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Secret Agent/Private Agenda.

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A good-fly on the wall
Evil-lets it fall
Lefty's eyes-turned right
Don't try to fight it
Its love at first sight.

A pretty perfect face
Made a heart-beat race
Now-a race against time
To make you-only-a man of mine.

I couldn't share you
Id have died-inside
Call it-arrogant male pride
No gang-bangs-just don't try to hide.

You float my boat-I hope-I float yours
A beautiful thing
Offered and refused
A diamond ring.

I'm a risk taker
I've got my claws into you
Don't ride the breaks
These are the breaks kid.

Your my man-Lefty-I'm here for you
Read my mind-FBI's top guy-is now-only your guy.

Your real generous Donnie
I offered you-more than money can buy
I vouched for you
I cooked it up for you-I loved you.

Don't set me up
Send my head spinning-don't say nothin'
I'm getting sleepy-lay one on me
Come on Donnie-do it right now-for Lefty.

Hard-core hard-on's- fervently fornicating
Knowing each other-in the Biblical sense
Only to become-the kiss of death.

Kindness freely given-and badly re-paid.

If your my rat kid
I'm the Mafias biggest cats mug
I'd die for you Donnie
Don't fret-my pet-I still love you...

From spying-to slowly dying...
If a medal-holds all my memories-left-of my Lefty
I wish I had accepted the ring-and no-I will never...
...Forget about it.......

The End.