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Guardian of Bones

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In the beginning, there were only two guardians. The creator and the destroyer. They were in harmony at first, like yin and yang. Even though they had their differences, they managed to get along and work together. One complimented the other and they formed a friendship.

The creator made things with the help of unseen, greater forces and he was full of happiness. Many beautiful things were made by his trusty paintbrush, universes filled with life and joy. He loved his job and he loved the universes that he painted. He was excitable and positive, always smiling.

The destroyer worked to erase. Sometimes, things would go wrong and threaten the universes. It was his job to get rid of them and keep the balance. He liked his job just as much as his brother did, even though it was a big responsibly. He may not have admitted it, but he liked the universes.

But everything changed one day. They were given a new guardian by their omnipotent rulers, who believed that they needed help in their work. And thus, a third guardian appeared. An editor, someone who would fix any mistakes and look over the universes with a watchful eye.

All was well for a while. The two guardians accepted the editor, the creator welcomed them with open arms while the destroyer appreciated them from a distance. They got along, and the editor brought out the best in the two of them.

But the destroyer soon found that he was not needed anymore. He no longer needed to destroy, since the editor could easily correct things and keep them straight. He grew restless and upset as the days went by. He lacked purpose.

He eventually began to dislike. Hate filled his soul. Despite the creator’s constant assurance and kind words, he turned on them. All his hate directed to the things around him. He shouted up to the never ending, white sky of the anti-void and howled about the unfairness. He had hoped that the supreme rulers would hear him. But nobody came. They wouldn’t help him.

The answer was simple after that. All he had to do… was destroy the editor. He would have purpose again, he could do what he was meant to do. So, the destroyer attacked the third guardian.

The creator helped defend the editor, knowing that no guardian should ever be killed. He tried to get the destroyer to see that things could be worked out, if he just stopped and listened. The destroyer, however, refused and continued to attack. The creator could not hold him back forever, he was not made for that purpose and he could not fight. So, the destroyer closed in on the editor.

A fight began, a fight unlike any other. It shook the universes and the anti-void as the guardians battled for their rights. The editor would not let their life be taken, they had a right to be here and they were created for a purpose. They wanted to live, they wanted to continue with their job.

Time was still in their home, the anti-void. But their fight lasted forever, many years of constant clashing and their strength never exhausting. Neither would ever get tired nor pause for a moment. The editor did not wish to kill him, but to simply weaken him. They believed that if they did that, he would stop to listen. They wanted to help, they wanted the destroyer to have a second chance to change his ways. They believed anyone could change and be a better person, if they just tried.

But things could not be that simple. The anti-void was weakening around them, their power was slowly breaking away the thick wall between them and the universes. One of them had to win, or everything they knew would be in grave danger. If the anti-void broke, then all universes would disintegrate. All life, along with the guardians, would perish. There would be nothing left.

Each one was matched in strength and power, one could never beat the other. The editor knew this, but the destroyer would not stop. He could not see what was happening around him, his anger blinded him. He simply wanted the editor gone.

And so, the editor only had one choice. They gave themselves up, for the sake of everything around them. The destroyer delivered the final blow, and the editor closed their eyes. They were gone. The creator was distraught, having seen his friend’s death with his own eyes and cried out for the loss of their fellow guardian. The destroyer was victorious, glowing with pride and happiness for only a short moment. Before he slowly realized what he had done. He felt sorrow, regret.

Air around them felt suffocating, everything shook violently one final time. It were as if the greater forces were showing their anger and grief in losing their precious creation and guardian. Then it died down and everything stopped. It was over.

A loud cry broke the silence, the destroyer had snapped. He couldn’t deal with what he had done. He hated himself and he hated everything around him even more than before. The creator tried to calm him but he wouldn’t listen. He set off on his own, running from the creator and his responsibilities. He left. The creator was the last standing guardian.

Things went into chaos. The creator accidentally made bad and horrible universes, due to his upset in losing his companions. The destroyer was set on erasing all the universes, growing to hate the creations as well as the creator. He wanted everything gone, so that he could be alone and in peace.

He used his powers to manipulate, to do terrible things and hurt those around him. The creator desperately tried to hold the destroyer back from doing these things but he wasn’t good for much else. The creator could do nothing to change or help since he wasn’t made for that purpose and the destroyer did not care about their suffering. Without the editor, universes took a turn for the worst.

No one was safe anymore. Powers to do unnatural things were claimed by people, and used in different universes for bad. Many turned to killing others, for many different reasons but mostly so that they could be stronger than others. Many innocent people suffered, war broke out all around.

The people looked for someone to save them. They turned their hopes up to the skies and begged the greater forces to help. They needed their editor back.

Universes needed their savior, their angel. They need things to change. But the editor was gone forever…



Weren’t they?