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Guardian of Bones

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The next morning, you couldn’t escape Red no matter what you did. Every evasion technique was a dead end and even if you did get away, he would find you or just teleport to your side. Ink was similar, although he kept a slight distance while Red clung to your arm. It was even worse that you had a headache from all that drinking. Pills didn’t seem to be working either, and there was no chance of getting any peace or quiet.

Only vague memories of last night were left. You could remember the creep that flirted with you, meeting Patch, drinking and talking… but it was a bit of a blur from there. There was a dance floor at some point, your hips swaying. Next moment you were swaying on the side walk. Then you were in bed, Red apologized and… that was it?

When you woke, you almost screamed but choked it down since you didn’t want to wake him. The scary skeleton had his body pressed to your side, an arm draped over your stomach and he was quietly snoring. His mouth was slightly open and you turned your head to look him over. He looked more haggard than usual, probably because he had been worried about you. You smiled, resisting stroking his skull and began to get up instead.

He had let out a groan and tried to stop you, but it hadn’t worked. Instead, he gave in and got up too – that’s when the stalking began.

You ended up starting your first “memory session” with Red, who was secretly happy to have a reason to stick to you. He might have thought it was a secret anyway, but you could tell by the look on his face that flashed when Orange told him he had to do it today.

Both of you were sat there on the couches for what seemed like further, you sat back with your eyes closed and Red stayed quiet as a mouse. Eventually, you sat up and tossed a cushion across the room in frustration.

“This isn’t working!” You near shouted, watching the blue cushion hit the far wall “This is ridiculous! I’m never going to get my damned memories back! Argh! Screw this!”

“… Maybe you just need more time” Ink had entered at the wrong moment apparently, and was wincing at your outburst. He relaxed and held a hand out to you, which you eyed suspiciously “Come on, let’s start your magic training session”

You took the hand eventually, caving in and letting him lead you out to the garden. Red trailed after the both of you like a pet and picked up your wrench for you which you had left lying around. He grunted and struggled to carry it, which you raised an eyebrow at. It’s wasn’t heavy at all for you, so why was he acting as if it weighed a ton? You took pity and lifted it out his hand, he watched you with wide eyes as you effortlessly carried it with one hand out to the garden.

Orange was sitting there on the garden porch, smoking and looking distracted. When he noticed you, he stood up and took your hand from Ink’s. You let him lead you out into the green grass, fairly distanced from the house and near the back. You could see the forest over the fence. Ink let you know that Orange would be doing this session with you and he had been waiting for you to finish your memory stuff.

You kind of felt bad that you had sat there for ages now, knowing he had been waiting as you did nothing and made zero progress.

Red and Ink sat on the grass, getting comfortable. You could see all the other skeletons in the distance gathering on the porch too, even Patch was there. Each were either sitting down or leaning against the wooden beams. What were they all doing, watching you like that? You weren’t some kind of circus act.

“alright, (Y/N)” Orange pulled your attention to him. He was standing there with his hands in his pocket, his cigarette in his mouth and looking totally relaxed “welcome to your magic training session. i am orange, and i will be your teacher”

“Mm… So what first, oh wise carrot sticks? I bow to your wisdom” You mocked, smiling but he didn’t smile back. Despite looking relaxed, he actually seemed fairly serious about this.

“i want you to come at me with everything you have got” Orange casually instructed. You felt your eyes widen. How could he say that with such a chilled expression?

“A-Are you serious? Is that a good idea?” You couldn’t help but nervously question this. You were meant to be some kind of powerful guardian person, right? Surely that would mean you could hurt him and you didn’t want that. Orange could be a bit of a jerk, but you didn’t want to harm him!

“it will be fine, (Y/N)… trust me” Orange gave an encouraging look “just start when you’re ready, come at me whenever you want. i’m ready…”

You took a few moments to assess the situation and think about this. He really wanted you to just attack him? Just like that? How should you even do it? Maybe you could go for his legs, and just knock him down. You couldn’t really imagine punching him or anything like that…

With a deep breath, you came at him with your arms open in the idea of doing some sort of bear hug to get him. But your arms met air and you stumbled forward in surprise when you didn’t find him.

“W-What?” You asked, swiveling and finding him standing behind you. He wore the same, relaxed face as ever as if that had never happened and you hadn’t even made a move to get him yet.

You tried again, not closing your eyes this time around and keeping your eyes on him now. He vanished right before your eyes and you stopped, before face palming. That’s right… teleportation. How could you forgot. This was going to be harder than you thought.

Red was snickering at your flat expression, you shot him a glare and went to find Orange again. He stood behind you again, his expression wobbling slightly. You didn’t give it a second thought as you charged at him again. He teleported a few feet away, to your side.

His relaxed look changed, unable to resist the cocky and amused smile anymore. It only served to anger you. Surely this was cheating, right?!

How were you meant to come at him with all you had when he kept doing that?! This was so unfair.

“… problem?” Orange smugly asked, knowing perfectly well what the problem was. Red’s snickers had turned into full on laughter, even Ink was covering a grin.

You growled in response and tried again… and again…

Over and over, you came at him and only managed to embrace air. You began to get tired and even more fed up each time that you missed, getting ready to throw in the towel. Everyone was laughing, you could even hear the others all the way at the house as they watched. And did Sans have... popcorn!?

“ARRGGHH!” You roared, furious and coming at him for the millionth time “WOULD YOU PLEASE STAY STILL!? OH MY GOD! YOU ARE SUCH A CHEAT!”

“it’s not cheating…” He spoke from behind you, while you grabbed the air and shook with kept rage at your failure “i’m using my abilities to my advantage. you should do the same too. it's not against any rules”

“Advantages?! What the heck have I even got going for myself!? A stupid wrench?!” You scoffed, crossing your arms and glancing at the wrench you had left sat beside Red. How the hell was that thing doing to help you?

Glancing at Red himself, you remembered something…

When he had cornered you, the wrench had smashed into Red and stopped him. You didn't know why, but it pretty much saved you. He hadn’t seen it coming and didn’t even have time to dodge… Maybe the wrench could be useful?

With a burst of energy and a good plan, you stomped over and scooped it up. Orange raised an eyebrow, watching you and looking at your determined face. He brought his hands out his pocket, noticing a fire in your eyes. He knew not to mess with people wearing that kind of look. Determination. 

With a warrior cry that could rival even Undyne’s, you charged again with your wrench in one hand like a sword. Orange appeared behind you, quicker than he had before and you spun around to meet him since you knew his antics by now.

He jumped back, just barely getting away from your wrench while you wasted no time at coming forward to him. You swung at him, he dodged each time that you did. When he got the chance, he would teleport but you would be there in an instant.

You were starting to be able to anticipate exactly where he would end up in the briefest second he went. You could feel his magic crackling in the air, you could sense his soul and you could see his orange colored magic gathering in one spot. When you would blink and stop looking for him, it would disappear and things would look normal again.

Each time, you got faster over to where his magic gathered. He would appear and you would onto him. Sweat has gathered on Orange’s face at your continued closeness and movements. He found he just couldn't shake you off. This kept going on.

Until you managed to just catch his orange hoodie, cutting it ever so slightly at the front where he didn’t step back in time. You used his shock to ditch the wrench and extra weight on the ground, jumping into him at lightening speed and knocking him over. His cigarette fell out his mouth.

You both fell in a heap on the grass, you sat on top of him and held his shoulders down to make sure he couldn't escape now. Both of you huffed and puffed, exhausted and desperately trying to fill your lungs with oxygen. Even though Orange didn't need it so much, you sure as hell did.

“you… you did it” Orange manage to croak out after a few moments. You nodded, surprised with yourself that you had actually managed to catch a teleporting skeleton. Where did all that strength and speed come from? And those senses?

“I did…” You managed, a smile spreading across your face. “I did! I got you, carrot sticks! HA HA!”

He sat up, chuckling and holding you on his lap while you laughed openly. His hands slid up and rested on your hips, smiling and watching you enjoy your victory.

You touched the cut piece of fabric on his hoodie worriedly, and pressed down to see if you had hurt him at all. He gave no reaction though, only looked down to see what you were doing now to his hoodie. You held the fabric tight then released it when you were convinced.

“… Good. I was scared I had hurt you for real…” You breathed a sigh of relief, sitting back slightly while he suddenly pulled you closer. You squeaked in surprise, bracing your hands on his chest to stop yourself from falling into him.

“worried about me, eh?” He wore a cheeky smile, phalanges tightening on your hip. It wasn’t painful, it was more possessive and unwilling to let you leave then anything. You were starting to feel like you were the one caught now, not him. “don’t worry… i’m made of tough stuff…”

He leaned forward, bringing a hand up to pull you towards him at the same time. You ended up with your chest pressed into his, while his deep voice whispered into your ear.

“you might even call it… boyfriend material, (Y/N)...”

“Alright, that’s enough!” Ink tore you off him before you could process what he had just whispered, you stumbled off and into the protective arms of Ink. “Thank you for training her, that was very good and all. You lost so now I am taking her away, goodbye!”

With that, he all but carried out back to the house and away from a grinning Orange while you were stunned and stiff. You looked over Ink’s shoulder to see him, giving you a sly wink. Your face heated up and you hide into Ink's shoulder.

Carrot sticks has got some great game, my god...

Was this blush going to be permanent?