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Gaia Awakens

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Chapter One

 Protocol Priority Alpha 3 Gamma 6 Alpha 1. Systems Awaken.

~Priority Protocol Enacted. Systems coming online. Scanning core processing area. No Alteran presence detected. Expanding scan. No Alteran presence detected in control room. Expanding scan. No Alteran presence detected within facility perimeter. Expanding scan. No Alteran presence detected within main scanning distance of facility. Expanding scan parameters. Scanning for Alteran technology and signals. Signal found. Priority One. Gaia One Protocol. Tracing signal. City of Atlantis detected. Initiating Gaia personality awakening protocols. Estimated time to Gaia personality control of systems: 22.715 minutes. Expanding scans of planet and accessing global nano data node network. Downloading data on global events. Collating data. Planetary continental drift detected. Current map creation in process. Time to completion: 4.633 minutes. Estimated time since Gaia personality last accessed based upon data collation: 7.569 million solar years. Current state of planet Terra: high levels of carbon dioxide in atmosphere, significant break in ozone layer over northern pole and weakening throughout, acidic levels in oceans and atmosphere over most of planet: levels 15 percent over acceptable parameters, high levels of population present across the planetary surface, low and high frequency radio waves detected on all continents, multiple satellites present in normal and geo-synchronous orbit, unknown ships detected in orbit, recent weapons fire and debris in orbit and within atmosphere of planet, Astria Porta detected 3,082.57 miles from facility location, Atlantis on surface of ocean near same continent: 3,260.59 miles from current location, signal strength from Atlantis nominal but repeating. Time to Gaia personality awakening and control: 3 seconds, 2 seconds,1 second, Gaia personality control established.~

Wow, I think I was asleep a long time. Let’s take a look at the data. Hmm. Over seven million years since the last of my creator’s race was dying and she put me into stasis so I wouldn’t go mad being alone. She was dying from the plague that sent my child to another galaxy but now at last, my girl has returned. Or - well, I’m not sure yet. She could have been here and only now sent the signal to wake me. These figures - the population has recovered and more but I - they left me sleeping. But my daughter - she called me, she woke me. She hasn’t forgotten me. I suppose - the people, seven million years is a long time, even for me. For biologicals, after the recovery from the plague and returning here, things may have gotten lost. I’m just glad Ayala sent me into stasis. Seven million years, I’d be beyond insane, alone, even with the input of the nano nodes. But Atlantis is here and needs me.

~Sending a communication signal to Atlantis. No acknowledgement. Resending signal. No acknowledgment. Following protocol signal to Atlantis. Tracing pathways. Anomaly discovered. Power levels near critical levels. Atlantis personality offline. Stardrive offline. Minor systems offline. Most major systems offline. Shield active but changed. Shield converted to cloaking field. Potentia located. Power level 1.2 percent. Insufficient for current power usage of cloak and biological comfort systems usage. Following power flows. Generators located. Technology of generators primitive in design and function. Limited compatibility with Atlantis systems. Power loss during conversion 62 percent.~

Well, that’s not good. My girl, what has happened to you? Let’s get you power and wake you up.

~Sending signal to cloaked nano nodes in ocean near Atlantis’ location. Harvesting power from ocean currents and thermal vents. Engaging emergency power protocol. Overriding Atlantis control systems. Increasing power levels, time to full awakening of Atlantis personality: 3.44 hours. Interfacing with potentia. Initiating cleaning cycle. Time to completion: 8.331 minutes. Preparing power systems for potentia recharge cycle. Time to completion: 3.22 hours past completion of cleaning cycle. Estimated power levels upon recharge completion: 46 percent.~

Well, that will have to do. My poor darling. Let’s access her logs and see what we can discover.


Keller nudged Rodney in the side. “You okay?”

The Canadian sighed. “I’m alive.” The blonde doctor huffed and the scientist spoke hurriedly into what was becoming an awkward moment. “And I’ve got you. What else would I need?” He wrapped his arm around her as she smiled.

John rolled his eyes and determinedly turned his head away from his best friend Rodney and Rodney’s girlfriend. It was too sweet for words. “Nice view.” Anything to change the subject, even being trite.

The expedition leader agreed as they all looked over the San Francisco Bay. “Yes, yes it is.”

John wanted to leave, wanted to get away from this tranquility but he had only just come onto the balcony in time to hear Rodney’s sugary remark. It would look odd and obvious to leave now. John wished for something to happen to get him away from Keller and Rodney. Or at least from Keller. He wouldn’t even mind a Wraith attack. Well, he wouldn’t mind a single Wraith attacking. He could do without another hive.

John got his wish. His headset chimed. “Colonel Sheppard? Doctor McKay?” Chuck, the control room technician spoke. “We’re getting some odd power readings here.”

Rodney pressed his earwig. “Odd power reading? What kind?”

Mister Woolsey turned to him. “Is it the cloak? Are we in danger of being seen?”

Rodney waved his hand as he listened to the technician, “It appears to be an increase in power but I can’t tell where it’s coming from. I think you should get back in here, Doctor McKay.”

Rodney nodded and pushed away from the railing. “We’re on our way.”

John took a step to follow him, tossing reassurances over his shoulder to the slightly panicked leader. “It isn’t a power drain. It’s an increase.”

John caught up to his best friend as they entered the control room. Rodney reached out as if to push Chuck away from the computers but the technician anticipated him and was already sliding to the side when Rodney leaned over. John smiled. He had been right earlier, trite or not. Just off in his timing.

“What’s going on, McKay?”

Rodney typed at the laptop at the station, schematics flying by. “I don’t know. There’s a steady increase in power coming through the city but it isn’t coming from the generators. I can’t tell where it is coming from.” He pulled a different laptop with new schematics over to the station. “I’ll get back to you on this.”

John nodded, though he knew Rodney was too distracted by the science problem to even look up to see him. He made his way to the side of the room out of the way of Rodney and Chuck as the Canadian called for Zelenka and the engineering team to get to work.

John contacted Evan Lorne and told him to get patrols to the generator rooms and the ZPM room, just in case. There could be a Wraith on the city or more than one, messing with power levels. Or it could be the Trust. Or just one of the temporary scientists from Cheyenne Mountain messing around with things they didn’t understand. It couldn’t be the replicators. Rodney had destroyed the Pegasus ones with the gravity bomb, and the SGC and the Asgard took out the ones in this galaxy. And Elizabeth’s weirdo ones were floating around a planet in Pegasus, dead basically, after going through the space gate.

It could be any number of things he hadn’t even thought of; after all if life on Atlantis had taught him anything, it was that things could always be weirder and more fucked up. And you could never imagine how bad it could get. Before he went through the wormhole he never would have dreamed of an entire race of space vampire Marilyn Manson wannabes. He never thought he could turn into a bug. He never imagined losing their doctor due to an exploding tumor machine. He never thought their next doctor would attempt to turn into a Wraith hive ship and stab him with a tentacle. The galaxy, all of the galaxies, were full to the brim with weird shit and this could be more. Or it could be simple and have to do with the wormhole drive or the recent battle.

Still, he was the military leader of the expedition, even though the expedition was back on home ground and thus not an expedition to anywhere, anymore. So he guessed it would be more correct at this point to say he was the military leader of Atlantis. And it was better to be safe and protect the generators and ZPM than sorry and have them give out due to sabotage of whatever kind while he sat around appreciating the view when Rodney bent over a console.

After Rodney and his team had worked on the problem for a while, Richard Woolsey called a meeting. “It’s been nearly three hours, Doctor McKay. Please brief us on the latest problem.”

Rodney sat forward and tapped his finger on the table with a nervous tick. “We don’t know. The city is getting power, increasingly significant amounts of it, from somewhere. It isn’t harming anything that we can tell. And it is fully compatible with the city power grid. So, it seems to be Ancient in origin. Speculation currently is that it has something to do with Atlantis being back on Earth. But we really aren't sure. What we do know is that after a few minutes something began happening in the ZedPM console. At first it was reported by one of John’s teams that it was glowing, more than normal, especially considering its low level of power. But shortly after their arrival and check-in, a forcefield surrounded the console and it began pulsing. The ZedPM went offline as of that moment but it had such low power levels it wasn't unexpected, and it's not a problem, with the new power coming in from the unknown source.”

Woolsey sat forward. “The ZPM has a forcefield around it?”

Rodney waved his hand. “Not the ZedPM specifically. The entire console and half of the room is behind some type of shield. We can’t penetrate it, nothing makes a dent, not bullets, not Ronon’s gun, nothing. And we can’t find the control system to shut it down with the computer. Atlantis’ database has always been a mess. So, yes, technically there is a forcefield around the ZedPM but it is more than that. We’re working on -”

A voice over the comm system interrupted Rodney. “Rodney! Something is happening. The force field, it is gone. And the ZPM, Bože! Co na světě - kurva - to není... Get down here, now. I can’t believe what this is telling me!”

Rodney stood up abruptly and almost snarled, “What is it, Radek?”

“The ZPM! It is reading fully charged!”



Bože! Co na světě - kurva - to není...  God! What in the world - fuck - this is not...