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Guardian of Bones

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There was a large creature, about twice the size of you, fighting against restraints. There were chains all around it, glowing the colour of rainbows, and there was a massive muzzle fixed tightly onto it. As soon as it spotted you, it came at you but didn’t get anywhere near before the chains yanked him backwards.

“wow there, buddy. what are you doing up here?” You didn’t notice Sans coming up behind you, but you didn’t jump either. Your eyes stayed trained on the large, wolf like creature and you watched as black dripped off its body. Each drop fizzed into the floor before disappearing.

“What is this thing?” You mumbled to yourself while Ink suddenly appeared too. He claimed he had been searching for you all other, before asking the same question as Sans.

“Oh, that thing? It’s called a void creature, and it’s just as it sounds. Not one of my proudest creations and there are a lot more like them. I had to move them all to the void, so they couldn’t hurt no one” Ink explained, after you had voiced your thoughts to him. He had a grim look on his face as he regarded the large thing.

“So… these are the things that are supposedly going to eat everyone” You took a step forward, Sans' hand shot forward and grabbed at you, yanking you backward into his body. You could tell he didn't mean to, but you couldn't help but notice how close he was now. He smelt kind of good. Like musk and something else you couldn't quite place.

“keep a distance. that thing might be chained but it can still use it’s claws if you give it a chance” He pointed downwards, where its sharp talons were scrapping against the wooden floor boards. This wasn’t the first time it had done that either, jagged marks were practically everywhere.

“Wouldn’t you attack if you had been locking up in someone’s attic?” You leaned against the door frame, shifting away from Sans and still refusing to look away from it. The creature seemed to have gotten a little tired of trying to get to you, so it began to stomp back and forth like a caged tiger.

“don’t think you get it, buddy. we locked it up cause as soon as it escaped the void, it began to destroy everything in it’s path and cause mayhem everywhere. it’s for everyone’s safety” Sans took a seat on the step, looking bored “anyway, it’s my turn to watch the thing. i think Frisk was looking for you”

With a slight hesitance, you began to let Ink guide you back down the stairs.

That was, until the heard a low whining noise. You stopped dead and turned around. It was so quiet and you almost thought it was Sans, then you shook your head. No, you were just imaging it. Your going or gone crazy and you are imaging things as usual.

Nope. You defiantly didn’t imagine that.

It gave another whine, a tad louder than before and you directed your gaze back at the creature while Ink questioned why you had stopped. It’s stomping had slowed down a tad and it had its head bowed, almost as if it were upset.

You released yourself from Ink’s hold and went back to stand at the door frame. Sans was watching you with an eyebrow raised, wondering what had interested you enough to bring you back. They couldn’t hear it, you realized.

Before Sans or Ink could do anything, you were closing the distance between yourself and the void beast. It instantly noticed and turned to you, growling lowly in warning.

“Easy…” You began to soothe in a gentle voice. You held one hand up in surrender, your other hand was gripping your wrench worriedly. “You don’t hurt me, I don’t hurt you. Simple right...? Come on now... everything is okay"

This thing was a little unpredictable and you knew this might be a bit of a stupid move, but you couldn’t ignore that helpless whine. Perhaps because it reminded you of how you had been until Frisk had freed you, but you wanted to do something about this creature. You hadn’t thought so far ahead as to what you would do but figured making friends with it would be a good start.

Sans and Ink watched on, unsure whether they should run and grab you or let this happen. Neither option seemed great. They would save you but risk alarming the beast and have it charge at them for their quick movements. Or they could let you keep moving closer to it, risking you getting seriously hurt or worse.

But apparently, they didn’t need to worry.

Before they knew it, you were right in front of the creature and laid a hand flat on its head. They tensed up, waiting for the beast to rip your arms off. But it never came.

Instead, it lowered its head so that you could get better access and its large tail swooped around your body as if it was guarding you. With a grin, you stroked along its head and neck while it nuzzled into you like a dog. The black surface was surprisingly smooth, and as you ran your hand across it, the black goo dripped faster off its body. You caught sight of pelt underneath before the goop swallowed up the space again.

With horror, you realized that there was an actual creature under all this tar like substance. You instantly began to try and wipe at more of the slime, hoping to get it all off but it came back quickly. You frowned, while the skeletons watched in astonishment.

“Poor thing… how can I get all of this off you?” You pondered for a moment, then an idea popped into your head. You could practically hear the light bulb blink above you. With your wrench in hand, you began to use the tool to whip large amounts off its back.

The moment the wrench touched its body, however…

The attic was filled with purple and you were pushed back a few feet. You could see nothing but a blinding, bright purple for a moment before everything cleared up.

Where a black, gooey and vicious looking void creature stood… was a massive wolf. Its fur was black and its eyes glowed blue. There were purple spirals and patterns along certain parts of its fur, some were around its eyes and more was over its shoulder or down its hind legs. It shook for a moment, cleaning off any more left over gunk before a pair of purple wings came out of its back.

Everyone was speechless, not knowing what to say. The wolf slowly approached you, the chains were left broken on the ground as well as the muzzle. Dread filled the air before it pressed itself against you, wagging its tail joyously and giving you a silly look with its tongue sticking out.

“… I shall name him Goofus”