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Guardian of Bones

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Goofus stuck by your side like glue, he refused to leave your side and everyone deemed him safe to allow him to walk around the house. He was a big softie and constantly nuzzled you for attention. It was incredibly nice and you felt like you had a friend for life at your side. Plus he kept you warm every night.

The best part? He protected you and stopped any pervert skeletons from coming near you. Every single time that Red approached you, he was up and growling with his hackles standing up. Red had instantly backed right off, hands raised in surrender before the wolf flopped back down beside you. You liked your new friend very much.

“I still can’t believe you did that…” Ink sat beside you, rubbing the wolf’s ears while it excitedly accepted the attention. He seemed to like Ink, despite their previous bad start but Goofus was just an afraid and uncontrollable void creature back then “That was your powers as a guardian working! Only the editor could change a creature like that”

“I… didn’t really do much though. I just noticed he was distressed so I went to comfort him” You started to rub his other ears, refusing to look at Ink while he gave you an admiring look. It made a tiny blush form on your cheek since you weren't used to attention.

“You always did care about others much more than yourself. I think it’s one of the reasons you let Error win. So that everyone else would live” You did look up then, hearing his solemn voice. He seemed to be beating himself up about this again. Every time you talked about it, he would reproach and chastise himself from not saving you.

“Ink… I don’t remember my past but I made the choice and there was nothing you could do about it, for what I gather you couldn't even if you tried. Give yourself a break and move on from it. I have” You shrugged and stretched a little, looking out the window at the sun. Ink sighed deeply.

“There’s another thing… how do you feel about Error?” Ink nervously played with the hair on his brush, unsure how to go about this conversation or how this would result “Are you angry at him? For what he did? I mean... he practically wiped you from existence”

You paused and looked down, chewing on your bottom lip in thought. You couldn’t even remember the guy properly, only a blurry image of how he looked and you had only been told about what happened a few days ago. You couldn't really judge him much when you didn't know him personally. But… he was also the reason that you ended up where you did. You suffered for the longest time with no one to help you, no one to reassure you and were constantly tormented by your own thoughts and hallucinations.

“I… don’t know… Let me get my memories back or at least meet him first, then try asking me that again” You gave a hesitant smile at him, he nodded in understanding and reached over to squeeze your hand. Before moving in for a hug, leaning over Goofus to get at you.

“I’m so proud of you, (Y/N). You have been through so much, and yet… here you are. Still standing, still fighting for your life… I really missed you” He quietly whispered to you, even though it was only the two of you in the room. His hand combed through your hair, holding you close while Goofus gave up trying to get comfortable between you. He left the room as well, picking up a rubber toy as he went to presumably bring to the other skeletons.

“… Thank you, Ink” You carefully unraveled yourself from him, you had been enjoying the easing feeling he provided but it just felt a bit too awkward at the moment. Again, you just wanted your memories back then you could figure everything out. 

However, he pushed this further down the awkward of path. He leaned forward and pressed himself again your lips. You immediately froze, your eyes turning into saucers before you pushed him off by his shoulders. It was only brief but the damage had been done.

“W-What…? Why? I… I don’t… even remember you?!” You stood up, looking down at his hurt expression while you shook your head rapidly “D-Don’t do that again!”

“I’m sorry! I-I just got caught in the moment and I really missed you and…!” His hurt was replaced with worry, knowing that he had pushed too far. You fled the room, desperate to get away from him and get some fresh air. You pushed right past Sans, who had seen the whole thing.

You were sat at the porch again, the same time as before. The evening was slowly rolling in and the air provided you a moment to relax again. Sans came and sat beside you, not bothering to break the silence as he regarded the sunset with you.

After a while of silence, which was surprisingly nice and awkward-free, he choose to speak. But what came out isn’t what you had expected. You thought he was going to ask about what happened, try to give you some advice or something. Words that you defiantly didn't want to hear right now.

Instead, he choose to just pretend it didn’t happen. You appreciated him respecting your business and letting you work this out on your own, just being there in case you decided to say something about it. He started to ask you how you were liking everything, their house and the world. Being free and living a little more. Apparently, the kid had told him a bit about the hallway. You could feel the sympathy dripping from his voice and decided to just accept it, he was only being understanding.

Talking about the world came easily, you were just so relieved and content with all around you. Everything was real and you enjoyed every second of your release. Sometimes, you still imagined things standing in the room with you but ignored them as to not seem crazy in front of them. You also had nightmare but they were easy enough to deal with. Sans seemed pleased, quietly listening to you as you rattled off everything that you enjoyed. Mostly the air was your favorite, the sun was next.

You made sure to thank him too, since you had taken up residence on his couch. He grinned, telling you that you were welcome and that at least you were doing your part. You were going to be saving the world, while the rest of them did nothing but create a mess. You giggled at that, apologizing that they now had a wolf around too. He shrugged, assuring that he didn’t mind the sizable mutt and he was a fan of canines.

He also told you that you could pick out one of the spare bedroom, he had already made you a sign for the door. Your eyes widened for the millionth time today, looking at him in shock before thanking him even more. He grinned and waved you off as it being no big deal.

Sans was steadily and quickly climbing your list of favorite skeletons. His guy is just as sweet as Papyrus and so relaxed. You found the tension easing off every second spent with him until you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore. He smiled and helped you to stand, the two of you went back inside to find everyone gathered around the couches. They were watching a film and eating popcorn, barely even noticing the two of you until Sans sat down with them.

“(Y/N)! DO YOU WANT TO JOIN US?” Blueberry excitedly looked you over, already going to make room for you and Ink looked just as hopeful. You shook your head apologetically at Blueberry, disregarding Ink completely. 

“No, thank you. I’m pretty tired” You briefly glanced at Ink only then, to let him know he is the cause and you weren't pleased right now. His expression dropped. You were avoiding him, but you weren’t lying either. Sleep was needed, especially since that wake up call from Black. “Night everyone”

They all either grunted or distracted mumbled a reply, except Blueberry and Frisk who gave a wave. Ink did nothing but look like a dejected puppy, his eyes never leaving you until you had climbed all the way up the stairs. You choose one of the rooms with no sign, far away from the skeletons doors but near to Frisk's and you opened it gently.

The walls were a dreary white, as were the walls. The furniture was wooden and old looking, the bed cover was a boring crème. This room desperately needed customizing. You would have to ask Sans if you could, since you would be here a while. Either way, the bed welcomed you with open arms and that’s all that mattered right now. You kicked off all your clothing and disappeared under the covers.

You couldn’t remember the last time you slept on a bed... You could get used to this.