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Guardian of Bones

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All was quiet and peaceful in the skeleton household. The snow fell gently outside, covering the ground in a white blanket and the skeletons were relaxing in the living room after a vicious snowball fight. In the end, they had to admit a tie since their strengths were so close to one another. 

Apart from Ink, who had held back but the others didn’t know that. Had it been a real fight then things may have been different…

Jackets and hoodies of different colours in a row along the radiator drying, a towel underneath to catch any droplets of melted snow and they all happily sipped tea in their shirts.

“… why do I feel like we are missing something important…?” Patch wondered outloud after a while of comfortable silence. He tapped his mandible as he thought then shrugged, Orange took a quiet sip of his drink and looked away quickly.

There was another long moment of silence…

“WHERE’S (Y/N)!?” They all stood at the same time, apart from Orange who wore a smirk.

Ink looked around at everyone, about to start suggesting way to find her when he noticed and approached Orange quickly with a threatening expression.

“relax, she’s fine. Everything is fine…” Orange waved a hand dismissively, unaffected.

“EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE!” Blueberry ran in, breaking down the door as he went with unshed tears in his eyes “SHE’S GONE! I CAN’T FIND HER ANYWHERE! AND THE STAFF ARE THE ARUARIUM SAID THAT SHE NEVER LEFT! SHE’S JUST GONE! SHE’S GONE!”

Orange held his wailing brother while Ink got closer to the pair, shouting and pointing an accusing finger at them. This made Blueberry worse and earned a glare from Orange.

“You stupid swap brothers! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! You took her all for yourself while no one was looking! She’s not yours!”

Gently, Orange began to move Blueberry away and stand up to Ink when Red growled low in his throat and jerked Ink backwards. He spun him round and prodded at his chest hard.

“and she’s not yours either! So why don’t you just back off from her and stop being a possessive asshole for once!” He gave a final prod, so hard that it pushed Ink back a few steps.

“I’m not possessive! How dare you! I just care about (Y/N) is all!” Ink argued, throwing his hand up into the air and stepped back to gesture to everyone furiously “UNLIKE THE REST OF YOU! You only care about her underwear and getting them off!”

There was a pause, Ink seemed to be actually thinking about it rather than just dismissing it and a thoughtful frown made its way onto his face. Blueberry had stopped crying, but instead he sat beside Orange and leaned against his arm for comfort.

“… let’s face it, you are kind of possessive…” Orange watched him and was none too surprised when Ink turned round to him fiercely again “do you think (Y/N) likes it when you stop her from having fun or hanging out with us? or when you carry her off saying she’s yours?”

Orange was still kind of sore about that… he was so close and yet, so far.

“SHE’S NOT A POSSESSION OR TROPHY” Black nodded in agreement, looking a little solemn.

“… I-I… I just…!” Ink hesitated a moment. They saw emotions play across his face. He went from fury to a look of understanding, as if he was looking at himself all those times in someone else’s eyes.

Then he threw himself into Orange, crying out just like Blueberry had. “I want to protect her from the world! I lost her once already! Never again! I don’t want to! I was so alone and now she’s gone again and WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO!?”

Black sighed and rubbed his temple, Sans started to ring your mobile and Toriel, just in case you went to hang with them, while Patch went out to look for you. Blueberry called the aquarium again in case you turned up and Red went off to check your room. Orange held Ink in the meantime, trying to calm him down and reassure him.

Papyrus, however…

He went outside, unnoticed except by one, and sat on the porch.

“Nyeh…” He sighed quietly, dropping his loud and enthusiastic voice for once. When he talked like that, it helped him look on the bright side. To feel confident and happy… but he couldn’t keep it up right now. “What is someone as great as me to do…?”

Papyrus watched the snow for a while, his scarf gently blew and he rested his elbows on his knees then put his head into his hands.

“you okay, bro?” Sans appeared beside him suddenly, Papyrus jumped up in surprise and began to stomp his foot angrily. His foot hit the ground so hard, snow lifted off the ground at the force and showed the hidden nature under the snow. Undyne taught Papyrus well, he was strong.


“heh, sorry bro… but really, what’s up? apart from the sky”

And so, Papyrus sat back down and explained everything to his older brother. There was so much to say and no one came out, leaving them to talk.

Papyrus had a bad feeling, for a start. Something wasn’t quite right and he knew it. He feared for (Y/N) and he wasn’t quite sure why but he wasn’t sure of himself either. He could be wrong, after all.

In fact, he really hoped he was wrong.

He was scared of something else too though…

He had missed his chance to woo (Y/N).

Papyrus was aware that he had never really acted on his feelings, never really showed her just how he felt and he was very aware that he was the only one now that had take action. Even Blueberry had done something… He didn’t want to lose her and have her never know the truth.

Originally, he felt it best to hold back… but he wasn’t so sure anymore. He may have held back a bit too much… either way, he needed to see you. He needed to find you.

And so, that’s what they did. They went out and searched all around town, with the help of Toriel and Frisk too. They got the police involved and gave them your description… But no one found anything…

Until suddenly, Patch came back. He had been the first to go and search, not bothering to take his phone so no one could call him back home. As much as they didn’t want to, they needed to take a break from looking for you.

“Look at this!” He waved a piece of black fabric around as soon as he got in. He looked a bit rough, covering in mud and snow but no one paid him much attention. Ink snatched the fabric out of his hand, looking it over and meeting everyone’s eyes.

One word fell out of his mouth.

“… Error”