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Ski Lift

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Kurumi may be a very sweet and content person, the announcement of ski club starting had totally jolted her as she spent the following week urging her best friend Nozomi to join with her. Nozomi was hesitant, but complied at the news that Yuri, a smaller girl who she had an appeal to, would be joining as well. However, it did not occur to Nozomi that she would end up stuck on a ski lift with her crush.

Nozomi continued to sneak glances at the short girl while she pulled out her phone, her hands going numb from the cold. She opened her messages app, and tapped Kurumi’s contact. She began to type a message to her friend, but before she knew it her phone died, the company logo flashing on the screen before it went black.

With a sigh, Nozomi put her phone back in her bag and glanced over at Yuri, the latter looking out the other side of the ski lift. Suddenly, the lift jerked to the side and Nozomi was fell into Yuri’s lap. Before Yuri could react, Nozomi’s fear of heights prompted her to wrap her arms around Yuri’s waist. Yuri blushed profusely, but didn’t try and move Nozomi while the girl under her continued to shake.

“I-is it gonna stop moving?” Nozomi stuttered.


“The lift, is it gonna stop?”

“Uh, Nozomi-san, are you scared of heights or something?”

Nozomi looked up at Yuri, tears daring to fall from her blue eyes. The two gazed at each other for a moment, until Yuri smiled and helped Nozomi up.

“T-thank you…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. After you regain yourself a bit would you like to ski with me?”




Nozomi was mad at Kurumi for forcing her into this at first, but she knew she would owe her friend later.