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Guardian of Bones

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“… Err, I don’t think so”

You shook your head, eyeing up the horrible dress that had been presented before you. It reminded you of a pair of curtains and you could barely hold back the disgust in your expression. A groaning sound followed your words, before some heavy stomping from the owner while they headed away. You sighed.

It had barely been a day when you had met someone new. But this time, no skeletons. Apparently, the sweet Papyrus had let it slip to his friends that he had a new friend who was living with him. As much as you liked Papyrus; that was the last thing you wanted. You just wanted to rest and enjoy your life with no drama.

Well, there was no such luck. His friend, Undyne, had jumped in through the window and demanded to meet you. She jumped through the window. Sans wasn't too happy about that and has bigger problems since she came across millions of skeleton that she apparently didn’t know about. Papyrus found himself in the dog house for keeping it a secret.

They played it off as cousins though, but Ink had later informed you the truth about them. He had snuck up next to you when you were watching all of this and he lit up at you asked him about it, since you had been trying to avoid him like the plague. Every chance he got, he would get closer to you when you weren’t paying attention. He had been making it hard to stay away, he was so persistent with you.

You had been pretty glad when Undyne decided you would go out with her and her girlfriend. It meant you could escape the skeletons and see the world a little more, you could relax... or not.

Instead, she dragged you around and you found yourself clothes shopping after she found out you had an empty wardrobe. She made you try on countless outfits, much to your dismay but you pulled on a tight smile and soldiered onward. It stressed you and you quickly found that you hated shopping, especially when it came to outfits.

Not to mention the looks people gave you. They looked at the monsters as if they were going to be sick but when they got an eye full of you… it wasn’t pretty. Some people had even called out to you, calling you names which Undyne had roared angrily at. People ran for their lives after that.

It was because you didn’t look human, nor monster. You didn’t fit into either category and you looked like what might happen if the two species had a child. That’s mostly what people seemed to believe anyway, as they called you unnatural and an abomination.

For some reason, when someone called out that last one… it reminded you of the destroyer. You really did wish you could meet him. You would have to ask Ink if you could, maybe he knew where you could find him.

“Try this one, punk!” Another article of clothing were tossed over the changing room door, landing perfectly on your head. You grunted and looked it over.

Surprisingly, this combination wasn’t too bad. The fish monster was getting better at figuring out what you liked. You slipped the black jeans and purple flannel on, admiring yourself in the mirror for a moment. For some reason, purple and black just felt right to you. A little bit of white every now and then worked for you too. Purple was your eye and soul colour, and it just came naturally to you that you wore purple too. You felt right and comfortable in it.

You pushed the door open and walked out, receiving oohs from both. Undyne shot off again, going to search for something else while you took a break and sat with Alphys on the plastic chairs. The both of them were an interesting pair, completely opposite from what you could see yet they complimented each other well.

Undyne was a fish monster, was blue skin and fins. She had sharp teeth, yellow eyes and a black eye-patch. Her hair was red and up in a ponytail, you couldn’t deny she was quite pretty too. She wore a black tank top, blue shorts and red boots. She was very boisterous and energetic, reminding you of Papyrus and Blueberry a little bit. Except she wasn’t so naïve and sweet. You had also learnt that punk was an term of endearment coming from her.

Her girlfriend, Alphys, was a yellow lizard with scales and a long tail. She was a pretty cool monster really, with spikes going down her back. She wore an anime shirt, a cute little blue skirt with white dots and flats on her feet. She looked a tad nerdy, with cute glasses and you soon found out she was a scientist. You complimented her, which had her nervous and stuttering. She was cool in your books.

“So… (Y/N)… What do you think of the skeletons?” Undyne came back with a dress, before shoving you into the changing rooms and shutting the door. You slipped it on, shrugging even though they couldn’t see you.

“They are okay, I guess…” The dress was purple and ended just above your knees, it was quite short but you couldn’t deny it made you look good all over. It fit your body just right and it was the same shade of purple as your eyes. “Why do you ask?”

You stepped out and the conversation was momentarily forgotten. Alphys began clapped while Undyne grinned like she had won a race. She shoved you back in, telling you to take it off and how you were defiantly getting it. You did as you were told, fearing the wrath if you declined.

Coming out the shop, the three of you struggled with the bags of clothing and you couldn’t help but wince a little. Sans and Papyrus had given Undyne their credit card, telling her to go crazy with getting you stuff. You had tried to convince them not to spend large amounts but they had ended up taking them on their word.

Undyne’s sports car was full with stuff. Posters and things to personalize your room, paints, bed sheets, pillows, more furniture, things for Goofus and they had even got some electronics for you. There was even more than just that. You felt like you really owed Sans and Papyrus for all of this.

“So… just okay? Nothing more?” Undyne had a sly smile and you could have sworn you saw Alphys’ glasses flash for a moment. You didn’t like this and you eyed them both suspiciously.

“Yes…?” You dragged the word out as you sat at a table with them. They had brought you to a café outside of the shopping mall and you knew instantly that you would come here again. It was called the “Tea Tree” and it was really pleasant. People seemed nice here, even to monsters and a freak like you, with green walls and plants scattered around. The chairs were white and looked modern, in the shapes of rounds pods. You liked it here.

“Well, if I didn’t know any better… I would say they liked you” She wiggled her eyebrows, while you gave her an unamused look “They wouldn’t just let anyone live with them, you know! Especially Sans!”

“We are all just friends, don’t be silly” You brushed her off, pausing to thank the waitress who came over with your orders. She placed a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake before you which had your mouth watering instantly. You sipped your hot chocolate after she left, watching Undyne admire her own red velvet cake. Alphys has got herself a lemon cake, with fancy spirals on top.

Everything just looked heavenly to you, but you managed to keep your attention on your own cake instead of going to wolf down their own orders. Being free rocked! You were going to try every single food there is in this world and enjoy your life to the max!

“Humph…” Undyne pouted, watching as you ate your cake with tears in your eyes. Alphys started giggling at your reaction, while Undyne pressed on “… Just you wait. That will change. You’re living in a house full of single skeletons now, at least one of them are bound to chase your tail! And I ship it so hard

“Whatever… They couldn’t even handle me” You shook your head, snickering at the thought of them liking you that much. There was absolutely no way. A bunch of them hated your guts, and most of the others were just too innocent to make any moves on you... well, apart from Ink. But you just were not going there right now.

“Y-You are such a typical r-reverse harem protagonist… so oblivious…” Alphys muttered to herself, your eyes pricked up slightly to hear the end of her mumble. She had been so quiet previously, you were a little shocked to hear any noise coming from her mouth now. Maybe she was warming up to you?

“Reverse what? What is that?” You filled your mouth with cake again, a woman not too far away gave you a scathing look at your manners. You probably looked like a blow fish, your cheeks stuffed with food. You gave her a sheepish look in return, swallowing hard.

“… Have you… ever heard of a-anime?” Your question seemed to have her full attention, you sipped your hot chocolate to help the food go down easier. When you shook your head, her eyes widened before she slammed her hands onto the table and leaned forward “We have much to discuss!”

The rest of the time was spent with Alphys chatting none stop about some kind of Japanese cartoon, she seemed to really like it and begged you to watch some with her.

You agreed on a date and they took you home, dropping all your things onto the door step before whizzing off for something they were going to be late for. The skeletons offered to help, which you gratefully accepted and you all carried your new items in. Luckily, Sans and Papyrus was perfectly fine with all the stuff that you had brought and even told you to keep the card.

When you tried to give it back, telling them that was way too nice – Papyrus showed you that they had their own cards each and that was just a spare account with emergency money in it. Since you had no money or job, Papyrus declared this was an emergency even though you tried to argue about it.

Neither skeleton took no for an answer, telling you money was no object. You begrudging went quiet after a while, trying to think of ways that you could repay them their kindness. By the time you were done unloading everything into your new bedroom, everyone was famished and ended up ordering pizza. You especially enjoyed that part. Take-out pizza was one of your favorite foods now.

The rest of time was spent texting Frisk until you fell asleep in a heap onto your bed, Goofus immediately doing the same. What a day.