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Guardian of Bones

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“nice to see the two of you getting along”

A short skeleton monster walked into a cosy looking front room, holding a mug filled with coffee. He wore a blue jacket and black basketball shorts with a white strip down the side. He had a white sweater on and blue slippers, looking like the definition of relaxed as he slumped down into one of the various beanie bags scattered around. His eye sockets were completely black, with a little white dot in each eye and his skull was slightly rounded.

The room itself was quite large and spacious, but still managing to look warm and inviting. The walls were white, the floor was a crème colour which gave the room a modern look. White couches sat on top of a blue rug, with different bean bags scattered around all facing a warm fireplace. There was a large television above the fire place, playing some action movie.

“would you just go away!? GET OFF ME, BLUEBERRY!” Two more skeletons were sat on the couch, one of them was clinging to the other. The one pushing the other away was growling angrily, baring his razor sharp teeth like an animal.

He looked similar to Sans, but more intimidating. His gold tooth was on full display and one of his eyes was bright red. He wore a black jacket, with a red sweater and black basketball shorts. His shorts had a yellow line, unlike Sans, and he wore red sneakers.

“BUT I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS, RED! GIVE IN TO THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!” The other skeleton, Blueberry, also looked similar to Sans however but his style was different from the others. He had bright blue eyes and he was shorter than the other two, who were similar heights. He wore a grey shirt, dark blue jeans and light blue boots. To complete the look, he had a blue bandanna round his neck and blue gloves.

“where did our brothers go?” Red asked, pushing Blueberry away with one hand on his head while the small skeleton desperately tried to hug him. He was looking around, as if in hope that they would suddenly appear and save him from Blueberry. Sans sipped his coffee, sinking further into the beanie while watching the pair.

“went out for bonding time” Sans air quoted with his free hand, and Red snorted in a mix of mockery and disgust at the prospect.

“as if the boss would ever bond with you lot” He stood up, letting go of Blueberry in the process and the skeleton fell face first into where Red had been sitting. He turned to head out the room, Sans raised an eyebrow at him.

“where you heading to?”

“going to see your lab, you said the machine was nearly done” Red shrugged, leaving as Sans scrambled to get up and follow him. There was no way he was going to leave him alone with that machine, he didn’t trust him in the slightest. They may be similar, but Red was short tempered and destructive. Sans didn’t want all his hard work to go to waste.

“I WANT TO COME! I WANT TO SEE THE MACHINE TOO!” Blueberry leapt up and barrelled past Sans, nearly knocking his coffee over him. Sans sped up immediately. If there was one thing worse than Red, it was the excitable Blueberry. Who meant well, but often broke things he touched.

He found Red looking at the machine, one hand thoughtfully rubbing his chin as he looked the machine all over. Blueberry ran up beside him and matched his position, to which Red elbowed him further away from him.

The machine had taken a long time to put together. It had been broken for as long as he could remember, ever since his father… disappeared. Sans had tried to fix it to the best of his abilities, but it would never quite work and there were limited tools in the underground.

A few years ago, monsters had been freed from their prison in the underground. They were put there centuries ago after a great war the humans won. They made a barrier and forced the monsters to live there, then forget about them through the years.

Until one day, a human named Frisk fell into the underground and changed everything. They changed everyone’s minds about humans, and befriended all the monsters. They broke the barrier and freed everyone.

Monsters then began the painful and long process of making peace with the humans, and becoming part of the world again. Humans were scared at first, but soon they began to accept the monsters presence. And now, they lived in peace together… sort of. Hate groups were still around, but it’s better than it used to be.

The machine used to sit in his garage, back at his home in the underground. It gathered more and more dust every day, and Sans had just about given up. But Frisk brought back his hope, freed everyone and became his friend. He got a big home on the surface with his brother, moved the machine to the basement and began to work on it again. Until he succeeded.

What stood before them was the product of his hard work, all his sweat and tears. He wasn’t proud to admit that he had cried over his thing, sent equipment flying across the room in anger when something didn’t go his way and taken all-nighters trying to fix it.

But it was worth it. It was all worth it, because he had finally done it… now he just needed to gather the courage to actually use it. Could he actually save him? Would he forgive him?

“- and you still need to put these bits together but it should still work” Sans hadn’t realized that Red had been talking, and quickly made an affirmative noise as if he was listening.

Red was down on his knees, inspecting the wires and components underneath. He stood up and actually smiled at him, which was a rare thing. “you’ve done a good job, actually. i’m surprised. i thought you were just another numbskull” Sans gave a little chuckle at the joke and thanked him.

“AREN’T YOU GOING TO TRY IT OUT?” Blueberry looked at him with wide eyes and Sans rubbed the back of his head, trying to think of something to say “I WANT TO SEE IF IT WORKS!”

“er… not yet. there’s still things i need to do before it can be tested…” Sans pulled at the collar of his sweater, accidentally meeting Red’s eyes who gave him an understanding nod. Of course he understood, he was in a similar situation. He knew why Sans was hesitant.

They spent a bit more time in there, talking about things they still needed to do and Red helped him clean some of the rust off it. Blueberry watched a few feet away, while the two of them kept a close eye on him to make sure he didn’t come any closer. Red seemed to be in a good mood apparently, because he wasn’t being a jerk for once. He actually seemed to enjoy helping with the machine.

Eventually their brothers came back and called out to them. Blueberry ran out immediately, happy that his brother was home while Sans strolled after him. Red was last out, standing up and brushing off his hands before going to walk away.

What he didn’t realize was his jacket got caught on a lever.

He shut the door of the basement and headed upstairs after Sans. Chattering and laughter could be heard from upstairs while the machine slowly whirred to life.

There was static for a second, before the curtains to the inside of the machine blew open and ripped off. A portal opened in the air, pulsing widely and crackling with magic.

A large, clawed hand reached out of it.