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Connecting the Dots

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The MDPD crime lab was a place where puzzles were put together. DNA, GSR, fingerprints, shell casings and more were all small pieces that added up to make big pictures. Natalia Boa Vista was very much accustomed to seeing how things fit together. From deciphering forensic evidence to figuring out insane motives, Natalia thought she was good at puzzles. She couldn't figure out how she'd currently gotten from Point A to Point B in her own life though in the course of a day. In the aftermath of Point B she found herself laying alone in her bed, staring intensely at the ceiling and going over every detail leading up to where she was.

The path from Point B to her current state in her bed was simple enough. She'd fallen asleep in her bed and woken up there. Her brow was firmly knitted and there were fuzzy, early-morning shadows splayed across the floor. She could hear the water running in her shower, reminding her that she wasn't entirely alone, just alone in her bed. Her eyes narrowed and she pulled the sheet more tightly to the bare skin of her chest. She wasn't by any means unfamiliar with the treacherous terrain of sleeping with her co-workers, but this turn of events had been more than a little unexpected on several fronts and was completely taxing her brain, which was functioning on very little sleep.

Point A had been harmless enough. It started with simply talking about a pesticide on some cocaine. It had been talking about a case while at work - nothing abnormal there. The cocaine talk lead to a brief, casual conversation about firearms, which then lead to casually mentioning a trip to the firing range. Natalia was trying to be friendly since she and Samantha Owens had gotten off to a very bumpy start in the lab, to say the least. Natalia had completely lost her shit and screamed at the poor girl.

"Well, you know where to find me," Sam said after Natalia made the suggestion.

Natalia wanted to believe that she thought little of their exchange, but in reality she'd been trying to conjure up a reason to ask Sam to go with her since it happened. It turned out that she was much better at finding excuses not to, rather than excuses to do so. The younger CSI with her detective aspirations was at least vaguely intriguing and it had been a while since there was a new face in the lab. Sam had gone out of her way to impress Natalia since her initial screw up when she cooked that DNA sample. It had been a while since she got the impression that someone was trying to impress her in any way.

At the end of the week after all of their cases were wrapped up, Natalia went to find Sam. The darker-haired brunette had been exactly where she was supposed to be, finishing up a report at her desk looking bored.

"Hey," Natalia knocked lightly on the doorframe with her knuckle.

Sam looked up and her face momentarily contorted to one of dismay. "Oh, God. I didn't mess anything up, did I? I only touched, like, two samples today."

"No. No," Natalia responded quickly. "I was just wondering if you have any plans after work."

"Nothing in particular. Why?" Sam asked, seeming a bit confused and only a little more relaxed.

It crossed Natalia's mind that she was perhaps trying too hard to make up for her initial surliness. Sam had obviously forgotten about their previous conversation and was not actually interested in being pals. Everything had taken a turn for the awkward with Natalia seeming like she was some person who was eager to be buddies with her new co-worker. Natalia didn't want to seem pushy, but she felt it was too late for that now. "I wanted to know if you were up for going to the range."

"Oh!" Sam exclaimed. "I honestly didn't think you'd follow through on that. I thought you were just making conversation with me over cocaine."

" wanna come?" She remained in the doorway.

"I'm totally up for it. I need to finish up some things first, but I should be out on time."

"I guess I'll let you get back to it then."

She smiled from behind her desk, "I thought I did a ton of paperwork working night shift, but I was severely mistaken."

"Everyone has to fill out their reports and logs. It's definitely not my favorite part of the job," Natalia smiled back at her and then slipped into the hallway to retreat back to her territory in the lab.

Sam watched her through the glass walls and waited until she was completely out of sight to look down at her work again. She continued smiling and looked marketedly more amused than bored as she flipped through her notes.

Natalia wrapped up the last bits of her own paperwork then hung up her lab coat and turned out all of the lights.

"Drinks tonight with everybody?" Delko asked her as he passed her in the hall. She may not have noticed him had he not touched her shoulder. There were a ton of people roaming the halls at the end of the workday on a Friday.

"Yeah, sure. I'm going to the range for a bit, but I'll come out after."

"Let Calleigh know if you see her on your way out."

"Will do," Natalia said and gave him a slight wave then went on her way. None of that had been particularly indicative of how Natalia had wound up at her dreaded Point B.