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How Darcy Lewis Met the Avengers

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   Darcy Lewis met Sam Wilson first, after Thor, of course. When she recalls later that this was her first meeting with James Buchanan Barnes, Darcy would tell people that she met him later. She would forever claim that after Thor, she met Sam first. Not because she hadn't met James Buchanan Barnes already, but because that wasn't who he was anymore, and it wasn't who he was yet.

     Darcy Lewis met Sam Wilson first. While she never found out how it was that he managed to be a full- time Avenger as well as continue running meetings for the VA, she was glad that he did.

     It was early summer, but it was cold out, the way it gets in DC sometimes. Darcy had decided to visit family out in Baltimore. Anything to help ground herself. Now she felt hurt and confused, and ready to lash out at the world. But mostly hurt. After a few days, she decided that she needed a damn break, and she took herself to see the cherry trees in downtown DC. They had long since bloomed, but the trees were still pretty and the flowers around them were still pleasant.

     It was dark outside, and considering the events earlier in the year, she really hoped that no one would care that she was wandering around at night so close to the white house. With an almost warm cup of really bad coffee in hand, Darcy stopped in front of the National History building of the Smithsonian. Witch sense curled in Darcy's gut. One of the perks of being a witch was that you could always trust your gut feeling. The downside was that you had to learn what the feeling meant.

     Trying not to think of what the consequences would be when she was inevitably caught, she decided to try out a little breaking and entering. Watching the night time security guard pop out for a smoke was serendipitous, and Darcy slipped in the building behind him. Up the stairs and around the corner, and she stopped. Of course, there would be metal detectors. Toeing off her boots, and setting down her purse, she stepped through the security pass and looked for the stairs. Almost up to the top, Darcy felt the pull in her belly again. Turning, she sees a door marked as the roof access. Praying that the alarm won't go off, she heaves the door open and steps out into the breeze.

     Walking around the roof, Darcy stops at a little nook with a backpack and a jacket. While she is wondering why security would leave personal effects outside, she glances for a place to sit and stargaze, and try to find out why she has the feeling in her gut, and a movement catches her eye.

     A person. A man. There is a man. On the roof. At night. On the edge. Of a very high building.
     Oh no. All of Darcy's internal fix this senses were going off. She slipped close as quietly as she could. Tattered clothes in sad repair over a slim body. Matted and unkempt hair looked like it harbored its own ecosystem. Darcy stepped closer. Gingerly stepping up onto the ledge, she reached out a hand to slip into his.