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Guardian of Bones

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You walked around the strange portal with one hand on your chin in thought, Ink watched a few feet away. Gingerly, you reached forward and touched the rainbow magic coating it. A tingle of magic shot up your arm, making your hairs stand on end and retract your hand.

After a while of just looking, contemplating and making noises of thought; you turned to the hopeful skeleton with an exasperated look.

“Ink, I don’t know what you except me to do with this! I give up!” You tossed your hands up in defeat and began to walk away back upstairs.

“Okay! That’s fine, don’t rush! You will figure everything out!” Ink was following right at your heels, stumbling up the stairs after you with a smile. You whipped around at the top step, fixing him with a distressed look and pressing a hand to your forehead.

“How can you be so damned fine with this?! So optimistic?! Face it, I’m a lost hope and a dead end! I don’t know the first thing about portals, let alone everything else I am meant to do!” You began to walk away again, storming through the front room while all the skeletons watched you with curiosity. “And you tell me there is no rush too!? I thought that…!”

“There is still enough time for you to get a grip on your powers, my magic will hold the portal long enough” Ink grabbed your wrist, stopping you just at the doorway “And you will get there, you saved Goofus after all! That was none other than your magic! That proves that you can do it!”

You opened your mouth and took a deep breath, to shout more disagreements and denial but Orange quickly cut you off with a raised hand and voice.

“why doesn’t everyone calm down for a moment, sit down” He motioned to the couches everyone was sat on, Ink hopped up beside Blueberry while you begrudgingly pulled up one of the bean bags.

Together, you began to think of a plan. They refused to add you to the portal watching schedule, thing you should be focusing on yourself than that but a new schedule was made. Each skeleton was going to help you get a grip on your magic. Every day you would have a training session.

You didn’t exactly like the idea, since it appeared there would be no days off but there was also a space each day for you to have some “thinking time” as they put it. Where you were going to be sat with the same skeleton you trained with and you were going to try to recall your past.

Since you really wanted to know your past, you easily agreed to that although you would have preferred to do it alone. Did you really need to be supervised for your thinking?

“so have you recalled anything today at least?” Orange put his hands into his pockets, you could see Ink giving you yet another hopeful look.

“No… not really. Sometimes things feel a little familiar but I haven’t recalled any memories” You shifted uncomfortably in your spot, wishing you had better news. Wishing you had memories.

For now, they told you to relax and start tomorrow. Blueberry made you watch another animated movie with him, while he sat right beside you. At one point, you had left to make some popcorn and he came to help, but snuck up on you. You could have sworn he squeezed your breast while hugging you from behind but you weren’t sure.

After a while of movies with Blueberry way into the evening, one of the skeletons took pity on you and asked if you wanted to help him which you quickly agreed. Sans brought you back down to the portal and asked if you could help him clean up the lab. You hadn’t even noticed but now that he brought it up, you would see it desperately needed cleaning.

There were spider webs everywhere, dust caked almost every surface and the ground seemed a little sticky to you. He handed you a cloth while he started on the mopping, dipping into water first before starting. The two of you did a good job and the place was almost shining before long.

“Let me just get the webs for you, carry on with the last of the mopping” You gave him a winning smile, which he returned as he mopped up the furthest corner. You collected the dusty and stretched up onto your toes, reaching the webs just barely.

You gave up stretching and grabbed a stool, climbing up to reach the webs better. You didn’t even notice Sans watching you intently, his white pupils trained on your stretched out body. You were standing on one leg, in a cute little pose while you dusted at the webs.

Sans couldn’t help but admire your body, how adorable and attractive you looked right now. His cheeks began to dust blue at the little noises you were making as you tried to get at a corner.

Goofus ran in, barrelling towards you and things went into slow motion. The wolf came over and accidently knocked the stool, causing you to wobble and fall. Sans had instantly dropped the mop, leaving it forgotten on the floor while he teleported over to you.

The duster fell too, landing besides the two of you while you lay gracefully in his arms. His cheeks turned even bluer, while you looked at him with round eyes. Then you smiled at him, he felt his soul stutter for a moment. Your grins did that too him and you did it often with him. You really didn’t know how much of a mess you made him each time you gave him that dazzling smile.

“Thank you, Sans… Er… you can put me down… Sans? Hello?” Your words barely registered with him, until he registered and nearly deposited you onto the floor in shock. But you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, effectively pulling yourself closer while he tightened his grip as to drop you.

Another moment passed between the two of you, just staring at each other and letting this moment slowly sink in. Sans didn’t realize, but he had his gaze locked onto your plump lips.

“well…” Someone cleared their throat at the door, your heads whipped over to see Red standing there with a blush as he regarded the two of you practically embracing each other “who knew you would fall for one of us so quickly. here I thought I was going to be first”

You jumped right out of Sans arms, apologizing and not noticing the hard stare that Sans gave Red for interrupting. Red simply gave him an evil and challenging smile, as if to say game on.

Red was next to drag you away. Quite literally, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back upstairs then continued until he reached his own bedroom. You weren’t really sure where he was going with this but it was a bit too late to turn back now.