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Guardian of Bones

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You were back at the Tea Tree café, eating cake but without Undyne or Alphys this time. You wanted to be alone and take some time to explore a little bit. It was time to properly investigate, see what had happened in the world since you had last seen it.

When you had woken up, Orange was still asleep and had an arm wrapped securely around you. It took some manoeuvring, but you managed to escape without waking him. As nice as it had been, sleeping beside him for the night, you were hungry and felt you had over stayed. You didn’t want to be a bother to him, after all.

But it was a tad embarrassing, and you didn’t want to wake up to Orange acting as if you were a scared little child. You could handle yourself just fine, you had been doing so for years and you hated yourself for being weak like that. You couldn’t believe what had happened. You had cried in front of him and Red, you had lost your cool and you had a break down.

All because Red had pinned you against a door. Pathetic.

What was worse, when you went downstairs for food, guess who was sitting there? None other than Red himself. It were almost as if he had been waiting for you. He was just sat on a stool, both elbows on the breakfast bar with a bored expression. When he saw you, he sat up and hollered to you.

But you had run away, like the coward you were.

Now, here you were. Sat in the café with a large piece of chocolate cake, scowling over the recent events. You had been hungry after all, having not eaten dinner the night before and you didn’t want to miss out on any meals now that you were free. Food was a precious thing to you.

When you ran away, you hadn’t known where you were going at all. You just opened the door and left without a word, ignoring Red calling you and chasing you. He must not have chased you very far though, the calling had stopped once you were out of view from the house. You had run beside the nearest road, the skeleton’s pretty much lived in the middle of nowhere, and kept going until you ended up here. You really did like this café, it had such a calm environment and it did wonders to improve your mood.

The people on the street should really come in. They were scowling much worse than you were and nowhere near calm. This place was a slice of heaven compared to what was going on outside.

Crowds of people were parading back and forth across the street, holding signs up and shouting out in melody. You couldn’t make out what the chanting was, something like “No monsters, no magic!”

They held signs that advertised monster hatred, how monsters shouldn’t live with humans and so much more. There were lines like “Put them back where they belong” and “Monsters brought mayhem”, each sign you saw made you angrier. They didn’t deserve this, no one deserved this and most monsters were about the friendliest people you had ever met, so moral.

And where was this mayhem anyway? The only mayhem around was being caused by them!

You finished your cake and gave your table to an elderly human, who smiled gratefully at you and showed no fear. It was a nice reminder that not all humans were horrible.

With that, you strolled down the streets. You passed the crowd, who gawked at you with a mixture of disgust and intrigue. You did glance at a few of them as you passed, even going as far as to smile and wave. You wanted them to see that yes, you were looked both human and monster but you were a good person. You were still a little surprised when none of them shouted at you or did anything hurtful. Was that a good sign? One of quiet acceptance? You could only hope so.

You found your phone in your pocket and started texting Frisk while you walked around, pleased to hear that they were also in town right now. You were even joyous when they asked you to head over to where they were, so the two of you could hang out.

When you went to where they told you, there was a large stage and an even larger crowd gathered around. Most were monsters but there was a few humans in the mix. Some looked like they had been protesting. Other people would stop and listen, then carry onwards with their bags.

Standing with a microphone was two goat monsters, both impressively tall and giant. They might have been a bit intimidating, if they didn’t look so kind and gentle. One appeared to be female, with droopy ears, tiny horns and white fur. She wore a purple robe with white sleeve. For some reason, her appearance made your head hurt for a moment but you shook it off.

The other goat was taller and bigger, his fur was also white and he had blonde hair that looked almost like a lion’s mane. His horns were much bigger and curved inwards while he wore a purple cloak with golden pads on his shoulders. You couldn’t see what he wore inside the cloak, but you thought you caught a glimmer of golden metal.

“… And so, we ask you. Please join us. We only want peace and we wish to get along with humans, to have a long lasting relationship. We have come very far from being trapped, but the battle for our freedom is not over. Please help us to fight for that, show your support and kindness by being nice to monsters, stand up. We believe there is good in everyone, so please… show us we are right”

With that, the male goat said thanks and left the stage. Your eyes followed him as he walked down with the female, both met with a small child stood at the side who wore purple and blue. Frisk!

You were over there in seconds before you had thought anything over, standing in front of the two goats suddenly who turned to look at you in surprise.

“Well… who might you be? You… don’t look like a monster…?” The male was clearly confused, looking you over with a deep frown. Frisk turned and gave a loud squeal, jumping into you. Luckily, you caught them and gave them a tight hug.

“Hey, Frisk” You fondly greeted, the kid giggled and kept their arms looped around your neck for a moment before turning to look at the goat monsters.

“Goat mama! This is her!” Frisk excitedly bounced in your grip. “(Y/N), meet my mum!”

“Hello, child. It’s a pleasure to meet someone who Frisk adores so very much. They talk about you often, only good things” She approached you, warmth and kindness radiated off her as strong as the sun itself. You keep your cheeks flush slightly, bending to put the kid down who wrapped their arms around your waist.

“A-ah! Oh! Thank you. You must be… Toriel?” You stuttered slightly, worried. You didn’t want Frisk’s guardian and mother to dislike you or disapprove. You really liked the kid.

“Indeed I am… I hope you do not mind my asking but… what species are you?” She looked you over, but in a much kinder way than the male goat did. You guessed if this is Toriel, then he must be Asgore. Frisk had spoken of both of them to you, fortunately.

“Err… It’s a little complicated. I think you should talk to Sans about it… you do know Sans right?” You smiled hopefully and watched as Toriel lit up.

“Yes! I do! We are very close friends!” She seemed to notice she had gotten out of character and went back to being proper and motherly instead of excited and happy “Then, I shall ask him”

“Goat mama! Goat dad!” Both goats seemed to look at each other then. Asgore looked hopeful while Toriel was scowling. You almost snickered but held it back. Frisk did mention their bad break up, how they were living together simply for Frisk but Asgore was still in love with her. The way his expression fell at her scowl was comedic. “Please can (Y/N) come home with us?”

“Yes, my child. She can” Toriel gave you a welcoming smile, which you returned with a grateful one.

And that was how you ended up with Frisk, sitting on the floor and surrounded by coloring pens in a massive house (Author: Is it bad that I originally wrote “coloring penis” here..? ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) I can feel the sins crawling on my back. I’ve seen too many nude skeletons). You drew together and you found yourself forgetting all your worries, Frisk made you feel cheerful. They had such a great effect on you, Toriel’s motherly and kind words added to your comfort.

It was clear that Asgore didn’t care for you too much, he seemed suspicious and wary of you. You didn’t really blamed him since you must have looked odd in his eyes and he was just making sure you were safe to hang out with Frisk. Luckily, he didn’t bring it up and neither did Toriel. You did feel a little bad for pinning this on Sans, but you didn’t know how to explain the whole guardian thing to them when you couldn’t remember a thing about it or yourself.

You ended up staying the night, after Frisk begged for a sleepover. Toriel seemed to have warmed up to you completely, and fully agreed to the idea. You ate dinner with them and dessert made by Toriel, which was probably the most glorious thing you had ever tasted. She called it butterscotch-cinnamon pie and you pleaded for her to make you a life supply of them, she had giggled for a long time about that.

“Good night, Frisk” You yawned, pulling the pillow closer to you. They lay on the floor with you, after insisted that it’s not a proper sleepover if you weren’t together in sleeping bags and gave you a wide smile in return. They wished you sweet dreams and curled up.

Your eyes slowly began to shut, yawning quietly and looking up at the ceiling.

Before you fell asleep, you asked yourself a sleepy question.

Who’s that ginger child, looking down at you?