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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves." - Leo Tolstoy


"If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change." - Mahatma Gandhi



It was dark in the room, and Light's hands worked furiously, lit only by the soft glow from the computer monitor on his desk.

"Just one more name for today, Ryuk," Light muttered as he yawned and stretched. It was a taxing job: cleansing the world of criminals while evading the World's Greatest Detective, and keeping up the façade of being the perfect son, brother, and future college student all at the same time. Light gently massaged his cramping hand and wondered if the world would ever appreciate all that he had sacrificed. It would be nice if people would sing his praises one day, but for now, altruism was its own reward.

Suddenly there was a pounding on his door. "Light! Are you in there?" The door handle jiggled. "Hey, why's the door locked?"

Light closed the notebook, flicked off his monitor and crossed the room to unlock and open the door a crack. "Sayu, what is it?" Normally Light had more patience for his sister's antics, but lately he'd been rather preoccupied with outsmarting L.

"You promised to take me to Spaceland today, and it's already – hey, why's it so dark in your room?"

Crap. He had forgotten about Spaceland. "Just give me fifteen more minutes to get ready, Sayu."

"Okay, but you better hurry or I'll tell mom about your secret porn stash."

Light felt his eye twitch. At least she hadn't stumbled across the Death Note. "Sayu, you shouldn't go through my stuff-"

"Most of it was boring anyway!" Sayu laughed as she ran down the hall. "Don't forget, fifteen minutes!" Then she stomped excitedly down the stairs.

Light locked the door and moved to clean up his desk, then paused. He hated leaving work unfinished. "Just one more name," he mumbled.

He switched the channel to the international news station. In the United States, a man recently accused of murder had just bailed himself out. A beautiful young woman had been found brutally strangled in his hotel room, and the bond had been set at 20 million dollars. He was obviously guilty. Light frowned, and did a quick Google search of the name. Not only was the man filthy rich, but he was an obnoxious playboy who never did anything useful or productive. He seemed like the kind of guy who would be able to buy his way out of a prison sentence too. Light raised his hand to write the name.

"And so all that money goes to his relatives, who are probably just as lazy as he is." Light never had any ambitions of profiting from the Death Note - but what if he could? Didn't Kira deserve a reward for being so selfless in improving the world? And it wasn't like he'd use all the money for himself either. He'd put it to good use. Surely.

"Heh, heh, what are you planning, Light?" Ryuk asked. "You know if you write your own name in the Death Note, you'll die too."

Light shot an annoyed glance at the Shinigami. "Obviously I've already thought of that, Ryuk." He leaned forward and stared at the man on the screen. "Hmm, do you think he'd make out a blank will and leave it in a safe deposit box, Ryuk?"

"Oh, I've never tried anything like that."

"He's really rich, maybe I could control him into forging information about a long-lost relative. Hmm." Light sat there in contemplation. "Or I could have him mail all his relevant personal information to a post office box, and then have the contents of the post office box sent here, and then I could figure it out from there." Light wasn't a genius for nothing, and he was sure he could figure out a way to profit with only minimal information. "Of course I'd have to kill him in a non-suspicious way, maybe a drug overdose."

Light raised his pen, only to be interrupted again, by pounding on the door. "Right, Spaceland," he muttered to himself as he carefully slipped the Death Note into his desk drawer. Dangerous criminals would have to wait to get their well-deserved punishment until after Sayu had enough of roller coasters.



Light patiently waited while Sayu ran from ride to ride. He tried to explain centripetal force, but Sayu just laughed.

"You're such a nerd, this is supposed to be fun, not a math problem."

"Physics and math are fun," Light retorted.

Sayu just rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically, and then decided that it was time for cotton candy and games.

Suddenly Light had an epiphany while watching Sayu play yet another game. He would control the rich criminal he hadn't yet killed into choosing a successor, who would be chosen to work at his corporation, and perhaps one day take over. (With the relevant information mailed to a post office box, that Light had already opened, in case he ever needed one.). But he wouldn't use his own name; Light would use the name of a deceased man associated with the criminal in the past, and then forge enough documents to make himself look like the bright relative who had been "chosen" by both men. Light was sure with that much information, he'd be able to manipulate everyone else into giving him what he wanted - namely, enough power and money to quickly take his Kira scheme to the next level (for the good of the world, of course).



Only after carefully planning out the intricate details of the man's death did Light write his name and time of death in the Death Note. Then he relaxed back into his chair with a contented sigh. Yes, the world would be a much better place without useless playboys and murder suspects like Bruce Wayne.