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What Color is it Today?

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"So what color is it today?" Jimin asked out of breath, seeming as if he ran all the way to their lunch table to just know the answer.

Jungkook looked up at his friend for a second before facing back down at his food, acting like didn't care. But in reality, the younger was actually trying to hide that blush on his cheeks and was even biting down on his straw to keep from smiling like an idiot.


Jimin raised his eyebrows in suprise, finally sitting himself down at the table after catching his breath.

"Hyung! He said it's pink today!" Jimin yelled out, suprising Jungkook and shushing him afterwards. Jungkook turned back towards where Jimin yelled and saw Hoseok giving him a thumbs up from where he waited at the lunch line, like a regular person does at lunch unlike Jimin.

After completing his mission of letting Hoseok know, Jimin turned his full attention back to the younger.

"So pink? Really? I don't think they've done pink before." Jimin commented, stealing a bite from Jungkook's sandwich. Before Jungkook could protest though, Jimin had already spoken up again.

"Hey hyung, what color is pink again?" Jimin asked Seokjin when Namjoon, Hoseok, and himself sat themselves down.

"It's like the best color ever." Seokjin first said (everyone rolled their eyes.) "But to make it easier, it's the color that usually signifies girls." Seokjin finished with a shrug. Jimin let out an "oh." before stealing some more food from the others.

It has been a while since Jimin and Jungkook have seen color. Everyone is gifted the ability to see color the moment they are born and on your fifth birthday is when you get to find out if you're born with a soulmate or not. If you wake up and see normally, you either have no soulmate or they're dead but if you are one of the lucky(?) people you wake up to see the world in just the color of your soulmates eyes. From their group of friends, they all but Hoseok had awaken to see their world in brown on their fifth birthday, it being the common eye color.

Seokjin and Namjoon were fortunate enough to find each other when Namjoon moved highschools two years ago. The two remember how shocked they were the first time they laid eyes on each other and all of their surroundings suddenly turned into color.

Jungkook was poking his food, remembering the story of the two, when he realized Namjoon was speaking to him.

"Wait. Did your soulmate choose pink today?" Namjoon asked him. Jungkook looked up for a second before shyly giving a nod.

"This is so unfair hyung. Why is Jungkookie's soulmate so romantic?" Jimin threw himself on top of Hoseok, groans muffled by the other's shoulder.

"Romantic? How do you get romantic?" Jungkook suddenly blurted out. Jimin sat up for a second, gave Jungkook a blank stare, before throwing himself again on Hoseok. It was muffled but everyone heard something along the lines of, "And he doesn't even appreciate it!"

"Oh young Kookie," Hoseok finally spoke up after having a good laugh at Jimin. Jungkook sent him a glare, "Don't you see? Your soulmate outsmarted fate's system thingy. He found out that maybe wearing color contact lenses could change your sight to the world. He doesn't even know if it works but he still tries to get new colors everyday for you just so you can see the world differently." Hoseok explained, letting out a little sigh at how indeed romantic it sounded.

"Yeah, and I've never even heard anything about color contact lenses in all the books I've read about soulmates. It's never been written in history." Namjoon commented next, inner nerd escaping a little.

"Are color lenses even cheap? They should have a whole collection of them by now." Seokjin said next, not helping Jungkook at all.

"Thank You guys so much for making me feel better that I made my soulmate broke." Jungkook mumbled, still picking his food.

"Hey I called your soulmate smart." Hoseok smiled before giving Jungkook a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder. Jungkook was back to smiling a little until Jimin spoke up again.

"Why can't my soulmate figure that out? I've been stuck with seeing the world brown forever." Jimin continued sulking, "I bet my soulmate's lazy." Jimin came to the conclusion.

Seokjin gave a light slap to the younger boy's shoulder, "Yah! How can you call your soulmate lazy just because he's a normal being."

Jimin shrugged but cracked a small smile, just imagining how his soulmate was and honestly not even caring if they were lazy.

Jungkook wasn't any different either, thinking of his own soulmate and what his friends said about them. He can't wait to meet them.

"Hey if your not going to eat that, let a starving person have it." Jimin mumbled before taking Jungkook's plate, where he had still been just poking it. Jungkook didn't do much protest since he didn't really care and instead just went back to daydreaming.


None of them really talked about soulmates since the last time at their lunch table. They didn't like to either way, knowing how depressed Hoseok would seem to get at just the mention of the topic. The most they did was ask their daily curios question to Jungkook which was, "What's today's color?"

That was about it and the next time they had a long talk about soulmates wasn't until a month later when Jimin called Jungkook.

And it was midnight.


Jungkook was so close to hanging up on his hyung. He was sleeping for god sakes and his bed was warm. It wasn't until he heard the next sentence what made his thumb freeze and heart skip a beat,


Jungkook, like any normal person, would have just said to call him back in the morning to talk about it but nope. Jimin was a HUGE exception. His best friend, the one who has been blabbering about one day meeting his soulmate since the day he even found out that he had one, met his soulmate.

Jungkook had to sneak out from his bedroom window to avoid his parents and even take his fake id (his friends made him get one) in case he had to go inside the club too.

Before he knew it, Jungkook was in front of the club and was thankful that his soulmate was somehow still awake with green contact lenses on, making Jungkook walk through the night very easy.

"Jungkookie!" The familiar voice made Jungkook spin around so fast.

He saw Jimin come his way and Jungkook gulped when he noticed he was dragging someone with him too.

"Yoongi hyung, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook, Min Yoongi, my soulmate." Jimin introduced each other, smiling so wide at the last part.

Jungkook was speeches with this 'Min Yoongi'. He looked bad ass with that leather jacket, green hair, which by the way contrasted well with his pale skin. Jungkook was even a little frightened with the intimidating look the other threw off (now being worried for Jimin a little since they looked like complete opposites) until the other gave a light smile, and said a small, "Hey. Nice to meet you."

Jungkook didn't even have time to give a proper greeting when Jimin appeared right in his face, cupping his face and examining almost every detail on him.

"Damn Jungkookie. You are way more handsome in color. And you're so pale." Jungkook immediately pushed Jimin away, never really liking at being touched. He also didn't enjoy that tiny speck of jealousy that appeared on Yoongi's face for a second.

"So, um, how'd you meet?" Jungkook finally asked his hyung, it had been clawing his mind ever since he found out Jimin found his soulmate. Jimin grinned widely at that.

"Well, Hoseok hyung brought me here because he said he was going to perform and I wanted to see. Then when he was done I wanted to go home since it was late but he forced me to stay because he said his friend was going to perform next. And since hyung is so loud, Yoongi hyung looked our way and we made eye contact. Then that's when the whole world turned into color." Jimin finished the story, looking love struck. Jungkook could tell Yoongi was smiling too but making it discreet by staring down at the floor.

"Are you going to stay Jungkook? Club doesn't end for a few hours." Yoongi offered. Jungkook looked unsure, since he had already sneaked out of his house to just come here, but Jimin was giving him a pleading look.

"Come on Jungkookie. I already called Namjoon and Seokjin hyung and their on their way. It'll be fun! Who knows, maybe you'll meet your soulmate too." Jimin eyed him with a knowing look. Jungkook sighed, knowing the soulmate thing was 1 in a million, but either way wanted to be a good friend to his hyung. Speaking of hyungs,

"Oh Jungkookie! You actually came!" Hoseok yelled over, walking toward their way.

"Yeah and getting the grounding of my life." Jungkook commented after Hoseok gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"Hey Hobi, where's Taehyung?" Yoongi suddenly spoke up, realizing Hoseok came empty handed.

"Oh he said he was going to go buy something I think. I don't know, but he's cool."

"Aish that kid. I swear if he gets drunk." Yoongi mumbled, taking his phone out and already calling the other.

"Oh you should meet Taehyung, Jungkookie! He's weird but cool." Jimin commented. Jungkook was going to nod, make some comment back, when his head suddenly felt dizzy. Jungkook had closed his eyes at the weird pain, when suddenly when he opened his eyes, the world was yellow.

"You okay Kook?" Hoseok asked first. Jungkook gave his hyung a nod, still trying to wrap his brain around on what just happened. Never in his life had he been awake when his soulmate would put on or change color lenses. It was a weird feeling.

Jungkook followed his hyungs into the club, hoping the speakers of the music blasting off could distract him a bit.

He decided to stick with Jimin for the time being since who knows where Hoseok had snuck off too again.

"Hey, something wrong?" Jungkook distracted himself by asking when Yoongi kept on frowning down at his phone.

"Hm? No its nothing. It's just, my friend Taehyung isn't answering his phone and him alone is- a dangerous place." Yoongi let out a small laugh, although Jungkook could still see the unsure look. He wanted to ask more about this Taehyung guy, wondering how much of a guy he was when another sharp pain went through his head.

"You sure you're alright?" Yoongi asked this time. After hearing Hoseok ask, the other knew this wasn't a normal thing.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine." Jungkook attempted to reassure again, before blinking his eyes back open.

"Woah." Jungkook let out a breath. Everything was bright blue now.

Jungkook saw the suspicious look Jimin was throwing at him. So before his hyung can say anything, he had excused himself to the restroom.

Now Jungkook had time to think (or panic) to himself on his way to the restroom.

What the hell is my soulmate even doing up at this time? Well, he could be in a different time zone or something. But still! Why is he trying on so many contact lenses right now, Jungkook thought, a lot of questions adding on top of that.

Jungkook barely even made it inside the restroom when another sharp pain stabbed his brain. He held onto the sink securely as he groaned at the pain. He was really hoping no one was hear witnessing at how weird he might look. But all the worrisome of being caught flew out the window when he looked up and stared at himself in the mirror.

Everything is fucking purple now, Jungkook thought to himself. Just saying, Jungkook liked the bright blue better.

Jungkook rushed out of the restroom after a few minutes, realizing he was taking too long, and just concluded to himself to deal with the pain for now.

Jungkook returned to Jimin and fortunately saw his Namjoon and Seokjin hyung. Jungkook gave a small smile as a greeting when his ears caught a part of Yoongi's conversation on the phone.

" -probably not even awake right now! You could have just gotten new colors tomorrow morning if you really had to, Taehyung. And I'm still saying it's a waste too because I'm pretty sure that's not how fate works!" Yoongi continued yelling into his phone. Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed at that because: 1)This Taehyung person was really something and 2) Colors? Fate?

Unfortunately though, Jungkook didn't get much to think about it because Seokjin was already talking him back towards their own conversation.

"So Jimin said you've been acting strange, Jungkookie." The elder addressed him. Jungkook gave a short glare towards Jimin before answering, "It's really nothing hyung. Just- a small headache." Jungkook mumbled. Technically, he wasn't completely lying.

Seokjin was giving him a suspicious look, very similar to Jimin now, before Namjoon decided to speak up.

"If it gets worse Seokjin and I can drive you home." He offered, but Jungkook didn't even have time to thank him before Seokjin interrupted him, "Hey, how did you even get here? Did you sneak out?" Jungkook rolled his eyes at his motherly hyung before another (unfortunately common now) stab of pain went through his head.

"See hyung! He's been doing that since he came!" Jimin pointed out, Jungkook being too busy to stop his tattle tale hyung.

Jungkook wasn't even the least bit suprised when he opened his eyes and everything was red now. At least it's not a bad color, Jungkook wordlessly thought to himself.

He knew he was about to receive a lecture from his hyungs, but was thankful when Yoongi came back after being done with his phone call.

"I swear, Taehyung is going to kill me one day." Yoongi mumbled.

"Is he on his way back?" Jimin asked. Although their meeting was short, Jimin really enjoyed Taehyung.

"Yep. I swear who goes to the store for lenses now?" Yoongi mumbled. Jungkook's mind reacted to that and he had to look over to his Seokjin and Namjoon hyung if they heard what Yoongi said but unfortunately the two were acting all in love right now to listen. So Jungkook flicked his head towards Jimin but Yoongi had just wrapped his arms from behind him, backhugging the other while Jimin enjoyed it way too much.

Jungkook sighed, concluding that he was just overthinking everything too much.

Right when he was finally starting to enjoy the music around them, another sharp jab pierced his brain.

He didn't even let Jimin talk before excusing himself again so he can go get "fresh air."

Jungkook was practically walking blind outside the club, still dwelling on the pain of his head.

When he was finally able to feel the cold wind on his face he was relief to actually make it outside okay. That was until a second later where he bumped into someone and landed on the floor. He probably should have opened his eyes a second earlier.

"Oh my god are you okay?" Jungkook heard a really deep voice ask him, feeling the other's presence next to him on the floor now. Jungkook finally opened his eyes, where it was now staring at the ground.

Wow, everything's- brown, Jungkook shockingly thought to himself. He didn't even know if he was a hundred percent right but he was guessing this was his soulmates natural eye color. It just felt so weird since he thinks this is actually the first time he saw the world like almost every regular soulmate did.

Jungkook hadn't even realized what he was staring at until his eyes adjusted themselves to the world and- oh.

Jungkook's eyes widened when he realized he had been staring at a spilled bag on the ground that had a lot of contact lenses cases. Too much to even count. That's when his head remembered he just bumped into someone and that they were both on the floor.

"I'm r-really sorry- " That was the most that got out of Jungkook's mouth right before he came face to face with the stranger.

His first thought, damn he's hot. His second thought- well he didn't really get time to have one because suddenly Jungkook got the all too familiar stab of pain in his head and damn no one told him this was supposed to hurt. Jungkook had squeezed his eyes so shut because of the unbearing pain. Thankfully this time it was gone as fast as it came. Jungkook had his eyes still closed shut when he heard the stranger next to him breathe out, "Oh my god."

Jungkook, not really knowing what color to expect this time, was shocked out of his mind when he opened his eyes.

"Everything has color." Jungkook thought outloud, body still not believing what was happening. For once he didn't open his eyes to one single color, but all of them combined and Jungkook was just too amazed.

Jungkook, after staring at almost all of his surroundings, stared back at what was right infront of him. The handsome strang - wait, no - his soulmate.

"Hi. I-I'm Kim Taehyung." Jungkook's soulmate greeted first, giving him one of the cutest box smiles he's ever seen. Taehyung.

Jungkook was a little too much entranced by the other boy that he almost forgot to greet himself,

"H-Hi. I'm Jeon Jungkook."

The two boys were sort of just smiling at each other for a few minutes, each of them examining every hint of color on the other.

"We should probably get off the ground, shouldn't we?" Jungkook was suprised he was the one that spoke up  first. Taehyung blushed a little, hardly noticeable, before nodding and standing up.

Jungkook was ready to stand up too when he remembered about the dropped back.

"Oh, by the way, sorry again for dropping your stuff." Jungkook apologized before starting to put back the spilled cases.

Taehyung gave a shrug before kneeling back down and helping Jungkook put the stuff back in, "It doesn't really matter. They aren't even important."

That made Jungkook stop what he was doing, shocked by what he said and the frown Taehyung had on his face now.

"Aren't important? These are the reason why I could see the world a different color every single day. I think they might just be a little bit important."

What Jungkook had said made Taehyung's entire body freeze in his spot before shooting his head towards Jungkook.

"Wait.The contact lenses idea actually worked?!" Taehyung asked, his own heart beating rapidly. After Jungkook confirmed it with a nod, he had stood up so quickly from the ground.

"I knew I was right all this time! All my friends used to call me weird, well not just for that, but for buying so many color lenses. Even Yoongi hyung and he finally convinced me that I was weird tonight so I had taken them out for the first- " Taehyung stopped, realizing what he was saying, "Wait. Was the last color you saw, brown?"

Jungkook was having a hard time following along with every word Taehyung was saying that he had stayed quiet for a second until he realized the last thing the other asked was a question.

"Oh, um, yeah. Everything was brown." Jungkook mumbled back. Taehyung's already huge eyes turned even wider at the confession. Taehyung was about to tell him something right when someone else interrupted him.

"Taehyung, there you are. We've been waiting for you so we could go home. The club isn't that great tonight. Where the hell have you been?!"

That sounded like Yoongi's voice and Jungkook could already tell it wasn't a smart choice for his hyung to come into their conversation right now.

"Hyung! I was right! My color contact idea did work and you called me stupid for no reason. And because of you the last color he saw was brown hyung! Who's the stupid one now?!" Taehyung had grabbed Yoongi's shoulder and was shaking him back and forth. Thankfully, it seemed like it was from a both mix of anger and excitement.

"Yah, I'm still your hyung! And what are you even talking about? How do you know that crazy idea even worked?!" Yoongi asked back, clearly not fast enough to put the pieces together.

"I found my soulmate hyung!" Taehyung exclaimed with the biggest box smile Jungkook had ever seen. He was suprised at how contagious the smile was because he suddenly found himself smiling too.

"Wait, color lenses? Soulmate? Jungkook?!" Jimin had still stayed from a distance with Namjoon and Seokjin but as soon as he had heard those words (loudly) fly out of Taehyung's mouth, he had ran fast over like all those times he would want to know what color was it for Jungkook that day.

"Wow, you're actually pretty in color Jimin hyung. Did you always have orange hair?" Jungkook thought out loud when Jimin helped him off the ground.

"We'll talk hair later, Jungkookie." Jimin slightly blushed before turning his head towards his friend's new found soulmate, "And Taehyung?! You're the romantic soulmate that has changed Kookie's world to every single color out there? Huh, I really wouldn't have guessed." Jimin admited, heading back over to Yoongi. Apparently the other had gotten a little jealous at the way Jimin called Taehyung romantic so he was back to backhugging the younger, keeping secure in place.

"Wait, you thought it was romantic?" Taehyung suddenly asked, walking back over to Jungkook.

Jungkook blushed but gave out the answer, "Um, well, yeah? No one's soulmate has thought about doing that, ever. So..."

By this point Namjoon, Seokjin, and Hoseok had came back and been caught up with just happened. Just saying, their intent stares weren't helping Jungkook at all.

"Yeah, I just got the crazy idea after living for a few years in a brown dull world.  I didn't really know if it was going to work but I bought different colors so you wouldn't have to be stuck with just one. I didn't want you to experience what everyone does."

Jungkook was avoiding Taehyung's eyes so much so the other wouldn't see his flushed face. It wasn't helping at all at how he could hear Seokjin and Hoseok 'aww'ing and Jimin's voice whispering over to Yoongi, "You should have done that with me." although it was playful and sounded like he didn't mean it at all.

Jungkook was thankful when he heard Namjoon tell his friends, "We should wait back inside and give these two, uh, privacy."

"Well, Thank you so much for that. Honestly, the only thing I looked forward to waking up everyday was to see what color I would get today." Jungkook found his voice after he heard everyone else disappear.

"How many colors do you even have?" Jungkook asked next, eyes shifting towards Taehyung's bag. His soulmate scoffed.

"Oh don't think these are the only ones. I have a ton more at home." Taehyung laughed but either way opened the bag for Jungkook to see. It suprised the younger because since he now has color vision, he was able to see a rainbow from the contacts, unlike before when he dropped them.

"How much did you even spend on these?" Jungkook breathed out in amazement. Taehyung shrugged, and Jungkook didn't really like that because it usually means a lot.

"I would sometimes steal money from Yoongi hyung over the years. It doesn't matter though because I guess this is my revenge for making brown be the last color you saw." Taehyung said, frowning afterwards, "Sorry for that by the way."

Jungkook's eyebrows raised, suprised at how sorry Taehyung seemed to be, "You gave me different colors all my life. I'm sure having your normal eye color for a minute was fine. And just saying, brown was a new color for me so it actually felt pretty nice." Jungkook admitted. That must have cheered Taehyung up because that box smile (that Jungkook realized he was going to love) returned.

"So do you want to go walk around or go back inside with our friends?" Taehyung asked him afterwards.

Jungkook didn't hesitate to say, "Definitely go walk around." It's not that his friends were the pain in ass- oh wait they were. Jungkook just knows he's going to be choosing his soulmate over his idiot friends from now on.

Jungkook looked over to Taehyung, who had extended his hand out for Jungkook to take.

The younger was ready to take the other's hand when his phone vibrated in his back pocket. Jungkook sighed but quickly checked his phone to see if it was important.

What did I say about maybe meeting your soulmate tonight? Just saying, its because of me you met him so be more grateful to your hyung from now on you brat.

Jimin. Jungkook cracked a small smile before putting his phone back into his pocket and finally taking Taehyung's hand, wrapping his fingers against the other's.

It wasn't long before the two started joking around, finding out things about each other, and basically just fooling around.

Jungkook had already known Taehyung was "something" but Jungkook couldn't help to smile at just thinking that Taehyung was now his something who he will gladly spent the rest of his life with.