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Between Shadow and Light

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Title: Between Shadow and Light pt. 1/16 + epilogue
Author: Deathangelgw
Artist: Raggedy_edge
Author email:
Disclaimer: These boys aren't mine. No harm is meant, but they sure are fun to play with!
Warnings: AU, OOC, underage sex, swearing, violence, slash, threesome, voyeurism, exhibitionism, rape/hinted rape, drugs, death, and various other things as the story progresses.
Pairings: established JDM/JA, TW/JW, almost TW/JP, unrequited TW/JA, eventual JDM/JA/JP, JDM/JP, JA/JP, hinted DB/JM, TW/JM, TW/DB, TW/whole schlew of others, JP/OMC, KK/SM.
Other Characters: MR, CK, KK, SC, SM, DB, JM, SB, CMM (very brief).
Rating: PG-13-NC-17
Beta: The ever sarcastic MA. Love ya babe!
Summary: Jared is a 16 year old delinquent that escapes from serving his community service for the mayor of New York City, Tom Welling, and is on the run when he meets up with a strange guy who has a hawk. Magic, mystery, tragedy, and love ensue as he tries to help break a curse that has destroyed the lives of two men who loved at the wrong time. But will his own heart be protected from what may happen?
A/N: Gonna give this a shot for the LJ Comm spn_j2_bigbang contest. Ahem...thanks to MA for bouncing the ideas off with me and straightening my head on some of it and forcing me to remember such things as continuity! Haha! Also, humungous thanks to Raggedy_edge for the awesome art! A link for her art post is below! Feedback is much loved and appreciated.
A/N2: Just a side disclaimer for how the characters are in this fic. I did some MAJOR bastardization of certain folks and have seriously made the law officials seem like they are very very corrupt. I do not hold these ideas for real, though I will acknowledge that there are *some* corrupt officials, not all are like that. Also any of the people that are the main characters are truly OOC though some of them (JDM, JP, JA, and MR) are kinda close to how I see their persons. Any complaints about how I represent the officials of law and these stars I will ignore because you obviously don’t know how to read disclaimers.

Now that that’s done, enjoy!




The soft sound of spray paint hissing out of its can and hitting a smooth surface in random strokes floated through the cool late night air and was followed by the clack clack clack of the spray can being shaken. A shadowed figure bent closer to the car that it was 'decorating' as the hissing sound resumed and was accompanied by a rather off tune version of 'Hey Mickey'. The free hand that was hanging down alongside the jeaned leg brushed through the loose floppy brown hair and pushed it back behind an ear before balancing the lanky body on the car as it shifted for a better angle to write its message. A loop was finished and the figure straightened up with a smirk on the shadowed face as it admired the drawing it had just created. A long finger traced just alongside the wet paint, mimicking the lewd picture with a shadow.


Suddenly, a light shone over the figure and the shadowed face turned up and was revealed by the bright light. The hazel eyes blinked as soft lips parted in a groan before a large hand came up to shield his eyes. He tilted his head, trying to see through the glare for a clearer glimpse of the forms that were behind the bright light. When he saw the glint of badges and heard the murmured static of a radio, he groaned again.


"In a bit of trouble here now, son," drawled out from behind the light and the youth bowed his head as he swallowed hard. "Vandalizing the mayor's Benz…not exactly the way to get around in this town," was added with a chuckle.


"Yea whatever," the boy muttered before he was roughly turned towards the Benz in question and handcuffed brusquely as his rights were read to him. He smirked as he was pulled up and led towards the waiting cop car and glanced back to see his drawing illuminated garishly by the flashing police lights. He chuckled as he looked forward again, not feeling the slightest bit sorry as he was guided into the back seat. He'd gotten his message across just fine.


Of course, the next day he was feeling the slightest prick of worry while seated in court awaiting his verdict from the unnaturally swift trial that had come up for his misdemeanor. It didn't help that the 'honorable' mayor was at the trial. The youth's skin prickled uncomfortably as he felt eyes on him and he glanced over at the tall dark haired man who was said to be the youngest mayor in history as well as being known for making great changes in the city of New York. The mayor's lips turned up slowly in a knowing smirk and it made the boy's skin crawl even more. He knew that look and he wanted no part of it, but he had a feeling that it wasn't going to be his lucky day.


"Jared Tristan Padalecki. Please rise."


The order snapped through the boy's thoughts and he looked forward as he stood up with his handcuffed wrists crossed respectfully in front of him. The judge was an almost typical stereotype of the kind of judge who acted like he was benevolent, but in truth had his own underhanded workings going on with his fat jowls, beady eyes, and balding head that shone like it was waxed nightly. Jared had heard of the judge, Henry Connor and his dealings with sending delinquents into community service. Word on the street had been that those delinquents had ended up dead several days later, beaten, raped, and pumped full of drugs. Suddenly, Jared had a very real fear that he might be next on that list. 'Maybe I shouldn'tve put that last dribble on the picture,' he thought and had to fight a grin.


"Mr. Padalecki, do you understand the charges that are being brought against you? Vandalism of public property, stealing, and vulgar displays on a public official's property," Judge Connor stated as he read the papers in front of him.


"Yes sir, I do," Jared drawled in his full-on Southern charm as he smiled winningly at the judge. At the unimpressed stare, his smile slipped down in wattage and more into attitude. He had nothing to lose.


"How do you plead?" the judge asked dryly and Jared couldn't help rolling his eyes.


"Does it matter? Ya'll have already tried and convicted me, so just get to the sentencin'," he replied in a bored voice and several voices hissed around him in outrage and the judge banged his gavel several times.


"Order…" the judge growled and then glared at Jared. "Young man…I'll remind you that you're in a court of law. Show some respect."


"I will when ya'll do as well," Jared shot back with a sneer as he leaned in and laughed as he was yanked back by his guard as the judge banged his gavel again over the uproar.


"Order!" Judge Connor snapped out in irritation before focusing on Jared again. "Young man, I'll try you in contempt if you don't simmer down," he stated angrily and Jared smirked at the red hue that was coloring the pallid face, but he kept his peace. "Since you have obviously accepted that you are guilty, I am sentencing you to fifty hours of community service with Mayor Tom Welling. He shall be in charge of your time and if you fulfill everything to his satisfaction, you will be released. Court adjourned." At that, the gavel banged once more, signaling the end as the obese judge waddled off of the podium to his little office.


Jared grimaced as he was tugged out from behind the table he'd been standing behind, but then was stopped as he almost ran into a well built body. He swallowed hard and looked up slowly into the mayor's smirking gaze and felt his own attitude well up. He didn't like how this guy made him feel like a slab of meat that was about to be tenderized and tossed onto the grill to be eaten.


"Well, well…you certainly are a spicy one, aren't you?" The dark tones made Jared's hackles rise to cover his fear as the pale blue gaze bore into his own. The smirk widened until pure white teeth glinted through like a predator's smile. "I'm going to enjoy making you pay…repeatedly…for damaging my Benz," he purred and Jared wrinkled his nose in disgust as he leaned away from the expensive cologne that was overpowering him as the mayor leaned in close.


"I just spiced the thing up to mimic its owner. Ya'll need to appreciate art," Jared retorted back with a sassy grin and chuckled as he was jostled away from the mayor. But as he left he felt his bravado slip away as the sense of that evil gaze followed him out of the courtroom. He was in so much trouble.