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I Summon the All-Seeing Eye

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Part I: A Story Retold

Chapter 1: Star, Gazing

Continuity stardate: This chapter takes place between “Running With Scissors” (S02E16b) and “Just Friends” (S02E20b) - and it was first written before “Just Friends” aired.

“Sooo... bored!” cried Star. She looked up at her feet, propped vertically against the side of her bed, while the rest of her small frame lay sprawled on the bedroom floor. Both her hands gripped the wand, pushing it forwards and backwards, as if she were lazily taking aim to blast the high ceiling, adding yet another hole to the roof of her host family’s house.

Suddenly, she let both arms fall to her sides with an exasperated sigh. “Where are you Marco Diaz?!” she grumbled aloud.

She had been waiting for her best friend to come back from his big important date with Jackie. No, of course she didn’t care that Marco was out with Jackie, jeez! He was her friend, she was happy for him. But she was also alone, and bored, and had planned to drag him to a cloudceratops race or something equally exciting as soon as he got back.

But he was instead at the stupid boring movies, with stupid awesome Jackie, while she was in her stupid boring room, waiting for him to get back. She had thought of calling Pony Head, or Janna. Hell, she had considered calling Tom! Tom!! But she didn’t want to hang out with Tom, or Pony Head, or Janna, or any of her other friends in Echo Creek or Mewni. She wanted to hang out with Marco!

As a matter of fact, she wanted to hang out with Marco a whole lot these days. She especially wanted to hang out with Marco on those exact same occasions he decided to go on dates with Jackie. Whatdoyoumeansuspicious?! Nah, it wasn’t like that. Was it? It was just that, well, Jackie was cool and all, but it was always going to the movies, or skateboarding, or going for a dance. Why did Marco want to go on dates with Jackie so much, when Star could actually take him somewhere really fun? They literally could go anywhere in any dimension. He might have the scissors now, but she knew where things were at.

Maybe Marco was bored now too, or maybe Jackie was bored, or maybe they had gotten into a fight and they were both miserable. Or maybe they got attacked by monsters! Oh, no!

Well, if they had been attacked by monsters, Star reasoned, then she needed to know. Didn’t she? It was for the good of her friends! For their own protection!

And it’s not like Marco would ever find out...

She jumped onto the bed, flipping herself around so that she was now sitting on the bed all boring-like. But that was needed for what she had to do now, she had to be able to focus, just for a little while. She pointed her wand forward. After all, this was for Marco’s own good. They had been gone for four hours. The movie should have lasted only two at most. Surely, there was evil afoot!

“I summon the All-Seeing Eye, to tear a hole into the sky...”

She could hardly believe she was doing it again. It was wrong. Dark magic under the best of circumstances, and even worse under these circumstances. He was her friend, more than that, her bestie! If he ever found out... no, what was she thinking? She was simply protecting her friend. From monsters! Looking out for him, you know? Like friends do...

“...reveal to me that which is hidden...”

Plus, it was either this or calling again, and at least this way didn’t leave fifty plus notifications on his phone. So no chance of Marco learning what she was doing, which was important, because, after all... He just shouldn’t know, alright? Even if this was all for his own good, even if she was doing absolutely nothing wrong.

“...unveil to me what is forbidden!”

Dark clouds burst out of her wand and swirled wildly around the middle of her room. A tumbling mass of black smoke and purple light coalesced ahead of her, abruptly cut in half by a slit of blinding yellow brightness, looking quite a bit like the pupil of an inhuman eye opening wide before her. The mewman princess had to admit, as far as the her spells went, that one was certainly the creepiest! But, whatever, it wasn’t really that much worse than a rain of flaming kittens when you actually thought about it.

Star’s heart was beating like crazy. Of course, Star’s heart was always beating like crazy. But this wasn’t excited-beating, it was more like anxious-beating. Well, worst case it was Jackie and Marco having a great time, and best case it was monsters! Wait, no, she meant the other one, the other way around! Right? If they were having fun, then she ought to be happy for her friend. Besides, it’s not like she ever thought of Marco that way when they first met, and yet...

The view in the portal became clear, interrupting her thoughts. At first Star could only see Marco’s face and torso, he was wearing his usual red hoodie, but the hood was pulled backwards. His cheeks flustered bright red and a few drops of sweat shining on his brow.

“Oh Marco, Marco, Marco. Good old Marco, always sooo nervous over nothing at all,” thought Star, her frown turning briefly into an amused smile. “You two have been going out for over a month, you can’t spend aaaall your life getting nervous around Jackie!” she chuckled.

If anything, he seemed more nervous than he had back when she had scryed on them during their first date. She had been bored at the cemetery and, and... well, she didn’t want to relive that night! The Marco thing was confusing enough on its own, the last thing she needed right now was beating herself over losing Glossaryck.

Wait, why was Marco still staring ahead with that flustered expression? Why was his mouth hanging open like that? He usually couldn’t stop talking when he was nervous, but this was the first time Star saw him freeze like that. Maybe there was something wrong with her spell? Was she doing this to him, like when she had caused them to fall from Jackie’s skateboard? Or, maybe she had been right all along and they were in trouble!

“Well, Marco, what do you think?” came Jackie’s voice from somewhere outside of the viewing window created by the vortex of Star’s spell. Marco seemed to only stutter in response, “eh... uh... well... wow! Those are... I mean... you are... I mean...”

Then it dawned on Star that the wall behind Marco didn’t seem like any part of the movie theater at all. Nor did it look like they were outside. The wall was too close, and there was a shelf there, and two skateboarding posters. Nah. It couldn’t be. Right? Could it? Star focused on her spell, tried to zoom out or move it to the side or somehow find Jackie in the picture. When she did, her mouth went just as wide as Marco’s.

“Heh, dude, relax,” said the platinum blonde girl. Her eyebrow raised in a quizzical look. In her hand, hanging to the side, was a white and green cotton t-shirt. She let it fall to the floor. “If you keep staring like that, you are going to make me nervous too,” she admonished him with a shrug.

Despite her words, the girl’s body language spoke of a confidence that Star could only admire. It was not the only thing the princess of Mewni had to admire either. Through the black clouds, she could now see Jackie’s exposed upper body, covered only by a matching green bra.

Jackie was hot. Flat stomach and a lean toned body product of a very active lifestyle. Her chest was astoundingly well developed for a fourteen year old. She completed the picture with her expertly tossed around hair and big smart green eyes. Yet, what really made it work was the way she stood there, straight yet relaxed, looking at Marco with a face that said ’yeah, you bet it is your lucky day’. Few girls Jackie’s age were this sexy. Even fewer knew it.

Star’s heart-shaped cheeks went bright glowing red. She shouldn’t be seeing this. They shouldn’t be doing this today. They had said they were just going to the movies. She shouldn’t be seeing this. She shouldn’t be annoyed that his friend was having a good time. She shouldn’t be seeing this. She shouldn’t be comparing her body to Jackie’s. She shouldn’t find the view arousing. She shouldn’t be seeing this!

“So, Marco, are you at least taking that hoodie off?” Jackie asked with a chuckle.

Star was totally going to keep seeing this!

“Yeah, I...” Marco fumbled with the red hoodie. He got a hand out and then back in, then tried to pull it while holding on to one of the arms. Jackie laughed again, until Marco, face completely red, managed to fully take the hoodie off and throw it almost violently to the floor. “Done. See! Hoodie gone. Yeah! Told you, no problem.”

Jackie only smiled as she slowly walked towards him. Her eyes looking right into Marco’s. His own glance remained focused significantly lower than hers until the skateboarder girl was right in front of his face. “Okay, Marco. But I think you still have at least some catching up to do here,” she said playfully as she slid her hands under the boy’s grey t-shirt and planted a kiss on his lips.

Star felt very strange watching this. There was the pang of jealousy she didn’t want to admit to herself, and the pang of guilt for spying on her friends like that. “It’s not spying!” her own mind corrected her, unconvincingly. But there was also an overriding curiosity to see where this would lead. A curiosity that only increased as Jackie pulled back from the kiss and began lifting Marco’s shirt.

Star had seen older Marco’s bare chest during that brief interdimensional jaunt with Hekapoo. What she saw now shouldn’t have possibly compared to those incredible chiseled abs and hot action hero body. However, Marco was still in pretty good shape despite her poking fun at him. In fact, due to years of karate and months of monster fighting, he was in rather great shape! Besides, Star thought, there was something different about this time; this was somehow, in a hard to define way, more real than future Marco had been. The context was a lot hotter too, even if it was Jackie and not herself who was actually directly involved.

“Oh,” Star heard Jackie mutter appreciatively as she finished relieving Marco of his t-shirt, and for a moment it was the cool girl that had her mouth open. She composed it into a smile almost immediately. “Well, I am very glad I invited you up.”

Star realized then that Jackie likely had never seen Marco shirtless before. Well, not recently, at least. She had to remember they were friends since they were children, which, by the way, annoyed Star, for some strange reason. But, well, the thing was, she herself saw Marco shirtless all the time. They shared a bathroom after all, and they often got ready together. She had seen him with only a towel like a million times! So had Janna... for some reason. But this might be a first for Jackie. “Enjoy the view, girl...” she whispered to the empty room, and she truly honestly hoped Jackie did.

“Eh...” Marco seemed a lot more self-conscious than his date about being exposed like this, even if it was only his upper body. “Do you, do you do this often? Invite boys up, I mean?” A split second later, he realized with horror what he had just implied. Star knew him well enough to know his mouth had just been running in automatic, but she wondered if Jackie would understand that, and give the boy a chance to retract the metaphorical foot he had just inserted in said mouth by accident. “I mean... I didn’t meant...”

Jackie chuckled. “No. First time ever, actually. You?” she asked with an eye twinkle that made it pretty clear she knew the answer.

“No! I mean, yes! I mean no! I mean, first time too. With girls, I mean. Not with boys. I mean, not that I have done it with boys either...” Marco stammered, and Jackie laughed. She pressed her body against Marco’s naked torso and leaned in for another kiss. This one much longer and much more passionate than the first. The roundness of her breasts compressed ever so slightly against his slim but toned body. Her hands cupped the seat of his jeans, while Marco’s awkwardly found their way to the small of her back.

What Star was feeling now was so much more complicated than jealousy. She felt flustered bright red, and her face was literally glowing. Not figuratively glowing, mind you. Shut-down-the-lights-and-use-it-as-a-lamp glowing. She felt the palms of her hands holding the wand begin to get sweaty. She felt curiosity and excitement overpower her poorly suppressed envy as her eyes were glued to the scene unfolding before her. She felt this was so wrong, in the best possible way.

“Uh. Bad girl,” she joked aloud, and even she wasn’t sure if she meant Jackie or herself.

Marco’s hands climbed up Jackie’s back, until they reached the clasp of her bra, and after feeling around for just a few moments, they undid it. The girl backed away from the kiss then in surprise, the bra still hanging there, covering her nipples and most of her breasts but flowing down perilously low over them. “Wow, Marco. I certainly wasn’t expecting that!” she blurted, with genuine surprise in her expression. “I thought guys usually had trouble with that bit,” she chided, seeming both amused and impressed.

Marco was smiling at her. “Well, it is a long story. You wouldn’t want to know, believe me,” he said, as he self-consciously ran his left hand through his own hair.

“No way! Now you have to tell me,” Jackie retorted. Her eyes seemed to smile even more than her mouth. “Come on, Marco. Tell me!” Her voice lingered on the last word for added emphasis.

“Well... it’s just, this is going to sound really weird...” he began, nervously shifting his posture. “I... practiced.“

“You practiced?” she said, sounding confused. Then, after a few moments, “but I thought this was your first time? I mean... not that it is bad if it isn’t, dude. I have at least kissed boys before. It is just you just said...”

Jackie seemed a bit awkward herself now. Star noted. There was something in her, something petty and childish that drew some measure of satisfaction about the fact the cool girl was not always so damn cool.

“It is. It definitely is, I promise,” Marco rushed to reply. “I didn’t practice with a girl having them on or anything like that. I kinda. Well... I kinda practiced on Star’s bras, from her drawer, put around a chair.”

Jackie’s face seemed only mildly shocked. Star’s eyes went wide like saucers. She took a hand off her wand and subconsciously reached to the back of her own bra, feeling the clasp. Had Marco been unhooking it? It was, soooo weird. But at the same time, she didn’t mind. No, she realized, she didn’t mind at all. Besides, she did weirder things than that. Not underwear related, but surely weirder. She could have helped him with that if he had asked... as a friend, of course.

“It wasn’t a perverted thing, I swear! I wanted to know how to do it. Precisely so I wouldn’t fumble like all the guys in the movies or the stories, and ruin things, so I practiced. But now I realize you must think I am a gigantic creep, and I messed everything up again!” ranted Marco, panic rising in his voice, making him speak faster and faster.

Finally, Jackie’s roaring laugher interrupted him. “Chill, Marco, relax. Yes, it is a bit weird, but not any weirder than the cat pictures, or the truth-or-dare box, or well... the neck guy.” They both shuddered and she grinned at him. “Besides, it was pretty hot before the explanation. You were right, I shouldn’t have asked,” she made a shrugging movement and slid the bra through one arm and then the other, pulled it in one hand, extended her arm outwards and, with a self-assured move, let it fall to the floor. “Well, show me, what else have you practiced?”

Star curled inwardly a little bit. Her joy at learning about Marco’s use of her underwear suddenly deflated as she observed the sight before her. It wasn’t just that Jackie’s assets made her feel insecure by comparison, which they did, and that did not help. They were not only quite the handful for a girl Jackie’s age, but super round and super perky, with perfect pink nubs on top… But also, Star couldn’t help but notice the way Marco was looking at his date now. Part deer in the headlights, part ravenous wolf.

He was completely out of words and completely out of his normal range of expression. His eyes fixated on the girl’s breasts, his mouth opening and closing on its own, a bulge in his pants visible even through the magical portal. He looked entranced, ensorcelled. Star thought to herself that this was a spell Jackie could cast and she couldn’t. She wished there was anything that would make Marco look at her like that. Without her noticing, the wand began glowing bright green.

“No, no, no, you don’t!” she shouted and the green glow dissipated as she fought to regain self-control.

Star wasn’t about to let her wand blast her two best friends, ruin their date and, perhaps worst of all, stop the show! As jealous as she was of Jackie, what Star Butterfly wanted more than anything in the world right now was to see her “bestie” in action.

Some part of Star briefly realized something quite interesting in the moments that followed: When it came to dating Jackie, nine times out of ten, Marco was a wreck of insecurities, babbling and fumbling around. However, there were those rare moments when something else seemed to take over him. A cool elegance, a way to move like he was a dancer confidently entering the dance floor. She had seen him do it when he had received Jackie at their home for their first date, and she was seeing it now.

He gently guided Jackie into her own bed, his arm holding her back as he slowly lowered her down and placed himself on top of her. It was there in way he smiled at her before going in for a long passionate kiss as he gently placed Jackie’s head directly on her pillow. It really felt like he was leading her into a strange form of slow dance, and for a second it seemed to the Mewni princess like she could hear faint Waltz music in the background. Then, whatever part of Star was processing the realization immediately forgot it, as the rest of her took in the view.

“Oh, Marco... you are doing... a-mazing!” Star grinned with barely restrained joy, as her best friend started trailing kisses down Jackie’s neck.

She was glad for her friend, she really really was. Also, admittedly, she was getting quite into watching him do his thing. The princess’ cheeks where literally glowing scarlet now. Where again, literally meant literally. Yes, quite into it, concluded Star to herself.

Jackie only let out a soft gasp, but her hands seemed to grasp the bedsheets far more strongly than required. Now Star wondered what it would be like to be in Jackie’s place, with the boy’s lips pressing and sucking against her own neck. Her hands let go of the wand and she too grasped the edge of the bed.

In that moment, the portal should have vanished. Her wand should have fallen to the floor. Neither happened. Instead the wand remained floating in mid air, projecting the view before her, and Star didn’t care one bit to investigate the why. She was not one to question her own magic much when it was working to her advantage, and especially not right now.

“Ah Marco. I am really really glad I asked you out,” said Jackie. As the boy lifted his head from her neck, the blond girl took his left hand on her own and calmly placed it against her right breast.

“Oh...” Marco seemed to snap back from whatever trance he was in, and Star once again recognized the nervous boy she shared a home with. Which was just as good, since otherwise she wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep any composure while watching such an arousing scene. “I, oh... thanks. I am glad too.”

“You know? It’s better if you play with them. Like this,” Jackie took Marco’s hand again, stretched out two of his fingers and slowly guided them so that they were describing a circular motion over her nipple.

Marco was flustered beyond belief, and as adorable in his own nervous Marco way as he had been hot in his take-charge dancer trance. Jackie kept eye contact with the boy while letting out a very soft satisfied gasp. Damn, Star thought, this girl really was cool. She could understand why Marco liked her. She also really needed to remember that move for, well, reasons.

“Eh, Jackie. How far are we planning on taking this?” Marco asked.

Star observed that his hand kept circling right where Jackie had left it, even as Jackie’s own hands both came to rest behind the girl’s head. Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much, Star thought.

“Depends, dude. How far you want to take it?” the girl replied, as she lay in bed in what would pass for a perfectly relaxed manner if not for the hardened peaks on her chest.

“Ok, enough. No one has any right to be this cool as a teenager on her first time, in any dimension!” thought Star. At the same time, she was also looking at Marco for a response. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted his response to be. Did she want this to end here and now, or to have it continue to its last consequences? Even if that meant her bestie was going to lose his first to someone other than herself? It was barely a whisper when Marco said it, and even softer as Star spoke, exactly at the same time. “All the way?”

Jackie’s mouth opened briefly into a small circle shape of surprise as she looked at Marco. Then he started backpedaling, “I... I mean, if you want. Only if you want... sorry... shouldn’t have...”

Jackie’s arms pushed him back to the bed and her face rose up to shut up Marco with a deep passionate kiss. Then, with a move that Star almost missed, the skateboarder girl managed to roll both of them around, so that Marco was lying on the bed and she was the one sitting on top of him.

“I want to, Marco. All the way sounds great. But let’s take our time to get there, ok? I mean, we have all night.” She didn’t so much wink as, well, twinkle her eyes at him. Marco’s face went red and he quietly nodded.

Jackie had started kissing and caressing down Marco’s chest. She worked slowly, pausing often to look at him. His face, Star intently noted, alternated between surprise and bliss, and Jackie hadn’t even done much yet. Star wondered, with a pang in her chest that felt partly like drinking something too cold too fast, if Marco would react that way to Star doing something like that, or if he did only because it was Jackie Lynn Thomas.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Marco gasped abruptly. Star took a moment to notice Jackie’s right hand, grasping something in the middle of the boy pants. Star noted with surprised glee how the cylindrical shape extended on the fabric well beyond the area around which Jackie’s hand was closing. It looked pretty big. The girl moved her hand up and down the length of it a few times through the fabric and then let it go. Star’s face frowned briefly in disappointment as Jackie seemed to go back to kissing Marco’s chest. Then, with a swift movement, she unbuttoned Marco’s pants and pulled them down, as well as the boxers beneath. It was Star’s turn to gasp. Her eyes went wide once more.

“Marco, Marco, Marco... where were you hiding that?” Star noted with astonishment, after composing herself a bit.

Well, truthfully speaking, she didn’t have many points of comparison. She and Pony Head had seen pictures, and Marco wasn’t as big as the pictures, but he was still a teenager, and the pictures seemed, well, overly-optimistic. It just seemed bigger than Star expected it to be. When she had thought about it. Once. Or twice. Well, a few times, but just out of curiosity. Well, plenty of times but curiosity was sort of her thing.

“I do not often fantasize about Marco’s penis!” Star shouted to the empty room, unconvincingly.

Jackie was handling it with a lot more composure. Literally and figuratively. Her hand was directly around it now and moving very slowly. She was halfway back to a sitting position, as she used her free hand to finish helping the boy beneath her out of his pants and underwear. She was looking at him and, when their eyes met, she gave the flustered boy a broad smile.

“Have I mentioned yet that I am really glad I asked you out?” she tossed out casually.

“I... eh. You have…” he replied. He held his arms stiff at his sides, and looked very uncertain of what to do next. Jackie chuckled. Star would have too, if she had been looking at her friend’s arms at all, instead of, well, elsewhere on him.

“Marco. I just wish you would relax. You got a girl half naked, on top of you, holding your dong.” He seemed to tense even more in her hands at this, but Star wasn’t sure if she had just imagined it. “I think you are way past the point where you can mess it up,” declared Jackie. Then a mischievous smile seemed to form on her face. “Well, I think I figured a way to help you relax, handsome...“

“Ah... and, how would you do that, eh... Jackie?” his face contorted a bit and then he flashed a strange expression at Jackie that Star was sure was Marco’s attempt at a sexy smile. Well, not a bad first try, Marco, I guess. She thought.

Jackie’s response eye twinkle was a whole other level, though. She let go of Marco’s cock. “Well. I am going to rub your shoulders, like this.” She proceeded to do just that, as she leaned over Marco again. “And I am going to kiss you, like this.” She proceeded to demonstrate.

Then, she separated her face from Marco’s and looked right into his eyes. “And now I am going to go down your chest kissing it again, and when I reach the bottom I am going to take your hard cock in my mouth and blow you until you are so relaxed you cannot lift yourself off this bed,” she declared in total seriousness.

Marco went bright red all over, eyes seemed about to fall out of his sockets. Figuratively, of course, Star noted, not like Glossaryck’s, thankfully. She dismissed that disturbing thought with a quick shudder. Then she looked at Marco babble for a few seconds without hearing much what he was saying. He was way tenser than he had been before and Jackie was laughing once more. She had said the previous line with a completely straight face and even a sultry tone that seemed out of place coming from the high school girl, but was now trying hard to repress her laugh. Star, however, wasn’t, “oh, you sneaky girl... hahaha... that was priceless. The look on his face. Awwww poor easily-embarrassed Marco!”

“W... Uh... eh... you, what? I mean... eh...” Then it finally dawned on him. “That’s mean! You did that only to see me get even more nervous!”

“What can I say? You are too cute when you are flustered.” Marco’s face seemed annoyed for a moment. That is, until Jackie clarified, “I am still going to do it, though,” at which point he went back to flustered.

Jackie’s kisses went lower and lower through Marco’s chest and the boy seemed to shiver a little as she did. Star was frozen now. Was Jackie really going to? Well, duh, of course she was, that was part of doing what it had been pretty obvious for a while they were about to do. Marco himself had explained her that whole thing with the bases, and it’s not like she didn’t know how it went on Mewni (it was, all in all, pretty similar, there was that whole step with the oils and silk that they seemed to skip on Earth, but in general...).

Then Star realized that she was seeing Jackie’s lips close around her best friend’s cock, and her mind went blank.

She should have been hurt at the fact that she was losing Marco this way. Or maybe horrified that she was looking at a friend doing this without his knowledge. But Star wasn’t either of those things. She was mostly just staring, eyes big as saucers and face glowing so hard you could probably use it to read a book... “Marcoooo.” She pulled her hands up from the bed and slowly roamed them through her own chest over her shirt.

She was, she decided to admit to herself, after long moments of indecision, very very horny.

Jackie’s mouth eased down Marco’s shaft and then back up. Slowly at first. Taking in only half length. Then deeper. Then faster. Then slower again. She tried flicking her tongue at the tip. Then breathing on it. Then moving her tongue around as she took it in. Star’s mind only half realized what Jackie was doing. She was too focused on taking off her own top and looking at Marco’s flustered face, taking in the gasps and moans from her bestie. She allowed herself a brief spot of fantasy, in which it was her, not Jackie, the one making her bestie shiver with excitement in that very same way. Would she be able to do that half as well as the human girl could?

Star did realize, however, that Jackie was unsure of what to do, that she was learning what worked by Marco’s reactions, that she had never done this before and that she was nervous as hell. She was a quick learner, and there was no way Marco would notice her small hesitations and some of her sillier attempts while he lay in bed, eyes closed taking in the pleasure. Still, Star could see that this was clearly Jackie’s first time for anything after this point, and that the girl herself wasn’t nearly as relaxed as she pretended to be. None of it mattered, of course. Jackie was doing great. Marco was on Cloud Nine. Well, Star thought, she had been literally on Cloud Nine once and it didn’t seem quite that enjoyable, so maybe Cloud Ten or Eleven. Eleventy even!

Star was leaning over the edge of the bed. Left hand playing with her naked chest. Eyes darting from Marco’s expressions to Jackie’s movements. Her hand had somehow managed to get trapped between her legs, which now pressed it firmly against the middle of her pants. She hadn’t planned of touching herself that night until way after Marco returned from his date and everyone had ostensibly gone to sleep, but at this point it wasn’t a conscious decision anymore, it was a need. She was sure the images she was now seeing would be burned into her mind for future use as well.

Marco was panting now. Now it was his turn to grasp the blanket and Jackie’s movements became faster and faster. “Jackie... you should probably know... I am about to... you know...”

The girl took that as her cue to go even faster. Then, Marco seemed to shudder and let out a single additional moan. A moment later, Jackie’s eyes went wide with surprise. Not that she hadn’t been expecting it, Star reasoned. She was warned after all. “Which, by the way, was pretty thoughtful. Very Marco,” Star thought with some appreciation as she twisted her nipple between her fingers.

Although Jackie was still inexperienced at this whole thing, she still gave it the good college try. She looked at Marco in the eyes, gulped it all in, and then slowly went up to hug the boy laying on her bed.

“Well... how was it?” she seemed hesitant. For a rare moment, Jackie seemed unsure of herself, her cheeks red as well. Marco didn’t respond at first and kept his eyes closed, Jackie seemed to start to frown. “I didn’t, you know, mess up, right?” She laughed nervously, trying to pass it as a cocky joke.

Marco kissed her. He had lifted himself of the bed and kissed her right on the lips and held it for a long time as the kiss became one of their most passionate. Star looked with approval, somewhat tempered by a slowly rising jealousy now that her hands were back to gripping the bed and her arousal was getting back to reasonable levels. “You so are a good guy, Marco Diaz, you know that, right?” She imagined for a moment having had to do what Jackie just did with Tom, her ex-boyfriend. How would he have reacted? What if she hadn’t been as good at it as Jackie seemed to have been?

“You know where my mouth just was, right?” asked Jackie raising an eyebrow as her lips and Marco’s became separated.

“I will probably remember that for the rest of my life. So, yeah,” Marco said. He smiled at Jackie and ran his fingers through her hair. “Jackie, that was amazing. I have been fantasizing about you doing that to me since, well, since I fantasize about anything, really, and it was still better than I had ever dreamed of...”

Jackie was red. Bright red. Jackie Lynn Thomas, professional cool person, was flustered from cheeks to ears. Marco seemed to notice. His expression became surprised for a moment, then faded into a content smile. If Jackie had intended for him to relax, she had succeeded.

“You know. I wanted to ask, though...” he said innocently, “... that thing previously, the words, the whole ’take your hard cock into my mouth’ bit. Where did that come from?”

Jackie went red once again. “Well, it is a long story...” Then, realizing what that sounded like, she smiled and seemed to regain a measure of confidence as she echoed Marco’s words, “you wouldn’t want to know, believe me.”

“Well, you know about the bra thing. Seems only fair,” Marco pressed.

“It is from porn, Marco. I just tried my best to come up with a line like the ones I have heard in a porno,” Jackie shrugged, but the effect was only partial, she still seemed a bit embarrassed about it.

“You watch porn?” Marco said surprised.

“Who doesn’t?” said Star.

“I mean. Nothing bad with that,” Marco hastily added. “I watch porn. I just didn’t think girls did!”

“Awww, Marco,” said Star.

“Well, I do, at least,” offered Jackie. “I know sex doesn’t really turn out like in pornos... usually,” she laughed. “But, well, they are hot to watch.”

“Not nearly as hot as what I am seeing now, though,” said Marco, his voice a bit deeper for a second as he looked Jackie up and down. He rolled himself to be on top of Jackie once more, which was easier than what she had done, since they had started sideways this time. “I think is only fair now,” he paused, “if I return the favor.”

Jackie seemed confused for a moment, then she smiled at Marco. “Romance movie?”

“Aw, come on!” Marco complained. “How did you guess?”

“Well, you are still going to do it, right?” said Jackie, smiling at him. Star gasped in anticipation.

Moments later, Marco was pressing his right hand against Jackie’s left breast, rubbing around in circular motions as he suckled on her neck and slowly made his way down until reaching the same height with his mouth as well. He was looking Jackie in the eyes as he flicked his tongue a couple of times over her right nipple, then lowered his mouth on it and began some slow motion that Star couldn’t see but was all too happy to imagine. The princess hands once more reached for her own chest. “Go get her, tiger!” she said with a bittersweet smile.

Jackie just pulled her head back and began moaning, first rarely and softly, then more and more desperately as Marco’s hands and mouth attacked her chest. He alternated sides with his tongue and lips, speed and intensity increasing in tandem with the girl’s noises. One hand always focused on the remaining breast while the other one unbuttoned Jackie’s pants and caressed her legs. With a grunt, the blond girl began thrusting herself out of her own pants and pulling away her own underwear.

“Marco. Get, the fuck, down there already!” she shouted. Star hoped the girl parents weren’t home. Fortunately for her, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz had gone away for the weekend, because the mewman girl was also making no effort to be quiet.

Star pushed her hand into her hastily-unbuttoned pants just as Marco lowered himself onto Jackie’s pink slit. Wait, did Earth girls not have hair there? Or had Jackie removed it as a fashion choice?

Star didn’t get to hold that thought for long. All she could concentrate on now was Marco’s face between Jackie’s legs, again seemingly moving slower at first then rapidly picking up tempo as Jackie began to thrash around the bed and moan even louder than before. Her naked chest panted furiously and a shiny layer of sweat began to form over her. Star was rubbing herself furiously but she was getting to where they were both going a whole lot slower than Jackie. She was on the hand local and the skater girl was taking the Marco express!

Jackie exploded with a shout into a convulsing orgasm then and the action in the portal stopped, leaving Star at the halfway station. “How was that even possible? Marco was a boy and this was his first time...” thought Star frustrated. There seemed to be no way he could be this good at it. Except. Star cheeks lit in realization, briefly flashing in the shape of two pairs of maracas, “Oooh... dancer mode...”

“Ahh... ahhh... Marco, that was...” Jackie panted, “I never... well, I have, but never like this. Damn, Marco, if I had known we would have started dating ages ago!”

“So...” Marco raised his head from between Jackie’s legs were it still rested. “You are basically saying you are only with me for the sex?” he asked, seriously.

Jackie blinked. “Eh... no... I mean, I am with you because you are kind, and brave, and always lift yourself up no matter what. I...” Marco was smiling. Star was laughing to herself, if still a bit bummed she had not been able to finish herself. She had gotten the joke before, but Jackie was realizing just now.

“Heh, you just wanted me to say that stuff, right?” Jackie smiled. Marco smiled back.

“Well, if you had said you were with me only for the sex that would also have been good for my ego,” he joked.

“Fine, Don Juan, I am in love with you both because you are a great guy and because that tongue of yours is a weapon of mass seduction, happy now?” she smiled broadly at Marco and then giggled as he went once again a hundred percent non-verbal.

“Eh, uh, ah...” he stammered.

“But honestly, Marco,” added Jackie. “I only hope this was nearly as good for you as it was for me.”

“I... eh... of course it was! It was awesome and you are awesome and... wait? did you say love?” Marco finally caught on.

Star’s mouth had been hanging open since Jackie’s confession.

“I mean...” Jackie started. “Dude, no pressure. I don’t need you to say you love me as well. I also don’t mean that I think we are soulmates or destined together or anything like that. But, Marco, you are my boyfriend, and you know I like you, and I know you at least have had a crush on me for a while. I think you said once that you wanted to get to know me better, and I am not sure if you know me better yet or not, but I have gotten to know you pretty well these few days, and I like what I see, a lot. So, yeah, for the time being, for now, I am in love with you. Hopefully nothing too scary for either of us, right?”

Marco opened his mouth, then closed it again.

Star opened her mouth, then closed it again.

“I... Jackie, it is not scary,” Marco seemed to struggle to explain himself a lot more than his girlfriend had. “Or, I mean, rather, it is, but only because I don’t want to hurt you. Not that I think I will hurt you. It’s just.... Well, Jackie, you know I have liked you, a lot, for years. These few weeks have been a dream come true and this we just did is what all my fantasies have been about since I reached puberty. They were all about you Jackie, and they don’t compare one bit to the reality. You are the coolest most awesome person I know...” Star frowned, “... and I think I am in love with you too. But there is a chance that I am still too infatuated with you to know for certain that I am in love with you and not just with the idea of dating you. I don’t want to tell you that I am in love with you, with you really, until I am absolutely certain that I am. I think I am, just, well, playing it safe... hopefully that’s not too bad an answer...”

Jackie’s smile told Star that it wasn’t. The princess herself listened to the whole explanation with some amount of surprise. So, Marco wasn’t sure he was in love after all? Maybe he would fall out of love with Jackie, or fall in love with someone else. Nah, no way! He was in love, it’s just that he didn’t want to tell Jackie that unless he was extremely sure about it. He was just being the...

“Safe Kid!” Jackie laughed. “Awww… Nah, Marco. I can understand not yet having had enough time to tease apart the fantasy from the reality. Especially this early in the relationship. Maybe it is easier for me, since you weren’t my fantasy before, after all.”

Marco looked crestfallen.

Jackie raised and eyebrow. Right, kinda hard to complain after she had told him she was in love with him. “That was not a bad answer at all,” she continued. “Especially because now I know, that if and when you say it, you’ll really mean it.” She smiled at Marco and they stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments.

Star was feeling left out again, before realizing that she should be left out. She wasn’t supposed to be seeing this at all!

“By the way, Safe Kid,” Jackie asked after a few moments. “Do you have any condoms around?”

Marco blinked a few times, “... yes.” Then got up from the bed and picked his wallet from his pants. A moment later he was back in the bed, holding a strip of five condoms.

“Five?” Jackie asked.

“You can never be too prepared!” Marco answered. “What if we break one while opening it, or it falls behind the bed or...”

“Just fuck already!” Star cried.

Moments later, Star got her wish. Jackie had been jacking Marco back to full length while he again sucked at her breasts and caressed her insides until a finger or two slid slippery and easily into her. Star had begun rubbing herself as well, hand inside her pants, legs pressing against it. She saw the quick movement with which Jackie opened the wrapper and rolled the condom down Marco’s length. Again, Star wondered what it would be like to touch Marco’s stiff member herself and the thought sent a shiver down her spine. As Jackie lowered herself back onto the bed and Marco positioned himself to enter her, Star wished it was her there instead of the other girl. That it were her wet folds that her friend were about to plunge himself into instead of Jackie’s, her body pressed under his strong arms, her legs spreading to grant him entrance.

For a moment, a very brief moment, there was nothing else that mattered, nothing else that she wanted. Star wished, with all her heart and soul, not quite that she could replace Jackie - she couldn’t bear to wish heartbreak upon the boy - but to have Marco like she did, to somehow be with him in the same way the other girl was. Not just the sex, either, the entire thing: their banter, their nervous laughter, the way their eyes lingered on each other’s. But also, yes, the sex too, definitely! To be with him was in that instant her deepest heart desire. Suddenly, she was pushed backwards onto her bed and she felt the first slow but sure thrust enter her.

Star’s eyes opened wide. She was laying on her bed, as if an invisible force pinned her there, a force she couldn’t fight no matter how much of her strength she put into it. She had her pants on, her underwear too, and yet she felt something enter her through them, something thick and hard going in and out of her. She looked up at the portal, saw Jackie with her arms around Marco’s back as he rhythmically thrust into her. She felt the same rhythm pounding against her own cunt, sliding in and out of her with perfect synchronization to what she was seeing through her portal. Her wand was glowing a bright green, bright enough to cover the entirety of Star’s vast room.

“Oh no, Marco!” Star didn’t meant to do this. This was too much. Seeing it was one thing, but this, this was not right. She heard Jackie moan and she felt her own breath quicken. The thrusts came faster and faster now. She tried to go into herself, to dip down, to use magic to get her wand back or to cancel the spying spell. Her mind was going crazy, this was too intense, too fast, too wrong. “Oh yes, Marco!!“

Star had stopped fighting it. Her moans mixed with Jackie’s and with Marco’s grunts. Her friend was reacting to the flesh and blood girl there with him, but for some reason it seemed his movement was in perfect synchrony with Star’s as well. She could feel her wetness drenching her underwear as her best friend’s ghost dick fucked her to a climax. All three of them riding the same intense roller-coaster. Back outside Jackie’s room, a red light illuminated the sky, but in Star’s room only green brightness prevailed.

“Jackie, I am going to...” Marco shouted, his voice breaking.

“Me, toooo... Marco!” Jackie shouted. Her legs going around to embrace Marco’s body and push it even more firmly towards her own.

“Me three!” exploded star.

Marco collapsed atop Jackie. Sweat drops glistening on his back. Jackie panted below him, her eyes almost rolled back completely into her head.

“That was... amazing!” Star was the first to recover. Then realized what had just happened. What she had done. Had she just... used her friend? Her smile turned into a frown and she began pulling herself off the bed. She grabbed her still floating wand with one hand and readied herself to yank it away. Her expression was one of anger, red hot anger at herself. This ended now. She shouldn’t have done that. Friends didn’t do something like that. Well, not without their friend’s permission at any rate.

“Marco...” Jackie was still panting under the karate boy, “... this is probably weird timing, but can I ask you a question about Star?“

A pale hand let go of the floating wand.