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Busan High School of Arts

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Jimin woke up to his alarm at 6am, rummaging through his beddings in an attempt to get his phone and turn off his alarm.

“Jiminie, I beg of you please turn that off. I went to bed at 4am.”

Realizing that his hyung has basically just went to bed has woken Jimin more effectively than his alarm had. “Sorry, Hobi-hyung! Try to get more sleep, okay?”
J-Hope who by now is already half awake, being a light sleeper that he is, sat up on bed. “It’s just 6am Minie. You don’t have class until 1pm. Tell me, why is the sun up?”

“Hyung, firstly I am not the sun. Second, you forgot. But we have a new student that we need to tour inside school this entire morning. Kim Taehyung, was it?”

And with that J-Hope almost crashed to the floor as he suddenly jumped off the bed to run off to the bathroom. “Shit, shit! Oh my god. I totally forgot!” But before he reach the door to their shared bathroom Jimin was faster and is now already leaning on the bathroom door.

“Hyung, where do you think you’re going?” “And here I thought you’re the brightest in Busan High School of Arts? If it wasn’t obvious my beloved dongsaeng, I will take a bath and accompany you as Student Council Vice President to tour the newbie.”

With that Jimin lessened their gap and took hold of his hyung’s shoulders. “Hyung, I am not the brightest here but I am bright enough to see that you need rest.” “But… but…” Jimin then flashed him his smile, that smile where his eyes seem to disappear, spun him and pushed him back to bed. “Hyung if you want to make it up to me, Kim Taehyung and I will be waiting by the cafeteria by 12pm. I want some beef bulgogi.” He then laughs and leaves for the bathroom.

Now already drifting off J-Hope whispers, “Thanks, Jiminie. You’re the be…zzzz” Jimin can’t help but laugh at how cute his hyung is.

Inside the faculty area, Jimin is talking with their principal. “Jimin, this is the records of Taehyung and a photo of him as well so you’ll know firsthand that it is him when you see him. Okay? If anything arises don’t hesitate to contact me, okay?” “Yes, Mr. Lee. I’ll be going then Sir. Just in case he decides to arrive early.”

And he did decide to arrive early. Jimin has to stop and look carefully at the photo in his hand as the person he sees by the gate resembles the one he’s holding but not quite. The photo on his hand shows a lively teenager, a boxy grin showing all of his teeth. A boy that seemed to have everything ahead of him. But this young man in front of him is nothing but lively. Yes, he’s handsome still but he seems like everything has gone from him.

Jimin had to mentally take note to just greet him, like he would have greeted any newbie in school. He decided to walk off the remaining distance that separates them and holds out his hand, “Park Jimin, 2nd year. I am the one asked to show you around today. Nice meeting you, Taehyung-shii!”

Although he didn’t seem cold, he didn’t seem to radiate any warmth in him either. It’s like his merely existing than living. And it saddens Jimin a bit.
Taehyung takes Jimin’s hands and says, “Nice to meet you, Jimin.”

“Hey now! I know I’m smaller than you but I’m your senior! Shouldn’t you call me Jimin-hyung?” Jimin says laughingly. Taehyung stopped for a bit before whispering something. “Sorry? I didn’t get you.” Jimin waited in silence until Taehyung acknowledged the fact that Jimin is willing to wait forever to hear what he just said.
“I said I’m also a 95 liner.” Deep inside Jimin wanted to ask why he’s just a freshman then. But choose to let it slide and probe later when Taehyung is more comfortable with him. But who knows how many months that could take? But it is not Jimin’s style to force someone to speak because he himself does not want to be forced. The reason why he and J-Hope works well as roommates. J-Hope is a friend and a hyung that knows how to understand people even without them telling him. He has great sense with people’s feelings.

“Then that makes us same aged friends then! Isn’t that great?” And Jimin could swear somewhere deep, deep down he caught a glimpse of the teenager in the picture as the lips of Taehyung begin to curl up a bit. Jimin knew he accepts even without Taehyung uttering a word.

 As they were walking from the gate facing the three buildings Jimin started explaining, “Basically we have three main buildings for the three main departments. The left most being Department of Art. Middle is Department of Music and the one on the right is the Department of Dance. By the way which department are you?”

Taehyung who was completely silent and diligently following and listening the whole time was startled by the sudden question. “Uhm… Uhm… Ah…” “Hahaha. You’re funny, Taehyung-shii! Calm down it’s not like I’m gonna eat you for letting me know your department.”, Jimin says while automatically holding Taehyung’s shoulder while laughing.

What he didn’t notice is Taehyung’s eyes starting to get blank and his hands covering himself as if to protect himself from something. Jimin was still laughing until he realized that Taehyung was frozen in front of him.

He panicked for a bit, let go of Taehyung’s shoulders and started waving frantically in front of Taehyung.
“It’s okay you’re okay. No one’s going to harm you. Jimin’s a same aged friend. He’s a friend.” Taehyung keeps repeating this on his head until he finally broke off from the binding spell that have seemed to be casted upon him.

Taehyung’s eyes started to focus back. “I’m sorry. What was that again?”

“Are you okay? I was asking for your department.” “Music. I’m under the Music Department.” “I’m from the Department of Dance. But everyone has to learn from all the departments, so I’m pretty sure I’m still capable of showing you around.” Jimin says as he was reaching for the other’s shoulder again as if to guide him. But as he saw Taehyung visibly shudder, he retreated his hand and made a mental note, to not touch Taehyung as much as possible.

So here they are now at a vacant table on the cafeteria of the Department of Dance. “The practice rooms are on the third floor. Lecture rooms on the second. Library, cafeteria and theatre for performances are on the first floor. The same applies for all buildings.”, Taehyung states after the three hour tour. “Yup. Don’t forget the infirmary and faculty rooms on the small building left of the Arts building.” Jimin adds.

“And the gymnasium which we seldom use on the right of the Department of Dance building.” J-Hope adds as he slips himself next to Jimin on the table. “But most importantly… the rooftop of all the buildings which is the best place to sleep and cut class. Hahahaha!”

“Hyung! What are you teaching Taehyung!”, Jimin says while smacking J-Hope on the shoulder which the older did not bother to stop since he knows that Jimin won’t ever truly hurt him. But Taehyung can’t help but laugh a bit. Which took Jimin by surprise because why the hell not? They were together for the most of the morning and the best he get out from him was an almost smile. Take not an almost, not even a legit smile. While J-Hope here came out of nowhere, has been here for less than 20 second has made him laugh.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!”, Jimin tugs at his hair frustrated. “What?” J-Hope asks. “Nothing.”

“Hi newbie! Taehyung, right? Jung Hoseok, 3rd year Dance. Although people here call me J-Hope. Vice president of the student council. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to accompany you and the president, earlier.” Taehyung showed a surprised face as J-Hope addressed Jimin as president.

“How many times do I have to tell you to take credit for what is rightfully yours, Park Jimin?” Jimin seemed to be genuinely interested on the empty table now. “Aiiiish. Yes, he is the student council president and top student of the school if it’s of any importance.” “Hyung!” “Shut up Jimin, it’s true.” Jimin just throws him dagger looks which J-Hope pays with a genuine smile.

“Now be a good dongsaeng and buy three beef bulgogis. Is that beef bulgogi fine with you Taehyung?” “Yes… *three second pause*… hyung.”
“Aww! You’re so cute! Feel free to call me hyung. You don’t need to be embarrassed.” He was on his way to hug Taehyung when Jimin hit him hard on the hand and said, “You just came here for like 2 minutes and you’re changing your favorites already hyung?”

“Jiminie! No! No! No! You’re my favourite. Don’t get jealous. Let hyung hug you as an apology.” He lets J-Hope hug him which made him happy like it always did. But what made him happier was seeing Taehyung mouth him a thank you and finally smiling at him fully which he repayed with the smile that makes his eyes disappear.