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Wolf in Sheeps Clothing (re-posted; this version discobtinued..)

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Eren couldn't help the groan he let out as he looked out the clinics window.  It was raining, at the moment it was a drizzle but the clouds said it wouldn't be like that for long.  He pulled his phone out and went to the group chat he had with his sister and collage roommate, knowing they both would want to know where he is and would freak out if he didn't tell them.

To: Mikasa and Armin
I might be late coming home. The storm looks bad and I might have to wait it out.

From: Armin
Don't stay too long, it's dangerous after dark.  And be extra careful because of the recent assaults.

From: Mikasa
Do you want me to stop by and pick you up? Like Armin said, its dangerous being alone at night, especially recently.

To: Group:
You guys worry too much. The clinic is a 20 min walk to the dorms, and I have my knife. Ill be fine. Ill be there soon Armin <3


In Trost there had been multiple assaults to citizens, eventually forcing the Trost Police Department to issue a statement to be cautious. No one really knows why or who is behind them, but their good at evading the police, thats for sure. And that's saying something considering the police department is one of the best. Trost City Police Department is led by none other than Commander Erwin Smith, the best commander the city has seen so far. Ever since he started leading the police department, the city has become so much safer. With him the crime rates have dropped to near non exsistent. But there was one thing that stumped them, and that made it more scary.

Before Eren officially called it a night he ran through the mental check list to make sure he did everything that had to be done. Eren tended to be forgetful at times, so he had to make sure he took care of everything.

Once he was sure he did everything, he grabbed his jacket and silently thanked Armin for insisting he bring it today because of the storm watch.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped out side and shut and locked the clinic, pulling his hood up and placing the keys in his pocket, starting the walk back to campus.

He was currently a med student at Rose University, one of the biggest colleges with multiple campus' for different things spread everywhere.

He and his best friend Armin pursued the medical field while Erens sister, Mikasa, was studying to be a police officer. The three of them grew up together and have always been inseparable, so no one was surprised that they went to the same college. But a lot of their friends were also at Maria, simply because it was an amazing and well known school and had so many options, meaning a lot of their friends were close which was nice for everyone.

Their friend Jean was going for art, Marco was studying to be a movie editor. Connie and Sasha were aiming to be chefs, Reiner was in Athletics and Bertholt in sports medicine. Krista was studying to be a social studies teacher and Ymir was in Athletics.

Despite what people thought, Eren wasn't studying to be a doctor because his dad was or because his dad made him. He genuinely enjoyed the concept of helping people and working to cure the sick. His father, Dr. Grisha Jaeger was the director at the well known Sina Memorial Hosptial and research center, and Eren got lucky because he easily got a job at the smaller Rose Medicinal Clinic. Which he was tasked with closing a few times a week.


Eren started down the sidewalk and headed to the outer city, towards the campus and his dorm. He was about halfway to campus when he was pulled from his thoughts by a loud clash in an ally. Eren knew he should probably just keep going, that it was safer to stay uninvolved. When he heard what he thought was a shout, his feet began to move.

He cautiously turned a corner and saw two figures standing over another in a dim backdoor light, which Eren could see in the light drizzle.

"Where did that last shipment of Serem come from? Who's his supplier?" An older man with two tone hair asks the one on the ground.

"I don't know! My dealer never tells me. I just go to a place, get it and leave the money.. please don't kill me." He begged.

"We won't kill you.  But you will help us-"

Eren cursed as his ringtone went off in his pocket, quickly grabbing for it and shutting it off.  After a moment he listened to try and see if they were going to come over, and he then risked a look around the corner to come face to face with a shorter blonde woman wearing a green cloak. 

As the woman went to grab him he quickly dodged and grabbed her arm, pulling her arm towards him and kneeing her stomach.  He got a surprised gasp and then a groan as the other figure moved over to get him.

He threw a punch at the man, breaking his nose and then kicking him in the balls, turning to make a run for it. Fate seemed to frown at him because his foot was grabbed by the male, making him fall face first into the ground. He was quick to roll over and kick at the mans face, getting the hand off of him. He quickly stood up and grabbed his knife, facing the two.

As the woman went for him he swung the knife, which she easily dodged. Eren continued backing up before grabbing his knife with both hands and making to push it forward to be blocked again, and the woman and he held eye contact. The male seemed to have recovered because his head was grabbed and knocked back against the wall he was leaning against.

And then it went black.