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endure also the thorns

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Algo pequeñito | Something Tiny - Daniel Diges (LINK)

 my life is falling apart, you’re breaking my heart / try to change soon / time is really running out now


Otona no Okite | The Adult Code - Doughnuts Hole (LINK)

words like 'love' or 'hate' / aren't they just things people say for self-satisfaction? / and yet these same words are used to tell right from wrong / the most fitting and destructive of curses


Bu Bu | Step by Step - Mayday (LINK)

on the opposite side of forgotten times / sitting alone on a flight of broken steps / what are turbulent times without partings?


Bu Gai | Shouldn't Be - Jay Chou & A-Mei (LINK)

pretending that we are still together / I really can’t act it out /  I’m still not used to you not being here


Kokuhaku | Confession - Hirai Ken (LINK)

"Please give me love" — one single line strangles us all / the suffering never ends / since the curtain would keep rising


Meczup | Deranged - Can Bonomo (LINK)

a lunatic, he's in great trouble / he hasn't drunk, he's clean / that's why he went crazy / don't go mad, Deranged One, wake up