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In The Pursuit Of Happiness

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In The Pursuit Of Happiness


A/N: Not to sure when I will put this up but I got this idea by talking to a clerk in barns and nobles. She was talking about Naruto while I was buying three Magi books and that got me thinking. What if a Fem! Naruto Died in the final battle and instead of moving on was stuck in between life and death after becoming combined with the Kyuubi. After about two hundred years of being unable to move on a intanty from a different world finds her and offers her a second life in the Magi world. She takes it and wakes up somewhere in the Magi universe forteen years old again and four years before the start of magi. The story of Naruto will greatly diverge from what it was originally. Anyway I hope you like it.


Ps, I listened to Ellie Goulding while I wrote this. Specifically the song Lights.


Chapter One: Life In Death


Nariko Uzumaki lay choking in her own blood alone after the long battle with Kaguya. Everyone was free that was true but most were still unconscious. Sasuke… well she would never forgive the man who just glanced at her and walked away. The blond young woman gasped and hacked as a bit of blood got stuck in her throat. Sighing inaudibly to herself the young woman thought back to what had lead her to dieing on the ground cold and alone.


It started three or four years ago when the Emo avenger had left Konoha to play with the Snake Sannin. Nariko who had always been a little cynical about the world in general had wrote the boy off as irredeemable when he put a Chidori through her chest. She had left the village with her teacher in a incredibly foul mood as Sakura had been unconcerned with the fact that the boy had tried to kill Nariko when she had asked him rather politely she might add to come back to the village. No what the pink haired girl had been concerned with was the fact that the other girl had almost beaten the boy black and blue in self defence. Hell she hadn't even banged him up that much when he had almost killed her. Every sense then Nariko had been more conscious of who she let in. In the three years that Jiraiya had taught her everything he could the young woman made her mask up further and rarely let anyone in. Everyone thought that she was the same cheerful girl that she had been. Still some broke down her walls but they were all unconscious now. No one would sing her to her eternal sleep which was the Uzumaki way.


Still as she lay dying Nariko was not filled with hatred towards the people that had never really accepted her until they were forced to. No she was filled with peace. The young woman did not mind dying now. Nariko for all that she wanted to change the world wanted to be loved more than anything and was quite well aware that in this life no one would ever love her in the way she wanted. So she smiled and closed her narrow purple eyes.


Kit… I can't help you… ” came the voice of Kurama as her breathing became shallow. “ I already am on the edge of death myself… being connected to you… Not a bad way to go… at least we are not alone... ” The great nine tailed Kitsune was gasping for air himself. Nariko just gave him a small sad smile when she appeared in her mental space. He was laying on the cooling floor that symbolised her soul. The sudden coldness of the room symbolised more than anything that she was dieing.


“It’s all right…” She gasped out as she reached a hand out for one of his paws. She beamed when he moved slightly closer to her and reached out toward her. “We will always be together now… Even if we get reincarnated.... We will find each other somehow….” She griped his paw and choked on blood once more. Her vision began to darken. Kurama huffed and choked as well.


Have to try… Something… ” His great red eyes slid shut as he gasped out one last breath which was echoed by the young woman. Everything stilled and a scream of anguish echoed in the void.




~~~~~ Two Years Later ~~~~~


In The Village of Konoha a gathering of people sat around a monument. The monument was in the shape of an enormous nine tailed fox with a young woman standing in front of it. The woman had long spiky hair that fell to her knees and a sharp face with narrowed eyes, Her mouth held a large fox like grin. Three whisker marks adorned each cheek. Her hands were held up in front of her in a familiar jutsu hand sign. This was a memorial to one of the greatest heroes of the fourth great shinobi war. Nariko Uzumaki. A young woman stood in front of the group of people holding a bundle in her arms. This woman was Hinata formerly of the Hyuga clan. The woman smiled at the statue and started to speak.


“Hello Nariko, It’s been two years now since you have been gone… It still hurts sometimes but… I know you wouldn't want anyone to dwell on your death. The peace that you started between the elemental nations is holding strong and every nation now holds a statue of you along with your story being carved into the base of the monument. We hope that this will make anyone think twice before starting a war…” Hinata paused and then shifted the bundle when it started squirming. She grinned down at the small being held in the blankets. “Oh, I wanted to tell you this before everyone started talking.” The dark haired woman held out the bundle allowing light to filter down onto the baby held inside. The morning sun hit blood red hair and scrunched purple eyes opened grumpily. “This is Tetsuya Uzumaki… As you know I married Shiro Uzumaki after he arrived in the village. He was the one who dragged the traitor back for his trial… Anyway the Uzumaki line won't die out just yet!”


Unseen by Hinata the real Nariko was standing beside her and smiling brightly at the little baby. Happy tears fell down her face. After she died and found out that Kurama had done something to try to save her the young woman found out that she could not move on to the other side. So she had stayed by her friends and made sure that they had good lives. Nariko was happy to say that all had made happy lives. With a few notable exceptions here and there. Though they were not her friends she had not wished them any harm but Karma seemed to have it out for those people. Sasuke was not executed but soon wished he had been after the new counsel had forced him to have his chakra sealed and to procreate with the women that they choosed. He finally was fulfilling his life’s dream just not how he foresaw it. Sakura was unhappy because she was not chosen for the task and had been married off in an alliance to Kiri. They had needed a Medical Nin and were quite pleased to have her. Kakashi had been forcibly retired and avoided contact with most of the world. He had fallen into a deep depression after hearing what had happened.


Nariko sighed silently and glanced over to the memorial grimacing when she caught sight of the names engraved below hers. Tsunade had died a year after the battle in her sleep from complications of old wounds. Most of the older generation was gone including the old Ino-Shika-Cho team. If she could change one thing the blond would have made sure that so many would not have had to die. Taking a deep but unnecessary breath Nariko started listening as many of her friends came up to her tomb and talked about there life. Ino was pregnant with her second child and Sai was panicking once more. Shino had one child and was doing exceedingly well with the information she had left him in her will. Choji was happily speaking of his wife and daughter to the point of bringing out photographs. Shikamaru just laid some bluebells in front of her grave and apologised like he did every time he visited. The man blamed himself for not saving Nariko. He had been friends with her since childhood after all. Many more people came and soon she lost herself in the stories she heard and forgot the time. Soon the sun had set and everyone left to their homes. Nariko stayed in front of her monument for a moment and then looked up at the stars wheeling overhead and disappeared.


~~~~~ One Hundred and Ninety Eight Years Later ~~~~~


A young woman sat on a old crumpled stone monument staring out at three children gasping for air and leaning against each other. One was a red head with his long hair falling in spiky locks to his hips, the other boy was a brunette with dark blue almost black eyes the last child was a girl with silver eyes and long black hair up in a high tail. The trio jumped as a man landed in front of them. The man was tall and lithe with dark red hair and amber eyes. His expression was stern on his oval face.


“You pass.” His voice boomed out and a smile flitted across his face. The three cheered tiredly and stood up straight as he gave them a sharp look. His oval eyes slid over the three of them and then landed on the monument seemingly not seeing the woman resting on it. He pointed towards the statue and glanced at the sole female of the team.


“Hyuuga Hisana do you know what that is?” The girl nodded at the man.


“Yes, that's the memorial for Nariko Uzumaki. She was the hero of the fourth shinobi war and she was a Jinjuriki. The last one.” The small girl said with conviction. Both boy’s nodded along with her epenation. The man gave a slight nod and then shook his head.


“That’s not all it is. Yes it is a memorial for the one woman who changed the shinobi world but it is also a warning of what could happen should the Elemental Nations ever go to war again. Nariko- Sama’s story is engraved into the base of the statue. Have you ever read it?” The instructor asked. The red headed boy nodded frantacly while the brown haired one gave a look of confusion. The man’s expression tightened for a moment and then he looked back at the monument. “You know the story Tamaki?” He gave a small smile to the excited boy who was now bouncing on his feet. “Why don’t you tell it to Uchiha-san then.” Tamaki gave a large grin and began.


“Once there was a girl and her name was Nariko…” the boy began and the woman who was watching gave the trio a small smile and disappeared.


Nariko sighed as she appeared on top of the Hokage monument and looked out over the village that she loved. It had taken almost one hundred and fifty years for the population to get back up to what it had been when she had been just a child. She had watched as the world slowly recovered from the conflict and new ideals and alliances had come into being. There had been no new war sense she had died. Shure small bickering would occasionally break out but nothing that ever led to a large conflict. Nariko was happy that no new war broke out but at the same time she was a bit unsettled that they used her story to make sure that it never happened again. She was beginning to get depressed though with not being able to move on. She had watched all of her friends move on and live, having children and then grand children. Nariko had wished once to have a family of her own and it had quite depressed her when she found that she could not move on to another life and finally get her wish. The blond woman huffed once more and then squeaked as a light quickly flashed around her and she was promptly dropped into a dark space. Nariko jumped a bit when a voice came from the shadows.


“You wish to live once more. I have a proposition for you.” A woman formed out of what looked like gold/white birds. The woman looked to be barely older than Nariko with redish pink hair in an odd style. Two cowlicks stuck up like cat ears on each side of her head. Large pink eyes stared out at the blond woman. Nariko flinched at the waying look.


“Y-Yes I would like to live once more. And what proposition?” The tall blond woman asked folding her arms and tilting her head to the side closing her eyes in the process. The other woman felt a sweat drop form as the comparison of a fox flashed through her mind. She gave the blond a soft smile.


“I come from a world called Alma Torran. The world was destroyed some hundreds of thousands of years ago but some still live there. My son being one of them. He has grown up all alone expt for a trusted friend that watches over him. I-I wish for someone to be there with him for all of his journeys. Ugo can not leave the palace and my son will soon have to go… will you watch over him for me?” The pink haired woman asked. Nariko listened and then opened her eyes to look at the distraught woman. She thought for a moment before nodding.


“I will, on one condition.” Nariko said smiling at the woman who snapped her head up to look at her. She waved a finger in the air. “Kurama… He goes with. He is currently sleeping in my soul. He wouldn't mind a smaller form if he had to have one.” The blond explained. The other woman gave her a large grin and and nodded. She picked up her staff that Nariko just now noticed and banged it against the invisible floor.


“So it shall be!” The woman exclaimed happily before she got a startled look. “Oh, Tell Ugo that Sheba sent you or better yet…” She reached out and brushed Nariko’s forehead making pain explode in the blond's head for a moment.  “Sorry! You will need that eventually though! Thank you so much! When Aladdin learns of me tell him that I love him more than anything in the world ok?!” That was the last thing the blond herd before she disappeared in the vortex of light once more. After the light died down the pink headed woman started to disperse into the white birds once more. She gave a soft sigh and then looked at another gathering of the birds. “Sorry Solomon but I can't let that man take the place of the third Alma Torran magi. Aladdin will be protected as well.” Sheba smiled when another bird brushed her cheek and she felt her husband send her understanding and exasperation.


“Good luck Magi Nariko.” echoed in the void.


~~~~~ Sacred Palace, Alma Torran ~~~~~


A bright light flashed quickly and left just as swiftly to reveal a young blond girl of fourteen years laying face down on the hard tile. A small groan came from beside her as a slim but large fox came to. Red eyes blinked open only to see a large blue giant looking down at them with shock. The fox puffed up and glanced around catching sight of a much younger bratling laying on her face.


Damn it brat! What have you gotten us into now?!


A/N: And that’s that for the first chapter. Shiro Uzumaki takes the place of Kirin and after he found out about Nariko he got pissed and tracked down Sasuke and dragged him back. The funny chapters will be after this one. I just had to get the story going. I hope you liked it please favorite and review!