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Guardian of Bones

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The next day, you were fighting to keep Frisk. They said they had to go back home to their mother, Toriel, but you were unwilling to let them leave. You even went as far to kidnap them, which involved shutting off your bedroom and wrapping your wings around them. Goofus even patrolled, walking back and forth at the door to make sure no one got in. He was such a loyal, loving wolf. 

What neither of you knew was that a handful of skeletons in this house could teleport.

Sans and Orange had all been trying to pry your wings open. Ink was busy watching the portal and you were glad he wasn't around. Red was in the background, sitting on top of your wardrobe and shrieking while he tried to shoo the yapping wolf away.

Eventually, you listed to reason. The skeletons never did succeeded but Frisk had managed to convince you to let them go instead. They promised that they would visit more often and see you, which you were going to hold them to. You really didn't want to be away from them for any time at all. The kid effected you the most, they kept you calm.

You had even got given a phone by Blueberry, who had a spare and assured that you could always talk to Frisk by phone. Thanking him as much as you could, Frisk added their number to your contacts and set off from their own home and family.

And so began your alone time with the skeletons.

As soon as the door shut, you turned around to them and pierced all with a warning look except for the innocent ones. They got the message. Since the kid was gone, nothing would hold you back if they managed to piss you off. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to get along with them but… this just smelled of trouble.

“… Is something burning?”

Blueberry bolted off towards the kitchen.



Error had been watching them for a good long while, his eyes never left the editor and he watched like this was his favorite television show. He simply couldn’t believe that she was there, walking around their house and… alive.

He felt a little disappointed that she couldn’t remember, but at the same time he was very relieved because he had almost expected her to burst into the anti-void the first moment she got. He expected her to come and get her vengeance but… she had lost her memory.

Despite his relief… he was also a little despondent. Like Ink, he had missed her. He would never admit it to anyone but she had grown on him all those years back and he didn’t realize what he was missing until he destroyed it. Just like he destroyed everything. 

Maybe… he could pay her a visit. Just a little one. He could briefly pop in while she’s sleeping and he could just stay there for a few moments then he would be gone in a flash.

Just as he was gearing himself up, his soul sunk when he remembered. He couldn’t even if he wanted do, because of Ink.

He felt disgusted by just the name itself, and immediately agitated all over again. That damned creator could rot in hell for all he cared, they would never be friends ever again. It didn’t matter to him that Ink had nothing to do with it and Ink was innocent in all this, Error did all the work after all but...

The creator had trapped him here, created multiple universes despite his constant insisting that he should stop. Especially while the editor was gone.

But worst of all, he had betrayed him back then without a second thought and helped to protect the editor. Even though it was a mistake on his part, he just couldn’t let himself forgive Ink for so easily turning on him. Error believed that Ink never truly liked him. He was just pretending. Keeping up that goody-two-shoes act.

Deep inside, Ink was just as much of a monster as Error was.

He watched with a growl when she was woken up by Black and immediate felt jealous upon seeing her snuggling him. He had always liked her, ever since they met and he would watch her do her job with a little smile. She nearly was brilliant, her carefree and relaxed attitude always calmed him but she could be very scary and strong which he respected.

Not to mention, in his eyes, she was easily the greatest and most attractive creation ever. The greater beings certainly knew what they were doing and how to charm a skeleton. But… they also knew exactly what they were doing when they replaced him with her. He blamed them the most, but he had turned his rage onto her instead.

Turning away, he found he couldn’t watch anymore for now. He felt guilty and he couldn’t help but replay that day in his head. He will never forget when he dealt the last blow, how his lethal strings cut straight through her chest and into her soul. The tiny smile she gave before she faded away…

“Fuck…” He clenched his chest, his soul aching with need to hold her. To show her how sorry he was.

But there was no turning back for him. She would get her memories back eventually and she would hate him. Unless he found a way to escape the anti-void. Then… maybe he could win her back while she doesn’t remember him. Maybe he could win her heart… He smiled.

It was decided. He would escape, then he would bring her to him. She could stay here with him, hidden away in the anti-void where no one could interrupt them. 

That heart and soul… were going to be his. And he didn’t care what he had to do to make it happen.