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Guardian of Bones

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Ink had brought the creature back, throwing them both through a portal and back to the skeleton’s house. They couldn’t put it back into the void for that would be too risky and they would have to open the portal again so they chained it up in their attic to prevent it from escaping. It stormed around up there, constantly making noises and howling in annoyance. In the end, they had to muzzle it with Ink's magic too just in case someone passing through the forest would hear it. They were lucky that their nearest neighbors were so far away. 

Next thing on the list was making plans. There was no doubt about helping Ink either. This wasn’t just about them, it was about everything in existence and Ink couldn’t attack. He could defend and stop a few hits, but that was it. It wouldn't get them very far and he couldn’t stop these creatures from destroying. He was no killer, never going to be.

None of the skeletons really had faith that Error would help. They all knew what he was like.

Unlike Ink, the destroyer had been spotted a fair few times and would always attack if given the chance. He was also known to possess people, using them to do his bidding. His strings were the source of his magic, they came out from his hand like spider-man's webs. If the strings got inside you or around your soul, then it was too late for you.

He wanted them all dead. The only reason they weren’t dead was because he often had trouble getting to universes these days. They found out Ink was the cause of his delay, apparently he had been messing around with the portals and stopping people from leaving the anti-void. Since he was the last guardian, he had control of the anti-void since it was his home. He could feel if anyone was trying to leave the anti-void so whenever Error tried, he tried his best to block it with his magic.

He seemed pretty proud of that, but he was worried. Error wasn’t going to greet him warmly, that’s for sure. It would be like poking a caged animal with a stick. Although it wasn't like he ever was going to be happy to see them. Error wasn’t that type of person, especially not anymore.

Blueberry asked him about the universes, wanting to know about his adventures and all the different worlds he had created. Ink cheerfully told them of the many different and wonderful places, there were many more than they ever thought too.

He was clearly avoiding talking about the bad ones though, not wanting to upset anyone. He was proud of all his creations, but some of them were twisted. Some of them needed serious help and changes to help those living in it.

Underfell had been one of them. That was the universe where Red and his brother came from, but the two of them seemed okay now that they weren’t there. They were actually passive. Although, they did still say rude things and act pretty unpleasantly but that couldn’t be helped. It was just the way they were raised.

The worst of the two was easily Red’s brother. He was as tall as Papyrus, if he had a makeover to look like a super villain. He wore a black chest plate, black jeans with a skull belt. Other than that, he had the same red gloves, boots and scarf. Although his scarf looked like it had been through a war. It was shredded and ripped in places, he had obviously been through some rough times.

They called him Black, which seemed very fitting for him. He had grinned his sharp teeth at the time, laughing wickedly at his nickname. Apparently he liked it too.

Now, the tall and obnoxious skeleton was gloating about how he was going to beat the destroyer as they walked through the anti-void. He was sure that he was stronger, and if he beat Error then he could have that title instead. Ink seriously doubted he would win, but Red was applauding him and encouraging him.

That was to be expected. Almost every brother duo, no matter the universe, cared about one another. It was quite a nice thing to see, but made Ink a little sad. He didn’t have anyone like that… He was alone and it hurt more than he could bare sometimes.

Four skeletons continued to walk aimlessly through the completely white and strange world. They had never seen the anti-void before and it was truly something. It filled them with dread whenever they thought about staying here. It didn’t seem like the best place to live. There was nothing and no one as far as they could see. They all were glad they had a home and universe of their own.

They had left Papyrus and Blueberry at home. They seemed much too innocent to bring along with them, even though they really wanted to come. Orange insisted on staying behind, to babysit the both of them and make sure that void creature stayed in the attic. They had agreed that might be for the best. So that left Ink, Sans, Red and Black. They were confident they could handle Error together.

It took some time, but Ink eventually managed to get a pinpoint on Error. Only because he felt Error trying to leave again. As soon as he felt it, he opened a portal and the group went through.

Error was sat on the ground, snarling to himself with his back to the group. They were starting to regret coming to see him already. He looked far scarier than the fell brothers ever could.

He wore a black jacket, with yellow strings and a blue hood. He had basketball shorts with a blue line, red and black sneakers and a red sweater. His teeth were yellow and his bones were a mixture of black, red and yellow. When he realized they were there and turned to face them, they got a good look at his eyes. They were completely red with a yellow pupil, making all skeletons but Ink take a step away. Ink noticed that his ever flowing blue tears had gotten worse. He didn’t use to cry permanently like that. Not since… the editor.

The constant words around him began to flash quicker, the words Error surrounded him and his body began to go fuzzy like a television screen.

“What are you doing here?” He growled at Ink, briefly looking at the other behind him and began to grin amusingly “So… You have teamed up, to get rid of me once and for all. I’ve been waiting for this”

“What?! No! Of course not!” Ink quickly shook his head and hands, appalled by the idea of doing that to an old friend. Error may be bad now, but Ink still cared. “Error, we need your help!”

“Help?” His voice glitches, repeating a few times. He looked unbelieving for a moment then began to laugh when he realized they weren’t joking “Why would I ever help you lot?!”

“look, you’re the last person we want but you’re the only one. the void is out of control and there are void monsters threatening to kill all life. so give us a hand here?” Sans grumpily explained. He certainly wasn’t a fan of Error and he wanted this over with.

“No” Error’s response was immediate. Everyone was still for a moment, as if unsure they had heard him right. He grinned at them “Let it happen. Then I will never have to see any of you ever again”

“But-!” Ink reached out to Error, who teleported instantly and appeared further away. He looked angry but kept himself relatively calm.

“Good luck with stopping them, then. I won’t have any part in it. Good bye forever” Error waved and disappeared again, but they swore they could still hear his of glitches laughter in the air. He really wanted this. He wanted everything to waste away. Of course he would… they shouldn’t have hoped that he was better than that.

Ink silently opened a portal out of the void, and stepped through. Everyone wordlessly followed after him. They ended up back in their home, while Papyrus and Blueberry bombarded them with questions about how it went. Ink just shook his head. They grew upset too.

The world… All of the universes… They were doomed.

Now what? Error was their only hope. They weren’t strong enough to do anything about this, even if they gathered all the other AU’s together. They might be able to hold it off for a little while, but they will just buying time before the inevitable.

“I’m… I’m so sorry, everyone. Some guardian I am… I can’t do anything but cover a stupid portal that will eventually break and let the creatures through…” Ink despaired, sitting and putting his head into his hands. He began to tremble and sob while Papyrus tried to comfort him.

Everyone decided he would stay here with them, while they tried to work something out. But what could they do…?