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Guardian of Bones

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This new skeleton simply took your hand before guiding you away and through the doors, you were too stunned to resist him. This had to be the most colorful skeleton you had ever seen. And easily the most... you didn't really have a word for it? The most... it was right there on the tip of your tongue... He was... very...

"Radical...? Maybe..." You mumbled to yourself. His head swung round and he smiled widely at you, slowing down.

"Thanks broseph. I pride myself on my totally rad-radness" He let go of your hand and aimed finger guns at you. Blinking a few times, you openly stared at him. He only chuckled at your bewildered expression "I see in your perfectly-purple eyes that you're feeling confused at my existence bruh. I get that, totally get you broness. I tend to have that effect on anyone I meet. It's cool, it's all funky"

"S-sorry. I'm being really rude. It's just... are you a new creation? I don't recall Ink creating anything like... you. I mean, not that you are a bad creation or anything!" You waved your hands frantically, panicked and not wishing to offend him "There's no such thing as a bad creation! Not really! Some things just need to be tweaked a little so they can live happily and such! You're just very... unique? Different?"

"Well, thanks again broseph! Being unique ain't so bad at all" He waved a hand dismissively, taking no insult and you breathed a sigh of relief. "Anyway! Sorry for suddenly dragging you off bruh. But that totally non-radical nightmare-brah was getting closer to ya and we wouldn't want that, would we?"

You visibly shivered and shook your head, bringing your arms up to hug yourself. You rubbed your skin to comfort yourself and glanced back at the door you just went through with dread. Seems you had the right idea to keep moving. He could have gotten to you. In fact, maybe he did but instead of approaching, he just watched you creepily until he lost you again through your momentum through the halls.

The thought of it made goosebumps rise up all over your body.

"Thank you. Yeah, definitely would not want that. Ever"

He seemed to take notice of your body language and shrugged off his multi-colored jacket, your eyes wandered over him for the millionth time. It was like seeing a bright rainbow after nothing but fog and rain. It was refreshing.

Like most Sans' you had come to know, he wore shorts with a shirt and jacket. His shorts were orange, his jacket was a mixture of pink, blue and green while his shirt was purple. He wore blue sneakers and you noticed small wheels pop out the bottom of both shoes as he glided closer to you. Seemed he had heelys. That... is actually pretty cool.

As he wrapped his jacket around your shoulders, your eyes were drawn upwards to his face. He wore a red and yellow cape backwards, he had black shades covering his eyes that said YOLO in blue and yellow. You couldn't see his eyes at all.

Your hand somehow found its way to his face. He froze as you gently placed on a hand on his cheek bone. Instinctively, you lifted his glasses up. He let you.

A gasp escaped and you instantly let go of them, causing them to fall back to covered his eyes. One eye socket was empty and glowing purple. The other... a white, monster soul was just floating there unnaturally.

"What the fu-"

"Language, broseph"

You stared a few moments, assessing whether he would let you look again before lifting them, getting a longer look at each eye socket.

You... had to fix this. Whatever this is. As you brought your hand up to touch his eyes, his own hand whipped out to grab yours.

"No thanks, bruh. You can take your magic away from me, don't need it" You blinked then glanced at your hand in his. It was covered in purple, you hadn't even noticed that your magic had activated itself. It was going to take some time to get used to it again, your magic and true potential had been dormant for a long time, you needed practice again. But at least you had more control of it than when you did when you had amnesia.

Slowly, your magic went away and stopped licking at his hand like fire. But his hand stayed there, holding yours. If anything, his grip tightened. His hand felt warm, maybe a little too warm. He almost seemed sweaty. Was he nervous? You hoped your magic wasn't scaring him but it seemed something else was bothering him.

His eyes were glued, staring at your joined hands. As if he himself didn't understand why he wasn't letting go.

"You... don't need help?" You broke the silence and looked at him instead of your hands. He did the same, instead he began to stare into your eyes.

"Nah. I'm perfectly happy being radical, friend-o. don't need any help" Underneath all the bright, cheerful colors... you could suddenly tell he was more serious and dangerous then you gave him credit for. It almost seemed threatening, the way he said that... "Don't need any fixing or editing" He finally let go and gestured to himself with a sweeping motion and a smile, he snuck some finger guns in his gesture which made you smile back. Seemed he was back to his version of normal. 

"... Well... okay" You hesitantly gave up. You told yourself to just drop that seriousness. He was a Sans' after all, they get like that sometimes.

And even though something was seriously wrong with him... you couldn't force him into getting some help. And maybe you should be thinking about yourself more right now.

"Do you know any way of getting out of here? I'd... really like to leave now"

Briefly, you had worried if maybe this guy wasn't real at all and you were just hallucinating again before of this place and what it was doing to your head... but you quickly pushed away the thought. You couldn't be considering your mental health, you had to stay positive. You were determined to leave. You were getting out.

"Oh, broseph, yeah! Totally not cool, I forgot my purpose for coming here!" He grabbed your hand again and got real close. Way too close, for that matter. It seemed he wasn't a fan of personal space, either that or he just didn't understand the concept. You leaned away as much as you could as he smiled widely at you, leaving you with a daunting feeling and slight alarm.

"E-Err, what do you want? Why are you-?" You stuttered and stared at him, feeling sweaty and anxious all of a sudden. This guy was a bit creepy and odd. You couldn't tell what he was going to do next, you couldn't predict him and it made you feel uncertain. Just who was this guy anyway?

He interrupted you and gave your hand a squeeze which might have been encouraging if you weren't too busy feeling freaked out.

"Do you trust me, my cool-guardian-brah?"

Nope. You did not.

"Err... I guess so?"

With that and without warning, the both of you vanished in a cartoon poof of rainbow colored smoke.




Everyone was beside themselves, searching high and low. The ones that could leave the universe starting searching in different AU's while the others looked around places that she had been before. They asked Frisk for help, but the kid was having trouble finding (Y/N)'s soul again. They said it was as if someone was keeping her hidden and had only allowed her to leave previously, that maybe it wasn't luck that they got her out before...

That maybe it was planned that she leave for a short while before being forced to come back.

But they still hadn't figured out who was behind this, who owned the piece of ripped black fabric. Error clenched it in his hand, it was the only clue they had but not even Ink had any idea. Normally, he would be able to tell right away since he created everything around them but he can't recall anything about this fabric.

Ink placed a comforting hand onto Error's shoulder, or at least it should have been comforting. For Error, it was the furthest thing from that and he painfully whacked Ink's hand off. He hissed in anger. Ink simply sat beside him and smiled. "Stay away from me" 

"We used to be friends, Error. In fact, I still consider you a friend despite everything that has happened. No, not a friend. More like a brother..." Ink smiled softer, looking over Error's hunched position on the back porch. He really wished he could hug him but it was clear that Error had grown to hate such things "I'm sorry about everything. I never wanted to keep you in the anti-void but you gave me no choice"

"Whatever" Error kept his gaze straight ahead, looking out at the garden covered in a thick layer of snow. The flowers had died and there was no a speck of color in sight. Just as Error liked it. "I don't care about that anymore"

Ink stretched his legs out, content on staying beside him and talking to him if that was all he could do to comfort him. He laid back and put his hands behind his head "Then why do you want me to stay away if I'm forgiven?"

"Because you let her get taken" Error gritted his teeth, narrowing his eyes but still refusing to look at Ink. "You were meant to be protecting her. A miracle happened. She came back and you. let. her. get. kidnapped"

Ink grimaced. He knew that already and he regretted it with every bone in his body. Error was right. He should have been there. He shouldn't have let anything happen to her. He had been doing his best to look after her, even protecting her from the other skeletons, and how she was gone. Again.

"... I know..." Ink raised an arm to cover his eyes, which were beginning to fill with tears "I'm a horrible excuse of a friend, I should never have left her side at all. Not for a second"

Error made a noise of disgust, finally looking at Ink's pitiful state. "You always were such a crybaby. Disgusting"

"I've told you before. Showing your emotions is good for you. Crying is good for you"

"It's weak and pathetic"

"No" Ink childishly retorted.

"Yes" Error glared at Ink, a challenge flashing in his eyes. The game was on.

"No" Ink prodded.

"Yes" Error ground out. But the smallest of smiles twitched onto his face.

"Yes" Ink's grin widened.

"No" Error spat out. Then sputtered "I mean yes!"

Ink laughed loudly, wiping off his eyes and sitting up to look at Error with a cheeky smile while Error shouted at him. It almost seemed like old times, when they would do childish things like that. Whenever they had disagreements, it would result in that. Error was out of practice though, since he fell for the oldest trick in the book.

They sat in silence for a while, looking out at the snow. It was peaceful but their minds were anything but that. One person was missing. (Y/N). She would always giggle at the two of them, enjoying their banter. Sometime's they would act up even more just to amuse her, the sound of her laughter was like beautiful music that no instrument or voice could ever hope to achieve.

"Come on. Let's continue looking now that we've taken a break. There's still a few universes that we haven't checked yet" Ink stood and offered a hand to Error. The glitched skeleton looked at it for a while, before batting it away again and getting up by himself. Ink wasn't surprised, but he wasn't bothered either. It seemed they had found some kind of truce between them. And a mutual goal. Find (Y/N).

Together, they jumped through a portal and continued their search through the universes.

Praying to whoever created them, hoping that they could find their third guardian.