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Guardian of Bones

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Chara was eyeing all around them. The magic had gotten stronger the moment that Frisk had touched the wrench and so did the ominous feeling. Now, it was starting to feel like there was someone there. Someone like them, someone who was meant to be dead. Although, they were sure it was just paranoia.

“That’s- Oh my god! G-give me that!” Ink rushed forward and took the wrench out of Frisk’s hands, looking it over closely. Everyone slowly uncovered their ears after Ink's ungodly and loud shriek. “IT’S THE REAL DEAL! Where did you find this!?”

“I took a walk outside and found it in the forest” Frisk rubbed their sore hands, watching Ink. His eyes were sparkling with delight and suddenly he was crying.

“This must mean…! SHES ALIVE! She has to be!” He shouted, spinning around with the wrench as he hugged it closely to him. Everyone was looking at him like he was insane but he didn't seem to care. He was too wrapped up in glee.

“Ink, what in the hell are you talking about?” Red crossed his arms and Ink settled down, a wide grin spread across his face. He took a seat and gently set the wrench across his lap, then motioned for everyone to sit too.

“Allow me to explain…” He took a deep breath “In the beginning, there were only two guardians…”

And so, Ink told them the story of how all their universes came to be. About the fight between Error and the editor. How upset they both were about it, and how it drove Error to be the way he was now. They sat around and listened intently, occasionally asking questions to help them understand.

He went on to explain about why the wrench was so important. It was one of the editors tools, something that was used for their duties as a guardian. It should have vanished, along with them but here it was in mint condition. He concluded that they must still be alive, somewhere and somehow.

They were the only ones who could make everything right again, in a way that Error could never. The editor could stop this from happening with as much effort as a sloth, they could stop all the glitches and bad universes one and for all.  They could even stop those abusing unnatural powers. Things could finally go back into balance.

Immediately, everyone was filled with relief and faith again. They had a new, better option up for grabs. It must have been a sign to them that the editor was living and they could help. Ink guessed it must be greater forces, giving them a hand and a sign. He couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated though, it could have come sooner. But there was one problem still standing… where were they?

“Oh. The editor is a she, by the way” Ink piped up. Everyone looked at him then, in shock of this news while he let out a nervous laugh “Yeah, she’s not a skeleton. More like a human actually. We always did find it weird how she wasn’t a skeleton. We thought that maybe it was to appeal to the humans as well as monsters… She’s really pretty too…” No one heard him mumble the last part

“Huh… Anyway” Frisk shook it off, and continued “Could they be in the void or anti-void?”

“No, I doubt it. The void doesn’t exactly like guardians. Even if she was there then she wouldn’t be around. The void consumes whatever is inside it and would have destroyed her straight away” Ink put a hand to his chin. “And I would know if she was in the anti-void”

“well, guess it’s time to start a new search” Everyone nodded at Reds statement and scattered. They were back to the books and papers to find anything they may have missed. Some sort of tie to this person that might determine where she was hiding. They needed to find her at all costs.

Meanwhile… someone else was watching.



Error paced angrily in the anti-void. After the visit from Ink and those stupid skeletal abominations, he was fuming more than ever. He continued to rant to himself about them, while repeatedly trying to open portals. Only to be blocked off again by Ink’s magic.

He gave a yell, the roar echoing through the white space. It reminded him just how alone he was here and he slumped down onto the ground with a huff.

“Fuck those guys. I will find a way out” He swore, slamming a fist on the ground besides him.

Silence stretched out. The air felt suffocating to him, he tried his best to stay calm. He did live here, but being stuck here was taking its toll. Error hated being trapped, especially by Ink and he had been here for such a long time now.

But Ink couldn’t keep him here forever.

A twisted grin pulled onto his face at his thoughts. With a flick of his strings, he opened up a window to see what those idiots were doing. He planned to start mocking their every move and find out what they were doing now that they were helpless, to keep himself entertained.

The smile was instantly ripped off his face when he saw what Ink was holding. A wrench with an unmistakable purple and black pattern. He clenched his fists.

“… She’s… alive?”