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Guardian of Bones

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A splash sounded out in the bathroom, water went everywhere over the floor and surfaces as a result but there was not a care in the world to be found. You had your head in the sink, filled to the brim with water and you raised your head after a few moments. Only to groan and dunk your face back in.

You hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep recently and this seemed like a good way to wake yourself up before going downstairs, to face the house of skeletons.

Every morning, afternoon and evening – you would go through the same routine.

Wake up to Papyrus and Blueberry banging on your door and drag yourself downstairs to have breakfast with everyone. This usually involved a lot of fighting between them that you would have to break up, then you would flee in hopes of getting some space. This never worked.

Next, Papyrus and Blueberry would play with you for a while while Sans left to go to work. You would end up as some kind of babysitter, on your own, because the only other responsible skeleton – Orange – would go and watch the portal. Though, you suspected he slept more than guarded. The loud, giddy pair would tire you out then go training in the garden. This always surprised you how they could have so much energy, even after you played all kinds of games with them from tag to hide and seek.

Ink was usually the one who took up most of your time after that. The two of you would sit together, while you desperately tried to grasp at memories that just wouldn’t come to you. Each unsuccessful day of not knowing who you were was painful and draining your emotional health. You could feel yourself getting sadder and sadder, losing hope.

Next, you would be forced to train magic with Black while everyone watched. At first, you weren’t too bad and you could beat Black. But day after day, you started to lose energy. Black had started beating you, more and more, although he still claimed you just weren’t trying and he was still your loyal servant. You still found this weird, especially coming from a guy with such a big ego.

It would usually be the evening then, Sans would sometimes come home or he would be at another job. You would all have dinner together, which was either made by Papyrus, Blueberry or Black. Each meal was the same, depending on who was making it, and would be good or bad.

Papyrus would make spaghetti, which was usually pretty good in contrast to the other two. Black was next, and he would make lasagne. His food was unpredictable. It would either be good, or bad. It usually helped if there was someone with him to stop him putting odd ingredients like glitter. He claimed it was so that the food shimmered and was just as legendary as he was. Red had told you that he used to put broken glass in there, for some reason, but you didn’t believe him.

Blueberry would make tacos. Everyone usually either pretended to enjoy it, or they would get rid of it some way or another while he wasn’t looking. No one quite had the heart to tell him no.

You would then try to go to bed, but Red would never let you. He acted much like a child, insisted that he wasn’t tired and he wanted to stay awake with you. Eventually, you would let him drag you into the front room where he would lean against you and force you to watch gory films with him.

At first, you weren’t too bothered by this and actually enjoy the time spent with him… then you got more and more tired, stayed up later and later and Red only got clingier. At one point, he even put his whole body in your lap and wrapped all his limbs around you like some kind of koala. You had blushed and found it adorable, until you found that you couldn’t get him off. Goofus was present the whole day, and sometimes you swore you could see him giving you a pitying look.

Then when you actually did escape and went to go to bed, everyone would try and get into your room. One by one, they would appear and make excuses to sleep in your bed with you. Some were innocent things, like claiming they had nightmares, although you started to learn when they were lying about it. Some were flirts, these were mostly done by Orange but the others would try it too sometimes. You would usually blush and shut the door as quickly as possible… And lastly, some was where they would just come in without knocking and you would suddenly feel a weight on the other side of the bed. Each time, you kicked the offending skeleton out.

You would finally sleep, only to wake up feeling as if you hadn’t at all.

“Ugh…” You groaned, lifting your face and trying to scrub your sleep out your eyes with the palms of your hands. You were utterly horrible.

“hey, buddy? you okay in there? you’ve been a while now…” Sans worried voice snapped you out of it a little, although you were still very drowsy. You cleaned the surfaces of water first, then carried a towel over to the door and opened it while drying your face.

Sans had a hand, half lifted as he was about to knock again but paused when you opened the door to him. He paused and took a moment to look you over, before smiling kindly.

“Morning…” You mumbled then brushed past him, carrying the towel with you to your room. You hadn’t even bothered to get changed when you left and just dragging yourself out wearing your pyjamas. You had dark purple, cotton bottoms with a purple vest that said “Dreaming wide awake”.

“… you look like a zombie” You hadn’t noticed, but Sans had followed you all the way and was aiming an even more worried look at you. You grunted in response and made it to your room, then starting dragging out clothes to wear and throwing them onto the bed. Sans dodged each article while you did “seriously, buddy. are you alright?”

“M’fine…” You replied, then lazily shooed him to get changed. He reluctantly left, bumping into Orange on the way out then completely forgot all about you to talk to him on the way downstairs.

You ignored the sudden twinge of pain that hit you, from him dropping the subject so quickly and locked the door just in case Red decided to bother you early today. Sans obviously didn’t care that much if he was willing to forget about you that easily.

Moments later, you were downstairs with the others and chewing on a piece of toast and drinking coffee while Red argued with Black over who looked more intimidating. Blueberry and Papyrus were squabbling over which was best, spaghetti or tacos. Black switched quickly once he heard the topic, quick to defend his lasagne and claimed that was clearly the best. Orange was quietly drinking his coffee, cheering Blueberry on as usual while reading the newspaper then jumped and nearly spilled his coffee when Ink slammed his hands onto the table. Ink had a sudden burst of inspiration, and grabbed Orange’s newspaper to scribble ideas all over it. The two quickly started bickering too.

You had your head nearly face planted on the table, trying to ignore all over them when you noticed a certain skeleton was staring at you again. Sans was drinking his own coffee, looking at you from across the table. You decided to try and ignore him off.

The door burst open sudden and Patch made a dramatic entrance. You tried not to cringe.

Patch was alright, but he was still one more skeleton to deal with and made constant attempts to flirt with you. When he visited, things would only become harder and more exhausting for you. And he was going to be moving in soon too.

Goofus suddenly galloped past you in an attempt to get at Patch, excited to see greet him and accidently knocked your chair. Hot coffee went all over your top, and you jumped up with a little yelp. There was a pause, before there was giggling. Red covered his mouth, as did Ink but both were chuckling at your misfortune.

And that was it.

You aimed a death glare at them, thick and powerful magic crackled dangerously in air. The area surrounding you were so full of magic, it made your hair flow out as if it were being blown in the wind. It was enough to make the both of them gulp and snap their mouths shut.

Without a word, you left the room. Silence so thick, you could cut it with a knife was left in your wake and it stayed that way even after you were gone.

Once you got upstairs and safely into your room… You collapsed down onto your knees and broke.

You shoved your face into your hands, your back against the door and cried as quietly as you could although it was no easy task. Each sob was so hard, it made your body jerk and you couldn’t see with how blurry your eyes were. Tears cascaded down your face and you pulled your knees up to cling to your legs and bury your face in your knees.

A quiet knock from the other side of the door alerted you that there was someone there, but you ignored it and continued to quietly cry to yourself.

Until you couldn’t ignore that there was someone there, because a pair of hands lifted your chin first before pulling you into a tight embrace. You all but slumped against them, and let the figure lift you up from the floor. You buried your face into their shoulder and clung to them tightly.

“shh… it’s okay…” the deep voice reassured, before laying the both of you down onto your bed. You peeked a blurry eye open, to see the familiar blue of Sans’ jacket and held just a tad tighter. His hand stoked your hair gently, while he rocked you slowly and shushed you.

“S-Sans… don’t you have work?” You managed to shakily get out after a minute or two. Your throat hurt a tad from sobbing so hard, you sounded as horrible as you felt.

“nah, got a day off… i’m going to take you out later, and don’t argue about it. you are taking a break with me whether you like it or not…” He sternly told you, while you let out a pathetic little laugh. He pulled the cover up over the two of you and snuggled closer “for now… we are taking a nap”

“Sans…” You started then sighed, slumping even more into him and wrapping your arms as tight around him as you could. You glanced at him and lifted the corners of your mouth into the smallest of smiles “… Thank you”

He gave a warm smile in return, then tucked your head to his chest. He rested his chin on top of your head and rubbed your back soothingly. You nestled your face into him, noticing the slightest hint of ketchup in his scent along with a musky smell. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell, and it was another things that led up to you passing out in his arms from emotional and physical exhaustion.

Sans didn’t move an inch, just stayed there and held you as if you were all that mattered in the world. He was content with this, content with laying here with you. You were content too.