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Guardian of Bones

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Winter had finally come. The ground was covered in soft, white snow and flakes fell around you. Ice hung from trees, roofs and poles and there was not a hint of colour in sight. Just a pure, glorious white. Your feet made a soft crunching noise every step you took, you pulled your scarf tighter and buried you’re face in to warm up your nose and face momentarily.

Goofus galloped ahead of you, running around gleefully in the garden. He ate the snow, rolled in the snow, kicked it all around him – if he could, then he would. Nothing was stopping your happy pup from enjoying the weather. You watched as he buried his body, so only his eyes were poking up and he raised his hackles so he looked like he had a shark fin on his back.

Smirking, you watched him creeping forwards while you sounded out the jaws theme. He reached you but instead of pouncing on you, he ran past and jumped onto Ink.

The skeletons had been walking behind you, also enjoying the winter weather and now they were laughing as Goofus licked and pinned Ink to the snowy ground. While he was down and calling for help, Sans grabbed a snowball and tossed it at him.

In a rage, Ink pushed the wolf off and declared war. You smiled and sat down on a nearby log, watching as the skeletons went to their battle stations. You noticed the pairing was mostly brothers, although not all of them had their brothers here. Red and Black, Sans and Papyrus, Ink and Patch… where had the other two gone?

Guess they were being sneaky about this, good strategy instead of charging in. 

“You will pay for stealing such a passionate kiss from (Y/N)!” Ink yelled, tossing a snowball over Sans and Papyrus’ hiding stop. Sans peeked round while Ink furiously made another ball of snow.

“you are still sore about that?! seriously?!” He yelled in response, only to receive an angry snowball straight into his face. Papyrus was quick to defend his brother, tossing multiple snow balls with a loud “Nyeh-Heh-Heh!” while Ink squeaked and hide as much as he could. Papyrus was like a machine gun, throwing ball after ball mercilessly. He seemed to take snow ball fights very seriously, and... it was kind of hot to see him like that, all determined, focused and dangerous. 

You spied Patch, and found him watching you with a flirty smirk. He wiggled his bone brows when he saw you looking back, looking like he was going to cat call before a mountain of snow landed on him from above. You snorted into your hand, finding the culprit.

Black stood there with his hand gripping the branch, giving you a loyal smile as if he was sticking up for you and saving you from Patch. You gave him a grateful smile in return and watched as he charged straight for Ink next, yelling about winning something or other. Ink went to scramble away, only to smack right into Red who wore a sharp, intimidating grin. Before he shoved a hand full of snow down Ink’s shirt.

Everyone started laughing, and the fight only got worse from there. They seemed to never get tired of fighting each other, acting as if there was some kind of great prize for the win. What a bunch of dorks… but you had to admit, you were fond of these dorks. They were becoming your dorks.

But… where were the swap dorks?

You yelped as Blueberry suddenly sailed into your arms, knocking you backwards but you fell into Orange who was standing just behind you. Holding the excited Blueberry on your lap, you looked upwards to see Orange looking down at you with a grin.

Until he disappeared, everything went black and you were teleported out of there.

Landing on your butt, you fell down in a place you had never seen before. You seemed to be somewhere near the town, but you weren’t too sure. Blueberry landed on your lap with a little squeak and you managed to catch him in your arms before he could tumble away.

“(Y-Y/N)? WHAT HAPPENED? WHY ARE WE IN CENTRAL PARK?” Blueberry looked around, confused and you put a finger to your lips. You didn’t catch how Blueberry stared.

“Hmm… I think… Orange teleported us. I’m not sure” You looked around, glaring and gently moved Blueberry off. “Alright, where are you hiding? Come on out, carrot sticks”

Only silence answered you. So instead of giving up, you stomped around and searched for him. You checked behind trees, up trees, in bushes – anywhere you could think of. But if he was around, then he was nowhere near you. Weird… why would he teleport the two of you like this?

“COME ON! THIS IS NO FUN, WE ARE IN THE PARK! LET’S ENJOY OURSELVES!” Blueberry grabbed your hand and began to drag you away, while you looked over your shoulder for anymore movement or flashes of orange… but he really wasn’t here.

“Alright, alright… So what do we do?” You asked, glancing around for any signs of life or entertainment. It seemed the park was empty and you two were the only people crazy enough to be taking a stroll in this weather. There was nothing but trees and benches around.

“THIS WAY! I KNOW!” Blueberry yanked you forward, causing you to stumble a little before you hurried to keep up with his fast and excitable pace. He was like a little kid, holding your hand and pointing to wherever he wants to go. It made you smile.

This was… kind of nice. Quality time with Blueberry. He was one of the good skeletons, he was always so lovely, sweet and friendly towards you. Even though he exhausted you sometimes, it was worth it for the company and happiness he brings.

You were fast approaching what appeared to be a cart and a blue, bunny monster. He looked a little down, his ears were flopped and his head was rested in his arms. But once he saw you and Blueberry practically running over, his ears perked up and he smiled widely.

“Hello! What can I do for you?” He chirped. You looked him over, wondering how he wasn’t freezing since all he was wearing was red trousers and a thin looking yellow shirt. Slapping a hand over your face as to not coo out loud, you noticed his fluffy, cute little bunny tail was practically wagging with joy.

“TWO NICE CREAMS PLEASE!” Blueberry slammed some money down onto the cart, making it shake momentarily. Your eyes sliced into him with surprise. For such a little skeleton, he sure was strong.

“Okay then! I haven’t had much business lately, it’s just too cold for nice cream but I guess you guys don’t mind! Actually, have it for free today! Just pick your flavor!” He motioned to a board leaning on the cart with a long list of different flavors and you bent down to read them while Blueberry hugged the bunny in thanks.

“THEN I WANT A MUFFET MELT, PLEASE!” Blueberry declared, before ripping off the packaging as soon as he got it. You were unsure, never having tried this before and not understanding what most of them are. There were no normal options, like chocolate or strawberry.

“Err… I guess I’ll have a… Heaven-in-Hotland… Or actually, how about an… Annoying-Dog-Delight…?” You mumbled to yourself, never quite loud enough to declare it until your eyes caught one. “I’ll have… Echo Flower Flavor, please”

He handed you the cold lollipop and waved as the two of you walked off together. You glanced as Blueberry, to see him going to town on his. His was circular and purple, and he had a blue tongue licked casually.  It began to drip down the sides and he started to sucked on the core of it and… you should really stop watching now.

Hesitantly, you unwrapped yours as the two of you sat down on a bench. You could see Blueberry watched, probably waiting for your approval and knowing this was your first nice cream. 

“No matter what happens, stay strong. You can get through it” You read out loud. Inside the wrapping was that sentence, in goofy and curly writing. It brought a smile to your face and you glanced at Blueberry, to see him giving you an encouraging smile back.

Then you licked the nice creams.

Tastes exploded in your mouth and before you knew it, you had moaned out loud and shoved nearly the whole stick of blue into your mouth.

“EEP!” Blueberry made a weird, squeaky sound while you sucked on the delicious blue object. You had pretty much forgotten about him to just enjoy one of the most tastiest treats you have had since freedom. Your tongue working up and down the length, not noticing Blueberry starting to sweat bullets despite it being freezing cold outside.

You finished yours in no time, turning to give Blueberry a thumbs up and finding his face to be as blue as Undyne’s skin. You gasped and pressed a hand to his cheek.

“Blueberry! You are so… blue! Are you cold?! Err… Here!” You scooted closer and put your arms around him, trying your best to warm him up. Blueberry's face only got worse, his face dangerously closer to your breasts. He breathed heavily, trying to calm himself down as much as possible.

Until you opened up the black jacket you had been wearing and wrapped it around him. He found both of his hands on your breasts, pressed up against you while your arms were tight around him and trapping him against you. Blueberry released a shaky breath.

… In truth... He had been behind all of this. He watched and longed for you from afar, until he couldn't take it anymore. He bribed his brother, Orange, with very expensive honey and allowance on smoking in his bedroom if he teleported the both of you away from the others. He had been plotting this for a while, slowly gathering all the things he needed like the money for everything while planning everything out so he could make the most of being alone with you…

But he had never planned this. He didn’t even need to do anything or make advances, because you had already made a move on him… now was his time to show you he wasn’t just a kid. He could keep up with the rest of him.

So he gave your breasts a squeeze, looking up to give you a half lidded look. You yelped and looked down, seeing his expression and… instantly seeing your mistake. Your face heated right up.

Blueberry… was another skeleton male. How could you possibly think for a second that he wouldn’t react to this, that he wouldn’t find this pleasurable or something? He wasn’t a child, in fact, he was older than Orange! And that skeleton was one of the biggest flirts ever! You have made a terrible mistake, ABORT, ABORT! RIGHT NOW!

“Err… Heh… You warm now? Yeah? Guess I can let you go” You quickly unwrapped him and scooted back as far as you could on the bench. Blueberry’s expression didn’t change though, in fact, it only seemed to get worse and you thought you saw his starry eyes flash into the shapes of hearts.

“OH? ALREADY? I DON’T KNOW… I’M STILL PRETTY COLD…” He shuffled closer, outstretching his arms and making childish grabby hands towards your breasts. Arms went straight to covering your chest, alarm clear on your face before you jumped up and threw your scarf into his face.

“There you go! Put that on and you’ll be warm! I-I’m… Err… going to get another nice cream, yeah! Bye!” You shot off like a bullet, covering your blushing face with one hand and holding a hand over your chest with your other to calm your heart.

Blueberry watched you go before wrapping the scarf round his neck. He lifted the warm fabric and buried his face in it, smelling nothing but your sweet and perfect scent. His eyes flashed to hearts again, glancing in the direction you had run off with a devious look.

He wouldn’t be giving up and letting the others have you that easily.