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Impulsive Soul Mates - Larry Ziam Fic(AU)

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"I think the walls should be blue. That would look bright. Blue is bright." The tiny boy, no, man, voiced his opinion.

"Blue is loud. That's what it is. It's an art exhibition, Lou." Harry bit his lip at sudden nickname that he gave to the other man. Acting indifferent, he continued, "We don't want the walls to overshadow the paintings. People come here to see the paintings not the walls. They should be white. Neutral background is always good." He explained with a smile.

"First off, do not call me Lou. And secondly, I've done a lot of exhibits where they worked on my suggestion, each exhibit being a success. You're the first person that I've met who doesn't even consider my opinion. I mean, this is my exhibit!" Louis exclaimed with irritation.

"Sorry but your ideas are anything but pro and it seems like you've no experience at all. In fact I'm surprised as to how you became his manager!"
He started with anger, his vein on the forehead threatening to pop out.

"Umm excuse me, Mr. Know-it-all, you have no fucking right to talk shit about my job! I've known him since childhood and have seen him work right from the start!" Stated the other man with equal amount of frustration and anger.

"Oh really? Is that so? Because I can guarantee you that I've seen better managers around here. I don't care if you're a big shot or something because you don't know a hing about managing! I mean, you're life's quite a example!" The younger, yet taller man scoffed, knowing he hit an old wound.

Fuck! He thought to himself. He shouldn't have said it but now it was too late to take his words back .

"Wow! And people say you're the sweet one." Louis said flatly, hurt clear in his eyes.

"Same goes to you. Its not like you've been too kind and welcoming towards me! Always trying to find a way to pick up a fight. I have tried being polite with you! Never thought a person so tiny would be such a hot head." Harry argued, literally spitting out words.

"Oi! You mop head! How dare you make fun of me? It isn't like you're perfect. I mean, c'mon! Your hair would be a perfect substitute as mop to clean the whole room."

"WHAT? You. Did not. Just. Say. That!" Harry gritted his teeth, ready to pounce on Louis.

"Oh I did." Louis smirked back and that was it for Harry.

He moved a step back, getting ready for his revenge.

"Jesus! You guys! Can't you guys talk normally just for 5 minutes straight. You fight like an old married couple! Are you guys even normal??" Niall, their friend interrupted.

"Leprechaun's do not interfere!" Both men snapped at the same time.

"Woah! Calm down. You guys have a compatibility of pen and paper. You guys talk at the same time say the same words. I must say, I'm impressed ." The blonde chuckled.

"Just shut the fuck up, Niall!" Their words synced again. Niall smirked at this while the other men were shooting daggers at each other.

"Niall, how can you even friemds with this man? He not only accused me of lacking experience, he mocked my height." Louis said dramatically.

"Aww! Little Lewis got hurt eh ?" Harry fake gasped.

"Harry, please!" Niall interfered again.

"Ni! I'm not at fault here! I'm the victim!" Harry pleaded making puppy eyes. "At he was the one giving me bizarre ideas and he mocked my hair. Thought you were my best friend!" Harry pouted, folding his hands in defense.

"Harry I'm not taking any sides. I'm just stating the truth, is all. You two were just bickering like married couples." Niall was way too exhausted by now, leaving two men pouting adorably. "Just, just relax OK? I'm already tired over those two idiots. Please." Niall begged but continued. "You know what? I think I'm just gonna leave. All this has made me hungry. I'm just gonna head straight to Nandos and feed myself. Please solve whatever is going on here and get back to work. And yeah please don't start again, there's only so much I deal with four men."

"Ugh! they started too?" Louis spoke up.

Niall just nodded his head in agreement.

"And what exactly is the matter now??" Harry asked.

"You know. Your friends take up after you. You two bickering here? Tolerable. But they're just giving each other silent treatment. I am really scared of them. So I couldn't ask." Niall explained.

Before the other two men could remark, the door opened, revealing Zayn and Liam. Both visibly angry.

"Niall tell him that I think the carpet color here, should be black which will make a contrast to the white walls and look good." The raven haired boy stated.

Niall looked at the other lad, ready to talk when he said, " Niall, tell him that no body will like black carpet under them. Red is what carpets should be. Red is perfect." Liam growned about, his brown eyes flicking back and forth across the room.

The tension in the room increased as both men glared at each other. Louis and Harry, both gulped hard audibly.

Niall tried to cut in through the tension, thick in air but was cut off by Zayn.

"Niall, ask him why can't he just understand the simple art of creativity?"

"Liam, He's asking.." Niall started stupidly but was again cut off but by Liam this time.

"Niall ask him why can't he get the simple art of perfection in his head?" Well, Louis isn't the only hot head in this room. There's Liam too.

"Zayn, Liam's asking-" Niall attempted talking again but was met with Zayn's angry eyes.

"Niall! Ask him to stop! I'm loosing my patience here."

"Niall, tell him that I'm not scared of him or his anger for that matter." Liam stomped his foot angrily, accidentally hitting Niall.

And that was it. Niall dropped to the floor and started crying loudly. The other boys had forgotten how sensitive their friend really was.

"I just hate you guys! God! This hurts so bad. What are you guys even doing? Really? Carpet colors? You guys are worse than Harry and Louis! Like are you guys even for real?" Niall cried out.

"Why don't you guys just make out or something and vent all your anger? I've heard that works really." All the four men blushed but glared at him.

"Okay.. Let's just forget I even said that." Niall stood up now. "But whatever this is," he said moving his hands around, "finish it or I'm never coming back again.Call me when you can be civil with each other." And with that, Niall was out the door, leaving Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis dumb founded.

"It's all because of you. You just had to step at his feet and make the poor guy cry." Zayn was the first one to break silence.

"And what are you doing? Blame me obviously!" Liam snapped.

"Guys, I think, I think that Niall's right." Louis said calmly.

"Right. About what? Making out? " Harry replied.

"Harry! Really?" Liam called out, thinking it was a joke. But it wasn't. Harry didn't even realise what he had just said.

"Sorry mate. Just kidding." Harry lied but continued, "However, I agree with Louis for now. We took it a bit far. We've got to behave like professionals and not a bunch of 5 year old." Harry said with utter sincerity.

"And here i thought you had nothing but wild curls." Louis mocked him.

" Louis." Zayn warned,
" Louis please don't start again. Harry just talked so seriously and what he said is absolutely right." Zayn stated.

"Yeah, I gotta agree with Z. I mean Zayn." Liam corrected himself but Louis could see it wasn't just a slip up.

"Its settled then. Be professional and keep our differences aside. Be adults." Louis said with a tone of finality.

All the men murmured a little sorry with a grumpy face, agreeing with Louis and decided to find Niall.

Finally! Niall thought, who was still out the door listening to their conversation. They had finally agreed on something and Niall did it. Baby Steps. He concluded and walked out to feed his heavily hungry stomach.


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