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Take Me Baby

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There was an awkward silence between the men at the table. The tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Mainly because the two tallest Alphas seated there were being idiots. Kuroko had invited them both to dinner in hopes to figure out what had been going on with them, but had not had any luck as of yet. Aomine pretended to be unaware of the situation, but the sweat beading on his forehead was a dead give away and Kagami stared at the menu intently, disregarding the fact that they had already ordered their food. Still, Kuroko stared at them with his big blue eyes, unrelenting. He would break them down slowly and make them admit the truth. They had fucked. Not only that, but they had liked it.

Alpha on Alpha sex was not unheard of, however taboo it may be. There were motels that valued guest privacy for those sorts of things and rumors of private groups that “spouse swapped” so their Alphas could have some fun. These types of relationships were not what Aomine and Kagami had, Kuroko could tell, it seemed to run much deeper. Still, they were being stubborn and wouldn’t admit it. Aomine’s possessive Alpha scent was blanketed over Kagami in such a way that the Omega’s at the restaurant couldn’t resist staring. Kuroko could sense them shifting in their seats, uncomfortable to have a possesive Alpha in their mix without his claimed Omega present to be possessive over. Kuroko shook his head.

The waiter, a very bored Beta, busied himself with setting down bowl after bowl of eggs, pork, veggies, and steak. Kagami’s bright red face relaxed at the sight of the food, this meant he could focus on something other than the icy stare that Kuroko was giving him. As the redhead mixed the eggs and chopped vegetables he noticed they were missing a person.

“Oi, Kuroko, where is that idiot Kise?”

Aomine snorted. Kuroko looked at Kagami blankly. Kagami should be talking about the dark bruise that peeked from under the collar of his vintage Air Jordan t-shirt every few minutes, not worrying about Kise. Kuroko sighed.

“He will be here, Kagami-kun. He is just running late.”

Kagami scraped at the grill in front of him with a small spatula, ensuring that the food was not cooking too fast. Aomine looked away when he made eye contact with his baby blue haired friend but startled when Kuroko sniffed the air.

“Oi, cut it out!” Aomine said defensively.

“No, it's-”

The door to the restaurant slid open and Kise stepped into the building. As usual, he was dressed in expensive clothes and looked amazing. The hostess scurried over to the door bowing in greeting to Kise and he smiled. Kuroko blanched when he realized what was happening. The woman pointed in their direction, telling the blonde where to go. Kise, with a smirk on his face, plopped down beside Kuroko as if oblivious to what was going on. Aomine and Kagami, who were in the middle of shoveling food onto their plates, froze.

“Hi, Aominicchi! Kagamicchi, I see your appetite is as disgusting as ever.” the blond crooned, his voice velvety smooth.

The smell of Omega preheat wafted off of Kise’s skin, smelling slightly of caramel, and making Kagami’s mouth water. Food splattered onto the grill with a sizzle, spilling from the spatula Kagami had been holding. Aomine jumped and turned to Kagami to curse his clumsiness only to catch him staring at Kise open mouthed.

“Bakagami!” he shouted and brought a knife hand strike down onto the top of Kagami’s thick skull. Kuroko reacted immediately, standing and apologizing to his friends that had joined him and grabbing Kise’s hand to pull him out of the restaurant. Kise, however, was incredibly tall and strong for an Omega and didn’t budge. He smiled up at his Alpha and winked.

“Kurokocchi, I haven’t even eaten yet, why are we leaving so soon?”

Kuroko stood by the table awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with the staring patrons all around them. Instead, his eyes were locked on Kise who was munching happily at the food Kagami was shoveling onto his plate. Aomine watched Kuroko carefully, realizing what was going on.

“Tetsu,” Aomine leaned over to whisper, “want me to drag him outta here for you?”

“Aominicchi! I can hear you,” shrieked Kise. Aomine just shrugged.

Kuroko felt a familiar presence behind him and turned around, only to come face to face with a broad chest. Murasakibara Atsushi. The giant stood with Himuro Tatsuya just slightly behind him, taking in the strange scene before him. Tatsuya, painfully aware of what was happening, leaned to look around Kuroko and down at Kise. Kise smiled around a mouth full of steak, pretending to be none the wiser.

Why, Kuroko thought, why of all people did it have to be Murasakibara? If there was a list of things that make Murasakibara angry, Omega’s (other than Himuro) in heat would be in the top five. Not only that but Kise and the purple giant had never seen eye to eye on the whole Omega rights issue. Now, said giant loomed over Kise and sniffed deeply.

“Hmmmm, Kisechin is stinky today,” he complained as he stood directly next to the blond man with a frown on his face, “And don’t be bitter, Kisechin, it only makes it smell worse.”

“Atsushi!” Himuro interjected, “Leave Kise alone and… stop sniffing him!”

The number of onlookers in the restaurant was steadily increasing. Kise rolled his eyes at the purple headed giant that stood next to him and went back to eating the food that Kagami was now damn near hand feeding him. He was getting sick of this. All he wanted was for his boyfriend of almost two years to finally claim him, or at least do him the favor of knotting him to put him out of his misery.

I’ll show him, Kise pouted to himself.

The restaurant manager shuffled over to the table of oversized men (except Kuroko) and bowed apologetically.

“Forgive me, sir,” he said directly to Kuroko,” but I have to ask you to please take care…”

Himuro gasped. Everyone present knew what the man meant for Kuroko to take care of. Kise’s face burned with humiliation and he felt the tears prick the corner of his eyes. Aomine, Kagami, and a displeased Murasakibara all stared at him to see what he would do, if he would cooperate or cause a scene. Kuroko did not make eye contact, he only extended his hand slowly to his boyfriend, hoping they could leave, but Kise stood up abruptly knocking Kuroko's hand away and, as a result, his own plate to the floor. Kagami turned blue and nearly passed out at the sight of the wasted food. Aomine fanned him with a napkin.

“Kise-kun,” Kuroko repeated just under his breath.

“Don't worry… I'm leaving,” the blonde said angrily. He brushed past Himuro roughly, and the other Omega looked at the floor, feeling the same shame that Kise felt, coupled with his own shame of being glad it wasn't him. Kuroko apologized to his friends once again and hurried out behind his distraught boyfriend.


Kuroko threw the curtain aside as he exited the restaurant in an attempt to catch up to his angry companion.

When had the rain started? He thought, anxiously. He must have started running when he got outside, but where?

He didn’t like Kise to be out and about when his heat started, let alone in the rain like this. Kise would be fine, of course, but he couldn’t help but worry. He looked left and then right in hopes of catching a glimpse of Kise. The weak street lamps were failing in their attempt to light the road even more so now that it was raining. Kuroko didn’t let that slow him down. For a brief moment, he stood there, in front of the restaurant door and breathed deeply. In an instant, he knew which way to go and sprinted off in that direction.

Rain splattered against his face as he ran and his body was starting to feel numb. When he rounded the corner and caught a glimpse of Kise’s umbrella he pressed on faster to catch up. Kise was doing something, maybe talking on his mobile, because he was just standing on the sidewalk. Kuroko breathed a sigh of relief. At least the silly Omega was safe and not lying somewhere in an alley. He jogged over to the blonde and stopped behind him. Kuroko didn’t need to announce himself when he approached.

The taller man turned to face him and Kuroko felt his heart squeeze. Kise’s eyes were red and wet with tears, as were his cheeks. Something he had done had hurt the person he loved... or rather, something he had not done. Kise probably cried this way regularly, Kuroko realized, when he wasn't around. He had never really talked to Kise about all of this, he had just said he wanted to wait and left it at that.

“You’ll catch cold,” Kise fussed, stepping closer and covering them both with his umbrella.

“Kise-kun…” Kuroko’s voice trailed off.

What can I say that won’t hurt him? That thought and a hundred others raced through his head in a matter of seconds. There he was, Kuroko’s favorite person, his Omega, and all he could do was stare.

“Kurokocchi?” The look of hope on Kise’s face broke Kuroko’s heart.

But he said nothing.

“It- it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.” Kise said and began to turn away. Kuroko’s heart jolted violently.

“I- I want… to understand, Kise-kun, I really do.”

“Oh,” the blonde smiled weakly at this admission. “You know me better than anyone Kurokocchi, but even so… you're still an Alpha. You can’t understand.”

The words, spoken from a place of love as they were, still stung. Kuroko glanced down at his hands and waited for Kise to continue.

“I have an… overwhelming draw to you, Kurokocchi,” he squared his shoulders as if gathering his courage, even though his eyes contradicted the action. “I can't help it because I am your Omega, but that barely scratches the surface... I’ve loved you since middle school.”

Kuroko lifted his head to meet eyes with his Omega. Tears had started to roll down Kise’s cheeks again.

“Me, Ryouta, not me the Omega. I have wanted to be with you for so long and… and now that I finally have you, it’s like I don’t.”

Kuroko swallowed the lump in his throat. Is this how I make Kise feel?

Before he could respond, a black car pulled up at the curb behind them. Kise must have called a Safety Driver to take him home.

“Kise-kun, wait. I - I think I understand… a little,” he said quickly, feeling as though the moment was slipping away from him. “I can walk you home?”

Kise shook his head.

“Kise-kun… should I come with you?”

Kise found it hard to say no to those big blue eyes, but he shook his head again.

“Ok, but wait,” Kuroko opened the door of the car and leaned in to speak to the driver for a long moment. Just when Kise was close to yelling at both Kuroko and the driver to hurry it up, a head full of damp blue hair popped back up.

“Kise-kun, please rest when you get home,” Kuroko’s voice wavered with concern, “You shouldn’t tax your body so much when you’re going into your heat-”

Kise leaned in and kissed Kuroko’s cold lips. “Don’t worry so much Kurokocchi, I’m going to rest. I promise.”

Kuroko placed a hand against Kise’s cheek and pressed their lips together again. He felt the softness of Kise’s lips, and breathed in the scent of him deeply; even though it was just pre-heat, it was intoxicating. Kise sighed and relaxed under Kuroko’s touch. The feeling of that compliance made Kuroko’s resolve waver like a flame threatened by a strong breeze so he forced himself to break the kiss.

With that, Kuroko nodded and stepped aside to let Kise enter the car. The safety driver waved to Kuroko one last time as the door shut and the app beeped on his phone to let him know that Kise had shared his route with him. He felt confident that his Omega was safe. Still, that unfamiliar ache in his chest refused to leave as he watched the car pull away. He needed time to think, and what better time than a twenty-minute walk back home in the rain?