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Students to Heroes Paralogues

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"Hiro, this is a bad idea." Tadashi told him for the third time this week.

Six months and my brother became a superhero. The elder Hamada thought.

"Sorry bro, but this fire ain't going to put out itself." The younger Hamada told him as he grabbed his helmet.

"Besides, Baymax will be with me and the rest of the team. You need to stop worrying so much and rest."

"Hiro, wait-"

But it was too late, the younger Hamada was out the door of their bedroom and towards the garage. The elder Hamada just sat down on his bed, head in his hands. This had to stop. This was too dangerous. How could he still think about doing this after the entire mess at the tower? He could've lost his life or something a lot more dear to him, his own mind.

The entire thing sent a shiver down his spine. This had to stop....and he knew only knew two people to help him do it.


He said goodbye to his aunt and got onto his moped. He knew at least one of them was still grounded. He could talk to him, convince them that this needed to stop...Then again this guy was raised by Tony Stark, it might not work.

After a few minutes, he parked outside of Stark Industries tower. He leapt up the steps two at a time and got inside to the elevator. The employees didn't pay him a single mind as he got inside and punched the code in for the basement.

"Hello, Tadashi Hamada." Delphi greeted as the doors closed.

The elder Hamada jumped slightly.

"If you do not mind, I would like to complete a scan to confirm your identity."

"Um...Sure, I don't mind."

A laser popped out of one of the walls of the executive elevator and slid down a track.

"Scan complete. You are Tadashi Hamada. Connor Hawkings is currently in the war room, would you like to go there?"

"Yeah...I need to talk to him."


The place was not as maze like he thought a back up Avenger's tower would be. The war room was easy to spot, labeled with lights in the walls and on the door. He got himself into the dark room, the only light was a holographic view of San Fransokyo in the middle of the curved table and chairs. And there was the guy he was looking for, Connor Hawkings.

He didn't need a cane anymore for his ankle, instead going for a brace. His short dark red hair was growing back from the horrid cut he got and he looked a lot healthier. Connor didn't notice him come in, clearly focusing on the map and calling out orders with his ear piece.

"Beanie, remember your suit can't take much heat, you'll be in an oven in no time. Kid, do what you did last time with the marshmallow and keep the building up. Standard procedure for the rest. HL, you got chemicals to take out the flames?...Good. I'll see about getting more. Remember, watch your backs and try to stay out of areas that look ready to collapse."

Connor switched off his mic and sighed, sitting on the table.

"Connor, this needs to stop."

Connor looked back, finally noticing the elder Hamada.

"Tadashi? When did you get here?"

"A moment ago. This needs to end." The elder Hamada stated, hands on the table.

"This is too dangerous."

"It's a fire. The kid and I upgraded the armors to resist-"

"That isn't what I'm talking about!" Tadashi snapped.

"This heroing business has to end!"

Connor blinked and cleaned his ear.

"...You wanna run that by me again?"

"You heard me! Someone is going to get hurt!"

"...Wow...really bad time to start demanding that, Hamada."

Tadashi's eyebrow twitched.

"My brother is not a hero! He's 14! We are all college students! We should be studying for exams, be in the lab, not saving people from fires, which is what firefighters are supposed to do!" The elder Hamada shouted at him.

"...Do you even know why they started doing this?" The telekinetic asked, trying to stay calm.

"Nothing in the world could justify this to me!"

"They started this because of you."

Tadashi instantly went silent.

"They did this to find your killer. To find who stole Hiro's invention. They did this because no one else would or could."

The telekinetic turned back to the map, turning it and zooming in on the district with the fire.

"Heroes that start in this business usually have one goal in mind, and that is to accomplish something that the police, the politicians, the fire men, or in general, the common people can't do. Sometimes it's to save a life, for others, it's to avenge for a life being taken...and for some of us, it's to protect the ones we love."

Connor zoomed in onto the burning building and pulled away the rest of the map. He started to play with the holo image, turning it over on an axis.

"Some of us have abilities from our DNA. We were born with things that other humans weren' the common people we are monsters, mutants...freaks of nature. Another group got their powers by accident. They were bit by something that shouldn't exist, hit with radiation from an experiment gone wrong, or simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The third part of this group...are the ones without powers. Who create tools, armor, and weapons to fight."

He stopped and brought the map back up, still having his back to Tadashi.

"But they all have the same goal...Help people. Change the world...because if we don't do it..."

He turned back to the elder Hamada.

"Who will?"

"Help!" The map suddenly yelled in Hiro's voice.

Connor snapped back to the map and and brought up an interface. He turned on his mic.

"What's wrong, kid!" The telekinetic asked as he searched through the various menus until he brought up a series of camera views from the team's various head pieces. The elder Hamada immediately came beside him.

"I'm trapped under some rubble! I can't move!"

"Hiro!" Tadashi shouted.

"Take it easy kid, you're going to be fine. Is your respirator still working?" Connor asked quickly, trying to keep the young hero calm.

"Yes...but I don't know how much longer."

"Just stay calm and focus on breathing. You move and you might make it worse."

The telekinetic pulled off the ear piece and gave it to Tadashi.

"You focus on keeping your brother alive. I need to get on my armor."

"What?" The elder Hamada cried.

"Are you crazy? You're still hurt!"

"Unless you have a better idea, your kid brother is going to be burned to a crisp."

Tadashi looked at the ear piece, the camera images, then to Connor. Then his face became of mask of grim determination.

"Where's your suit. I'll wear it."

Connor's eyes widened.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa!"

"I don't have time, Connor! Where is it?"

"You won't be able to wear it. I put a retina scan in the helmet....but I got something you can use. Delphi, is the new suit operational?"

"All testing has shown it is ready for use in the field." The AI replied.

"Good. It's in the lab. Put it on and meet me at the entrance to the tunnels."

"Tunnels? What tunnels? And what is this new suit?" The elder Hamada asked.

"You'll get your answers later. Now, start playing guardian angel and get that suit on!" Connor snapped.


Hiro coughed and tried his best to curl up. Most of his body, save for his left arm, was pinned by wood and steel. The others had to be looking for him, but his radio got shorted out by a stone, which thankfully only left him dazed. At least he managed to get the distress call out before it decided to break.

"Guys! I'm down here!" He called before coughing again. It was getting really hot and it was taking a lot of willpower not to pass out. He wasn't going to die here! He wasn't! He was going to go back home, meet up with his brother, and....and....The young Hamada's eyes rolled back into his head as he finally lost the battle.

"Come on, little brother....don't tell me you're giving up already? That isn't your style."

Hiro's eyes fluttered open and soon he saw a being of almost pure white standing over him.

"Everyone! Over here!"

"...Dashi?" The younger Hamada murmured as he raised his head.

"...I and fires would far possible."

"Maybe...but a little hero needed a helping hand." The elder Hamada replied, grasping his brother's hand as Parkour and Wasabi grabbed hold of some of the debris.

"And three!"

Tadashi, with Honey's help, pulled the young man out of the debris.

"How bad is he?" Connor asked through the communicator.

"Helmet's cracked but I don't think there are any broken bones. How are you, Hiro?"

The younger Hamada coughed.

"I'm okay..."

"Bring him to the medical bay when you get back, I don't believe a word he says."

"Good. That makes two of us." Tadashi agreed.


"Aw come on! At least let me in the lab!" Hiro cried.

Connor's eye twitched.

"I'll still be in the tower, right?"

The young Hamada had gotten some minor burns, but the team didn't want to take any chances on his health and to make sure he didn't escape the med bay, they were taking shifts to watch him....Unfortunately, it was Connor's turn.

"...You wanna get strapped down, because I can do that." The telekinetic growled.

"I'd like to see you try, Lover boy!" Hiro challenged.

"What did you just call me!"

Tadashi stuck his head in and saw both of them practically nose to nose in a stare down.

"...Seriously, you two? I can't leave you guys alone in room without someone starting a fight."

"I'm going to be going for more than a fight in five seconds." Connor growled.

"Bring it, Sharky."

The elder Hamada sighed and pulled the two apart.

"Chill. I swear, do I have to be the babysitter on this team?"

Connor froze and gave a little smirk.

"So...You've finally decided, huh?"

The elder Hamada looked at him.

"Like you said, heroes get into the business for a lot of reasons but their goal is the same. I'm not a very violent person...but I have something to protect."

He gave his little brother a hair rassle.


"Well...maybe someone. I'll take shift now so you two will stop bickering."

And just to drive the point home, he gave Connor a hair rassle as well.

"OW! What is that for!"

"For trying to do something even though you're hurt." Tadashi replied.

"I swear you two will be the death of me."

The telekinetic rolled his eyes and left the med bay, trying to flatten his hair. He was...confused to say the least. Maybe it was just a thing with having a team but...kinda felt good that the older Hamada was concerned...not quite how he felt when he was worried about Piper but...still felt kind of nice.

Is that what having a sibling is like?