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Where the Trees Grow

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Leaves crunched beneath their feet as the two figures ran through the forest. The moon was high in the sky and filtered through the leaves above. Slowly, the two figures came to a stop, huffing as much air as they could into their lungs. One of the figures, a man with a head of green hair, looked back the way they came. His heart raced.

The other figure took a place next to him, he was slightly taller than the other with a floofy head of black hair. His heart raced as well and he pushed his glasses up higher on his face. It was too dark to see more than a few feet in front of them. But they both knew it was still coming.

“Mark, what are we going to do?” The green haired man asked his friend with a distinct Irish accent. Mark controlled his breathing and stared out into the distance. Hoping he would suddenly gain the power of night vision in order to see where the thing was. He turned his head toward his friend, eyes gazing over his body. He was dirty, they both were from the kicked-up dirt and mud, but he didn’t seem to have an injury on him. Which was good, but might not be true if they continued to stay here for long. Their eyes locked.

“I’m going to distract the thing, while you get away and get help.” His friend’s eyes widened and he was quick to protest.

“What–? I’m not leaving you here alone with that, that thing. You have a frickin’ death wish!” Mark took a deep breath.

“Jack.” His low, pleading voice got his friend’s attention and Jack stopped, giving him a pleading look. Mark shook his head.

“Jack, the last thing I want to do is split up. But neither of us are going to get out of here unless one of us goes while the other stays behind.” He already knew what Jack was going to say before it even left his mouth.

“Then I’ll stay behind!” Mark shook his head and moved so he was standing in front of Jack. He gripped Jack’s shoulders and stared him in the eyes.

“No.” Jack opened his mouth to protest once again, but Mark cut him off before he had the chance.

“Look, you’re the fastest out of the two of us. You’ll be able to make it out of here in no time. And I’m, admittedly, the strongest. I can hold my own for as long as it takes. I’ll be fine Jack, but I need you to go get help.” Jack gulped and tried holding back his tears. He knew what Mark said was true, but he also knew that the older man was trying to get him away, to protect him.


“Jack. Please.” Jack looked down, before swooping in and giving his friend a hug. Taken back, Mark stood frozen for a moment before wrapping his own arms around the Irishman.

“You better be in one piece when I get back, ya doofus.” Mark laughed, despite the situation.

“Yeah, and you better not be late picking me up!” They both laughed as they pulled away, tears in both their eyes. They stopped short, however, when they heard a steady rhythm in the distance. Footsteps that were quickly making their way to where they were. Mark turned to Jack, a sense of urgency in his eyes.

“Jack, you have to go now! Keep following the trail and get help!” Mark turned in a completely different direction and took off running. Jack yelled at him.

 “Be careful!” Mark gave him a thumbs up and a smile, before he continued running. Jack followed suit in the direction they had been heading before. As Jack ran, the footsteps became more and more faint. An indication that the thing had followed Mark instead of him. All according to plan.

Jack picked up speed and continued running towards what was hopefully civilization.


Dean came out of the bathroom and immediately looked toward the floor. His eyes scanned the motel room, even though he knew Sam and Jacob were in the walls, he could never be too careful with his four-inch-tall brothers.

It was still surreal to him, after all these months. Not only had he found out that tiny people existed—which really shouldn’t have been a surprise with his field of work—but his brother, who he thought dead for thirteen years, was actually alive and one of those tiny people. To top it off, another kid had been hit by the same curse and had been adopted by Sam and then, later on, by Dean. It was crazy, their lives were crazy and though Dean was doing his best to find a cure for the two of them, he was just glad that they were alive.

Keeping his eyes to the ground, he made his way to the table, pushing his laptop closer to himself. The newspaper he had gotten earlier rustled slightly as his arm moved over it, settling on the laptop. They didn’t have a case yet, but Dean knew it wouldn’t be long. Supernatural beings were everywhere, it was just a matter of time.

As his laptop turned on, Dean busied himself with looking through the local paper. He saw a local article about the mayor and several ads, but nothing supernatural caught his attention. Setting it aside, he typed in his password (something Sam helped out with when he found out how easy his password was) and started searching the online news sites for the town they were in. In this day and age, most things were put and found on the internet than libraries or newspapers. It was a striking difference from when he was a kid. Made researching things a lot easier though, so he wasn’t complaining.

As he searched, a faint sound caught his attention. Undetectable for normal humans, but Dean, ever the hunter, heard it just fine. Turning his head, he smiled as he saw Sam and Jacob coming out from the back of the nightstand. The place where they had found an entry way. He turned back towards the computer, but kept them in his peripheral vision. He knew they could get around just fine on their own, but you could never be too careful. If anything happened, Dean would be over there in a second.

Sam was the first one out, Jacob not far behind. The youngest of them all grumbled slightly as he cleaned himself of all the dust. The walls had been covered in it, a tell sign that nobody lived here. Even so, the two brothers searched around for a good hour before heading back. Jacob always wondered what they would do, if they did find someone else. It would be nice to know of others, sure, but others their size didn’t take to kindly to humans. And though Sam and Jacob both knew Dean could be trusted with any of their kind, the others didn’t. Sometimes Jacob thought it best that they didn’t run into anyone else.

Once he was clean he looked up at Sam, who nodded towards Dean and the table. Jacob smirked and gave a confirming nod. Without any words, both brothers took of running. The length from the bed to the table was only a few feet, nothing for a human, but to two people under 4 inches tall, it was quiet a workout to get there. Sam and Jacob, however, were used to the strength and stamina it took for someone their size. Sam more so than Jacob, but Jacob’s added strength gave him a special boost.

Needless to say, they made it to the table in almost no time, Sam getting there a couple of seconds before Jacob. Precious seconds that Sam used to throw over his hook and start climbing. Jacob was not far behind, but the small amount of extra time Sam had gained cost him. Sam was a better climber to begin with and it was no surprise when he made it to the top, only to find Sam standing there with a smug grin, hook already put away.

“Looks like I won again!” Sam said. Jacob huffed, but a small smile formed. Their competitions were never serious. He started packing away his own hook.

“Yeah, yeah. Next time for sure though,” Sam chuckled.

“We’ll see.” Dean watched the exchange from above, smiling at the friendly banter. Sam turned to look up at him, an eyebrow raised.

“Find a case for us yet?” Dean shook his head, motioning toward the laptop.

“Nothing yet, but something is sure to pop up soon. Always does.” Sam nodded and Jacob gave a quick look towards what was on the screen. He scanned the news sight, but nothing popped out to him either. Dean leaned back in his chair, a thought suddenly crossing his mind.

“We could head to the police station, see if anything happened that hasn’t been reported to the news yet.” Sam and Jacob exchanged a look.

“Sounds good. Better than being stuck in here all day.” Jacob said. Even if it meant they had to be in a pocket for the most part. It was still nice to get out. Sam nodded in agreement. Dean smiled and stood up.

“Well, guess I better get ready. I’ve got to look the part after all.”