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Guardian of Bones

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Frisk skipped happily beside you, squeezing your hand and grinning with their little purple rucksack on their back. You grinned down at them, swinging your joined hands as you walked. Orange and yellow leaves fell around you and the air blew gently, a little chilly and crisp for the morning rise.

Toriel had made sure that Frisk was wrapped up extra warm before leaving, and worried over you but you found that the cold didn’t bother you too much. It was actually rather pleasant, and you looked forward to when things got colder. If you were lucky, you might experience snow!

During breakfast, Toriel and Asgore was rushing around to get ready for a meeting while getting Frisk ready for school. When you learned of this, you offered to walk them to school for them. Toriel was instantly up for the idea and thanking you, while Asgore was quietly appreciative. It was nice to see he was relaxing a little too. It would have been awful for you if they wouldn’t let you see Frisk but that wasn’t the case, the two of them approved.

There were plenty more parents with their children, walking along towards the school at the end of the street. Some were simply happy with their children, in their own little world. Others were looking at you in disgust then looking at Frisk in recognition, then giving the same disgust to them. They must have known Frisk was their child of the monster king and queen.

Frisk didn’t seem to notice but you did, giving each parent who dared aim that look at Frisk the fiercest and angriest glare you could muster. Each of them cowered away.

“So… this is your school” You looked up at the tall, wide building before you. It was made up of bricks, with a large clock and bell at the center. It looked both old and new, well taken care of but finely aged. Trees and flowers led up to the doors, a sturdy hedge surrounded the area and you both had stopped at the metal gates up front. Parents waved good-bye to their children all around you, who then rushed off in child-like glee to greet friends heading for the large doors.

“Yep!” Frisk looked up at you, smiling but you couldn’t take your gaze off the building. It seemed to be so full of life and something else you couldn’t quite place your finger on. You frowned, trying to contemplate what you were feeling. “This is where I learn new things and learn how to grow up, be an an adult”

“It’s so… hopeful” You whispered quietly, starting to realize what this feeling was “It’s like… promise of a future. And hope that… the future will be good”

“What are you talking about?” Frisk giggled at your strange ways, and you shook your head as you came back to earth. School was kind of a new thing to you, you were certain that you had never been to one before. You felt that... Ink had taught you everything. You smiled at Frisk and they smiled back “Do you want to see inside quickly?”

“Of course, I would love to” You let Frisk lead you past the gates and up to the doors. Some kids waved at the both of you, which Frisk excitedly waved back. Before you could enter, you had been surrounded by children all looking up at your with curiosity.

“Who are you?” A little girl tilted her head, blinking at you with big round eyes. She lit up with childish joy “Your wings are really pretty! Are you a monster? I like monsters”

You grinned and bent down to her level, purposely stretching your wings a little wider so that her and the other children could see. Gasps of awe answered you and you were enjoying showing them off to them. A boy trotted up beside her, crossing his arms.

“She’s not a monster! She’s clearly a human!” He gestured to your face and body. A few children nodded in agreement at this. Frisk came up in front of everyone.

“She’s neither! She’s a guardian! She looks after the universe and keeps us all safe!” Frisk held your hand tight while all the children’s awe increased. Before you knew it, they were all talking and praising you. You flushed with embarrassed at all the lovely things they were saying. They kept saying how cool you were, asking if you came from above. Some even asked if you could fly up and destroy the bell so that they wouldn’t have to go to class. That got a laugh out of you.

But, alas, you couldn’t grant their wish and the bell started to chime and signal the start to class. Frisk quickly pulled you through the doors, determined to let you see inside before they had to dash off to class. You barely had time to process around you before Frisk planted a kiss onto your cheek and ran off to class.

The children were gone, as was all the noise and you were left standing there.

In a long, narrow hallway.

Your pupils dilated and your breathing picked up. The hall seemed to be never ending. Blue lockers and bulletin boards were on each side, as well as many doors. The floor and walls were white, lights along the hall flicked slightly. You were frozen in place and backed up against the entrance door, your shadow cast in front of you across the floor from the sunlight behind.

All you could see was the red carpet, the pictures, the… just as you pictured it, you could also hear it too. Except the ticking was a tad louder. The clock. Grandfather clock.

There was no escape. You were trapped again. You were never free, you had always been here and you were just having a long hallucination. You were trapped. The hallway won’t let you go.

Your hand found the handle behind you, the entrance door flew open and you fell out backwards into the morning sun. You shook, laying on the ground and staring up.

It took what seemed like forever until you settled down and finally noticed the sky above you. No wooden, dusty ceiling or spider webs. You pushed back, keeping your eyes away from the hallway before getting up and running away as fast as you can.

There were no longer parents at the gates, you were all alone and panting. You clutched your chest, tears swimming in your eyes and threatening to fall.

You swore you could almost still hear the ticking behind you, but there was no way that clock was that loud. It was just you, ultra-sensitive to everything around you and you knew that. You knew you shouldn’t be afraid and that you were free. That the familiar hallway in the corner of your vision wasn't real.

That didn’t stop you from running again, disappearing from the streets and sprinting into the nearest forest. You even hopped over a garden fence, hearing someone’s distant and furious yelling about running over their property but you didn’t care.

Soon, the earthly smell and sounds of nature was all you could see, smell and feel. You run your fingers along every tree and bush, your feet consumed by fallen and dead leaves. The ground was slightly damp, your heels sunk in the mud but you didn’t care.

You seemed to have reached the center of the forest. You were a little surprised, not having realized you had ventured this far. You couldn’t find any reasons to care though, and you sat down against a thick tree. Large roots surrounded you, and leaves cushioned the ground. You shut your eyes, breathing heavily and focusing on what’s around you.

Eventually, you had calmed down completely and you could no longer see the hallway or hear the clock. You were back, and this was reality. Your freedom, not a hallucination.

You almost laughed with relief.

Gradually, exhaustion settled in and you shut your eyes, relaxing further against the tree trunk. You crossed your arms and legs, your hair flowing with the crisp wind. Birds sung a tune for you, calming you further which acted as a lullaby. You slowly fell asleep.

Your dreams were filled with pieces and memories, an endless hallway in which you could never escape.