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Guardian of Bones

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Ink was in the anti-void, paintbrush in hand and trying to focus on creating. But every time he tried, he just stopped and hesitated. He loved creating but he just wasn’t in the mood today. He was never truly in the mood anymore, not like how he used to be.

Maybe it was because of Errors recent visit, or maybe it was because something felt off in the universes. Maybe it was because he was still grieving, after hundreds of years and he still couldn't let go of the past. He wasn’t sure but he was stewing in anger at the destroyer. Error keeps coming back and fighting him, hoping that he can destroy him once and for all.

But he can’t destroy the creator.

It’s not that easy to kill a guardian, and Error was just wasting his time on trying. They were the most powerful beings, matched in strength and practically immortal. A guardian had only been killed once before and… well, Ink couldn't let himself think about that right now.

He stood up and paced around, doing nothing but observing around him. There was nothing, no life to interact with. It was a white space, almost like blank paper, where he could safely create life. There was no way to have fun and keep from being bored, it was completely empty. There were a few like him who lived somewhere in the anti-void but it was a large place with no walls. He could walk forever and find no one. He was somewhere but nowhere. 

A sudden roar filled the anti-void, shaking the ground for a moment and causing Ink to fall over onto his side. It was only brief but it was enough to confirm his previous dread and alarm. He struggled to his feet, his hip hurting and using his magic to summon his paintbrush.

He quickly used his brush to open a small piece of the anti-void, so that he could peer into the universes. He searched into each one, finding them all to be the same. Until he reached the main universe, the first one ever created - Undertale.

Each universe he created was tied to another, with different quirks or personalities. It was like a tree, there were the main branches where smaller universes came from. Each main branch was important, and if something terrible where to happen to one then everything coming from it would snap. But everything came back to the original universe, the tree’s bark.

It was very important to protect that part of the tree at all costs, and this site inside this universe was enough of panic Ink.


What he found was destruction and disaster everywhere. He recognized the city, it was the same city that the monsters had first seen upon leaving the underground. He had been so happy for them, since they had been trapped there such a long time after the war.

Now he feared for not just their lives, but every universe he's ever made.

Running around the city, breaking buildings, teleporting and attacking people… was a void creature. The void was a place, much like the anti-void but different. It was a horrible and black abyss, the place that Ink had stored any evil creations that he had captured. All for everyone's safety.

It was normal these days for some of them to slip through, but only small ones tended to get escape. They didn’t often do much harm but the big ones were deadly and threatening.

This one was particularly large. It looked almost like a dinosaur, and it was stood on two legs. Its eyes glowed blue, much like other creatures from the void and its body was dripping black. He could see it had three large horns on top of its head, and two more on its cheeks that spiraled downwards. Its teeth were sharp, as were its claws.

Ink was quick to open it wider, painting till he could fit through. He came out the other side, landing on the green grass of a mountain. He had come out just on top of MT. Ebbott, the place that the monsters came out from. He quickly teleported down the mountain, until he reached a large house.

He knocked on the door and waited patiently.