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Guardian of Bones

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An hour or so later, Sans gently nudged you awake and you begrudgingly pulled yourself off him and off the bed. He had chuckled and told you to get some shoes on, then disappeared. You could hear him downstairs talking to the other skeletons, and you had to presume he was filling them in that you needed a break. You came downstairs to see everyone sitting on the couches, looking shameful for having worn you down with Sans standing there like a scolding glare.

“(Y/N), we are so sorry!” Ink caught sight of you and rushed over to hug you tightly “For laughing when the coffee spilt on you and for being so clingy! I’m sorry!”

Red came to your over side and embraces you, burying his face in your shoulder and mumbling a tiny apology. You gently pet both their heads and pulled away to stand beside Sans. The other skeletons blocked your path and each took their turns to hug you, saying their own apologies for things that they have done.

You smiled softly, telling them it was alright and they were all forgiven. They answered with “You’re so nice and merciful! We don’t deserve you!” and grabbed you into a group hug, most of them looking like they might burst out crying. You were beginning to feel better already. And the hug was so nice, being surrounded and squished by all these people when you used to be so alone. Although, you could have sworn someone groped you during the hug. When you spun to get a glance at who was in that general direction, you saw no one so you shrugged it off.

“alright, that’s enough” Sans took your hand and pulled you out the mass of skeletons. You waved goodbye as he dragged you out the house and down the street.

“So, where are we heading?” You asked casually, removing your hand from his grip and putting both hands behind your back innocently. You glancing over at him and caught him looking at your hand but you didn’t think too much about it. You didn’t notice he was enjoying holding your hand before. He chuckled, avoiding your gaze and shoving his hands in his jacket pockets.

“you will find out when we get there” He mysteriously answered, causing you to puff out your cheeks slightly. The rest of the journey was filled with you nudging and pestering about where he was taking you until he suddenly grabbed your hand and teleported.

It caught you off caught, the world suddenly went black before the scenery changed in a flash. You were about to smack his arm and scold him with doing that, but your eyes caught the world around you. That instantly shut you up.

Everywhere you looked, there were plants and flowers of all different sizes and colours. You were in a large greenhouse and it was very warm compared to the chilly, autumn weather you had gotten used to. The path was gravelly and crunched under the feet as you began to wonder in awe, staring at the beauty around you. A butterfly shot past you, surprising you and you stopped to watch it flutter round in the air. A few more appeared, flying around you gracefully as you turned in a circle to keep watching them.

From a few feet away, Sans admired that wonder filled look. He had known this would be a good place to bring you. It would certainly make you forget about everything for a while. And as a bonus, he could see you like this. Looking so joyous and radiant around the flowers and butterflies, looking more gorgeous than any flower he could ever compare to you. He felt his cheeks start to colour blue.

A butterfly landed on his nasal bone, startling him and you stood in front of him. You giggled at the scene and his blush deepened to a darker shade of blue. He pouted slightly.

As gently and gracefully as anything, you gently moved it into your hand and it calmly allowed you to hold it. He watched with wide eyes and you carefully stroked along its wing with a finger, before lifting it into the arm. It fluttered off again, to join the others.

“Thank you for bringing me here, Sans” You turned back to him, a wide smile just for him. He casually kicked some gravel, rubbing the back of his head and avoiding looking at you since it was just make his blue worse.

“a-anytime…” He mumbled, before moving to take your hand and bringing you along the path to distract you. It worked, you began to gawk at all the other flowers along the path. Sans turned and smiled finally, watching your expression. He could happily stay like this forever, with you.

The both of you strolled through the large garden greenhouse, stopping sometimes to look at something or to just chat about things. There was never a dull moment, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the constant flower puns he would spew out whenever he got the chance. Papyrus would have thrown him into a bush if he hear all this, the imagine made you cackle and you ended up telling Sans this. He started to laugh too, going on to talk about his brother fondly.

You spotted a particularly beautiful flower, and quickly dragged Sans over. You smiled, gently touching its purple petals before going to move on. Sans made a quick movement, one that you didn’t notice as you began to walk with him. The two of you stopped on this small bridge, a little river filled with fish swam underneath and you looked down on them happily.

Sans took hold on your chin and turned you to look at him, while you arched an eyebrow and gave me a quizzical look. He reached up and put the same, pretty flower in your hair and complimented on how it made you look even more beautiful. You blushed hard and noticed that the bridge was so low down, you could reach the water. So you bent down, cupped down and threw it at Sans.

He froze for a moment, before getting a devious look. You squealed and ran while Sans chased after you, the both of you laughing like idiots. There weren’t many people around to see the two of you, but you wouldn’t have cared if there was. You had just forgotten the world around you with him.

The two of ended up somewhere on the other side of the greenhouse, in front of a wooden shed and Sans managed to catch up with you and pin you to the door. You were breathing heavily and chuckling, you gently prodded his collarbone.

“For a lazy skele, you are surprisingly fast… unless you cheated and teleported when I wasn’t looking” You narrowed your eyes suspiciously towards the eye. He gasped and put a hand to where his heart would be.

“how dare you! i would never…” He started to feign upset but he dropped it pretty quickly to laugh sheepishly “… okay, yeah. I cheated… but I still got you…”

You rolled your eyes at his shit eating grin, crossing your arms sassily and glaring in defiance “So now what, huh? Cheaters don’t get rewards, I’m afaid”

He seemed to think for a moment. Then shrugged and his smile strechted a tad wider.

“well, If I’m already a cheating criminal… might as well just take what I want and act like one…”

With that, he gripped your hips and pressed his mouth to yours. You gave a little yelp in surprise… then found yourself liking this feeling. It felt like he had lips, you knew otherwise but that didn’t stop your intrigue. You let your arms hang over his shoulders, kissing him back gently to which he responded with rubbing your hips with his thumbs.

There was a slight tingle of magic, coming from what you were kissing and they didn’t feel like what your lips felt like. It wasn’t flesh and it was more… smooth? A little bit like jelly but not quite. I flicked your tongue out and got a taste of it, your eyes widening slightly. That tasted good.

Sans moan caught you a little off guard and you suddenly realized… you just licked him, didn’t you?

He pressed you further into the shed, held your hips a tad tighter and deepened the kiss. You were starting to get a little out of breath but there wasn’t a chance of escape anymore. But this kind… you didn’t feel scared or trapped. Maybe because you knew Sans wouldn’t hurt you, that you were safe with him. The thought made you smile in the kiss and wrap your arms loosely round his neck. Yes, you were safe with him and… you kind of liked him. He was a good guy… and an even better kisser.

Oh man, you needed to breath. WHY, OXYGEN?! WHY!?

You managed to get hold of the hood of his jacket and pull him backwards, then hanged your head with a hand held in a stop motion to him while you breathed. You looked up after a few moments, about to suggest leaving since you had been here a long time now but Sans was on you again.

He kissed your again, his eyes full of adoration and need… for you? Oh my god. You couldn’t recall anyone giving you this kind of look before. It wasn’t quite lust, but it was something much more than need too. You had gotten needy looks from both Ink and Red, but never this type of need.

Ever so slowly, you felt his tongue peek out and pressed against your lips. His eyes begged for your permission… and who the hell were you to say no to that? He looked damned sexy as hell.

Just as his tongue began to sneak in, there was a loud crash and a herd of stamping feet heading your way before Ink ripped Sans off you with a warrior cry.

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Ink screamed at the top of his non-existent lungs.