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Guardian of Bones

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It had been a week since Error declined to help, the skeletons had taken some time to let this all sink in. Now they were back to trying to ways to stop this from happening. They weren't planning to give up easily.

Each brother duo took turns to keep an eye on their two troubles, one would watch the void beast while the other watched the portal. Each day, a tiny piece of the paint chipped away. Each day, Ink became even more depressed. Each day, they were a step closer to losing everything they had ever known.

They tried to keep all of this from everyone else. No one else other than the skeletons knew anything about what was going on, and the humans were busy fixing the city. No one knew where the creature had come from or who Ink was. Sans and Papyrus had done a good job, they had managed to keep everyone they cared about in the dark… apart from one person. Frisk.

Frisk was the human that saved them and brought them up to the surface after an eternity of being underground. They were a positive and lovely kid. The queen of the monsters, Toriel Dreemurr, adopted the kid and they were friends with pretty much all the monsters. The child was a lot smarter than they seemed, they had known the skeleton brothers were hiding something big. Papyrus was bad at keeping secrets and when they talked to him over the phone, he was a stuttering mess.

Sans and Papyrus were particularly close to Frisk, it wasn't uncommon that they would show up randomly to hang out. They had decided to do just that today, they wanted to find out what they were hiding and catch them out.

“Uncle Sans! Uncle Pappy!” They couldn’t have picked a worse time to throw the door open and run in, only to find a room filled with skeletons. Their jaw dropped.

They wore a purple and blue striped sweater with brown shorts and brown boots. Their skin was tanned and they had short brown hair, ending at their shoulders with brown eyes to match. The kid preferred to use gender neutral pronouns, they decided it shouldn’t matter what gender they are.

Sans immediately got to explaining everything, before asking the kid not to tell anyone. They had taken it pretty well and looked at him with a smug expression, the kid was good at sleuthing. However, the part about their impending doom was excluded. The kid shouldn’t have to live with knowing that, it was unfair and too great of a weight to carry around. He lied, saying that just few a void monsters will escape and attack people. They wanted to prevent that from happening.

Papyrus introduced everyone by their nicknames after that, and Frisk shook each of their hands happily. They were gleeful to make more friends, especially skeletons.

The carefree child were quick to try and help, asking different things and thinking of different ways they could stop this from happening. But they had already ticked off everything the kid suggested. They kept trying until the kid went dry, sitting with a glum face.

No one really liked to see that look on them, but they lit right back up and started to search online. They researched about voids, to find out everything they could. They stayed the night, after they had gotten Toriel’s permission over the phone, and they stayed up way past their bed time then up early in the morning to start looking again.

Frisk’s determination to find a way to stop this was filling everyone with hope, Ink found himself grinning as he helped the kid. Frisk reminded him of how he used to be, before shit hit the fan and when there were three guardians. He missed those times.

A few hours later, after they had eaten spaghetti for lunch, Frisk found themselves laying on the floor surrounded by books. There was paper all around, with spider diagrams of ideas and notes. But they had found nothing.

“There must be a way…” Frisk sighed to themselves, an arm over their eyes. They were alone in the front room, laying on the fuzzy blue rug. The skeletons had left to get some air in the garden, before they started looking again. Frisk could see how all of this was wearing them down, but at least they had an extra pair of hands to help.

“You might as well give up, Frisk” A voice filled the room, sounding flat and uncaring. A child was sat by Frisk, with their head in their hand and a bored expression. They looked strikingly similar to Frisk, except for a few differences. Their hair was the same length, but more on the ginger side. Their skin was more pale than tanned, and their eyes were red. They wore a green and yellow striped sweater, with the same brown shorts and boots.

“No, I won’t give up. People could get hurt if we don’t do something, Chara” Frisk answered, glancing at the child rolling their eyes. Frisk was the only one who could see Chara, since she was kind of a ghost. It was a long story, but Chara fell into the underground long before Frisk did. Toriel’s son found them and brought them to his parents, who adopted her. But one day… a dangerous plan was made.

The monsters were stuck in the underground and there was only two ways to get through barrier leading to the surface. One, a monster needed to absorb a human soul and that monster would be able to go through but only that monster. Two, they needed to collect seven human souls and that would shatter the entire barrier for everyone to leave.

Chara was the only human in the underground, and she wanted everyone to be free. She had a hard life in the surface, which caused her to hate humanity. One night, she decided that enough was enough. But when she presented her idea and offered up her soul to her brother – their brother wasn’t too keen on the idea.

None the less, Chara persuaded her brother to do it. She killed themselves by consuming buttercups, poisoning herself so that her monster brother could consume her soul. Toriel and the monster king, Asgore, were both distraught and unaware of their children’s plan.

The next step, her brother snuck to Chara’s body which was laid in a coffin with the shape of a red cartoon heart on the top. He took Chara’s soul, and the two siblings were joined as one. He could hear this sister’s voice again and she praised him for doing this.

They crossed the barrier together, taking Chara’s soulless body with them. They reached a human village and laid Chara’s body in a field of buttercups, which pleased Chara greatly. Her body could be at peace, surrounded by their favorite flowers in the village she grew up in.

But then, the humans saw the monster and thought that he had killed the child. They quickly began to attack him. Chara shouted at their brother to kill them, for this was the next part of their plan. They were going to collect the seven human souls needed to break the barrier.

Their brother, however, couldn’t do it. The humans just feared what they didn't understand and they were innocent, they did nothing wrong to deserve this. He didn’t want to hurt them and couldn't bring himself to do it. So, beaten and dying, their brother dragged himself back through the barrier. He laid down in a patch of buttercups, apologized to Chara and slowly turned to dust. The king and queen had lost two children in one night.

When Frisk fell, they met Chara. She was a ghost and she wanted nothing more than to destroy the entire underground. She didn’t only hate humans now, she hated monsters too. She was angry that she killed herself for nothing, she hated her brother for giving up on their plan. He gave up on Chara and let himself get killed.

At a snail’s pace, Frisk began to befriend Chara. The grumpy child helped them through the underground and stuck by them. Whenever Frisk felt like they couldn’t go on, Chara was always there to urge them forward. She disliked a lot of things around her, but Frisk was getting her to open up. She had even told them their full story, and Frisk had cried for her. Chara decided that she would stay besides Frisk and help them through life, she couldn't help but get attached to Frisk since their souls were so similar.

But now, Chara was showing signs of how she was before. It was clear she was more than happy to let these void monsters kill people. Frisk was going to have to work a little harder on getting Chara to warm up to humanity, apparently. 

“Hey, dumb and dumber. Snap out of it!” Chara clicked her fingers in Frisk’s face, practically shouting in their ear. Frisk shook their heard, snapping out of their thoughts. “I can feel something weird outside”

“Something weird? What do you mean?” Frisk sat up, giving Chara their full attention. She blushed a little at Frisk’s actions as she still wasn't used to being seen after all this time. She didn't mind though, it was nice to have company. 

“It’s hard describe it... It feels a bit like magic but it’s… different. It's not the magic we are used to and it's really strong” Chara was frowning in thought then stood up, looking out the window “It doesn't feel too threatening though so I think we should check it out”

Frisk wasted no time getting up. They silently slipped out the front door, not wanting to drag the skeletons into this. Besides, they didn't feel like they had to rely on them and could handle things themselves. They didn’t know about Chara too, and it should probably stay like that for now.

The source was coming somewhere from the forest besides the house. Frisk skipped besides Chara while they kept their head down and their fists clenched to their sides. They always seemed tense, even though there was no reason to be. Frisk guessed they were just thinking about things too hard.

So, Frisk began to chatter to Chara to fill the silence. They talked about random things and they could see Chara slowly beginning to relax. Eventually they had Chara joining the conversation, laughing and joking together. But a few minutes into their walk, she suddenly stopped dead and went quiet.

“There… That’s the source” She pointed forwards and Frisk followed her finger. There, leaning against a large oak tree, was the biggest wrench the two had ever seen. It was open-ended, the silver metal was shining brightly in the mid-day sun despite the dirt all around it "The magic is practically over spilling from it"

The wrench looked so out of place and Frisk found themselves drawn to it. Before they had realized it, they had already lifted it up. They held it in the middle, their hands wrapped around the purple and black striped handle. Chara screeched when she saw what Frisk had done.

“FRISK! That thing is dangerous!” Chara had her hands to her head, watching Frisk struggling to hold the heavy tool in their small arms. It was true, the two ends of the wrench could probably cut through anything. "Put it down! Oh my god, Frisk! Listen to me and put that down!"

“It’s fine, I got it. I’m going to take it back” Frisk began to carry it off, back in the direction of the house. They struggled and clambered around, before deciding to let one side drop. It went straight down, cutting through the air and slicing into the dirt. Chara practically screamed, thinking it was going to kill them.

Trying to pull it back out, Frisk huffed in annoyance. It was stuck deeply and took a while of tugging until it was freed from the soil. They then began to drag it across the dirt ground, leaving a trail behind them while Chara squawked at them about their carelessness.

Just as they opened the door, the skeletons had only just figured out Frisk had disappeared. They were just getting into a panic when they arrived, Sans had rushed forward to hug them but stopping short when they saw the giant wrench.

Ink let out a screech.