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Guardian of Bones

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Warmth coated your skin, you mumbled something incoherent as you shifted in your sleep. Why was it so warm? The hallways were never quite this warm. Usually they were chilly, they smelt of wood and it was always dusty. Well, the smell of wood was there but there was also strange and earthly smell. It reminded you of soil. You found that your nose wasn’t tickling from the dust, the air was perfectly clean.

Unwillingly, you cracked an eye open. And came face to face with a forest. You were surrounded by tree everywhere you looked and you had your back was leaning on a particularly big one. You were sitting on leaves and damp mud, the sound of birds singing filled your ears.

You used the tree to help you stand, slowly looking around with surprise and disbelief.

 This… wasn’t a hallucination. It felt way too real. Usually you would be able to tell. The dust, for example, would still be in the air no matter what you were seeing. But this…

Sucking it, you took in as much fresh air as possible and held it a moment. It were as if you had been stuck in a desert and an oasis had just been placed before you. You exhaled and grinned like an idiot.


First thing you were going to do was climb this massive tree, you wanted to get as close to the sky as you possibly could. You wanted to touch the sun and spread your wings to their full length. You had never had the room or space to stretch them out before.

Wasting no time, you began to clamber up. It was harder than you realized however and you quickly noticed why. What were you wearing!? These weren’t your rags?

You wore a purple sweater, dark purple leggings and black boots with a heel. The heels didn’t much help the climbing but you weren’t complaining too much. It was nice to actually be out of rags, wearing comfortable and clean clothing. The white dress had been nice, but it was only for show and it wasn’t real. You were stuck wearing your dirty rags until now.

A black belt was fixed around the waist, you took notice of the scissors and the glue. They were the same one from the drawers you opened. You were also wearing black, finger-less gloves and they helped you climb with ease. No splinters for you.

Once you reached the highest branch of the large tree, you took a seat and let your wings unravel from your back. They were noticeably bigger than usual, as if being free had spurred a sudden growth. The air caressed each feather pleasantly and you sighed blissfully at the sun.

If this was a dream, you didn’t want to ever wake up. You pinched yourself just in case, giggling when it actually hurt. That was defiantly a good sign.

Despite your relaxed form, you couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. It wasn’t Frisk, you noticed the kid was missing when you woke. You weren’t too worried at the moment, you would find them eventually.

As if the world knew what you didn’t, the wrench from the drawers came hurtling towards you. With quick reflexes, you caught it and brought it close to you. That’s right, you had everything but this.

The mystery of why a flying wrench just jumped into you like a puppy was currently not your first port of call, so you simply shrugged and turned back to the sun with content.

Until movement from the corner of your vision made you turn. There was Frisk, trying to balance on the branch as they came towards you. They caught your grinning face watching them.

“Sorry, kid. I just had to see the sky… it’s been too long. Thank you so much, Frisk” They leapt over to you and your strong arms caught them, holding them close to you to keep them safe. You would protect this kid for as long as you lived, you owed them so much for freeing you.

Tears trailed down your eyes at the fought. A part of you still didn’t believe that you were free, but was slowly coming to terms with this. And that part couldn’t feel more gratitude.

“So many years of cramped hallways can give you such a crick in the neck! God, it’s good to be free!”

You muttered to you as stood up, with every intention of flying out into the open sky. You figured it would be a good start to your life of freedom, a good chance to stretch your wings and body. Plus the kid would probably love a flying lesson.

Until a loud, angry voice abused your poor ears and caused you to fall out of the tree.

Body going from shock to protectiveness, you tried to stop yourself from falling by using your wings but they got bashed by branches.

With no other choice, you accepted that you were about to land on the hard floor and you focused on shielding Frisk. You wrapped your beaten wings around them, making sure that you would hit the ground first. Their screams pierced the air while you shut your eyes and kept quiet. You had been through far worse than a fall, that’s for sure.

You still weren’t fully ready for the impact. Your breath was taken from you instantly, you choked out a little cry and shut your eyes tighter in refusal to cry at the pain.

“OH MY GOD! ARE THE TWO OF YOU OKAY!?” You peeked an eye open to see a tall… skeleton. Although, he wasn’t like the one you remembered. Similar but not quite. You felt a tad disappointed.

He reached a hand out, as if to help but hesitated slightly. Must have been the state of your wings that put him off, which were bloodied and damaged. You carefully and slowly unwrapped one, noticing more skeletons jumped down besides the tall one.

Your wings slowly revealed Frisk, who was completely unharmed and clinging to you like their life depended on it. A sigh of relief escaped you and you run a hand through their hair.

“Frisk… You can open your eyes now” They slowly peeked up at you then looked around, seeing your wings and giving a sharp gasp. “Hey, it’s okay. Looks worse than it is”

“Red! This is your fault!” The kid surprised you with a loud, angry and stern tone towards one particular skeleton. He was standing behind Papyrus, looking guilty as heck.

“jeez, okay. i’m sorry. but how was i suppose to know she would fall?!” You recognised the voice, it was defiantly the guy that startled you. Frisk climbed off you, careful not to hurt you.

“No worries” You waved a hand dismissively, lying flat on the ground and staring up to see the gorgeous sun peeking through the tree’s “A little drop isn’t going to make me croak”

“Little!?” Frisk squeaked in disbelief, looking straight up at the tree that seemed to touch the clouds and shook their head while you chuckled. They pointed “Red, make yourself useful and help her up”

Red, the short and darkly dressed skeleton, gave a grunt in response and ambled over to you. He offered a hand and refused to meet your eyes. You couldn’t help but smile at his attitude, what a grumpy little guy.

Instead of taking the hand however, you got yourself up by your own strength and brought your wings carefully behind you. It hurt to move them and you gave a little wince, everyone watched curiously. Had they never seen someone with wings before? It wasn’t that unusual, surely?

“Come on, let’s get you inside” Frisk took your hand and guided you past the skeletons. You clambered after them uneasily, your body aching and the roots of trees making it hard to walk.

You didn’t notice one particular skeleton, who had been watching you with a completely different expression then everyone else. Ink couldn’t believe his eyes, and stayed in the tree to look down on you. He didn’t want you to notice him yet, he wanted to see how you were doing first.

Did you hold a grudge? He couldn’t save you from Error, did you hate him because of that? What did you think of the universes now, were you going to be like Error? There were so many questions and possibilities on your thoughts, he couldn’t mind read as much as he wished he could.

He desperately wanting to scoop you up into a hug but restrained himself for now. You looked so hurt and in need of a hug. He almost did grab you but instead, he hopped after everyone and used the trees to his advantage. No one noticed that he wasn’t there walking besides them.

You, however, did briefly pause to look up at the trees as if you felt someone spying on you. He froze up but you continued wobbling after Frisk when you couldn’t see anything.

What surprised him was that you just shrugged it off. Guardians have good senses and feel the world around them a bit deeper than others. You had been especially good at that, he used to try and sneak up on you all the time only to fail miserably.

You should have noticed him by now…