harry had learned to do so earlier; though it did take him a good deal of concentration before hand to be able to use it. Something he felt he would lose once he did gain his fifth tail.

Speaking of his tails not only had he been able to learn his skills faster than the tails he had would tell others, if they knew about a kitsunes skills that is, he had also been able to gain his fourth tail during all of his training, and upon doing so proved the earlier feeling he had about fire not being his first element completely correct as he did so. On top of that Harry also got the strong feeling that he wasn't far from gaining a fifth tail; though at the same time Harry got the feeling said fifth tail needed more experience before it actual came at the same time.

However back to the fourth tail, it was something that also caused him to up his training even more than it already had. Leaving himself completely exhausted, sometimes even unconscious, at the harsh pace he put himself through to keep himself in control over the powers his tails granted him.

Most time it was actually Luffy of all people that got him to stop training and in most cases literally dragged him out of the whatever Harry had been using as his training field out of the time; in most cases quiet literally dragging him as Harry had pushed himself too hard to actually walk out of there of his own power. In fact, it was after cases like this Luffy, with the help of several others on the island like Makino, to make Harry rest for the next couple of days; more often than not to actual heal and recover the energy he had lost.

Thinking on all of this training, not all of it having been because of his kitsune powers, Harry smirked to himself. Before looking down at his hands, where he saw a pair of black gloves. Each one clearing, and tightly, at home on both of said hands.

Seeing these gloves Harry once more got lost in memory line; this time thinking on the importance of those gloves. Or to be more precise just what those gloves hid. Which were something a large part of his training had been about, and the thing that had actually cost him the most amount of pain during said training. These gloves where his weapon of chose.


Harry was trying to decide on what weapon he wanted to use. Because in all honestly, Harry wasn't too keen on using hand to hand, even if said hands did have so pretty sharp claws attached to them; he much preferred striking from a distance. At least it did if he had a chose in the matter, though he still did work on close combat as he knew long distance wouldn’t always work.

 So, with the fact he did want a weapon on hand, and preferable one that wouldn’t slow him down too much as Harry knew his skills laid in his sheer speed. Harry was trying to find a long distance, or long range, weapon that fit his fighting style to some degree.

So far, Harry hadn't been able to find a weapon he had liked enough to try out and he had been looking for over two hours now. He had passed by blade after blade, weapon after weapon and not a single one called out to him; not a single could perk up his interest. Not even the odder weapons he could see out there like the Scepter or the literal giant fork weapon. Nothing really seemed to scream to Harry that it was what he wanted as a weapon.

 That is until he started looking through the whips and whip like weapons. Once he did this harry could literally feel the fox like ears, hidden by his bandanna, perk up in interest. It seemed he found a weapon type that he could like; that his kitsune instincts wanted to work with.

When he was looking through these Harry spotted a couple of weapons that really caught his attention. None more so than the pair of back, rather thick looking, gloves that had thin wires in them; with said wires pulled out a bit to show just how razor sharp the wire inside it actually were. (It is like the weapon Walter, the angel of death, uses in Hellsing.)

Seeing these gloves Harry felt an instant connection to them; yet at the same time he felt like something was still missing. This in mind Harry grabbed the gloves and continued to look on; knowing instinctively that what was missing was most likely a second weapon.

Harry recognizing this, having dealt with it before for several different occasions, and knowing that it would continue to bug him until he got his second weapon. Spent the next thirty minutes searching through different weapons; this time the throwing weapons. It was in there that Harry found what he had been searching for. Much to his relief because Harry was seriously ready to leave the shop by then.

Especially, since the shop keeper was starting to get a glazed look in his eyes. Showing that the pheromones Harry had recently been stating to give off was starting to affect him slight. Pheromones Harry couldn’t quite control yet and couldn't stop from letting them loose despite the fact he really wanting to; making it just that much worse.

Though that wasn't the only reason Harry was ready to leave the other reason he was so eager to leave was the fact that, there is only so much time you can spend looking at weapons before you get sick and tired of them. At least in Harry's mind there was he was sure there was others out there that would definitely disagree with him out there.

However, when he saw just what weapon it was that had been calling him, besides the wire gloves that is, Harry was left really surprised. Mainly because, despite everything, Harry really didn't see himself as a senbon needle throwing kind of guy.

Though now that he sat back on thought of it for a second he could see how they suited him, along with the wire gloves, so that in mind, and knowing not to ignore his gut feelings, Harry grabbed them as well before going over to the front counter to pay for them; a large and eager grin on his face as he did so.


Harry thinking on this started chuckling softly as he thought back to the many mistakes he had made while he had been training with said weapons, and the many injuries he had gotten during said accidents.

At the same time, he had the thank the advance healing he got from his Kitsune otherwise Harry knew he would most likely be full of scars and other permanent injuries due to how eagerly he had been training. As he thought this and of how he wouldn't have it any other way, Harry began to kick back looking forward to the journey in front of him and remembering everything that had led to it.

However, before he could really start back into reminiscing about his training, and there for the injuries he received during said training; like he wanted to. Harry heard Luffy cry out something that made the hairs on the back of his neck, as well as all of the ones on each of his tails, stand up on end; it was.

"Harry there a whirlpool right in front of us!"


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Mask of the sea chapter seven

Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

This story is for all those One piece/ Harry Potter crossover writers out there who have gotten me addicted to one piece/Harry potter crossovers.

Chapter seven

Harry hearing this and seeing the whirlpool felt his face go deadpan before he turned to Luffy and in a very monotone voice told him.

"I blame you and your twice damn luck for this; just so you know." This earned Harry a laugh from Luffy. As well as a look that all but screamed that he had the same luck as Luffy did, so Luffy wouldn’t be taking the blame for this; not this time.

Before they both entered the whirlpool. Neither one really looking like they really cared all that much that they were seemingly being pulled to their deaths as they went down; in fact Luffy almost looked like he was about to cheer and scream in joy, as if he was on a ride of sorts.

Harry wasn't sure how much time had passed since both Luffy and him had been sucked into the whirlpool. But what he did know was that when he woke up, he found himself on the beach lying beside a wooden barrel surrounded by a small band of pirates.

None of which really looked to be that strong, or very bright for that matter, to Harry. Not in the least bit, in fact to Harry’s trained eye, they looked more like common thugs than anything else.

Mainly, because they all seemed to be ignoring him, as well as the obvious weapons he had one him, and paying all their attention to the wood barrel; that was right beside him. This caused Harry to raise an eyebrow at them as he began to wonder if they were blind or just that ignorant. Because he knew no matter what you didn’t turn your eyes away from anyone who was armed, no matter if there was a barrel, full of possible beer, beside them or not.

But then as he listened in on the conversation they were having over his head and heard them threaten the short pink haired boy they called Coby, Harry decided that he really didn't care either way which they where he just didn't like them anyway. Realizing this, Harry debated attacking them, or at least knocking them all out, so that he could go look for Luffy without any trouble following him.

Ok, so maybe it was more that he really just wanted to vent some anger on someone, and they were making themselves prime targets, then he was actually really worried about them actually following him. Still rather safe the sorry; at least that was what Harry told himself as he got up with a dark smirk on his face ready to do some much needed venting.

But before he could do this, much to his unvoiced disappointment, Harry found the choice taken out of his hands as the top of the barrel burst open; letting out Luffy. Who then proceeded to unknowingly knock out the largest Pirate there, while screaming about a great nap; much to Harry's amusement. An amusement that grew even larger as Luffy, with his usual clueless look on his face, turned to the remaining Pirates around him and asked.

"What the…who are you guys?" Harry hearing this chocked back a bark of laughter, his kitunes self shining through more as his amusement rose and continued to watch the drama unfold in front of him; all the while wishing he had something to snack on as he watching everything unfold. Because he knew Luffy wasn’t as dim as he pretended to be, he wouldn’t have survived as long as he did if he was. Yes, he was bull headed at time and rushed into things without thinking about it, but stupid he was not.

Harry continued to watch everything until finally it all got too much for him to take, and Harry really started to laugh aloud; going as to fall back on the floor and roll with laughter as he did so. This happened shortly after Luffy told the Pirates who had been shouting at him.

"He'll catch a cold if he sleeps there." While pointed to the one he had just knocked out. Harry after hearing this and pulling himself together from the 'small' laughing fit it had caused him, looked back up to see all the Pirates, Luffy and the pink haired boy named Coby looking at him. All of which, except for Luffy, took one look at him and screamed out.

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!" While Luffy happily called out; large grin on his face as he did so.

"HEY HARRY, I SEE YOU MADE THROUGH THE WHIRLPOOL AS WELL!" But sadly, before Harry could say anything to Luffy, or snap at the pirates that he had been right beside them the whole time and yet not noticed at all. Something that rankled his kitsune side something seriously seeing as he hadn't been trying to be ignored in the first place, said pirates around seemed to have had enough.

Because they all, besides the one they called Coby, pulled out their swords before pointed them all at Luffy; and only at Luffy. Deeming Harry harmless most likely due to the way he looked; something that raised Harry's already mounting irritation. As they did this one of them, the second largest one seeing as the largest was still knocked out, shouted out at the still grinning teen.

"Stop screwing around. Don't you know we're Pirates! We could easily tear you all apart." Harry hearing this felt his eyebrow rise in complete disbelieve; he felt him and Luffy could have easily taken any of them even a couple of years ago. They just looked and acted that weak, like they never really trained. Or were pirates that were semi-feared only because of their numbers and nothing more.

Knowing this was true, and that the people in front of him were an insult to the name of pirates, at least in his eyes they were. Feeling this way Harry, completely and utterly disregarding the fools in front of him, turned instead towards Luffy to see how he would react to what they were say; it was bound to be humorous.

While he was doing this Harry was slowly began to unroll the razor-sharp wires he had in his gloves; he knew they would try to attack them when their backs were turned and he would show them why you shouldn’t ignore him. Unless Harry wanted you to that is and even than it most likely wouldn’t be good for your health to do so.

But when he heard just what Luffy had to say to threats they were just given, Harry had to stopped pushing out his wires and instead bite his lips harshly so as to stop himself from laughing aloud; mainly because the response given was just so Luffy. Because all Luffy did was ignore the pirates threatening him at sword point and turn to the cowering pink haired kid, who Harry knew was called Coby, and ask him.

"I'm really hungry got any food?" Though Harry quickly lost all traces of laughter, got serious once more, when the Pirates charged at Luffy; intending to attack him while he back was turned. Just like Harry knew that they would do.

Not, that he thought that said attacks would actually hurt his brother in all but blood, as it was all blunt attacks with him being made of rubber and would those once right off of him. But honestly it was the principle of the matter.

So, with that in mind Harry lashed out with his wire easily breaking their sword and sending the tips of said sword flying as he did so. Just as he did this Luffy turned around to face the pirates that had been trying to attack him. Luffy, seeing the two pirates, completely wrapped up in Harry's wires, on the ground looking terrified said; with a practiced confused look plastered on his face.

"What are you doing all of a sudden?" Luffy received no answer from the now trapped pirates in front of him. Seeing as both pirates were ignoring Luffy as they tried to escape from the wires that Harry had wrapped around them.

Only cried out in pain as said wires started to cut their skin at the smallest movement of theirs. It seemed only light breathing was the only thing they could do without running risk of cutting themselves on the wires; and that was just barely.

Seeing this and knowing that the idiots he trapped would most likely kill themselves before they figured out not to move, Harry rolled his eyes before snapping his wires back to him; sending the two he had trapped flying as he did so. As soon as they were free the two supposed pirates struggled to their feet before in a terrified voice asked both Luffy and Harry; who now there were correctly, and completely aware of.

"W-who are you two!?" This question, as well as the tone it was said in, got a large grin from Luffy and a small, slightly chilling, smile from Harry. Before Luffy in a completely confident tone called out.

"Me? I'm Monkey D. Luffy. Nice to meet you! "After Luffy said this, Harry spoke up as he calmly told the so-called pirates in front of him; with an almost cheerful, yet completely terrifying, tone in his voice as he did so.

"And I'm Harry D Monkey…though I'm not nearly as please to meet you as Luffy seems to be!"

Hearing this from both the teen and combined with the smile on both said teens faces; Luffy big shit eating grin and Harry's I'll happily slice and dice you grin. Seemed to be too much for the pirates as they grabbed their still unconscious friend and ran away screaming at the top of their lungs. Proving, once and for all, to Harry that he was right with his first opinion of the being weak as they did so.

After the supposed pirates ran off Harry heard Coby asking about what had just happened from behind both Luffy and him; which is where Coby had decided to hide once the pirates had begun attacking. While Luffy just started after the fleeing pirates, before turning to Harry and asking in a truly bewildered tone.

"What's with them?" This caused Harry to truly lose it once again as he started to laugh all over again; which in turn got Luffy laughing as well. That is until Coby jumped up and started to whisper in a rather panicked, harsh sounding, voice to both Harry and Luffy.

"Hurry up and run while you can! When, they come back with their friends, you'll be killed. Especially if they bring back the captain!" Harry hearing this rolled his eyes, not the least bit terrified by what Coby way implying, and simply flexed his fingers; making sure his wires where still out in the opening. Before saying in a hopeful tone.

"I, for one, hope they do come back; it be at least a little stress relieving if they do." Luffy, on the other hand, seemed to not care one way or another if the others came back or not. Because all he did was turn to Coby, the same grin he gave the pirates early still on his face, and cheerful tone informed the stunned pink haired kid.

"Even so, I'm hungry." Of course, neither of these reactions went over well with Coby; not in the least bit. Though Coby reaction to their reactions did cause Harry some amusement, as his voice got even higher pitched then it was before as he all but cried out.

"How can you say that so calmly!?Both of you must be insane! There's lots of Pirates near here just waiting for a single reason to attack someone and…" Whatever he was going to say next was cut off as Luffy began to walk away; showing just how much he cared what Coby was saying as he did so. Which is to say not at all. Seeing this Coby grabbed Luffy's arm in an attempt to stop him from going any further. While sobbing out for Luffy not to go that way, that that way was dangerous.

Behind them, watching everything with a clearly entertained look in his eyes, Harry was following them; really not wanting to miss any of this show that was going to happen. Because if he knew Luffy, and Harry really knew Luffy, things were bound to get even more interesting than they already were and get that they would get that way real fast.

Besides Harry was bored and anyone who knew Harry for even the shortest amount of time knew that there were two things you didn't want to do. And those were deliberately ignoring him when he didn't want to be ignored, something that usually only happened when he was bored or wanted a good fight and have him even be bored in the first place.

Unfortunately for the so-called pirates they were currently following they had managed to do both these things. So now Harry really wanted to play; and not in anyway a nice way. More like a cat, or in this case a fox, playing with its food kind of way.

So, with that in mind, Harry followed the two and felt his lips twitch slightly when he saw Luffy had found where the pirates had been storing their food. Which Harry quickly noted, might have been enough to feed the supposed pirate crew for a while, but would only last Luffy for the rest of the day . Seeing this, Harry felt a small, almost nonexistent, amount of pity for the other pirates; especially when he saw Luffy's reaction to finding said food. Something that told Harry that they really wouldn't be having any of that food for much longer.

That is Harry was feeling a small amount of pity until he remembered all the food they had stored on their boat when they had first left the island had disappeared in the whirlpool, they had been sucked in. Realizing this and realizing that he was actually quite a bit hungry as well, Harry joined Luffy in the room where the food was being stored; after all waste not want not and all that. Besides he did want to get some of that food before Luffy got his hands on all of it.

Once he was in there and had stolen a good deal of the food to store for later, knowing they would most definitely need it. Harry sat in a corner of the room watching as Luffy devour apple after apple; seemingly not even chewing as he shoved said apples into his mouth.

While Luffy did this, Harry himself was slowly slice an orange and began eating it. Harry then watched as Coby went over to the still eating Luffy, with something obviously on his mind as he did so. Seeing this Harry could only think, oh a meal and a show, how nice.

"I'm Coby and you said you were Luffy, right? That was really amazing what the two of you did back there; you had to have guts to stand up to them like that... How'd you two do that? I mean…it's just that, in all honesty, I just wish I could have done something like that. I wish I really could do something like that…" Though as usual when it came to his eating Luffy really wasn't paying much attention to anything but the food he was eating; again much to Harry amusement.

This became obvious to Coby, though Harry already knew if from experience himself, when all Luffy said in return to his question was that the apples he was eating was really good and that he wanted to get more of them; then again Luffy could be playing obvious but Harry wasn't so sure about that. As it wasn’t always a sure thing when it came to his brother; as sometimes he actually could be as oblivious as he acted. In fact,  Harry knew Luffy had done something like that before; on multiple occasions, with several different people at that.

At the same time, he could also say that Luffy surprised him a bit when, out of the blue, his next question was about the ship they were on and if it was a pirate ship of some sort. Something Harry himself wanted to know as well, and at the same time showed that Luffy was paying more attention to what was going on around the what Harry had first thought. This question seemed to be something Coby was very eager to answer, if how quick he responded to Luffy's question meant anything.

"No, this isn't a Pirate ship, this is a cruise ship that was attacked by Avlida-sama; the pirate captain of those men you scared off! I promise you, she'll be here soon, especially if her men have any say about it! You should really leave….especially you Harry-san; Avlida-Sama really won't like see you here!"

Again, Luffy really didn't seem to care about the warning Coby was giving him, then again neither did Harry even though he did wonder why Coby thought he should leave especially. Though Harry did care, and certainly approved, of Luffy's next question to Coby; which was.

"Are there any Boats on this ship; like lifeboats or something similar to that?' Hearing this question Harry perked up and waited for Coby's answer. Obviously, there should be some boats like that on this ship, right? It was sort of regulation or something like that right?

Only to sit back down with a bit of disappointment when all Coby said was that there should be some somewhere, but it was likely that Avilda-sama took all of them if there was anyway; that is if there had been any.

Though he did snort softly to himself when Luffy began to explain just what happened to their boat and why they needed a new one. A snort that nearly turned to laughter when he was Coby gained a look of hero worship on his face; seemed like Luffy could gain fans wherever he went. Even when he wasn't even trying to get them; it was honestly hilarious.

Harry lost his battle with his attempts not to laugh and let loose some muffled chuckles when Luffy asked Coby if he was a pirate as well; the look on Coby's face when he heard this made it impossible not to. Seeing as Coby's face gain a shell shocked and slightly horrified look; as if he had been asked the most insulting, horrifying, thing he could have been asked.

Though that chuckle was cut off, and once more turned to a serious look, as Coby began to explain how he had been captured. How, one day he had gone fishing, only to get caught by this Avlida person and forced to be a pirate on her ship.

Hearing this, and all that came after it, caused the small smile that had been on Harry's face to quickly turn into a frown. As he listened on as Coby continued to explain how for the last two years, he had been treated like a slave on Avlida's ship, forced to be a pirate when that wasn't what he wanted.

This reminded Harry of his childhood with his aunt and Uncle and, though even if he wouldn't say it aloud, he found himself agreeing with Luffy when he called Coby an idiot. Before telling him that if he didn't like it so much, he could have simply ran away from it all.

Make his own start on things, as Harry had done when he was younger; something Harry could never find it him to regret doing. Even if how it had all happened was something Harry still wasn't quite sure of. Not to mention he had been a lot younger than Coby was when all of this had happened to him, and when he had managed to escape in the first place.

But again, he found himself feeling some sympathy for Coby when he reviled how terrified he was of Avlida and that was why he wouldn't run away; similar to when Harry when he was five and at his uncle's mercy.

Yet, at the same time, Harry so wished he could get up and slaps the back of Cony's head; he wasn't anywhere near five years old. In fact, giving into his desires that is just what Harry did, as Luffy told Coby point blank that he really was a coward.

Both of these actions caused Coby to comically cry; bringing the amusement Harry had been feeling a little while ago right back. What could he say, Harry knew he was a little bit of a sadist, and found things like this amusing, but given how he grew up he figured it was given.

Though this amusement got a tint of pride in it when Coby admitted that Luffy was right and that he should be braver and how he would attempt to be brave form then on out; to prove to both Luffy and himself that he could be.

These feelings of amusement and pride grew even more and were joined in with another emotion Harry knew quiet well, called exasperation, when Coby asked Luffy why he was drifting in a barrel in the first place. Hearing this Harry leaned back, trying to hide the eye twitch he knew was happening, and listen as Luffy shouted to the skies; uncaring just who might be listening.

"Because I am going to be King of the pirates!" However, Harry had to concede that the look on Coby's face when he heard what Luffy had to say, was worth the headache Luffy casual announcement of being the king of the pirates usually gave him.

A look that was made even better when Coby sputter out in denial that Luffy was actually a pirate and that Harry was actually part of Luffy's crew; his disbelieve easily readable on his face. This made the amusement Harry was still feeling to go to an all new heights. It also caused him to cheerfully wave, wires still fully extended out of his gloves, at the stunned Coby; earning him a bugged eye look.

Sadly, all this amusement didn't last long as Coby lost it on Luffy and started screaming at Luffy. Telling how he wouldn't be able to make it as King of the pirates. That he wouldn't be able to get to the one piece, that he would die before he could. Fortunately, for Coby Luffy punched him in the head, before Harry could get to him, and told him point blank.

"It doesn't matter if you think that it is impossible for me to do it or not. I'm still going to do it, because I want to. I'm not going to give up, I'll never give up. I decided to become king of the pirates when I was a lot younger than you; nothing you can say will stop it from seeing my dream come true. I don't care if I die fighting for it. Not in the least bit, because at least then I can say I fought for my dream….can you say the same?!"

This little speech renewed Harry confidence in his best friend and seemed to strike a core deep in Coby. Because, while Luffy and Harry where heading back up the stairs of the ship preparing to go get a boat off it, even if they had to steal it off the ship, Coby leaped up after them and began to speak. The awe that had been in his eyes previously back in full force as he did so.

"Not afraid to die for you dream…maybe I could do that too. Maybe I could do what I wanted; what I have want since I could remember... Maybe I could join the Marines." Here Luffy interrupted with a question of Marines, in an almost disbelieving tone, while Harry simply raised an eyebrow. Both these reactions caused Coby to get even more fired up by what he was saying.

"That's right! My dream is to catch bad guys! It's been my dream ever since my childhood… Can I do it, that's something I have asked myself for the longest time. Always doubting myself. But know I now, that I can…. No, I will do it! I'm going to get out of here and stop working as a slave for Alvida-sama! No, I'll catch Alvida…" unfortunately whatever else Coby was going to say was cut off as the roof above him came crashing down and a loud female voice boomed out through the cloud of wreckage.

"Just who are you going to catch Eh, Coby!" as this last bit was said the last of the smoke disappeared and let everyone see just who had been speaking. Harry seeing her felt his Kitsune mischievous come in to play and before he could stop himself, not that he really wanted to, he found himself saying; oddly enough being echoed by Luffy as he did so.

"Who's the fat lady?" Though Harry freely would admit that his question was said in a clearly cheeky tone, while Luffy was actually an innocent curious tone. Though one day Harry swore his lessons on the utter joy of chaos  and mischiefs would get through to Luffy one way or another.

Though no matter how their comments were said, neither one of them really went over well with, who Harry was assuming was, Alvida; not in the least bit. Harry figured this because of everyone's reactions to what was said. Which was everyone's jaw dropped and Alvida went red with rage as she erupted; screaming out Brats and swinging her giant club at the two of them.

Seeing this both Harry and Luffy jumped in opposite directions. Luffy toward where Coby was and Harry toward where the Pirates where staring at them in a completely stupefied fashion.

Seeing these pirates, and seeing a brilliant opportunity, Harry gave them all happy smile and waved at them. Before flicking his wrists and cutting three of them in half before they could even blink. After doing this Harry cheerful descended on the remaining, now scared witless, pirates. Hey Luffy, may be all about second chance, or things like that, but he wasn't nearly as much; though if it did come down to it he would listen to his brother if he had to.

While this was happening with Harry, Luffy had grabbed Coby and jumped to the top of the ship. Where, as is so happens, there were more pirates there waiting to attack the two of them. Though this proved to be rather easy for Luffy as he defeated one pirate after another without even really looking at who he was attacking or even really trying to fight; amazing Coby who was watching Luffy in wide eyed wonder.

That is until they decided to gang up on him with at least thirty different pirates against his one, this got him paying a little more attention to what was going on. In fact, seeing them gang up on him like they were had Luffy running for a bit; even if it was jokingly to lure them in a false sense of security.

Because as he ran past a pole Luffy grabbed said pole and stretched his arm out to unbelievable lengths. Before, with a shout of Gum, Gum Rocket, shoot out towards all of them and knocked them all flat on their backs. Once more leaving Coby staring in disbelieves.

This is the scene both Alvida and Harry came up on. Alvida looked on it with horror in her eyes, as well as a bit of disbelieve, while Harry pouted and began muttering about Luffy getting all the fun. A pout that quickly turned to a snicker as Coby in a slightly shaky voice asked Luffy.

 "Luffy…what are you?" This snicker then turned to an all-out laugh when casual as you please Luffy stretched out his cheek to an impossible length and cheerfully told both Coby and Alvin, who was now behind Coby listening in.

"Me? I'm a rubber man." Luffy then turning to Harry, having heard his laughter, pointed to him and continued talking. "And Harry here is a fox…err Kitsune man." This caused Harry to scowl slightly at Luffy, having not wanting to tell anyone his power, nor really like the name Luffy had dubbed him with, before rolling his eyes and joining Luffy's side; ignoring the ridiculous name for the time being.

Once Harry did this Coby seemed to notice that Alvida was currently behind him and rushed over to hide behind both Harry and Luffy. After this happened and getting the feeling that Luffy wasn't going to say anything else, in a dark tone Alvin asked the teens smiling/smirking teens in front of her.

"You two ate the devil fruits, right?" Which got her a positive nod from both of them; to what Harry thought was a very obvious question. After this was answered Harry saw Alvida looking at him with a noticeable, very familiar, and completely unwanted, gleam in her eyes. Seeing this look and know just what it meant Harry used his powers to clamp down on the Pheromones he was giving out. Seeing that look in her eyes was so far past well enough; thank you very much.

After Harry clamped down on his Pheromones, and kicked the now laughing Luffy, he noticed that Alvida shook herself a bit and went back to what she had been saying before his pheromones had started getting to her. She didn't seem all to please about what had just happened, or what she had just found out and she let them now this with the tone she spat out her next statement.

"I've heard rumors about those things, but I never really thought they actually existed; nor did I think they would be so bazar…." Here Alvin trailed off before beginning again this time sounding incredible smug as she spoke.

"The two of you are so skilled for your age… that means the Marines had to have trained you rather harshly to get the skills you do now. The two of you must be bounty hunters of some sort, right? You're here for me, right?" She said this last bit with a bit of pride as if she was proud of herself for attracting bounty hunters.

Harry was sure that pride was hurt when Luffy casually told her that he was a pirate; not any bounty hunter. Not only that but he had never heard of her to begin with and even if he did, he would certainly never go after her. In fact, Harry was sure it was because of that wounded prided, and the earlier rage, that what happened next actually happened. Not that he was complaining about it or anything, see as it did give him something to actually do.

Because after some talking, mainly Alvin talking to herself with Luffy not really listening to a thing she had to say, Alvida started to attack both Luffy and Harry. Stating that since they were pirates like her then they must be her enemies; which would have been true rather they were pirates or not. Though Harry was sure one of the main reasons she was attacking them was because they had been laughing when Coby told her she was a nasty old fat hag; wounded pride and all that.

Anyway, Harry ended up carrying Coby on his back, mainly so that he wouldn't be hit by Alvida's club, which she was now wildly swinging around, as he danced out of Alvin's reach. While Luffy ended up winding her up before letting Alvin hit him on the head with her club. Something Harry knew wouldn't hurt Luffy in the least bit, having seen him be hit by things much hard and at a much great force then Alvin's club; for example his tails when he was in a bad mood being one of them.

In fact, if anything being hit with the club actually helped Luffy launch his next attack at her better than he previously had and before Harry even knew it Luffy had launched Alvida sky high with one of his Gum Gum pistol punches; causing Harry to pout once more about Luffy getting all the fun fights. As well as promising silently to himself that the next big fight would be his, instead of Luffy's; rather his brother liked it or not.

Once Alvida was gone, having been knock who knows whereby the force of Luffy's blow, all the pirates that had been in her crew seemed to be very eager to do whatever Luffy said. Even if he had ordered them to give Coby one of the only spare boats, they had so that he could go join the Marines. They were all so terrified of Luffy, something which only Harry really seemed to notice, absolutely no protest was given about the order and they had all but ran to the ship to get Coby the boat he needed.

Which was how Luffy, Coby, and Harry found themselves on a small boat heading toward the nearest island. With Coby directing the both of them because neither Luffy nor Harry really had any sense of direction. Much to Harry's shame who had tried more than one to gain a sense of direction only to end up hopelessly lost.

Though he could say at the very least he was better than his brother at it, though that could be because Luffy never really cared to learn about it unlike Harry; who had least had finally master the basics of navigation, the bare basics at that.

As they traveled to the next island Coby decided to ask Luffy a question that had been bothering him for a while. While Harry himself lend back in the boat and relaxed; or relaxed as much as he could on the small boat.

While secretly hoping he would be getting another interesting show like he had back on the other island. After all Coby's reaction to everything was what Harry was sure was comedy gold. Then again Harry got the strong feeling that traveling around with Luffy would always be interesting in one way or another.

"Hey Luffy, if finding the one piece is you goal, does that means you're heading to the grand line right? You know it's also called the graveyard of pirates, right?" Here Coby paused so that he could get an answer.

Which Luffy quickly gave him; while Harry smirked getting a feeling he knew where this was going and was happy to let someone else get the headache for once. He had gotten plenty enough when it came to dealing, or trying to teach, Luffy anything; his brother was way too hard head for his own good sometime. Not that Harry would have him any other way either.

"Yeah and that's why I need a strong crew. I already have my brother Harry here, but I do need more. My brothers more of…how did he put it ahh... a hidden strength kind of guy. I need someone who both looks strong and is strong… Speaking of which, that Pirate hunter you mentioned earlier…what kind of guy is he?"

Not expecting this answer and not knowing where it was going, nor seeing the slightly pitying though thoroughly amused glace Harry was giving him, Coby answered Luffy the best he could.

"You mean Zoro? I heard he was captured by the Marines." This answer seemed to depress Luffy slightly as he continued to question Coby this time by asking; to the now very visible amusement of Harry.

"What, so he's weak then?" This question though seemed to be the wrong thing to say to Coby because, in what Harry was sure was typical behavior for him, he jumped up, forgetting they were in a very much tip able boat as he did so, and began shouting at Luffy. Seeming not noticing the fiery glare he was getting from Harry as he held on to the sides of the wobbling boat. Though that was highly debatable as Coby did edge closer to Luffy, despite the fact he was yelling at him. So maybe he did notice the death glare Harry was giving him for nearly tipping over the boat.

"Not at all! He's a terrifying beast!" Hearing Coby say this Harry shook his head and pulled down his bandanna; decided he had enough of a show and wanting to really rest before they got to the oncoming island.

Knowing that now Luffy had gotten that little bit of information from Coby he was going to attempt to get this Zoro character to join their crew; rather he wanted to or not. As Harry thought on this and how stubborn his brother could be he couldn't help inwardly chuckle as he drifted off to sleep.

Knowing even as he did this that they would most likely soon have a new swords man joining their journey; that is if Luffy like his personality enough. Just as he finally gave into the call of sweet sleep, Coby wails of disbelieve echoing around him as he did so, Harry could help but think.

'I knew I was right when I said that Luffy make even the simplest trips entertaining as hell.'


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Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer-  I do Not own Harry Potter or One piece, nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

A.N-Also because I got a couple of P.Ms asking me what Harry looked like and what he was wearing. Here is a description of the current him unless I say otherwise. Harry is taller than Luffy by about a couple of inches and just an inch or two under Zoro's height. He has mid-back length black hair; that shines a dark red in the sunlight. Hair which, he either has in a tight braid or bun, and is something he uses to hide his many senbon needle or smaller blades. He also uses his hair as a way to help disguise himself so he can get better information; seeing as he is the spy/ninja/master of disguise of the crew. He has a build that is lean and looks to be really fast; almost delicate looking. Which is why he is called a hidden strength, deceiving in appearance because most would say he looks harmless. Like state in an earlier chapter he looks a lot like his mother but now that he is older his father's cheekbone have really started to show giving him a more masculine look. He wears dark black pants that are tight around the top but get bagger as they go down his leg; giving him room to hide his weapons in them; as well as room to move. He wears a tight fitting, but not too tight, blood red t-shit with a black skull on the front (a skull that wears a straw hat which he knows will be some part Luffy's pirate symbol). He also wears the bandana Shanks gave him at all times; either one his head to hide his ears or around his mouth as a face mask. All and all Harry is really eye catching; like most Kitsunes are. Any other thing, or any changes that are going to be made, will be in the story. As for the number of tails he has well that will be in the story as well right now it is a surprise.

Chapter eight

Luffy, Harry and Coby hadn't been on their small lifeboat for long, or at least it didn’t feel that long to Harry who had slept through half the journey. When Harry started to see the Island, Coby had been talking about just a little earlier.

Seeing this island, Harry suddenly became really grateful for two things, one being the fact that Coby had been the one leading them to it. Because Harry knew, without a shadow of a doubt in his mind, that if it had been either Luffy or him guiding the boat it would have taken the days to get to the island; if they ever got to the island to begin with.

And two because they were finally getting off the boat. Now don't get him wrong he loved being out at sea and would most defiantly like to be out on it longer, but only if they had a large boat where he could get away from people if he wanted to. Seriously being cramped in the small boat with Luffy and being as bored as he currently was, was mind numbing.

And had him debating causing some chaos with only the excuse the boat in question would most likely get tipped over if he did actual stop him from doing so. As Harry knew both he and Luffy couldn’t swim and wasn’t going to tempt fate in such a way. Not when there wasn’t someone strong enough to dive in after them and safe them, he wasn’t; something Harry knew Coby definitely wasn’t strong enough to do.

But still as the island came into view, and Luffy's exited chatter got even louder, Harry couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement go down his spine; one that Harry knew was echoed by his brother. Because if Luffy got his way, and he usually did, then that would mean that they were going to finally going to have their first member, or at least the first member neither of them knew yet, joining in Luffy's crew. It also meant that there would soon be something that would finally, hopefully, put an end to his boredom.

Eye shining brightly at this, and the thought of having a full pack once again, Harry tightened the gloves on his hands before grinning. He was really excited about what was going to happen, and the fact that he didn't have to wait much longer for it to happen.

Because despite being the spy and master of disguise for the crew, he wasn't really patient unless he completely and necessarily had to be. In fact, right now he kind of felt like take a short nap instead of waiting for them to reach the island. And this was with him only having woken up not even an hour or two ago from when he had first fallen asleep to begin with. What could he say but laying in the sun like he was, made him want to just long and sunbath in it; similar to how a cat would. Though he’d most likely humiliate anyone who compared him to  a cat to begin with.

When their boat finally hit the shore of the island, Harry watched through nearly closed eye, as he was just recently waking up, as Luffy jumped out of the boat. Showing just how eager he was to be on this island as he did so. Before turning and shout out to Coby; who just so happened to be right beside Luffy to begin with.

"Here we are, in the town of the Marines!" Harry hearing this felt his eye begin to twitch wildly once again, as he climbed out of the boat. Then after making sure the bandana covered his ears and that his tail weren't showing, honestly not feeling like calling them back in quiet yet, Harry walked to Luffy's side. Once he got there Harry wasted no time, not even pausing in his steps, as he raised a fist and punched Luffy hard on the head; angrily muttering out.

"Don't scream out things like that!" Luffy, to Coby's confusion, only pouted slightly at the punch; as well as what was said to him. Before getting up from the ground, where said punch had placed him, and acted like what had just happen was an everyday occurrence.

Something that if Coby, had thought to asking Harry, he would have found out that it pretty much was. In fact, he would have found out that quite a few people tried to and often time failed to, knock some sense into Luffy one way or another, pretty much daily.

Not only that but he would find that while Harry hadn’t used his full strength in the blow, as he had actually wanted to hurt his brother, he had used a good deal of strength behind the blow in question; as it often was the only way Luffy would actual listen to what was being said. Even if Luffy often did exaggerate the strength of the blow Harry had done, as Harry knew it hadn’t been enough to send Luffy to the floor, unless they were sparing he never hit Luffy that hard. Still, he had to admit the reactions of others to it was rather funny, and probably why Luffy had done what he had in the first place.

After noting this and rolled his eyes slightly at Luffy's reaction no matter how amusing it may be at time, Harry walked off toward the village. A now very amused Luffy, who seemed to know just what Harry was thinking, following right beside him as he did so. As they did this, the two took no real notice, or at least that is what it seemed like the didn’t, as Coby followed behind them; trying to talk what he believed to be some common sense into them.

"Hey Luffy-San, Harry-san I really don't think this is a good idea. I mean you guys are pirates and this island had a marine base on it….that doesn't scream good idea to me. Not only that but I think that you really shouldn't make this Zorro guy part of your crew! I mean he could hurt you Harry-san!"

But this didn't cause either Harry or Luffy to even pause in their steps toward where they believed Zorro to be located. Though Harry did begin to develop a twitch at being singled out again, most likely because of the way he looked. He was almost always singled out, or even teased about how delicate and harmless he looked; though it should be noted that no one ever did it again after Harry final lost it and dealt with them. Showing them just how delicate and harmless he truly was.

In fact, the two didn't even bother to turn back to face Coby as both of them answered him. Each doing so about the same time, and both of them showing that they were going to form their own opinion on Zoro, and not take anyone else's as they did so.

"Well, we won't know if he is going to part of the crew until we meet him, now will we? Though I am betting he will be." Was Harry casual comment, as waved a hand back at Coby and continued walk; ignoring said boy's bug-eyed stare his statement, as well as the seemingly lack of care it had been said with, had earned him.

"I haven't decided if he's a good person yet…" What Luffy said, slightly after Harry has spoken, though this finally seemed to be too much for Coby to take and set him off once again. As in a panicked tone he nearly shouted at Luffy; his voice hitting an all new high pitch, that left Harry's ears ringing slightly, as he did so.

"He's been arrested by the Marines! He's got to be a bad Guy if their holding him prisoner like that only bad guys are arrested by the marines after all!" Hearing this Harry seriously felt like punching Coby upside the head to knock some sense in him.

To hopefully get him to stop thinking in a world of only black or white and hopefully make him see that the world was full of greys. To see that despite the fact that the Marines had originally been started as protection against the darker side of life, it had gotten corrupted in a lot of different places.

That despite what Coby may think, the Marines weren't perfect, they weren't all light and the pirates where all dark. Even if Harry would admit that there were some who did follow what the Marines of old had but where so tired up in the law that they really couldn’t do what they felt was right any longer. You think, he would have had learned this at least partially seeing as Luffy and him had pretty much rescued him and they claimed to be pirates. So no, it wasn't all light and dark only when it came to those that tried to govern the sea.

In all honest, Harry hated people who saw the world in only black and white like Coby did at the moment. But at the same time, he knew that Coby was young and would learn the difference between it all; most likely rather quickly given what he had already seen. Or if not that rather harshly in the near future as there was no way he wouldn’t be able to learn that if he did join the marines like he seemed to want to. So, instead Harry simply clenched his fist slightly before speeding up his walk a bit. If it put him further from Coby, then oh well, it really was no skin of his nose.

Now that Harry had speed up his walk, he was a little ahead of his brother Luffy, who seemed to be looking around taking in the sights. Seeing this, and not wanting Luffy to get to far behind, Harry sighed and stopped walking completely, at least until Luffy, as well as Coby, had caught back up with him. As he did this Harry heard Luffy asking Coby, who still didn't seem to notice the rather cold shoulder Harry was giving him, a question.

"I wonder if that Zoro guy is inside the base?" Hearing this Harry was about the give Luffy a rather sarcastic reply back, when he saw everyone's reaction to Luffy's question. Or to be more precise when he was everyone jump up and run away from Luffy after he had asked said question. Seeing this Harry raised an eyebrow before wondering aloud.

"Wonder what's wrong with them." That when he saw Coby lean over, finally seeming to take notice of Harry and gained a blush on his face as he did so, and as he answered Harry's question in a whisper , rather sounding nervous tone.

"It seems that Zoro's name is like a Taboo here or something similar to that." Hearing this Harry, and after shaking himself of his earlier anger at Coby, had to nod. What Coby said did make since, and it did explain why the villagers were reacting the way they were. Though knowing this didn't make Harry any less eager to meet Zoro; if anything it intrigued him more. Though if Harry had it his way, he would be meeting Zoro carefully; just to make sure.

Luffy however continued to show that stubborn personality, that Harry both loved and hated, as he once again began to walk toward the base; speaking to Coby the whole way. It seemed that he was going to completely ignore how everyone else reacted, or even thought of Zoro and form his own opinion upon meeting him.

Seeing this, Harry had to sigh, glance heavenwards, before smiling to himself and put his hands behind the back of his head; despite how it seemed at times he really wouldn't have his brother any other way. As often him and Luffy seemed to be on the same wavelength, at least when it came to forming their own opinions instead of believing what others may think.

Once he did this and came to terms with the fact they were basically, badly, sneaking on to a marine base. With no plans whatsoever, be it what they were doing or for escaping when, not if but when, they got caught Harry followed Luffy. Keeping any eye out for any sudden movement, and taking in all the possible exit, as well as keeping a fox like ear out for any other noises, as he did so. After all, Harry had long since learned to be prepared for anything, especially if Luffy is the one leading or doing it.

By doing this, Harry was able to hear both what Luffy and Coby was saying, as well as some of the conversation around them. It was while he was doing this that Harry found some very interesting facts.

None more so than, the fear, if not outright terror, the town's people showed to this Marine, one that seemed to be called Captain Morgan. Which, in Harry's opinion honestly, showed when all the towns' people pretty much cowered away from them when Coby simply mentioned his name; a reaction much worse than they had for Zoro's name.

This reaction though earned a loud laugh from Luffy as he commented about what an interesting town this was; though Harry could see a certain fierce look in Luffy's eyes even as he said this.

That, and the earlier reactions, earned a small, almost exited looking, smirk from Harry as he continued following them. All the while continuing to listen in on conversation around them; hoping to find out some more helpful information, of some sort, as he did so. After all he would be a very good master spy/ master of disguise or information gather if he was uninformed, now would he?

All too soon in Harry's mind, who had been finding some very interesting, very helpful, information from the conversation he was listening in to. They found themselves in front of the Marine base doors. Seeing this, Harry felt a sliver of annoyance go through his body. But said annoyance was quickly replaced by a thrill of excitement as he remembered just why they were there in the first place.

Remembering this, Harry gave a quick fox like grin before joining Luffy in climbing on the Marine wall; managing to get up there much faster and with much more grace then Luffy as he did so; mainly because of his Kitsune sense of balance. And the fact, unlike Luffy, he didn't try to plow on through the wall through force of will and  instead looked for cracks and nooks to make it easy to climb up.

 Once they reached the top of the wall Harry heard Luffy gleefully exclaim, echoing the excitement Harry himself was feeling; as well as asking the question Harry wanted to know as well.

"Now, just where is this so-called demon?" Hearing this from Luffy, caused Harry to also start to look around; listening with half an ear as Coby muttered out.

 "He wouldn't be in a place like this. The marines are smarted then that, they would have someone so dangerous someplace safer. He'd probably in an isolated cell deep inside..." Again, Harry felt a small urge to hit Coby on the head and again he resisted this urge; mainly because he knew Coby still hadn't learned yet but that he would soon. Instead Harry tuned out Coby and began concentrating on the tied-up figure in the far back part of the Marine yard he had just spotted.

A figure Luffy seemed to notice as well if his call of ,'There he is!' as he jumped down from the wall meant anything. Seeing Luffy jump down, without a care in the world Harry felt the tick that he finally managed to get rid of come back to his eye; full force.

Before Harry shrugged his shoulders and decided to ignore it; after all this wasn't the first Luffy did something without thinking.  And, honestly knowing his brother as he did, Harry seriously doubted it would be the last time either.

 After all, Luffy was the type to leap first before looking, he had just done so for crying aloud. Complaining or fussing about it, when he had long since learned that wasn't going to solve anything was going to help in the least bit.  Harry knew he just need to make sure he was there to help the best he can and fight at his brother's side; if need be.

After doing this Harry, still on the wall hidden by the shadows, turned back toward where the supposed Zoro was and began to take in all the details he could about the man. Starting with the starling light green hair on his head, to the fact he looked to be extremely hungry; not to mention a bit beat up.

As Harry was taking in these observations Luffy had climbed back up on the wall, with Coby by his side as he did so. It seemed that Coby didn't want to believe that Zoro was actually there instead of deeper in the marine base like he believed  as well as clearly stated earlier.

Only he had no choice but to believe it when he set his eyes on him. Though Harry did note with some amusement, that Coby did sound completely terrified when he realized that Luffy was right and Zoro was just right in front of him, held back by only what looked like to be some thick ropes. Something Harry knew with the correct amount of force or hidden weapon could be broken through with enough effort.

Harry even had to fight back a smile when he heard Coby's hushed whisper of Zoro's full name; as well as a small description of the clothes he was wearing. This amusement quickly tripled as he heard Luffy's Happy go lucky voce ask Coby, causing Harry to get the feeling Luffy was teasing Coby a little bit as he did so.

"Hey if we untie those ropes holding him up, do you think he can escape?" Harry after this was said gave both Coby and Luffy a fanged grin, that just screamed pure mischief, before happily chirping out; mainly just to creep Coby out.

"Yeah, that's about what would happen." As he said this Harry he ignored, and perhaps enjoyed a little, the screaming of Coby's. As he shouted at the two of them not to say such stupid things, obviously terrified of what would happen if Zoro did escape. Harry also tuned out the response Luffy gave Coby in return. Not because he didn't care, but because he could tell that Zoro was looking right at them and Harry instincts told him something serious was about to happen. This was proven to be true when Zoro called out.

"Hey, to the idiots currently gapping at me." Causing both Luffy, and Coby, to stop arguing and look at him. Seeing this, and knowing he now had their attention, Zoro continued.

"You're bothering me…get lost." Harry hearing this, and knowing it wasn't directed at him seeing as from his position Zoro couldn't see him, felt the urge to laugh build up in him; an urge that got even bigger as he watched Coby's panicked reaction and Luffy's nonchalant one. He was so amused by this and trying to keep the urge to laugh madly away, that he almost didn't notice as a small ladder appeared beside them; almost.

He, along with the other, then watched a bit wide eyed as a small girl, who looked no older than six or maybe seven at the oldest, climbed up the ladder and shushed both Coby and Luffy. Something that once again caused Harry to bite his lip, in a desperate attempt to stop himself from chuckling; he knew being around Luffy was going to be entertaining but he had no idea it would be this entertaining this soon.

Harry then watched, with a bit of worry in his eyes, as the girl, who had climbed up the ladder, threw a rope down the Marine wall. One she used to  climb down the other side of the wall; in a rather quick fashion. Before immediately heading towards Zoro.

 As he watched this, doing his best to tune out Coby near hysterical screaming, Harry saw that the girl wasn't the least bit scared, nor did Zoro look like he wanted to hurt her. Curious as to what was going on, ang getting the feeling that he would get some answers to why everyone outside was reacting the way they had been Harry removed the Bandana. Not to mention also called back out his tails; both so he could hear what was going on better and because he got the gut feeling he would have needed them both real soon.

And if there was one thing Harry had learned over the years, it was to listen to his gut feelings. After all, they saved his life on several different occasions in the past and had never led him wrong before. The fact that said instincts had only gotten stronger after he had eaten the devil fruit he had and seemed to almost be able to predict things happening a bit before they actual did happen, made Harry only listen to them more.

 As he did this, Harry begin to hear the conversation between the two down below him and as he did Harry had to fight back a small smile. It seemed the little girl was worried that Zoro was hungry and had decided to make him some rice balls. A smile that quickly died before it could really make itself at home on his face as the conversation continued this time with Zoro warning the girl away.

"You're going to be killed. Shorty, go way." But it seemed that the girl didn't want to listen, or perhaps wasn't listening as she untied what she had been carrying and told Zoro.

"You haven't eaten anything though…Here this is my first time making them and I made them with all my heart!" Harry could tell that this affected Zoro but at the same time he could tell that Zoro was trying not to let it show. Knowing this Harry narrowed his eyes slightly in concentration, trying to figure out why things were playing out the way they were, as Zoro continued to try to get the girl to leave.

"You're annoying! Hurry up and go home already!"


"I don't want any of your rice balls. Now leave, don't make me hurt you!" Harry hearing this and hearing the small plea hidden in Zoro's voice as he said all of this. Felt his eyes narrow even more, as he began to once again wonder just what was happening and why Zoro was reacting the way he was. There had to be a reason why his scent, looks and tone didn't match just what he was saying.

That is when he heard it, footsteps making their way toward where Zoro and the little girl where. Hearing this, Harry turned his head to the right, just in time to see the metal gates, that were off on the side, open; letting in three different people. After this happened Harry heard what he swore up and down was the most nerve grating voice he heard yet, practically whine out.

"You shouldn't be bullying kids like that Zoro." And while Harry agreed, at least partially, with what was being said. He really didn't like the tone it was being said in. It just rubbed him the wrong way, so he continued listening in, knowing that there was going to be more, and that he really wasn't going to like it.

"Looks like you're still way too energetic, Roronoa Zoro." This was said by the man in the middle, the one who owned the ear grating voice that had spoken before, and one of the most strange looking man Harry had seen yet.

With blond hair cut similar to what Harry assumed was a bowl cut, a rather ridiculous looking purple and pink outfit, along with a face that looked, well how Harry always assumed a weak-willed daddy's boy's face would always look like. And for some strange reason unknown to Harry he had the strange urge to call the man a ferret, why he had no idea. Beside him Harry heard Luffy mutter.

"And yet another weird guy appears... wonder what's going to happen now" Which was something Harry found himself readily agreeing with; even if he didn't voice it aloud. Though Harry did find himself, once again rolling his eyes and biting his lips so he didn't spit out a sarcastic retort, about how the world wasn't black and white, when he heard Coby hoarsely whisper out.

"Thank goodness, the Marines are here. I'm sure that, that little girl will be fine now." Harry felt like he did when, he thought about Coby's black and white view of the world, when he heard Coby say this.

Mainly because he knew, his instincts screamed it out to him, that Zoro wasn't going to hurt the little girl in front of him, and he was about to tell Coby just this, with some less than polite words thrown in, when he saw the glint in Daddy boy's eyes.

Seeing this, Harry quickly turned back to the scene down below him and ignored Coby. Once he did, Harry would later swear that he saw red as he took in the scene in front of him. As daddy's boy looked down at the girl, who was now almost cowering in front of Zoro, before in a sickeningly sweet voice telling her.

"Hey, those rice balls look pretty good." Before snatching one from the little girl making her cry out in denial and try to get the rice ball back from Daddy's boy. Seeing this, Harry almost jumped down and had to actually be held back from doing so by Luffy; surprising since it was usually the other way around with Harry holding Luffy back from doing something he shouldn't.

Though Harry did quickly stop struggling against Luffy's hold, if only so that he could go down there and separate Daddy boy's head from his shoulder, when said daddy boy's face scrunched up in disgust as he screamed out.

"It's full of sugar! That Disgusting! Rice Balls need salt! Salt!" hearing this Harry laughed slightly at Daddy's boy's plight and thought quietly to himself ' that what you deserve you bastard!' Though this laughter was instantly cut off as the scene in front of him continued to play out.

As daddy's boy smacked the remaining rice ball from the girl's hand and began to stomp on it right in front of her. As the girl sunk to her knees crying out for him to stop doing that. As the little girl began to cry, she had made the rice ball with all her heart. By then Harry swore he was seeing red once more, a red that got even deeper and darker, as Daddy's boy pulled out a sheet of paper from within his shirt and in a mocking tone told the little girl.

"Haven't you read the poster yet? It says, 'Anyone who helps this criminal, or any criminal that this base is holding, will be executed along with the criminal they were trying to assist. Signed Marine captain Morgan, hehehe Brat, you know who my father is right?" After saying this the Daddy's boy gave smug smirk to the now trembling girl before turning to face one of the marine guards that were on the side of him.

Seeing this, well more like hearing all of this, Harry felt himself started to tremble slightly. Though not in fear like the little girl was currently doing, no he was trembling in pure rage. In fact, he was so angry he nearly didn't hear Luffy and Coby's conversation about daddy's boy being the Marine captain's son; despite the fact they were right beside him.

Seconds later Harry had to literal fight himself to stay in the place he was in, and this was with Coby and Luffy holding him back, as he heard daddy's boy, in the same infuriating smug tone that he had been speaking in the entire time, tell one of the Marines beside him.

"Hey, toss this brat out!" Hearing this but knowing he wasn't able, or more like couldn't at the moment, jump down there and beat some sense in to Daddy's boy, Harry settled for growling a low but none the less hair rising growl at the Marines down below him. A growl that got worse when Daddy's boy, seeing that the Marines he was speaking to was reluctant to do what he said, grabbed said marine and angrily shouted out at him.

"I'm telling you to toss her outside! Are you disobeying my orders? I'll tell my father and then YOU'LL have to deal with HIM!" This last bit seemed to scare the Marine into doing what he was told because, much to Harry fury, the Marine barked out that he would do it right away.

Before going over and lifting the girl up, whispering softly that he was sorry he had to hurt her as he did so and that it would be best if she tucked and rolled so the damage wouldn't be that bad; which really did nothing to calm Harry's growing rage.

Rage that nearly exploded out of him when he heard the girl scream and suddenly go flying over the wall they were on. Seeing this Harry leaped of the wall attempting to catch her, and he did catch her, but at the same time he also caught Luffy who had also dived off the wall to save the little girl as well.

Harry felt himself smile slightly at this, especially as he took in then the grin on Luffy's face, as the little girl thanked both of them for rescuing her. Hearing this, Harry couldn't help but smile at the little girl in his arms.

A smile that got a bit bigger, as well as a bit more mischievous, as he saw her staring, with wide eyes, at both his ears and tails. Seeing this, he slowly bent down, so he was eye level with her and, wanting her to calm down and be able to help her get over the ordeal she had just been through faster, asked he in his friendliest tone.

"You want to pet them? I promise you they're really as soft as they look; softer even." waving his tails slightly as he did so, smiling slightly as the little girl's eyes zeroed in on them.

This question, as well as the actions after said question, earned Harry an exited squeal, which caused his ear to go down slightly, to Luffy and Coby amusement, before the little girl all but pounced on his tails; really eager to pet them.

As the girl was petting his tails, Harry's ears perked up as he continued to listen in on the conversation that was currently going on behind the marine walls. As he did this Harry could feel his eyes widening just slightly as he took in all the information, he was able to hear.

After listening to everything that he wanted to at the moment Harry turned to inform Luffy of everything he had just learnt. Only for his eyes to once again begin to twitch as he noticed that Luffy was no longer beside him like he had been just a minute ago. In fact, if Harry's ears weren't playing tricks on him, Luffy was currently over the wall talking to Zoro.

Realizing this Harry began to stand up to go over the wall with Luffy, hopefully before he said anything really stupid. But before Harry could do that, he had to get the little girl to let go of his tails; and stop her from petting him. Something she didn't seem all too keen on doing. Harry realizing this, but knowing away around that, turned to said girl and, with a smile clear on his face, told her.

"Can you let go of my tails for a bit? I promise later you can pet them as much as you like, but right now I really need to get over the wall my friend just went over. Before he does anything really….um…dangerous." The little girl, much to Harry relief because he really didn't want to hurt her feeling, seemed to understand because she quickly let go of Harry's tails. Feeling this Harry wasted no time in getting over the Marine wall; arriving beside Luffy just in time to hear Zoro ask Luffy.

"Can you get me that?" While pointing, best he could, toward the stomped-on rice ball the little girl had made him. Seeing this and get a feeling just what Zoro was going to do Harry felt his eyes widen and soften a bit. Only to develop a twitch all over again, something Harry swore he would get checked as soon as he could because he was happening way too often, when Luffy asked Zoro.

"Are you really going to eat this now? It is more of a dirt ball than anything else." Hearing this Harry almost felt like joining Zoro when he shouted out.

"Shut up and just give it to me!" Harry then watched as Luffy feed Zoro the rice ball and as Zoro choked the rice ball down. Before telling Luffy thanks and to tell the little girl from before that it was delicious. Harry hearing this smirked light to himself and then looked a Luffy who was also smiling. Giving Harry the feeling that Luffy also knew what Zoro was doing from the begin, but he just wanted to play with him for a bit.

Later after they had left the Marine base, and after they were able to take the little girl that was now with them back to her home, Harry listened with, half lidded eyes, as Luffy told the little girl that Zoro had eaten her rice ball.

Not only that but he had also loved every last bit of it. This bit of information really seemed to make said little girl happy, if her exited cry of really and tightening of her grip on Harry's tail, something that made Harry wince slightly seeing how sensitive his tails were, meant anything. The happy scene though was cut short when Coby somber voice asked from behind them.

"Is Zoro really an evil guy, like the Marine around here are saying?" This question got Coby a glare from Harry. Who still didn't like Coby all that much for reasons he really couldn't explain, even to himself; though he knew at least some of it came from the fact he stubbornly held onto his black and white view of the world.

A raised eyebrow, as well as a full-face grin, from Luffy, and a very passionate No from the little girl they had rescued. Who actually surprised Harry a bit with the passion behind her tone as she told Coby this; at least until she started to explain why she had reacted the way she did.

"Well, he's in jail because of us. Everything is Helmeppote's fault!" Harry Luffy and Coby all listen on as she told her tell, and by doing this they found a lot of information. Information that Harry was carefully storing with all the other information he had gained since he had gotten there.

The first being that daddy's boy's name was Helmeppote and that the name daddy's boy really fit him more than even his own name did; making Harry determined to only call him that. The second being that Helmeppote was a world class jerk who had attacked the village with his pet wolf and that the little girl in front of them, who Harry was close to adoring, had hit the wolf with a broom trying to get it to go away.

Next they found out that Zoro was being imprisoned because he had knocked out the wolf when it tried to attack the little girl in return for hit it, and then had punched Helmeppote, much to Harry great delight, when the moron tried to attack him.

Finally, they found out the only reason why Zoro was being held captive like he was, was because he had made a deal with Helmeppote so that the people in the dinner he had been in wouldn't be executed. The deal was that he would go to jail instead of them. He would go to jail for one month, if he survived, then he would be set free. Harry hearing how Zoro dropped his sword and agreed to this agreement, despite the fact he couldn't have easily escaped from it all, felt the respect he already had for Zoro skyrocket.

A sudden crashing sound from the building behind them cut them all from their thoughts and stopped them before they could ask the girl anymore questions. Something Harry really wanted to do because he already had a pretty clear picture of what was going on and what he knew really didn't look all that pleasant. This loud crashing sound instead caused them all too quickly hop up from where they were sitting and run inside said building; to see what was going on.

What they saw made the earlier rage Harry was feeling, and that has since been slowly fading, return full force. Because there in front of them feet kicked up on the table, and in a fruit bowl, sitting as if he was a king of some sort was Helmeppote; aka Daddy's boy. Demanding to eat for free and calling out for some alcohol in the same breath. But then he heard something that completely set him off, and he could tell it was the same for Luffy as well. What was said was.

"I've grown tired of waiting, I'm really bored. So, I have decided that I am going to execute Zoro tomorrow. So, I'll have something to look forward to." As soon as these words left daddy's boy's lips both Harry and Luffy rushed forward.

Luffy punched him as hard as he could, causing him to slam into the nearby wall. Where Harry picked him up with his wires, careful not to get his filthy blood on his precious wires as he did so and threw him in to the opposite wall; causing an indention in said wall with the force of the throw as he did so.

Harry watched with cold eyes as the Marine who had been beside daddy's boy rushed over to check if said man was okay. Eyes that got even colder as Helmeppote asked both Luffy and Harry; in again the most irritating voice Harry has heard yet.

"Wh…who they hell are you two!?" Harry hearing this was about to hit him again only to stop as Coby grabbed both him and Luffy's arms, attempting to hold both of them back.  Something, which he failed miserably at and would have gone flying if either Luffy or Harry had put up a fight to get away from him. Which luckily for him they didn't do; though Harry was seriously tempted to do so.

"Luffy-san, Harry-san stop!" But it seemed both Harry and Luffy had something to say about this. Even if they were no longer attempting to get to Helmeppote. Harry having secretly decided to take him out later in one of his alternate forms, when no one was watching; most likely one of his fox forms to make it just that much more terrifying for the daddy's boy.

"He's trash!"

"The little Daddy's boy has been asking for it all day!" But it seemed Helmeppote didn't hear them, or the promise of more violence in Harry's voice, because all he did was stutter out.

"You! You both hit me! I'm Captain Morgan son!" This earned his a who cares, and an ask me if I really care daddy's boy, from the two enraged teens in front of him. Which again seemed to be something that Helmeppote didn't seem to pay any attention to as he instead continued to talk.

"I'll tell my father and have you both executed!" This again got two different replies. Luffy asked him,

"Why don't you do something about it yourself?!" While Harry rolled his eyes and mutter quietly, almost to himself.

"You know you are just proving my point you really are a daddy's boy. Bet you could even wipe your own ass without him there holding you hand to help." All the while the both of them were ignore the frantic Coby behind them.

Who just so happened to be attempting to drag the both of them out of the restaurant; while all the while telling them, they didn't want to make enemies with the Marines. Causing Harry to turn around to face Coby and all but snap out.

"Coby, we are going to be pirates anyway. We going to make enemies with the Marines sooner or later, and right now I honestly don't care if it is sooner!" Harry was going to say more, and most likely would have gotten a little more the just slightly insulting but was interrupted by Luffy before he could.

"I've decided Harry, Cony! I will have Zoro join our crew!" This caused Harry to grin to himself and for a gleam of anticipation to grow in his eyes, because Harry had a good idea just what Luffy was planning. A planning he knew if he was right, he would be most eager to go along with.

Harry felt a bit of smug satiation when he realized he was right about knowing what Luffy was planning and was currently fallowing behind Luffy as he put said plan in to action. With Harry adding a little bit here and there to make sure it went through smoother that it would have otherwise.

Though even as he did this Harry found himself, almost absentmindedly, wondering if knowing how Luffy's mind worked, so there for his thought process went, was a good thing or a bad thing. Harry contemplated this, as he climbed back over the marine wall that he had been on top of not that long ago and headed towards where Zoro was being held.

Luffy right at his side, or he was right at Luffy's side, as he did so. As they reach where Zoro was, Zoro seemed to snap out of something, which Harry thought looked to be deep thought, before speaking to Luffy; ignoring Harry for the time being.

"You again? You have way too much free time." Harry hearing this couldn't help but snort lightly, having thought the same thing multiple times in the past, a snort that turned into an almost choked sounding cough as he heard Luffy next, really blunt, statement; really Harry should have been ready for it.

"I'm going to untie those ropes of yours and you're going to join my crew." Hearing this Harry once again found himself completely agreeing with Zoro as he spoke; something that Harry once again got the feeling would be happening a lot in the future.

"What did you say!?" Though once Luffy starting to answer Zoro's question Harry found himself trying to hide a blush as he began to look heavenwards. Wondering, quietly to himself, why he had agreed to join a crew with such a blunt captain; even if said captain was his first and best friend. Even if he did consider the captain a brother in all but blood to him.

"I'm looking for people, like you, to join my pirate crew. Right now, it is Just Me and Harry." Hearing this and seeing Zoro look at him Harry gave a small almost bored looking wave. Waiting for Zoro's response to what was being said. Once he got it, Harry could honestly say he wasn't all too surprised at said response.

"I refuse! I'm a pirate hunter not a pirate…" Though even if he wasn't too surprised, Harry still felt a bit of anger at Zoro causal dismissal of Luffy's request, as well as the disgust he could see in in Zoro's eyes as he looked at them. But that anger soon went away, as it usually did, as Luffy once more began to speak.

"What's wrong with being a Pirate?" hearing this Harry turned to Zoro waiting for his response. He didn't wait long because as soon as he heard what Luffy had said Zoro spat out.

"Pirates are scum. Who would want to be one?!" Not insulted in the least bit, not let down at all, Luffy answered Zoro; a smile shining on his face while he did so.

"Does it matter what other think. Rather they think its evil or not. After all you're known as an evil Pirate hunter….how that worse than a pirate?"

"I don't care what society says, or what they think of me. I've never regretted doing anything that I have done, I doubt I ever will. Because in the end I will survive, and I will do so by doing what I want to do. Something that doesn't include becoming a pirate."

Harry at hearing this last statement from Zoro winced slightly knowing what was coming up and feeling a bit of regret about knowing what he did; as well as a good deal of amusement seeing as Luffy's pure stubbornness had been used against him on several occasions.

"Is that so…. But I've already decided that you will be my comrade" Hearing this Harry nearly face faulted and before he could even think about stopping himself Harry found himself going up and hitting Luffy in the head. As Harry did this both him and Zoro shouted out; in almost unison.

"YOU CAN'T DECIDED THAT BY YOURSELF!" But Luffy seemed to ignore what both of them were saying, as well as the tone it was said in, as he continued talking.

"You use a sword, right?"

"Yeah, but that stupid son of a…Marine took them from me." Hearing this Luffy smiled, a very familiar smile to Harry, who had to hide a small wince for the swords man in front of him as he continued to listen in as Luffy told Zoro.

"Then I'll go get it for you…so that when I return you sword, you'll join my crew." After saying this Luffy ran off to get Zoro sword; ignoring all protest, and deadpan looks, he was getting as he did so.

Seeing this, Harry sighed to himself, before rubbed the bridge of his nose. Once he did this Harry went over to untie Zoro; knowing from experience that it wasn't comfortable to be tied up for so long. Once he reached Zoro, Zoro turned to him and all but snarled out at Harry.

"Aren't you going to go after him? Stop him?!" Hearing this, Harry looked at the tiny dot that was Luffy before responding; his face never really leaving the deadpan expression it had taken when Luffy had first taken off.

"Whatever Luffy has planned, at the moment he will do better at it on it on his own; which is why he ran off so quickly. All I can do right now is untying you and then try to get some answers to some of your questions." Hearing this Zoro looked up at Harry before saying; his tone sounding as stubborn as Luffy's did on occasions.

"Don't untie me yet, my time’s not up and I am going to finish this… but answer me this, what is with the tails and ears you have? Do you have some cross-play fantasy or something? Also, I heard you growling, well I'm assuming it was you because I know it wasn't the others, what had you growling in the first place? And what is with that Guy, how did he stretch so far and why doesn't he seem to take no for an answer?!"

"Um okay, fist not cross playing; don't ever say it is again. I am a kitsune, I ate the Kitsune kitsune fruit which is why I have tails and ear. I can recall them if I want to, but truthfully, I have been in a rush lately and haven' the time to do so; plus it is more comfortable this way anyway.” Here Harry took a pause and took a breath before continuing on in a much more serious tone.

“Not only that but I hear a lot more than you would think due to these ears. Yes, it was me growling, and I was because of Daddy's boy…or as you know him Helmeppote hurt a child. Let me make this clear to you Zoro, Never. Hurt. A . Child. In. front . Of . A Kitsune... For your own health, as well as sanity, just never do it. As for Luffy….well he never really took no for an answer before and I doubt he will, Now let's get you untied."

 As Harry said this, he kneeled down to start untying Zoro, ignoring the fact that Zoro has said not to, and found himself joined by Coby. Seeing this Harry blinked slightly before simply telling Coby hi and went back to untying Zoro. Yet, for some reason, it seemed that Zoro didn't want them to do this because he started to talk to Coby; his voice sounding a bit angry as he did so.

"If you do that you'll be killed! Plus, I can finish this I don't need you to untie me!" But it seemed Coby had made up his mind and was showing more backbone the Harry knew he had, because instead of stopping, like Harry half expected him to, he just started to work faster. All the while telling both Harry and Zoro.

"I can't stand here and watch these Marines anymore there not like what I want to be; not in the least bit. I want to be a good marine, to help people, not cower behind them because of some captain!" But it seemed Zoro still had some fight in him, and was determined not to be untied, because he barked out at both Harry and Coby.

"Stop. I can't run away I only have 10 more days left and my deal will be done! I'm not leaving until then" Hearing this Harry blink and continued to work on untying Zoro's legs. Knowing that Coby would inform him of what was actually happening.

"No, you won't, if you stay here you will be executed tomorrow." Hearing this, Zoro let out a stunned sounding what; which prompted Harry to answer him this time.

"The little daddy's boy was never really was going to carry out the promise he made with you; he never has any honor to lose in the first place. Which is what caused me and Luffy to lose are tempers and punch said daddy's boy to begin with….though I really didn't hit him more like slammed him into a wall face first; which I am sure is an improvement anyway."

After saying this Harry went back to untying Zoro's legs ignoring the conversation that was currently going on above him; trying to give them at least the smallest amount privacy he could. Harry had just finished untying Zoro's legs when two voices spoke up from behind them. Causing Harry to curse himself for not noticing them sooner, and for not keeping an ear out on his surroundings like he normal did.

"Hold it right there!" Hearing this all three of the people in the courtyard turned to face where the voice had come from, and once they did this, they saw that they were surrounded by Marines. Not only that, but there was a larger man, with an axe for a hand, which was coming toward them; all the while speaking like he was above them in some way.

"What the three of you are doing is considered treason. Treason that you have commented against me! Because of this, you three will be executed right here and now." Hearing this Coby gapped slightly, Zoro raised an eyebrow looking almost managing to apathetic as he did so, while Harry simply pushed out the wires in his gloves and started to prepare to fight for his right to live. As well as getting ready to get some much-needed aggravation that had been building up out; there was nothing like taking some well-earned aggression out on idiots that were asking for it.

Harry tensed slightly, making it so he was ready to spring forward at any given second, as all the Marines took aim at them. He was ready to stared swinging his wires around to form a razor like shield in front of them all, slicing through all the bullets that would be fired at them, but before he could do this Harry heard a crashing sound from above them and saw a tan and red blur dive in front of them just as all the Marines guns went off.

Seeing this blur and knowing who it was Harry let loose a small sigh of relief, as well as disappointment at missing another fight; inwardly grumbling about having claimed this fight. Before grinning as the bullets that had been fired at Luffy, who was the red and tanned blur, bounced back at those who had fired them.

The look on people's faces as when something like that happened had always been a source of amusement to Harry over the years. Even though the first time he had seen it happened he had gone total mother hen on Luffy; something he still got teased about even now years later.

Seeing this and not wanting to be left out of the fight again Harry threw himself forward at the Marines; listening with a perked-up fox like ear as Zoro explained to Luffy that he used a three sword fighting style as he did so. That was interesting and something he would really like to spare against at a later point.

But it was by listening to this and keeping out an ear for any other information that might be interesting, that Harry was able to hear something that stopped him from charging forward to fight; despite how much he wanted to.

Something that was coming from behind him. It seemed both Coby and Luffy were having a bit of trouble getting Zoro free. Seeing this Harry felt a sweat drop form on the back of his head before he whipped one of his wires towards the three and cut through the ropes still holding Zoro. Once he did this Harry turned his attention back to the now charging marines; sadistic grin clearing in place on his face as he did so. Now he could fight like his blood was demanding he did.

Harry wasn't sure about the others but he sure as hell was having the time of his life slicing and knocking out the, now very few, Marines in front of him. As he picked up and slammed down, knocking him clean out, the last Marine around him Harry turned to see how the others were doing. As well as hoping to find a couple more opponents to fight against.

Only to pout slightly when he found out that Luffy was already punching a defeat Marine captain repeatedly and even worst the rest of the Marines, which were still standing, were too afraid of them to want to fight. That is when Harry heard a voice that he really was starting to loath, and one he was still plotting against. It was Daddy's little boy voice.

"Wait, straw hat, look at this!" but Luffy seemed to ignore him, though Harry found that he couldn't, and what he saw once he did turn around had his eyes going red; literally. Because there with a gun at his head, by the man Harry hated more than the Marine captain Luffy had just knocked out, was Coby.

Seeing this, and knowing he had to deal with it before it got to out of hand Harry decided to use a bit of his first element, the one he had gained years ago and had the most training with, to deal with Helmeppote. That in mind Harry called up the wind, his first and still favorite element, and used it to slice the gun in Helmeppote hand clear in to two.

Helmeppote seeing this and seeing the glare of pure death in Harry's eyes, was about to take off running. Only to find out that he couldn't because he was in the grip of a red eyed Harry. Who then went a show Zoro just what he had meant when he had said to never harm a child in front of a Kitsune.

But it seemed all what he had done, and was still doing, attracted Luffy attention from the Marine captain he had been dealing with. Because Harry could now see said Marine captain was trying to sneak up on Luffy and slice him down the middle with his axe. Only to find out he couldn't because Zoro had appeared behind him and had sliced him clean in two. Luffy sensing this and looking at what Harry was still doing could only smile and call out.

"Nice!" After this was said Zoro grinned up at Luffy and told him.

"It was no problem, captain" Harry hearing this looked up from his work and agreed on what Zoro had said; before going back to work.

"Nope no problem at all." It took Harry another minute or two but soon he was done teaching Helmeppote why you should hurt children, or go back on deals, before he walked off; leaving an agonized but alive man lying on the ground behind him as he did so.

Once he reached both Zoro's and Luffy side Harry turned towards the rest of the Marines, waited for their reactions, and ready to fight if he needed to. After he did this Harry could honestly say he was a bit surprised when they all started celebrating their captions defeat.

 Though that confusion quickly turned to worry when Zoro, their new crewmember, suddenly fell to the ground with no warning. Seeing this Coby, who Harry was reluctantly starting to like a bit, called out.

"What's the matter Zoro-san! Where you injured? Did one of those guys somehow get a lucky hit it? WHERE YOU POSIONED IN SOME WAY!" Hearing all of these questions, and feeling a bit worried himself, Harry began to take a closer look at Zoro; trying to see if he did have any injuries. Only to nearly fall flat on his face when Zoro mutter out.

"I'm soooo Hungry." Though even if he did almost fall on his face, Harry could easily understand why Zoro would be hungry. Harry himself had dealt with something like that before, when he had been much younger, and before he had found himself with Luffy. So, with that in mind Harry decided to help Zoro up, before headed toward the restaurant they had been at earlier; and eager Luffy following quickly behind them as he did do.

Thirty minutes later Harry was left staring in complete shock at all the empty plate in front of him. Though he knew he shouldn't be as surprised as he currently was, because he had seen Luffy eat before, numerous times in fact, and Zoro hadn't eaten anything in nearly a whole month so he was bound to be hungry. But still he never really expected either of them to be able to put away this much food, that quickly.

Seeing it all the empty plates in front of him, and falling to the sides of him, Harry couldn't help but be really grateful that they were getting it all for free. Or Harry wasn't sure he would be able to pay for it all; because currently he in no way carried enough to pay for it all. At least not right now he didn't.

At the same time, Harry wasn't sure if he should feel sorry for the owners of this place or not. They were, after all going to losing a lot of there…resources feeding both Zoro and Luffy like they currently where; perhaps he should stop them? Make sure the two of them didn't eat the generous family out of house and home? Should or shouldn't he was the question.

It took them a while, because in the end Harry decided to let both Luffy and Zoro get their fill because hey a free meal was a free meal. Not to mention, honestly he really didn't have the money to pay elsewhere for the two to get the fill. But soon they were all done eating… well, at least everyone but Luffy was, and now Zoro was beginning to ask some question. Ones that Harry was both, wasn't looking forward to answering and looking forward to answering at the same time. Both for the same reason; Zoro's reactions.

"How many crew members do you have now? I remember you saying something about you two looking for crew members. I mean if you plan on being the pirate king like you say you are, you probably have a pretty big crew already, right?" Hearing this Harry groaned and blushed slightly while Luffy just said; as if talking about something as unimportant a sunny day from a month ago.

"Nope just you and Harry." It seemed that this really wasn't the reply Zoro was expecting, not in the least bit, because he stuttered out a weak, just us three, causing Luffy to give him a large grin and happily reply.

"Yep, just us three." This of course didn't go over that well with Zoro; though Harry who was currently choking on his laughter in the background found it all rather brilliant.

"How can we be pirates with just the three of us!?" But Zoro tone, nor what he was saying, seemed to affect Luffy any. It didn't even really affect Harry mainly because he knew things would get better soon. So, he didn't say anything, or offer Zoro any sympathy, when Luffy just nonchalantly told him.

"What does it matter we're strong." In fact, Harry found himself laughing once again when Zoro asked Luffy about their ship and Luffy pointed with his fork to the tiny boat they had come to the island on. Which turned in to a full out rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach, belly laugh when Zoro muttered something he had found himself wondering a time or two himself.

"Am I really following this guy?"

Sadly, it seemed though that their time to enjoy themselves had come to an end. Because the Marines from the base where back and trying to make them leave. Seeing this Harry got ready to fight before catching sight of Luffy's eyes.

Once he did this Harry rolled his eyes and headed to the boat. Knowing that with whatever Luffy had planned that they would be leaving sooner or later; most likely sooner knowing Luffy as well as he did. As he reached the boat and heard Luffy's laughter heading toward him Harry could help but ask a question similar to the one Zoro had asked himself not even five minutes ago.

"Why am I following Luffy again?"


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Mask of the sea Chapter nine

Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer-  I do Not own Harry Potter or One piece, nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter nine

Zoro, Luffy, and Harry had been sailing a crossed the open ocean for a couple of days now and Harry was seriously close to just throwing Luffy overboard; despite the fact he knew Luffy in no way could swim. Zoro would most likely dive in and save him afterward anyway….maybe. And most likely would thank Harry for the opportunity once he did it, as it would give them both a reprieve from Luffy for a bit. Even if Harry most likely would feel rather guilty about doing it later; possibly.

The main reason for this, being the fact that not a single one of the knew how to navigate effectively, meaning they were currently hopelessly lost. To top it off and make an already highly irritating mind-numbing boring thing even worse, Luffy had not shut up about starving to death for the last couple of hours.

Which was why Harry wanted to throw him overboard so badly. Even if he knew he would never actually do so, it didn't stop him from thinking about from time to time when Luffy's voice would reach just the right pitch in his complaining The pitch that would have his ears pin down and his growing headache throb in pain.

Suddenly Harry was torn away from his thoughts of how to successfully manage to throw Luffy overboard, and how to talk Zoro in to helping to do so; as well convince him to jump in the water after Luffy once it was done. When Luffy pointed up toward the sky and excitedly shouted out.

"Look a bird, FOOOOOOD!" before using his gum gum fruit abilities to stretch out and grab it before anyone could think of stopping him. Harry seeing this turned to Zoro, who had an equally deadpan expression on his face, before they both turned to watch as Luffy got small and smaller as he got further away; all the while the bird staying the same size. Letting the two in the boat know without actually seeing the real size of the bird, that it was much bigger than Luffy was; much bigger than either one of them had first thought it was.

Once Luffy was nearly out of sight, Harry sighed and closed his eyes briefly knowing that Luffy had once again got captured by a creature much larger than he was. All because of his stomach; yet again.

 Knowing this and knowing that yet again Luffy was going to somehow drag him in to whatever insanity he found by the time he reached him Harry grabbed the nearby oars. Before turning to face Zoro, just as he asked him; in a rather disbelieving emotionless tone.

"He isn't coming back down, is he?" Instead of answering him Harry handed off one of the oars he had and started paddling as hard as he could in the direction the 'bird' had taken Luffy off in; letting Zoro know without any words that no Luffy wasn't coming back down.

Zoro seeing this, did a now very familiar eye twitch and joined Harry in paddling at a high speed toward the island the bird was heading; making the little boat the two were in all but fly a crossed the ocean surface as they did so.

As the two were soaring over the water, and approaching the oncoming island at high speeds, they suddenly heard someone shouting for help. Hearing this, Harry looked around to see where it was coming from as Zoro keep on paddling so they would not loose site of the bird that still held their captain. Even as he did this, Harry swore he could hear Luffy screaming at the bird to put him down and let itself be eaten; something he could really see his brother doing.

By doing this, Harry was able to see what looked to be a pair of….clowns, yes clown looking men that seemed to be drowning. Problem was that they were right in the middle of their path and if they stopped the boat, they would most likely loose site of Luffy. Which would be a bad thing considering the trouble his brother could get himself into by just breathing.

So to solve this problem, as well as get rid of some of the frustration he was still feeling, Harry brought his wires up and before the drowning clowns could protest, or get away for that matter, Harry had them wrapped in his wires before slamming them, a little harder than was strictly necessary on the boat floor behind him.

Only to twitch and wonder if the half-downed clowns were mentally damaged in some way. When, while still wrapped up tightly in his sharp metal wires, the, now apparently, pirate clowns demanded.

"Stop and hand this boat over in the name of Buggy the clown; the greatest pirate in the eastern sea!" Hearing this demand and seeing that Zoro was incredible close to snapping flicked his wrist, and there for the wires that were still in use. Sending the idiots up in the sky and slamming them down hard before realizing them from his wires and letting Zoro have some fun.

Harry had to admit that the screams the supposed terrifying clown pirates let loose where surprisingly therapeutic; for both Zoro and him. At least now he no longer felt the urge to chuck his brother in the next large body of water he could find after finding him.

Unfortunately, while the two were doing this, and making sure that their boat wasn't stolen by some clown pirates, they had managed to lose the bird that had been carrying Luffy. This caused both Harry and Zoro to curse aloud before going back to rowing; moving at even faster speeds towards the island they had been heading to before.

Harry because he knew, Luffy would be neck deep in whatever trouble there was on the island already and Zoro because he didn't want to lose his captain so soon after finding him; it might look bad on him.


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Mask of the sea Chapter ten

Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so called family, and after finding out some Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer-This story is for all those One piece/ Harry Potter crossover writers out there who have gotten me addicted to one piece/Harry potter crossovers.

An- this includes parts of the old chapter ten, but it has a lot more added to it, making it a new chapter 10, or if you want to think of it as an old chapter ten with another chapter added into it. But whatever it is I have delated the old chapter 10 and replaced it with this one.

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Once both Harry and Zoro reached the island they had been heading to, while chasing the bird that had captured Luffy in the first place. Harry found himself almost wishing that he hadn't done so, or at least he was the moment he found his brother he was almost wishing this; well almost.

Instead he felt closing his eyes and cursing slightly he took in, with slight amusement, and a bit of headache induced wonder,  everything hat had happened since Luffy had gotten on the island he was on. And as he couldn’t help but wonder just how his brother got in the situations he did as quickly as he did. As even Harry knew his bizarre luck wasn’t as odd as Luffy’s could be at time; though in certain situations it had been right up there.

 Not to mention he also couldn’t help but wonder, how did he get dragged into it as much as he was? Was it because he followed Luffy like he was? And if so, would it get worse as more time went on? Something he felt was highly likely to happen and something he oddly enough was rather looking forward to; as at least with Luffy he could say he would never be bored.

Feeling a headache coming on, Harry decide to stop focusing on the direction his thoughts were going. And instead took in everything around him. Gathering the information, he knew he would need as he began to get ready for the fight he could feel building up in the air; causing his own battle lust to start to grow.

As he did this, what Harry noticed was his brother was in a small cage, grinning like no tomorrow; looking for all the world as if the cage he was in wasn’t bothering him in the least bit; something that Harry was sure was true as he had been in worse situations and had escaped from them rather easily.

Past that he saw that there was an orange haired girl standing not far behind Luffy, one who seemed to be doing he best to look confident; like the fact Luffy in the cage in front of her wasn’t bothering her. Something to Harry’s sharp eyes she really wasn’t doing too good at but seeing as the moment Harry could see she wasn’t the one he needed to keep an eye on Harry continued on with his observations.

Doing this caused Harry to see the one he felt was the cause of the headache inducing situation that was currently going on in front of him. As he caught sight of what looked like to be a blue haired clown staring smugly down at his caged brother. Seeing all of this and seeing the fact his brother was actually trying to chew his way out of the steel cage, Harry felt his eye twitch slightly. Before deciding enough was enough.

"Brother you have bitten through harder things then that when you were eating some of the things our 'dear' grandfather dared called food, you know you have to bit harder than that. And I swear if you don’t do it soon, I will make sure you have ‘lessons’ on escape planed in the future! Ones Grandpa would be proud of!" Seeing the looks that got him, Harry rolled his eyes and asked the question everyone else had expected him to ask to begin with; if only because he felt nothing else interesting would happen until he did so.

"And how did you get in that cage to begin with anyway?" This got Harry a large grin and an answer that only made the eye twitch in his eye get that much worse.

"I'm trying to help Nami here, she's going to be our new navigator!" Harry hearing this, and also hearing the venomous denials that the supposed new Navigator was give, looked over at the Nami.

Wondering just what was going on now, and why Luffy had decided to 'help' her in the first place. Or what was more likely, wondering how his hard-headed brother had been tricked by her to help her in the first place, and if there was a way, he could stop it from happening in the future. Because he knew his brother was going to get his way, one way or another, and this Nami was going to become their Navigator; of her own free will of course.

What he saw when he looked at her, was the orange haired teen age girl,  that he had passed over just a little while ago. One now that he was paying attention to her Harry could tell was around the same age as them. With a slim but athletic looking build. In fact, most would call the teen beautiful and Harry could certainly agree seeing as his Kitsune side seemed to perk up a bit at see her.

Then again that could be for more than one reason, if the looks Nami was give the gold off to the side of the clown captain meant anything; along with the strong cunning looking in her eyes.  As his kitsune side loved beauty, mischief, cunning and to a smaller degree gold.

Seeing all of this and getting a good read on her personality based on this Harry could see himself both getting along with her.  Along with budding heads constantly with her at the same time; most often likely due to Luffy in one way or another.

Knowing this and knowing he could or would have to deal with this all later, that he really wouldn't have a choice in that matter in dealing with her; or the future headaches he knew she was going to cause. Harry decided that for now, he would ignore Nami, or at least as much as he could at the moment. Even as he got the feeling, he wouldn’t be able to ignore  her much longer.

But first, Harry knew that they had to deal with the situation they were in now before dealing with anything else. Or at least he felt it would be better to deal with in now instead of having to deal with it later, as Harry felt if they did leave it to later it would only bite them in the ass. Most likely ending with one of them being injured in some way while they were at it.

That in mind, Harry turned away from the observation he was doing on Nami and turned back to his brother. Who had taken his advice and was currently biting harder on the cage he was in; managing to free himself as he did so.  

Making Harry pout slightly about the fact that he wouldn’t be able to give his brother his lessons on lock picking…though maybe he could still teach him how to do so; as you never know when it would be needed. Especially as a pirate, or as Luffy wanted to be the king of the pirates.

Seeing that Luffy had escaped, and hearing what his brother had to say the moment he was free Harry prepared himself for a fight. Even as he mentally told himself that biting through that really couldn’t be good for his teeth, and that could give him the excuse he needed to have not only Luffy but maybe even the rest of the crew learning how to escaped different things; including cages or ropes.

"HEY BIG NOSE." This call got all five of Harry's tails raised to prepare for the upcoming fight. All waving eagerly as he took a good look at the reaction Luffy's shout had gained…maybe he should let Luffy antagonize more people if this was the reaction it gained.

 It would make everything a little more interesting that way wouldn't it? It gets him more fights, right? As he thought this, and Harry could feel his kitsune’s bloodlust rising at the idea of a good fight.

Making a slight aura began to appear around him, and for his nails to grow even sharp as a hint of red began to appear in his eyes; he really wanted a good fight. He really hadn’t had an opportunity to go all out yet and was now really looking for one. After all it seemed lately Luffy had been getting all the good fights.

At the same time, it seemed that Luffy had picked the perfect insult to capture what Harry had figured out was Buggy the  Pirate, that those earlier clowns in the ocean had been using to threaten them with, attention. Mostly because of everyone’s reaction after Luffy had shouted out his insult. As all of Buggy’s crew went opened mouth in disbelieve, and as Nami, the woman Luffy wanted to be their future navigator, literally stuttered out.

“Y-you idiot don’t call him that.” Not to mention Harry could feel the anger coming off Buggy as he, grounded out.

“Whose got a big Nose” Before he went to attack his brother with a dagger, something Harry really wasn’t worried about, as even in sparing he was more of a threat to his brother than what Buggy was currently doing. Something that was proven when Luffy easily captured the dagger Buggy was using in his moth before telling said pirate.

“I’m going to beat you!” His grin clearly heard in his voice, along with his desire to fight. Hearing this, Harry felt a near matching grin slowly make its way onto his face. Yes, him and Luffy had seriously affect each other growing up. Then again how couldn’t they when they had to rely on each other several times to actual live through the childhood they had had under Garp’s hands.

Sadly, it seemed that Harry was the only one to take what Luffy said seriously as after dropping the knife he had been attempting to stab Luffy with Buggy, and the rest of his crew began to laugh. Buggy even began to mock what Luffy had just said.

“You, beat me, you’re a real riot there. You couldn’t do that even if you tried your hardest. You and your crew are all going to die here, and you’ll forever regret messing with Buggy the Pirate and his crew; even in the afterlife!”

As he said this Harry could hear the rest of his crew continuing to laugh, and he could even hear Nami asking herself if this was it, if it was all over. Harry hearing, and not like the fact both He and the rest of his crew was being underestimated. Not to mention, not wanting Nami to question them like that, not if she was truly going to be part of their crew like Luffy seemed to want to happen, decided to do something about it and blasted his killing intent at  Buggy’s crew.

 Just as he did this, Luffy began to laugh and tell Buggy that he refused to die, and that his crew could easily handle whatever Buggy threw at them. Something that Harry could see seemed to boost both Zoro and Nami’s confidence in what was going on. Nami more so than Zoro, as the man in question seemed to be rather angry at being underestimated himself.

While at the same time, the blast of killing intent that Harry had let out quickly effected the rest of the crew as they all stopped laughing and instead began to stare at Harry in horror. Taking note of the fact he now had fox ears, and five long flowing tails behind him; not to mention the fact his eyes now both seemed to be half red. All of which were things that marked him as not a normal human being.

Seeing all of this, Harry could now hear those staring at him whispering out in terror about what was he and crying out that he must have eaten a devils fruit as well. Not to mention questioning just how they were going to handle him if that was the case.

Hearing all of this and seeing that they all seemed to be looking at him wearily made Harry smirk, seeing that at least right now he seemed to be taken seriously. Or at least he was until he heard something one of the pirates said to the others; obviously trying to boost their mood.

“What a minute why should we be afraid of him he looks like a girl, and I bet he fights like one too!” Hearing this Harry felt his eye twitch both because the other seemed to have take this to heart and were mocking him again and because the fact he was being underestimated yet again. And this was despite the fact he wasn’t trying to be underestimated in the first place.

Who cared what he looked like, and what idiot underestimated someone just because of their gender? Hell, Harry knew from experience and from what Garp had taught him, that woman could easily be just as strong, if not stronger then men at times. Something these idiots didn’t seem to know or realize, and something Harry was plan on hammering into their head.

 Hell, maybe he could have  little fun while doing so, as he made the lesson in question stick in rather painful ways. That in mind, and wanting them to learn to really respect woman, or if not, that have a deep fear of them, Harry decided to use some of the skills he had recently gained with  his fifth tail.

 Which is to say, he began to shapeshift in to what he would have looked like as a woman. That is if he had actually been born one. It was time to show these so-called pirates how terrifying and enraged woman could actually be.

Not to mention just how distracting as well. Oh, the fun he would have beating this lesson into the moron’s head. Though as he was doing this, Harry noticed that Luffy seemed to now be taking Buggy a bit more serious and was trying to work with Zoro at the same time.  Seeing this and as he finished up shifting into his female form, Harry couldn’t help but wonder how things were going to play out now.

How the fight between Luffy and Buggy would turn out, how the fight between Zoro and the one he seemed to be challenging would turn out and more interestingly how loudly could he get the idiots currently gapping at him to scream out as he completely shattered the illusions they seemed to now have of him.