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Guardian of Bones

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You landed in a pile of freezing cold snow with an squeak of surprise, instantly jumping out and dusting it off to preserve your warmth. There was a chill in the air that ran straight up your spine and you weren't sure it was truly because of the snow or it were the instant feeling you had about this place. Or if it was because of your current company and your reason for even being here. The colorful skeleton laughed and patted some snow off your sleeves. You felt yourself tense up as he got closer to you.

"Sorry, broseph. Didn't mean to do that. In fact... this isn't where I wanted to take us at all... but it will have to diddly do!" Before you could ask, he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you into him "Hate to drop ya and leave ya, but my job here is done! Just needed to get cha out of there, bruh. Good luck! Stay funky fresh!"

Again, before you got a chance to even squeeze in a single word, he disappeared.

With a defeated but relieved sigh, you gave up and looked around.

If you didn't know any better then you would have thought that you were finally home but there was one important thing missing... the sky. As you looked up, all you could see was rocks. Sure, they were far off but it appeared that you were in a massive cave.

And... you were standing in a snowy forest? In a cave...? Where, exactly, had that skeleton brought you?

Actually... you never even got his name. Who was he!?

You huffed. He was no help at all but... at least you were out of there. Nightmare couldn't get you now. Wait... yes, he probably still could. Oh god. He snatched you straight out of the aquarium, he could easily do it again, surely?! Panic fueled you to start walking ahead, needing to find the others as soon as possible. Safety in numbers. They could help you stop him. You could all work together, you could stop him. You could!

First... you needed to figure out where you were. And you needed to stay calm.

Tall trees surrounded you and the further you walked across the thick snow, the more you were starting to think that you were going in circles. Everything seemed the same for as far as you could see. But finally, you find a dirt path. It lead up to a rickety, wooden bridge that looked like it could fall apart the moment you stepped onto it. Green moss and rot coated it, there were bits chipped off too. You bet it had been there for a long, long time.

The water underneath was frozen over and the gap wasn't that wide to the other side, so you quickly scrambled it instead of risking breaking the bridge and getting your foot caught in the wood or something. It would be just your luck.

Ahead of you was, what looked like, a sentry station. It was made of a wooden counter with a wooden roof going over it, which was covered in thick snow. You stepped up to it but just as you were about to inspect what was hidden the other side, a rustling noise caught your attention. You turned and almost cried with joy.

There stood Sans, smiling widely at you. You bound right up and threw yourself straight into him. He almost seemed a bit surprised at your actions, because you knocked him over in a hug and he didn't seem ready for the embrace at all. He looked ready before though, as if he were ready to grab you and never let go.

"I can't begin to express how happy I am to see you, Sans. You have no idea what I've been through. Holy shit, I'm glad to be out of there and away from him" Without thinking much, you pressed a quick kiss onto his bony cheek and you felt it warm up in response. You felt your old cheeks get warm too. You peeled yourself off him to gave him a wide grin when you gasped and took a quick step back.

"... W-What the heck happened to you? What's with your... face and clothes? Wait! Is this that Halloween thing I've heard about?! Before everything happened, Ink was telling me about it! He said it was a holiday thing!" You excited clapped, quickly walking around him to get a look at him from all angles.

"This is your Halloween costume, huh? You look awesome! Like a zombie skeleton!" You rubbed your fingers across the fate blood on the white fluff of his blue hoodie. "You almost look like Red, with the red eye"

"... thanks, sugar. you don't look so bad yourself. I could just eat you right up" He finally grinned widely back at you, although it was more... sinister than his usual grin. He sure was staying in character.

His right eye was crimson red, you would have thought he was actually Red if it weren’t for the lack of a golden tooth and sharp teeth. He wore his usual attire, but everything was splattered red. His blue jacket was destroyed and ripped, you couldn’t help but worry a bit that he had messed his favorite jacket up but it really did look worth it. Besides, he probably had a million more of the same jacket knowing him... As for his head…

“Dude, how the heck did you manage to do that?” You closed the distance between you and began staring at the space above his right eye. There was, what looked like, a massive hole. It was all jagged, it looked as if someone had smashed his skull in. Who knew Sans was this good with make-up. “Looks so real, like I could just…”

Without realizing it, you had reached out and there was no turning back since you were an inch away from touching his skull. You worried that you were about to smudge the makeup or something but… your hand went forward... and went in. Not all the way, but enough for you to see… it was real.

His hand darted out and grabbed your wrist, squeezing hard enough to receive a whimper of pain on your part. His face was inched from yours, his grin was stretched impossibly wider. An axe was in his other hand, you hadn't even noticed the giant weapon. Wait. You hadn't even seen his other hand... he was hiding it behind his back. You didn't even think he was hiding an axe from you. You trusted him.

“hasn’t anybody ever told you to keep your hands to yourself? that was very rude of you… but you are pretty cute, so i guess i can forgive you this once…” He pulled your hand away and tapped your wrist with his finger, seeming thinking for a moment before chuckling darkly “… but only if you join me for dinner, sugar”

“… You aren’t really Sans, are you?” You managed, your voice quivering slightly. You knew Sans and he would never hurt you like this. And Sans had never called you sugar before. This was a new name for you... What was with these guys and giving you pet names?

“oh, but i am Sans… just a different one is all” He stroked a finger over your cheek, before squeezing the flesh there. Then he brought your hand up and sucked on your finger, you stiffened slightly when you felt something slimy wrap around it “my, you taste good… and so soft skinned”

“G-get off, you creep!” You brought your other hand round to slap him but he brought the axe up and used the wooden handle to block you. He tripped you up, moving his hand off your wrist to grip your hair tightly and he sat on your lap while you wriggled. “HEY! GET OFF ME! FUCK YOU! GET OFF!”

“mm, as much as i would like to, i’m just so…” He bent down and breathed into your ear, a tingle shot through your body “… so hungry…”

Next thing you knew, he sat up and the axe was swinging down. You shut your eyes tight, willing your magic to work but it just wouldn’t. You still had no control over it.

Instead, you braced yourself for darkness once more.