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Remember Me

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Title: Remember Me pt. 1/6

Author: Deathangelgw

Disclaimer: They aren’t mine. They’re all theirs! The OC is mine, please no sue.

Warnings: AU, OC, Sap, angst (slight for now), lemon (eventually), het, slight language.

Rating: PG-13 on up as the series progresses.

Pairing: 2+OC eventually 2xOC

Timeline: Takes place between the time when Duo and Heero meet for the second time in Battle (Relena’s secret Revealed) and the assassination of the Alliance pacifist leaders.

Note: This came to me in a dream. And since it takes place before any true relationships were formed, I believe this could happen.

Feedback: Much appreciated!




Duo growled softly to himself as he flew through the air. ‘These OZ soldiers are a lot tougher than some of the others,’ he thought to himself with a grimace. He sliced through another two Aries, and then growled again as the remaining five suits got shots on him. He slashed through two of them, cutting them in half, and used the resulting explosions to cover him as he flew at another suit.


He cut that suit in half, and then was jerked around as another barrage hit him. Snarling angrily, he turned on the two remaining suits and flew at them. They separated and attacked him at different angles, hitting him multiple times. He slashed at one, cutting off its arm, but then looked over as another light began to flash. Cursing under his breath, he pushed a button and saw that his engines had been hit. Just as he realized this, the injured suit rammed into him, self-detonating. Duo cried out in pain as he was jerked hard in his seat, hitting his head against the back. The other suit fired at him repeatedly.


Duo tried to move his head, fighting the waves of blackness that washed over him as he looked out his static-filled view screens. Suddenly, he realized he was slowly falling, heading for the trees beneath him at a quickly increasing rate. The last suit continued to fire at him, determined to destroy him. Duo put the last of his strength and brought his right arm up and shot off his buster shield. The other pilot screamed as he was destroyed, but Duo barely heard it as he fell into the realms of unconsciousness while Deathscythe fell to the forested floor below.




Jenna looked around her as she sat on her porch, enjoying the nice summer morning. She grinned as she watched her youngest cat, Angel, play stalker with an uncaring butterfly. He wiggled his butt and pounced, then went flying into the air as he chased the startled butterfly. She laughed and pet her other two cats, which were cuddling her and purring for attention. They closed their eyes as she caressed them, then jumped, startled as a loud explosion sounded off near them. Looking up and shading her eyes from the morning sun, Jenna saw with shock a mobile suit battle was going on not far from her house. She squinted as she focused on the suits and saw that about five Aries suits were attacking some suit she didn’t recognize. She watched as that number dropped to three in a few strokes and was amazed at the skill of the unknown suit’s pilot.


The remaining two barraged the unknown suit and it attacked one of them. She gasped in horror as the damaged Aries rammed into the suit and detonated. But, instead of destroying the suit, it just was damaged. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion as she watched it start to fall towards the forest. It lifted its arm and shot off some kind of shield, destroying the remaining Aries, and then crashed into the forest.


“The only possible way that suit could have survived would be if it was a….” she found herself saying in shock and then her eyes widened as the implications hit her. She grabbed the cats and put them into the house, then put on her shoes and started running towards where the unknown suit had crashed.


She came to the place where the suit had crashed and ran to it, climbing nimbly over the broken metal and smoldering pieces. She came to the cockpit and opened it, flinching away from the sparks that flew out at her as the cockpit door slid slowly open. She looked inside and saw the pilot slumped over in the seat. She saw the braid and thought with surprise that it was a girl, but as the light shone in she saw that the she was a he. She went over to him, carefully stepping over the loose wires and lifted the pilot’s head. She gasped in shock as she saw that the pilot was a young boy, 15 maybe a bit older. She quickly checked for a pulse and sighed in relief as she felt it beating weakly against her finger. She checked him over and saw that his injuries were serious, but not life threatening in any way.


She frowned and looked at the cockpit controls, trying to remember what her brother had taught her about mobile suits and saw what she was looking for. Bending down, she pulled up a circuit board and rerouted some of the burnt circuits then put it back in. She moved the young boy safely out of the seat, making sure he was secure on the ground next to the seat, and then sat down. She hit the power up button and closed her eyes, silently praying for it to work.


When the suit came alive around her, she squealed softly in relief, and then started getting the engines alive. She ignored the warning signals telling her the damage the suit had faced, knowing she would take care of it later. She slowly pushed the throttle forward and the suit began to float up until it was above the trees. She then piloted it towards where she lived and to an area that she knew would hide the suit from the Specials. She looked over at the young pilot and exclaimed softly in wonder, “Young one, how did you get involved in this bloody war?” She frowned and then focused on flying, hoping that she would be able to help him.