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Cop and Robber

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Thank you for reading Cop and Robber. The large majority of this story was flash-written—80,000 words in two weeks. As a result, the use of foreshadowing and narrative themes are intentional from beginning to end, so if you enjoy doing so, please feel free to analyze it!

If you wanted to leave your thoughts or discuss the story, I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this chapter or connect below:

My Twitter: @lunachaili


I originally just made a physical copy for fun, but I've got some requests to make it available, so here's the printed doujinshi! It won't be regularly available, but when it's in stock, you can order it here:


A nd now, for shameless self promotion!

I've been working full time on developing a visual novel called Zodiac•Axis for 1.5 years. My dream is to be an independent game developer, and I've been working through a lot of sleepless nights and countless obstacles to try and get this game made.

The story blends suspense, romance, and Asian-inspired fantasy elements.

I am writing the story, but also doing the graphic/UI design, music composition, sprite art, and some cg and bg art.

If you're interested, please try out the demo! Your support would mean a lot to me! 


Thank you again for reading.