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Guardian of Bones

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Your room was looking so great, you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face even if you tried. You were covered in paint from head to toe, wearing an apron and some casual clothing. Your hair was tied up and you were wearing fluffy socks.

All of the skeletons were either out working or shopping for food and supplies. You were alone in their house and you were certainly enjoying yourself to the max. The bed was in the middle of the room, as was the wardrobe while the rest of the furniture was in the hall while you painted.

You had your new phone blasting out music while you customized and changed your room. Music was a whole other thing, new and brilliant thing too. The world had certainly created some great songs while you were away and you had recently discovered some bands you wouldn't easily forget.

I chime in with a “haven’t you people ever heard of… CLOSING THE GOD DAMNED DOOR!?” 

The bed squealed when you jumped up onto it, only to leap off again while you sang to the music and using a paint roller as a microphone. The walls needed time to dry now so you left the room, carrying the roller with you to clean it off. The phone came with you, you danced and swayed with the music as you walked. You had already learned the lyrics to almost every song you had come across.

No, it’s much better to face these kind of things… with a sense of poise and rationality!

When you got the stairs, you slid down the pole as you bellowed the lyrics. You sailed off when you reached the end and then you slid across the hall, your socks providing zero grip as you gave a spectacular pose for the end.


There was moment of silence while you dusted yourself off, a daft and dopey grin present across your face before slow clapping sounded out. You whipped your head to the source and found Orange and Blueberry standing there, with Goofus wagging his tail by their side. Both had wide smirks, regarding you while your cheeks filled with colour.

You wasted no time in escaping, taking quick and shy steps to the kitchen while Orange’s laughter followed at your heels. You hadn’t expected them to come back so soon after they offered to take Goofus on a walk, you really regretted thinking it was safe to dance around the house now.

“MISS (Y/N)! I LIKED YOUR PERFORMANCE!” Blueberry ran up beside you while you scrubbed the paint off the previously white roller. The water turned purple as it hit, you turned to see Orange standing not too far away with a shit-eating grin and considered throwing some of the dyed water as him.

“T-thanks…” You muttered, rubbing harder at the roller and scowling at it as if it were your greatest enemy. Blueberry giggled, hugging you and pressing himself into your side.

“WILL YOU DANCE WITH ME, (Y/N)!?” He begged. You gave up the roller and left it sitting in some hot water, vowing to try again later. You peeled the tiny skeleton off.

“Maybe another time…” You smiled sheepishly at him. Maybe not ever, more like. You were never going to be caught dead dancing again, especially not by the skeletons of this house. You felt a wash of relief, thinking that at least it wasn’t Red that found you first.

You fled again, going back to your room and shutting the door. You grabbed another outfit and locked yourself in one of the two shared bathrooms. All of your bathroom supplies were stored in your own little cabinet, but all of the skeleton’s shared one cabinet.

Getting curious, you took a peek inside to find all kind of weird things. There was a wide variety of beauty brands that you didn’t recognize, colognes and some kind of bone whitener for skeleton monsters. You picked up one of the brands in confusion. What the heck is MTT-Brand Bishie Cream?

The washed all the paint off your body, you could hear all the other skeletons coming home in the meantime and felt a frown build onto your face. You really were going to have to be more careful what you do. You weren’t alone anymore, you were living in a house full of male skeletons and you needed to watch yourself.

Locking the bathroom door had been a good start, but you couldn’t forget that a bunch of them could teleport. You just hoped they would be kind enough to not just randomly teleport into your room when they needed you. You would be mortified if you were in the middle of getting changed.

You pulled your clothes on in the bathroom and walked out with a towel wrapped around your head, you rubbed your hair gently through it in the hopes of drying your thick and wet hair faster. When you came back to your room, you found Orange standing there with his two hands stuffed into the front pocket of his hoodie.

“it’s looking good, kid” He complimented your paint job, giving you a smile while you shrugged. You dumped the wet towel onto the bed and opened the wardrobe again, searching for your own hoodie or something to warm you up. The weather had been getting colder recently, winter was closing in rapidly.

Orange stuck around, just standing there while you started to move some things back into the room and free up the large hall. Once again, you were grateful that it was more like another room than anything and it was massive. Everything fit in there just fine but you didn’t want your stuff lying about either.

“look… (y/n)…” Orange finally spoke, taking hold of your wrist and stopping you from moving a side table inside. You stood up straight and waited for him to continue. He took a breath, looking away from you with creased bone brows “… we got off to a bad start”

“Yeah... we did” You agree steadily, recalling that night out on the porch when he attempted to intimate you. It wasn’t exactly the finest encounter with him, but at least things had cooled down pretty quickly between the two of you. There wasn’t so much tension anymore and he didn't glare at you so much.

“i wanted to apologize for my behavior. wanted to ask if we could have a fresh start, forget about before and all that…” He rubbed the back of his head. A pair of blue eyes watched from behind the door, unnoticed by the both of you. You walked over and stuck your hand out.

“Nice to meet you. I’m (Y/N)” Orange smiled, sinking slightly in relief before taking your hands and giving it a lazy shake. He introduced himself and there was a content moment between you. Looks like things were cleared up now.

“WELL, GOOD! NOW THAT IS OVER… (Y/N)!” Blueberry run in and grabbed your hand, dragging you out the room. Orange leisurely followed after you while Blueberry brought you into the front room. He presented an array of films to you, asking you to pick one up. They are seemed to be animated, each with the same logo of a black mouse.

You ended up choosing one about a child who could fly and lived in some place called Neverland. It was a family film apparently and you found yourself leaning in towards the television, enjoying the movie. Orange came and sat beside you, sinking down into the couch as if it were eating him alive. 

He generally kept quiet, only giving the occasional laugh when you and blueberry were hooked scenes. Mostly the fighting scenes had your attention, but you were rooting for the villain more than the boy. The captain was quite a funny character, you enjoyed watching him and grinned when he came up on screen.

“hey… (y/n)…” Orange whispered, leaning over and pressing himself into your side. You took your attention off the screen and raised an eyebrow at him. “why does peter pan fly everywhere?”

“… I don’t know?” Your eye brow raised further, not understanding why he was asking. It was pretty obvious this was your first time watching, you wouldn’t have the answers.

“because he neverlands

It took you a few moments for the punchline to sink in. When it did, you let out an impossibly loud snort and covered your mouth desperately to mask your laughter. Blueberry seemed to be really enjoying the film and you didn’t want to disrupt him. Especially since you already knew he hated jokes.

“heh, nice to see you have a funny bone” Orange was grinning widely at your reaction, you playfully slapped him as you tried to contain your continued giggles. It had been a long time since you had any kinds comedy and you hadn’t been expecting the joke, which made it that much funnier. Orange seemed like a bit of a serious guy, but perhaps you had misread him.

“Very humorous” You quipped back, flicking the bone to which he retaliated and flicked yours right back. He chuckled quietly, lighting a cigarette and leaving you to smoke outside for a while. Your smiles subsided and you turned back to the movie, watching the last moments.

Everyone all seemed to be a tad different. Each skeleton had something about them that made them unique, despite all technically being the same. You realized that you should really get to know more about them, give them a chance and become friends with them. Even that dirty Red deserved that much.

You stood up and headed to the kitchen, Blueberry didn’t even notice your absence. You used your phone and clicked on the internet, tapping away with your smile returning with vengeance.

You knew a good way to start.



A break, brought to you by a lazy Raven who didn’t want to fill the space between xD



The paint of the walls were perfectly dry, and you had moved the furniture around to your liking. The bed was up against the furthest wall, the wardrobe stood tall not too far away and you had a desk at another corner of the room. Your new laptop was sat on top, along with your other new gadgets.

You had an arm chair covered in pillows besides a cabinet, books stood on top and there were a few posters stuck on the walls. You had avoided things like cities and butterflies, since you didn’t want to be reminded of the hallways and instead choose posters showing purple flowers. The other posters were black and white, saying things like “I survive because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me”

When you were satisfied, you sat down on your comfortable new bed sheets and let yourself deflate. You had done everything you could think of, it was looking more like your bedroom now. Not some bleak, white jail cell type of bedroom. It was your bedroom in… their home.

It wasn’t exactly home to you quite yet. Perhaps someday but… just not now.

You were suddenly being called, you reluctantly left your room and locked it behind you. Turns out that even if you had decided to snoop their bedrooms, you wouldn’t have gotten very far since every room had a lock. Your room didn’t have a lock installed until now, since you weren’t really officially living with them. But now… you were.

As soon as you made it downstairs, Papyrus had scooped you up into a hug and was practically crying with happiness. He dragged you into the kitchen where you found the gaggle of skeletons, all sat down and stuffing their faces with food. Papyrus plonked you down and pushed a slice of cake towards you, thanking you repeatedly with a massive grin... Apparently, they had found and liked your thank-you gift.

You all ate together in harmony, enjoying the carrot cake you had managed to make without burning down their kitchen. They all complimented you for it, even Black before you were all joking, laughing and chatting together.

Home… just maybe.